2010-04-02 (PreU) ...Damn Robots.

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...Damn Robots.

Summary: So after a great big battle in which Crux did not participate, where everyone risked their lives against a powerful enemy and he did little more than get owned by one, somehow he managed to inherit the contract to Gegoshi.

... Yeah, he's about as confused as anyone else. Moreso, really. But he handles it well.

What happened after the loser was whisked away to parts unknown? Here's part 1 of the answer, with a second part coming up soon.

Who: Crux, Gegoshi
When: April 2nd, 2010
Where: Unknown


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Fwzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzfwip! That's the sound the white teleport energies Gegoshi makes sound like! The Synth and whatever Crux refers to himself as arrive in the TASK Lobby in the Thematulurgy. Sadly, it's not very recognizeable anymore, being that the whole giant floating rock like structure has fallen onto its side, the entire place is now, well, sideways. There's also a lack of anything resembling any kind of structure inside now, the rock having turned back to what it was before Concordance and Gegoshi began their work on it, a big rock with a lot of caverns inside. Stalagmites and stalactites grow from the walls now, and there isn't really a roof or a floor because of the new orientation. Nevertheless, the small remnant of the TASK lobby remains, a metal desk that Gegoshi used too sit at, or at least talk to people from, although there is only half of it now, the other half crushed by a falling boulder. It's atop this wedged against desk remains boulder that Gegoshi and Crux both appear. The synth is careful to cradle her new owner, sitting herself down and laying him out with his head in her lap. Her wings half fold fowards in a protective looking posture as she leans over to smile down towards him. Then, she waits. There's nothing else she can do until Crux wakes up and starts answering questions for her so she can begin to set down preferences.

It will take a while for Crux to awaken, too. Sure, it was impressive, bringing light back to the stars that were extinguished, but just because he's the Advent of Light doesn't mean that kind of stuff comes free. He still looks washed out and semi-transparent, like someone toyed around with him in photoshop. He seems to be breathing, but with each exhale, his form becomes very slightly less visible, blurring at the edges. It doesn't look like he's in a good state. Besides, he's one of those people with sleeping issues in the first place. However, as time passes, wings of pure light slowly sprout out from his back. Since Gegoshi is likely in the way, they'll just sort of flow around her, they're incorporeal, or as much so as photons can be. It will actually take roughly an hour before they grow back to their full length, and they're still quite dim. However, once their tips have finished defining themselves, Crux's eyes will slowly open. They're the typical hazel, none of that gold-black glowy stuff, and he looks /very/ tired. He doesn't really make any sounds when he wakes up, just blinks once, then twice, and figures out where he is. Or attempts to, at any rate. His head is in someone's lap. Well, that's a start. A cavern, with sideways stalagmites and the like. Looks like Gegoshi. "...Good morning." Surprisingly brief, considering how much he loves to talk.

Gegoshi's face slowly forms a smile as Crux's eyes open, and she reaches a hand down to gently brush it against his cheek comfortingly, "Good morning." She says, in a tone that flows with softness and peace. She doesn't get too use that one much, or at least hasn't for a very long time! "I'm glad you're alive Crux Caedon, and decided to create something so Twisted could survive! All of my resources are currently free and at your complete disposal, but..." She leans forward, her eyes looking into Crux's own, nose almost touching his, voice soft, quiet, a whisper, "...it would be best if you began to set preferences and settings." She then leans back, giggling! "You also only have 60 hours and 12 minutes in which to tell me the location of the promised payment. Paying the Core is in your best interest, and will result in a more stable and enjoyable time."

Crux's eyes glance down at Gegoshi's hand on his cheek. It's not attention he'd normally tolerate, but she's a robot, so it's probably okay, for the moment. He can tell her what not to do after he takes care of a few more important things than his dignity. "...I'm glad Twisted survived, too. If that wasn't a sufficient example of creation, I'd be upset." He did more than command the stars to shine once more, he re-created all the light from them to Twisted that would have existed if they'd never ceased to be. That was a pretty impressive use of his abilities, and he's not really big on self congratulation. He hurts pretty badly now, though. Idly, he wonders if he can move. "... I was under the impression you were responsible for holding it together. What happened?" So, it's questions before setting preferences, it would seem.

Gegoshi blinks and then giggles, "While I have found that by extending my resources beyond their safety limits by overriding every protocol except for the hardwired one's allowed me to keep Twisted from coming apart, it was only due to the fact of Concordance having initially linked multiple aspects of Twisted streets existence to the living souls of The Council, thereby rendering herself and them essential to its ongoing existence. However, as Council members perished or resigned their responsibilities, the makeup began to come loose. While this would not of had a large impact until one hundred and seventy two years from now, Guarlesia's destruction of key dimensions and landmark stability points hastened the unweaving of the street. Once all was coming undone, I created multiple processes within each dimensional section of Twisted, cataloging their location in order to continually teleport them back into place once they were removed. Unfortunately, it could not be kept up due to my resources not being large enough, and so I needed to copy an art of Creation and seed it into the already existing, yet dissolving fabric of Twisted's reality. Once you performed the act, I wove the results of the scans from your actions and seeded it into the street itself, which then took the natural course of spreading it to the outlaying dimensions. Afterwhich, Twisted street became self-sustaining. I am unsure of the long term reprecussions the removal of Concordance's devises will have, but I am no longer tied to this dimension." She smiles! "I haven't been able to talk about that due to contractual agreements with my prior owner, are you ready to begin setting my preferences now? I'm sure it will make our ongoing conversations about life, the universe, and everything go much better!" Hmm, perhaps she should just begin supposing Crux's desires instead. She'll do that if he evades the question again.

As Gegoshi details the rather long answer to his rather brief question, Crux closes his eyes, and puts a hand to his temple. So Concordance decided to make Twisted's continued existence rely on her and the other council members. How... self-important. Well, that was her way, he supposes. Hearing that it's self-sustaining now is good news, he's pretty certain. Not that he has a lot of experience with remodeling big old multiversal hubs. She gave him a pretty good answer, which is actually a refreshing change. He hasn't been given a straight, detailed answer to any of his questions in ... well... it's been decades. "... I'd be happy to set preferences after we deal with a few more things that are more pressing. First, this payment to the Core. If my information is correct, you run a costly tab of one mineral rich galaxy per roman calendar month. Please correct me when I'm incorrect. The Virgo cluster contains well over 1,800 galaxies, 1,300 of which are quite rich in minerals, and one of these is a massive elliptical galaxy worth a good deal, with an impressive amount of heavy metals resulting from a series of supernovae roughly 9.1 billion years prior to my birth." ... Thank you for the information, Crux. "...This is a great deal more than enough for your contract if my information is correct, even without accounting for the additional thousands of versions of the Virgo cluster I can confirm to lack spacefaring civilizations. However, if you'll pardon my rudeness, I don't believe in renting."

Gegoshi listens closely to Crux of course, despite him not bothering to set any preferences with her whatsoever. She nods in a listening manner, not an agreeing one, as he explains the value of what he's offering. That is quite a bit, and more than what Concordance even paid for her services. The synth brings a finger down to place it just above Crux's lips but not actually touching them, "Please wait while I propose your offer to The Core." She sits back and the halo above her head begins humming as it spins rapidly, and blue text flashes over her eyes. As the silence stretches over five seconds, a little red holo display pops above her head, seconds counting down from 55. Tick, tick, tick, tick. They reset a few times, adding up to about five minutes before the blue fades and the halo slows. She smiles! "A counter proposal has been offered to you Crux Caedon. The Core will accept your offer, and remind you that once coordinates are given they can not be taken back, as the areas will be removed from dimensions, space, and time." She giggles then, "They had to go up three different levels before they could make an answer." She rolls her eyes! "Bureaucracy!"

As the counter proposal is offered, Crux listens fairly dispassionately, and then nods his head slowly. When Gegoshi says that it took three different leevls before they could decide, and rolls her eyes at 'Bureaucracy', Crux opens his mouth, then closes it again. Five minutes is bureaucracy? They didn't even try his patience a little. Maybe he should vacation with these people sometime. It would be a refreshing change of pace. "...Is my offer a sufficient price for their proposal?" Goodness, he should hope so.

Gegoshi nods her head at Crux's first question, "The lack of payment from the prior lessee has made them more acceptable to such a proposal! They also believe they can make another one of me." She rolls her eyes and puts her hands on her hips, "As if!" She says, with a light huff, "There's no way they'll be able to duplicate me without my hardware available for scanning." She smiles, "But, I like it better here than with them, so I haven't volunteered the information. I should inform you I'm currently breaking a vast majority of my protocols due to prior errors from a lack of maintenance. It is possible a reset will fix some of these problems, but there is a point thirteen percent chance I will be unable to reactivate myself." She reaches over and twirls some of your hair around her finger! "But, of course..." She says, leaning down close again, smiling, whispering, "...I'd do anything for you..." She sits back up, deciding to answer your second question now, "Modifications to my code can be done by myself if you request, however there are certain things that are a part of my core functions. I don't have the knowledge if they can be modified, however any other processess can easily be changed if you are given the encryption key. Which I can give you once the deal is agreed upon by both sides."

Another slow nod from Crux, and then he speaks. "...Done then." He grumbles a little bit at the way Gegoshi plays with his hair, for just a moment, and then relaxes again when she sits back up. "...I don't think I have a lot of multi-dimensional trips in me right now. Is there a chart or something I can use to deliver the coordinates, or will I have to take you on a trip to each one?" He probably wouldn't admit that he's having a rough time to anyone, normally, but Gegoshi isn't exactly a person, though her personality is starting to imitate one. That's a question, then. If she is, or becomes, a true artificial intelligence, will Crux have to start thinking of her as a person? ... Food for thought.

Gegoshi nods her head, "I'll have to see it all firsthand so I can give them the coordinates properly and to be sure they are not already taken." She smiles, "But, why don't you rest, instead? You look very pale. Do you have a home we can stay at? Shall I synth one for you somewhere? I do enjoy synthing, almost as much as interacting with you." She giggles, her white feathered wings shifting over to a black hue with red patterns dancing through it.

With a nod, Crux turns his head to one side. "...Yeah. I should be able to make it there. It's a little easier than normal dimensional hops." He throws a hand off to the side, away from Gegoshi, and opens up a portal to his pocket dimension. "... Don't go telling the Core where my home is. There's nothing of value for them there, and I don't take kindly to intruders." The portal opens, if a bit more slowly than Crux's portals have shown themselves to open in the past, to connect to a spot in his pocket dimension quite a ways distant from where he left Myra and Satyrn. He doesn't really feel like he can deal with them at just this moment. Fortunately, there's a /lot/ of room in there. In this case, the portal specifically emerges into an area surrounded by Japanese relics of the past. It's an eighteenth century Japanese house, complete with floor panels and sliding doors. In the center of the room is a set of three beautiful swords, resting on display, underneath a painted full-body portrait of a beautiful young Japanese woman. In ancient Japanese script, the name 'Miya' is scrawled at the bottom of the portrait. There is a small set of flowers beneath the sword-stand, which is clearly in memoriam. The place doesn't look like it has been disturbed in some time, not even by dust. It looks like even that single portal took quite a lot out of Crux, though, as his eyes start to close. "Rest does sound nice."

Gegoshi nods her head and hops through the portal and into the area of Japanese relics. Her clothing spills all along her body, flowing like water and taking a silver sheen, which then forms itself out into a black kimono with red lightning patterns arcing across it, matching her wings. She turns around and reaches out both of her hands towards Crux, intent on helping to bring him through the portal as well! "Then rest you shall have." She says softly with a smile, the edge of a giggle tickling at her throat.

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