2010-03-04 (PreU) What's going on again?

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What's going on again?

Summary: A cat-girl walks into a bar... and says ow.

Who: Devi, Felina
When: March 4th, 2010
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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Devi is found sitting in a back booth, staring out a window. She's spinning a intrecatly braided silver armlet in her fingers, lost in thought. Her backpack rests across from her, papers leaking out the top as though they were haphazardly shoved in without care. Twisted Street has regained stability from both the war and it's unknown destruction in the aftermath. "Silly little people." Devi's statment doesn't hold much ground however, lacking the passion she usually puts into what she says.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. unknowing of the destruction of Twisted, or it's recreation, Felina makes her way down the stairs into the main room of the restaurant. The young catgirl sees Devi, and she smiles faintly as she makes her way over, a little wobbly on her feet perhaps.. "Hey there miss Devi.. How are you?"

Devi turns her head slowly, dull green eyes surveying the cat-girl. "Not terribly well, though much better then I have been in forever. How are you?" Uh-huh. That's a great answer. Devi tracks Felina as she moves across the room, noting the slight balance laspe..

Felina reaches the table, and she sets herself down in a seat, "I'm ok.. Perhaps not quite myself.. A bit of a headache. " she shrugs faintly, and Devi might notice a metallic tint to her fur, almost like the individual hairs have become crystalline. "Is there anything I can do to help you feel a bit better?"

Devi arches an eyebrow and trys to smirk, both actions very half-heartedly done. "Do you know anything about sealing someone down?" She gives up her normal attitude trys and slumps slightly in her seat. "It's been something of a crazy week, and I quit." That doesn't explain much, does it?

Felina hrms.. "Sealing someone down? you mean blocking their access to magical power? Well.. " she looks thoughtful for a moment, "I'm sure I could work something.. Why? And.. What do you mean you quit? Every week is crazy.. so I've seen since I got here.."

Devi sighs as she tries to figure out the best way to explain it. "I was once normal. I am not a world definition of normal now. I've been getting drug into large battles, and fights, and the whole lot, and I quit. I didn't have anything to lose then, and now I do. I don't want to be brought into it. I want to be.... normal again, with a few exceptions." She looks back at the spinning armlet, spreading her hands wider to let it have a little wider berth. "I kinda figured that if the majority of my powers were sealed down, I couldn't go out and fight these fights, that I may have the chance to live as a woman for once, instead of a warrior."

Felina blinks.. "I see.. So.. you want me to try and seal away your powers? I guess I can try, Devi.. But whether or not it will work.. I can't be sure.. I'm not exactly.. normal myself.. but that's just stating the obvious.."

Devi shakes her head. "No offence, Felina, but I think perhaps I have better options and a larger percent of success." She looks back out the window. "If I can't find anyone else who will do it though, you bet that I'll be back on your doorstep.

Felina smiles, "Ok, I understand Devi.." she closes her eyes, and clicks her fingers, a metallic tumbler forming on the table in front of her.

Devi says, "So, what's new in your area of this crap world?" The armlet vanishes as Devi turns back to look at her, eyes a little brighter. It's obvious that she feels a little better having talked to someone about what's on her mind.

Felina shrugs faintly, the tumbler filling with a glowing, bluish liquid on it's own.. Pure magic, extracted from the air itself. Yes, the girl is learning. "Not a lot really.. I've leanred to get my own sustenance from the air.. and that.. well.. I'm not exactly a real person.."

Devi says, "It's better then sucking the life out of the Citizans though right? I mean, at least now your not trying to kill everyone who comes into sight."

Felina nods, "That's true.. I.. I was created by the people I thought were Priestesses... " she sighs.. "Xue did a little research.. They were criminals.. They meant for me to be a weapon.."

Devi says, "That's another good point for you then." She shrugs as though it was obvious. "I'm glad she's showing you how to manage. I may not get on the best with her, but she's a good girl, and she knows her stuff." Girl? Xue is 4 times Devi's age, if not more.

"yeah, she does seem a good person.. though lately I haven't seen much of her... It's been about a week and a half since I last saw her in fact." Now felina's tumbler is filled, and she reaches for it.. "I had to work this out for myself.."

Devi says, "She's been drained, I'm sure with everything that's gone on. I'm surprised really that no one important died. Someone from the 'good' team always goes the way of the Dodo."

Felina blinks.. "What do you mean... Everythin that's gone on? And that somebody always goes the way of the dodo?"

Devi's eyes widen a bit. "The war? Were you there for that? Concordence raging her hate upon the people of Twisted?"

Felina blinks.. "War.. Concordance? " she looks stunned.. Then some realization.. "Those creatures on the street.. I remember that.. but my head's a bit fuzzy at the moment.. "

Devi nods. At least she knows part of what happened. "Well, in case you missed it, the leader of Twisteds Council went kinda crazy and attacked Twisted Street. A Hell Council member kill her, and after she died, she let her guard Guralesia start the destruction of Twisted. Not only did Xue almost kill herself saving people in a burning building, but she managed to come back the next day and help attack Guralesia. She used quite a bit of power. So, yeah. VERY drained."

Felina shudders.. "Damn it.." she pushes the tumbler towards Devi, "Perhaps you should drink that then.. i think you need it more than I do."

Devi shakes her head and pushes it back. "It won't do me any good. I regenerate my power by eating and resting. Or a Sunza bean, but I don't think you have any of those. I've already recovered. I wasn't there for the first part of the war.. I had one of my own to fight."

Felina nods.. "Ok.. " she picks up the tumbler and knocks the drink back, as she does so, her fur shimmers, becoming more crystalline.. and she shivers, shaking her head a moment.

Devi says, "At least your proof that most of the other people managed to survive the carnage without taking to much damage. That's good to know." Devi still hasn't managed to catch up with Sammy and make sure she's ok. Devi feels bonded to the Sam in a way, warrior sisters as it were, fighting against the impossible. She's not going to miss it though.

Felina nods.. "I guess... " then she blinks, looking at Devi a moment, a blankness in her expression.. "Umm... I'm sorry.. but... Do I know you?"

Devi eyes Felina, her guard instantly up. "Yeah. You do." An eyebrow arks as Devi debates on breaking her own rule about peoples minds.

Felina frowns, tapping her lips a moment.. "What was your name again miss?" she looks confused..

Devi says, "Alright, what is the last thing you remember?" Devi leans forward on the table to lean on her elbows, hands laced together

Felina hrms.. "I remember coming down the stairs.. It's just... You.. I don't remember who you are.. Why I was talking to you.. "

Devi says, "Right." Devi leans back, and takes a deep breath. She tries to form the linkway that she's managed with everyone else onto Felina's mind. ~*Knock knock, I'm coming in.~*

Felina's mind is cluttered.. surrounded by a sort of mental fog.. It is there though, and with a little effort can be connected to.

Devi pushes harder, forcing her way through the fog, wincing as the static crackle of the fog reverberates in her head. Once she's made connection, she shoves, the entire conversation flowing back into Felina's mind. Devi lowers her head in a slight bow. "Devi D. At my service."

Felina shudders, and she clutches at her head.. In her mind, it's like blasting away at the fog.. "D..Devi... Owwww... my head.. " The fog in her mind isn't destroyed though, it just flows around into different aares, different memories..

Devi says, "You know, while I understand that you need that stuff to survive, perhaps it's better if you find someone else to make the mix for you. Losing your short-term memory isn't really any solution."

Felina frowns.. "My short term memory??" she shakes her head.. "That's no good.. No good at all..."

Devi says, "I'm sure Xue will be around sooner or later, you should talk to her about it." Devi slides out of her seat, backpack drug along with her and thrown over her shoulder. "Good luck with that whole living thing too." She's not being sarcastic, she just doesn't know what else to call it. Walking towards the door, she gives a wave over her shoulder at the cat-girl.

Felina nods.. "Ok.. Take care, devi... "

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