2010-03-06 (PreU) Deep within the bowels of Hell...

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Deep within the bowels of Hell...

Summary: This is just a solo scene that takes place shortly after the conclusion of the battle with Guarlesia. Johnny's come to check on the devil after checking on Devi. There's not much to really take in from this scene, but I found it humorous...

Who: Johnny_C, Senior_Diablo
When: March 6th, 2010
Where: Shrine of Diablo

Johnny C-icon.gifSenior Diablo-icon.gif

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Diablo growls in anger and frustration, kicking a random Nurse to the side as he makes his way into the temple that exists for him in the Heart of Chaos. Unknowingly behind him stalks a lone figure with a mischivious grin on his face as he keeps in step, eager to see where this will lead.

Johnny quietly asks with a grin once the two are inside, "So why'ya so mad, Mr Devil?"

Senior Diablo turns and glares at NNY with daggers in his eyes, "WHY?!!? BECAUSE I SUFFERED COUNTLESS HUMILIATIONS AT THE HANDS OF THAT ACCURSED COUNCIL, and for WHAT?!? Did I manage to free the innocent souls in Hell? Did I manage to save those suffering fools on the street?!? NO!! My plans where ruined. The knowledge in my libraries proved usless, and I SWEAR if I find out someone tampered with them I'll..." He trails off as he stares at the maniac, his mind suddenly derailed with the obvious question, "...what the Devil are you doing here?"

Johnny griiiiins.

That's when it hits him. Johnny's change in attitute, the shift in his aura. The devil deadpans. "Alessa failed me, didn't she?"

Johnny nods. "Yeah. You could say that."

It doesn't take long before the chronicles of what went on elsewhere on Twisted during his duel with the Council plays in his mind. That's when the devil's expression changes once more to fierce anger. Restraining himself he s-l-o-w-l-y asks, "...that... that wasn't Alessa... was it...?"

Johnny shakes his head enthusastically.

Senior Diablo's head falls and he has to hold onto one of the statues adorning the room for support. "You... You knew this the whole time didn't you? You -had- to have, since you where linked with her...?" He doesn't bother looking up. He already knows the answer to his question.

Johnny grins wider still.

It takes a moment but the devil collects himself, taking a deep breath... and then shoving NNY out the door and into the street. "Just a moment please..." The door is slammed shut and a sliding bolt can be heard.

Johnny stands quietly trying not to laugh. There's no words for the level of entertainment this is bringing him.

In that brief moment the world seems to break in two. All of Hell ignites in flames as Senior Diablo's power is fully unleashed. Screaming, murder, nightmares... the worst of all existance comes boiling together in one horrific moment of pure chaos. Thousands die, billions find themselves torn apart. A tidal wave of pure suffering washes itself over the planes of Hell. On top of it all can be heard the tounge of the devil as he screams in languages not only forgotten but banned from all of existance. The moment literally only lasts a few seconds and the severity so extreme that those who experienced it can't even begin to understand what's happened to them the moment it's passed. A minute or so later the doors to Diablo's temple open and a very calm Senior Diablo steps out to join Johnny. The scene inside likely glimpsed by the maniac as the devil steps out is likely one that words can not do justice. In other words, it'll take the cleaning crew decades to clean up what lurks inside. "Well... congratulations Johnny. Welcome to the Hell Council..."

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