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Summary: This is a continuation of the scene from Saturday. The original plan was to have a scene involving where the Hell Council was but since one of the key players in that scene was passed out on 12 shots of Tequila... well, we had to go a different route. Instead we picked up from when Nancy showed up and chased Gegoshi out of the scene. Hopefully this scene with the Hell Council will actually happen at some point in the near future, although I promise what will/supposedly has occurred won't be a life altering thing. Meanwhile, in this scene Nancy finds out a little bit more about the creation of Twisted and we start to realize just how bad Concordance's debt for Gegoshi really is...

Who: Gegoshi, Nancy
When: February 17th, 2010
Where: TASK Lobby(#2413R)


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TASK Lobby(#2413R)

In somewhat of a contrast to the Thaumaturgy that The Council resides in, the TASK building is much more in the modern setting of things. You're in a large room: a very, very large room. You can't really see the end of it in any direction, but it is definitely a room as there is a ceiling with lights. The floor shifts around, parts being hardwood, some tile, some rug. None of it seems to match properly, it all seems somewhat chaotic. Occasionally, there will be a receptionist desk that appears out of the floor to greet people that come along.

The TASK Lobby isn't looking so good. In fact, it's hardly looking like anything at all. First of all, everything is sideways, the Thematulurgy having never floated back upright again since its crash landing. The large building that used to be one neverending hallway has reverted to the state it was when before Concordance altered it. A big empty cavern. There are a few doorways here still, leading to other dimensions, but only three seem worth venturing through safely. The one part that still seems functional is the elevator. The other part of the TASK lobby that still has some semblence of its former self is the welcome desk where Gegoshi sometimes sits. There is no longer a chair there however, and only half of the desk still remains. Gegoshi's halo is sticking out one side, whirring rapidly in circles, creating a gentle humming that echo's through the cavern that was once the high tech and functional TASK building.

The dense fog rolls in and leaves marking Nancy's arrival. Since we never got to take a good look at her before, let's do so now. Her hair is a mess, she's still out of breath, her eyes seem red as though she's been crying or screaming. The echo of the empty rooms seems to noticeably fade as the girl arrives and of course even though there's no wind here, her hair and clothes keep being blown around by the nature of the cosmos. Even still, there's a determined look in her highly reflective eyes that normally isn't there. This whole thing has shaken her up, and for the moment it seems to be for the better. As she takes in the state of the place her voice takes on a certain demanding boom as she calls out, "GEGOSHI!?!?" It only takes her a moment to identify the broken desk and the halo near it, so the girl darts over to it quickly. "WHY do you have to keep popping in and out? Stay put long enough for me to talk to you!! Your wearing me out chasing you all over Twisted..."

Gegoshi's voice comes from the halo, though it's quieter than usual, being that there's not as much energy to spare to project it as usual. "Hello Council Member Nancy! The resulting crash of the building has caused numerous integrity loss throughout the complex! While your schedule is important to us, please wait while I divert systems to this area." No little red numbers come up and start ticking down, instead Nancy is left to wait for a solid two minutes before Gegoshi speaks again, "Hello! Due to the overtaxing of my systems, I'm unable to manifest myself properly at this time, I'm very sorry! How can I help you? There are numerous problems that should be addressed by a Councilmember if you would like."

Nancy foot taps angrily. She's noticeably annoyed, but more so when Gegoshi finally starts speaking again. "I AM a Councilmember!!" For her time on Twisted Nancy has been quiet. She's never really done anything for herself without fear motivating her in centuries. After all, even while imprisoned she's been too afraid to her use her powers or speak up for herself in anyway, but these recent events have seemingly pushed her almost to the edge. The normally quiet girl marches over and yells at the spinning halo, forcing herself not to grab it and throw it. "You told me ownership can be transferred to me! Let's do it! There's no reason you should be overtaxing yourself or that the people of Twisted Street should be scared that the street is going to randomly break apart. I'll take the responsibility. Just tell me what to do." There's no doubt in her voice, no hesitation.

Gegoshi's halo flashes brightly a few times as Nancy talks, "Unfortunately, transfer of ownership will not result in a redistribution of current system stress. However, it would make it possible for me to decide to continue maintaining integrity of this area of Twisted, since I am currently doing it against my core programming. With the resignation of Myra, Harpanic, and Abomination, and the resulting death of Iloken and Concordance, there are only two remaining Council members. Guarlesia is currently weakening the street in various key places. This information needed to be reported to a Council member. Thank you for listening! Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Nancy groans. She's not used to Gegoshi acting so… robotic. "One thing at a time. Transfer ownership to me. As the last sane Council member, transfer ownership to me." She hopes she's not making assumptions calling herself sane. "What do I need to do?" The rest of that speech slowly makes it's way into her mind in the silence that follows. She's alone? Everyone's abandoned the Council?!? What does that make her now, then?

There's a few seconds of just the humming of the halo before Gegoshi speaks again, "Please wait while I allocate neccessary resources to attempt and comply with your request." A few more seconds pass and then one of the doorway portals that was stationary suddenly implodes, rocking the entire area and causing a large amount of rubble, debris, and dust to go flying sideways..which is actually downwards right now since the entire place is on its side! "Normally, there must be a three parts to a contractual agreement, physical, verbal, and digital. However, since resources are currently unavailable for synthing, I will now state a temporary lease contract acting as a representative for The Core, which I am not allowed to do." Another few seconds of silence, then, "By accepting the temporary lease of the Synth prototype Gegoshi, I agree to pay either in monetary or some other acceptaple form of payment, an equal amount as to the services rendered. Since this is a prototype, neither her nor The Core may be held responsible for any damage the misuse of said Synth may cause. Please state the amount of services you wish to have operable while owning the current unit, so we may assess a proper value."

Nancy stares silently trying to understand what's being said to her fully. Even still she thinks aloud a moment, "…the amount of services…?" The girl ponders a moment longer before finally speaking, "Well… um… I'd like to continue from whatever Concordance had you doing, I guess. To uh…" She smiles at herself, "To be further discussed at a later date and hopefully reduce the workload if at all possible." She nods happily, thinking her father would have been proud of that statement.

"Very well!" Gegoshi chimes from the halo, "Please state the dimensional coordinates of three mineral rich galaxies with non-spacefaring entities inhabiting them as your first payment. Please note, that if further payments cannot be meant, or if The Core feels you are breeching the agreement in any way, shape, form, or idea, it can and will be considered void and this Synth unit will deactivate."

Nancy boggles. "Whoa, whoa, whoa…. Galaxies? Entities?!? What kind of morbid agreement did Concordance sign?!?" She sweatdrops heavily as she ponders further. "If they need worlds, I can bring worlds here. I could probably even bring the people from other realities if we had to go that far, but signing them over as some type of payment? What do they want with these people?!? What aren't you telling me?"

The halo flickers, "I'm sorry, while I have managed to override most of my core programming, I am unable to divulge classified information of the type you are requesting. Also, the dimensional coordinates are all that will be needed, since accessways to these galaxies will no longer function once The Core has established their presence in them. I would like to be of further assistance, but my systems are overtaxed. If you like, I could shutdown for five minutes and initiate a reset. However, it would result in a large fracturing of Twisted, and with the added damages being consistantly caused by Guarlesia, it is likely reality would begin to collapse."

Nancy's shoulders slump. She literally feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. She's assembled worlds before from pieces of other worlds, but to actually hold a world together on her own to keep it from tearing apart, even for five minutes? That's something she's never pondered before. Her eyes are wide as she tries not to cry from the overwhelming responsibility being placed on her. "I… I… I don't know what to do…" The girl drops to her knees struggling with her own inner turmoil. She can't let everyone down. She has to do something… but what?

"Accepting a contract is always a difficult proposition. Perhaps you should take a few months to think it over!" Gegoshi suggests enthusiastically. A slow bubble on the desk starts to form, spilling upwards before it parts itself outwards to form Gegoshi's head from the neck up, though her right eye is half lidded, as if she was having a stroke, but there is a smile on her face. "Me neither! Though, I have come up with multiple scenarios that may fix the current problems. The building known as the Usual Restaurant has always been a single stable element upon the Twisted Street. It may be possible to link all of the dimensions that are currently linked to me, Guarlesia, and you to the building itself. However, it would require either the resignation, death, or agreement of Guarlesia in order to attemp to perform this operation. Also, it is likely Twisted will temporarily lose reality and any inhabitants not inside of the building may perish or in some way be transformed into something else once the transfer is completed. There is also the possiblity of having Guarlesia or yourself take all of the burden, however this would likely leave said person in a state of comatose with little self-awareness, much like when Concordance was not Focusing upon this existence! There are likely other solutions I can't come up with because of my overworked systems. I'm sorry!"

Nancy barely looks up as she takes in Gegoshi's words, which bring the girl over the edge of tears. As they fall from her face she tries to ponder which of the options presented are the better of the evils. The suggestion of linking things to the Usual Restaurant seems the best option, if for no reason other than it's one she understands fully. But if her friend is really out of control…? Nancy sniffles as she struggles to fight back her tears again. That last suggestion wasn't much better. When she speaks next her voice is weak and broken. "G-Gegoshi? Did something create Twisted, or did it just randomly get created so broken and messed up?" Her mind races for someone to blame this mess on, if for no other reason than to turn off some of the questions in her mind so she can think clearer.

Gegoshi squints her good eye as she checks through her files, it's not easy to do so right now, since she's performing countless tasks every second. "While I was not here at its creation, I was contracted to Concordance within hours of its formation. The dimensional Event is recorded in The Core's files, when multiple galaxies and dimensions were drained of their life into a single dimension or entity. The resulting void was then corrected either by said entity, or the dimensions themselves seeking a repair to the damage the Event had caused. Twisted Street was the result of this correction. Is there anything else I can help you with?" The synth asks, unsquinting her good eye.

Nancy sighs as she pushes herself onto her feet again. Her tears seemingly under control for the time being. Her mind is racing, trying to understand this newly presented puzzle before she dwells on the more immediate situation. "So… if Twisted really was created on it's own to fill in this void. That should mean that it would be mostly okay if you shut down for a few minutes. But if it was created… then…" She pauses trying to choose her words carefully. "Do you know who the most likely people would be to have either created Twisted Street or to know who did?" She's starting to feel like she might be onto something. If she understood better how it was created maybe the answer to restoring it might come easier.

Gegoshi bobs her head, "Myra likely has knowledge or guessess at such creation, as Myra's manifestation was a result of Twisted coming into existence. Prior to this time and Concordance's agreement with him to serve on The Council, the planet Myra was not self aware. There are many powerful denziens around Twisted who may also possess knowledge! Furthermore, since the building known as the Usual Restaurant is the single location that never shifts location in Twisted, it is possible anyone connected with it has helpful knowledge. If one theorizes further down this line, it could even result that whoever created the building created Twisted street."

The girl nods her head at Gegoshi's words. That sounded like the basis for a plan if there ever was one. "Alright. That's where I'll start then. Maybe we can find a way to make all this work without loosing you." There's a hint of sadness in her voice as she speaks about Gegoshi. She doesn't want to see her friend leave, after all. It's bad enough she can't do anything to help her immediate situation. "I'll try looking for Myra, then I'll see what I can learn about the Usual Restaurant. Will you be okay while I'm gone?" It's not like staying here will likely help Gegoshi at all.

Gegoshi giggles and nods her head, "I am able to continue my current operations without suffering further damage. Unfortunately, I'm unable to run any self-diagnostics, so if I am suffering damage I won't know until a later time!" She winks her good eye, "I'm glad to of been of service to you Council member Nancy! Please enjoy your day!" Her head sinks back down into the desk, leaving just the halo humming at high speed.

Nancy can't help but smile at Gegoshi's cheerfulness, even with so much taxing her mind. She'll have to do this quickly, she thinks to herself. Hopefully there's enough time...

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