2010-03-10 (PreU) Who needs enemies with friends like these?

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Who needs enemies with friends like these?

Summary: Devi is relaxing at the Lake when the newest member of the Hell Council shows up to scare the pants off her!

Who: Devi, Johnny_C
When: March 10th, 2010
Where: Park - Lakeside

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Nowhereto Park - Lakeside

Stepping from the mostly isolated fountain, you'll see a beautiful lake nestled in here. The grass is cool and in good condition, and the water is clean and clear, the shimmer of the daylight pretty upon it's rippling surface. A large weeping willow is the only large plant life here however, it's graceful branches rustling in the light breeze.

Devi is found sitting on the lone rock in the middle of the lake. With her feet lodged against the side of the boulder, and her elbows propped on her knees, face resting in her palms, she almost looks like the Thinker. She doesn't move though, letting the sunlight warm her face, as she watches the world. Not very interesting perhaps, but Devi's a little lost on how to act now and what to do with herself.

The shadow beneath Devi seems to darken as she stares at nothing. It's slow and gradual so likely not to be noticed right away, but as soon as it reaches that all-consuming black a pair of gloves reach outwards as if from a trap door in the ground itself to grab Devi by the shoulders and pull the rest of the attached form up and out of the shadow. Now while this will probably cause a small bit of chaos and confusion, this is Twisted after all. So it's no surprise that this random act comes complete with the sound of Johnny's voice as he yells, "HEY DEVI!!!!!" Well, he's in a good mood...

Devi vanishes, reappering on the lakeshore, her body relaxed into her fighting stance. Wait. Shadow manipulation. Johnny? She moves again, appearing in front of her former spot, hovering above the water. She doesn't bother saying anything, only staring at the shadow that will no doubt turn into the newest seat on the Hell Council.

Johnny acks as Devi switches position. An act that literally leaves him stuck with part of his torso lodged into the ground. Side effects of leaping out of someone's shadow - when they move the shadow tends to go with them. The maniac frowns as he looks down at himself but gives a sigh of relief as Devi pops back over forcing him to lunge for her shadow to pull himself the rest of the way out. "Oh come ON! You should be used to that by now!!" Even though he seems annoyed there's still a hint of a smirk on his lips. At least he's not in a button up shirt and tie.

Devi says, "Yes because people popping out of rocks happen all the time." She momentarily thinks about leaving him stuck in the rock but sense wins and she doesn't move til he's completly freed himself. "So how's power taste? Have any goodies yet? How'd Diablo take the news?" She looks at him, her eyes bright and curious as she folds her legs neatly under her.

Johnny griiiiiins as he finally pulls himself free and laughs before answering her questions. "Oh, it was just like you called it. He was still fuming after his little temper tantrum and didn't even notice me until I finally spoke up. Mr Devil was pissed!" He chuckles at the memory a moment before continuing. "But HEY!! GUESS WHAT I GET TO DO!!" Johnny tugs at the hem of his new coat and boasts, "I'm in charge of..." His face falls as he suddenly forgets the exact wording. "Ummm... Oh! Retributions!!" He grins, his tounge somehow flopping out in the process. "In other words I get to be the one who decides who gets what kinda punishment. It's gonna be AWESOME!!" The maniac takes a moment to slick his hair back and adds, "...and, um. Something about demon cities. One kinda overshadowed the other and I kinda forgot what they said about that."

Devi laughs. "Well, Diablo deserved to be suprised. It's healthy for him. As far as your new position, congradulations." She bows as fluidly as one can sitting indian style. "I think this may be the best thing that has happened since I got here for ya. Well, I guess everything is better then having a crystal jammed into your head, but you know what I mean." She leans back a little. "And hey, I can see a bit more of hell without having to stay. Last time I went under I was a bit dodgy."

Johnny glances up at nothing as he ponders that last little comment. "Yeah, I could see that. I dunno. Last time I was there it was pretty boreing, even after Caliga showed up. Most intresting thing was killing that Pyramid Head thingy." He snaps his finger as something comes to mind. "OH! OH! Guess what?!? No more eyesore of house! Apparently after things adjusted to me getting stuck on the Council, my house was switched with some weird Hospital thingy. But it gets better! Christabella's stuck inside!" He laughs. "I'm TOTALLY gonna go throw rocks at her later." There's no arguing he's more himself than he has been. There's even a diffrent glint to his eyes. For better or for worse Johnny seems more 'sane'. "Apparently it's something Diablo worked out to keep the Pyramid Heads in Hell's service or something stupid like that. She's under house arrest in a creepy old hospital where my house was..." Johnny begins to laugh as he trails off. "OOooOoooh, we should totally find the most obnoxious people we can and tell them to start hanging out there!!" The maniac adds in an afterthought, "Well... if she doesn't kill them that is."

Devi looks suprised. "Really? Your house got moved? Wow, talk about total relocation." Devi grins evilly. "Oh good, I love having a god to bug whenever I'm in a crass mood. So what's up with you? I mean, I like seeing you in the proper mindset but haven't you been screwy for like, the past 10 years?" You're right, at least he's not in a button up shirt. "What's new on the Council now that the big bang is over? I didn't really get to see what happened after I bailed out."

Johnny ponders a moment but shrugs his shoulders to her question. "Eh, other than Diablo getting all pissy? I dunno. Not much I guess. I never saw anyone else just Mr Devil." He glances around a bit, pondering further. "But... I dunno. I can think clearly for once, which is nice!" He sounds like he's talking about the weather. "I can't shake the feeling that I've missed something important though. I remember -most- of what happened with Christabella." His eyebrow cocks up and he leans closer, "No worries about the whole back-stabbing thing. I'm sure I deserved it." He grins stupidly again before straightening out once more, his eyes lost in thought. "But I dunno. It's like she managed to hide something from me." The maniac shrugs it off and moves on. "Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually."

Devi nods. "Well, I'm glad you can man. It's odd seeing you with most of your marbles." She frowns though slightly as he mentions the back stabbing thing. "Wait, what about backstabbing? I want to know what I'm being forgiven for..."

Johnny laughs!! "Okay, like, I remember gettin' tricked 'cause I was fighting it. Which means I remember you come up from behind me with something... like a sword or something?" He keeps on laughing. "But like, it didn't hurt." Wait, wait. He stoped. "Either that or that damn itchy helmet hurt more..." Johnny drops his head and taps his foot, trying to think again. "But anyways, I know it was you. I know I deserved it... I think I might have kept fighting it but after that it was sorta like 'Well, I'm fucked.'" He grins and hops back, reaching for his dagger to twirl and frowning briefly as he remembers it's not there. "After that it gets sorta blurry. I saw more of Christabella than I did anything else." Continuing to ramble he simply begins to pace around, letting the words flow from his lips without much thought behind them. "That little girl has a -lot- of rage. She's nothing like Alessa though. Hates her guts from what I saw. Alessa is... was... everything she wanted to be." Pausing both his words and his pacing, the maniac's eyes narrow. "I... really don't care this much. Damn. She got what she deserved, anyways."

Devi pales slightly, though she doesn't have much blood to drain out as pale as she already is.. "Oh yeah. That. Um, sorry." She shrugs half heartedly. "Well, be greatful to Diablo. He guilted me out of the Wastelands to come save your funny looking butt. I'm happy it's over anyway. She got on my nerves." Devi vanishes, popping over to stand on the shoreline. "I will have to go annoy her at some point though. I told her not to mess with me." Devi grins impishly for a second.

Johnny begins to laugh once again as she appoligises. "Hey, HOW many times have you tried to kick my ass now and I -didn't- deserve it? Your like the sanity police. 'Oooh, I'm going to stick my finger in this light socket!'" He mimes a superman briefly, his voice deepening. "WHOOOOOOSH! 'NO! WATCH OUT, NNY! THAT COULD HURT SOMEONE!!'" Johnny drops down on one knee, folding his hands behind his ear and raising his voice again, "'Golly gee! Thank you Sanity Police!'" Yes, this prompts more running and whooshing. Who does he think he is, Freakazoid? Pffft.

Devi laughs. "That's what you get for being a nut. Hey, don't you owe me a burrito or something?" She shovers her hands in her pockets, unsure where else to take this conversation.

Uh oh. The 'B' word. Johnny starts counting on his fingers. "No... wait, wait... I bought you one after Christabella got her ass kicked. I think you owe me one now. Or do I still owe you from before that...?" Suddenly his eyes seem to go distant. "...or did I make you supper...?" He blinks dramatically and shakes his head. "Whoa. That was weird." Johnny tilts his head to the side and scratches his neck. "Where'd THAT come from?" Another shrug of his shoulders and the maniac seems back to normal. "You think I need to actually start SLEEPING now? Jeeze. I hate sleeping. I already feel like I'm dreaming most of the time."

Devi grins. "Mooch, come on, I'll pay. And I don't think you actually -need- sleep. The whole being dead like 100 times over might have something to do with it." She starts walking towards the Street, looking over her shoulder. "Plus, you're a god now, basically. You can do most whatever you want."

Johnny pfffft's as he starts to walk along with her. "I was called that sometimes back on Chronos. Gods are overrated. If I was all powerful, I could make it RAIN burritos." His face contorts as he ponders that a second. "Y'know..." Uh oh. This could be bad. "Tabby was pretty real. I DEFFINETLY think if I tried to that again it wouldn't wipe me out like it did before. I'm waaaay more focused now." He's got that 'look' in his eyes. "Dare we abuse that sort of power? Dare WE MAKE OURSELVES GODS AMOUNGST MEN?!?" He pushes up his sleaves, his jaw opens, he tenses up. "Naaaah. Probably taste like poodle."

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