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Is catnip tasy?

Summary: Thor Odinson visits the Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium, and is joined by Ami. Hoping to indulge in a bit of adventure as well as his deep-rooted fondness for Midgard cuisine, Thor makes the leap from the familiar waters of pepperoni pizza... to a Boston pepperoni pizza. Odd's blood!

Who: Ami, Thor
When: July 1st, 2010
Where: Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium(#2602RA)


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Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium(#2602RA)

The smell of cooking pizza flows into your nostrils. Welcome to the Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium! (Twisted Branch) The -only- Emporium that uses a massive gun, mounted to the roof of the building, to launch it's delivery staff at the speed of sound to deliever your food almost as fast as you can order it. Inside things are much the same as you'd expect from any themed restaurant. It looks like a cat-themed pizza parlor with fish hanging from the walls around the counter. Obviously over the counter is the large menu board listing almost any kind of topping you can think of and at least two you couldn't have. Of course, with a menu like this that door to the bathroom isn't something you want to miss.

Don't bother trying to snoop around though, the only way into the kitchen is behind that counter...

Thor studies the large brightly-lit menu posted above the counter, rubbing his chin in wonder. "Amazing," he muses at the vast selection of available toppings. "Jarvis only ever ordered pepperoni." Stepping back from the impatient-looking clerk, his brow furrows as he falls into deep contemplation.

There are a lot of things to do in Twisted Street, more than Mizuno Ami would ever have dreamed, back in her home of Japan. She'd always been a big sci-fi fan, but all of her reading never really prepared her for the things she'd see in a multi-dimensional hub. If that's what the place is. It's what she's calling it this week, anyway. So, with such a great plethora of options available to her, truly a multitude of activities to choose from, it is perhaps a tiny bit odd that she has chosen to visit a pizza parlor. Delivery is easy and convenient, and walking on the street is not always safe. Nevertheless, here she is. "... Oh dear. Catnip on Pizza? Will wonders never cease?"

Thor says, "I shall have the... ah, Boston pepperoni?" Thor stumbles, simultaneously pleased with himself at exploring new realms of Midgard cuisine and wary of the possibility that he may well have just ordered a model of Boston atop a pizza crust. "Hail, milady," he nods towards the girl in line beside him. "Tell me, is this catnip tasty?"

Ami is distracted from her musing by Thor's address, and she blinks and turns to him, wearing a polite smile. If she had encountered him back home, she would have been a bit more wary, but there are all sorts of unusual types here in Twisted. "Ah... Hail." Ami presses her lips together and folds her hands behind her back at Thor's question, doing her best not to giggle. He seems out of his element. "I'm afraid catnip is not something I would serve to anyone but a feline, sir. It is an unusual item to see offered on a pizza." A hint of her amusement shines through, but it's hardly anything detrimental. It just seems to make her eyes brighten a bit.

Thor nods gravely -- a bit too gravely, given the surroundings and situation. The grim look on his face is almost comical here. "So it appears that t'was not just me," he says with something of a sigh. "Then, nearly all of the morsels listed fall upon mine eyes as foreign. Long have I loved the food of mortals, but rarely have I been faced with such, ah... selection." Adjusting one of the black leather bracers upon his wrists and staring at his boots for a moment, he offers a large and calloused hand to the girl. "I am Thor, son of Odin. I apologize for putting thou off thine order." He clears his throat, sky-blue eyes lingering on the odd hue of her hair.

This time, Ami can't completely stifle a brief giggle, but she covers her mouth with her hand, and does her best to minimize the sound. Pizza is hardly deserving of such grizzled determination and concern, but obviously fitting in matters to this man. She offers him a sympathetic smile as she lowers her hand, but then blinks as he offers his. His name catches her off guard, just a hair, and her eyes widen. A glimmer of recognition shows in them, and she bites at her lip, smiling again. "Thor? It isn't every day I meet a noble Asgardian in a pizza parlor. There must be a very interesting tale behind your arrival here." Her voice sounds doubly amused, now, and she carefully reaches a hand out towards his. It's rather small in comparison to a normal person's hand, and so dwarfed by Thor's. "...My name is Ami, and it is a pleasure to meet you. If you need any advice, I am a veteran in the honored art of ordering pizza..."

Thor nods. "My thanks," he rumbles graciously, releasing her hand. "I am resigned to the fate that I have chosen regarding my pizza topping, however." Still deadly serious, he places his right hand comfortably upon the large square-headed warhammer hanging from his belt. "The tale of my journey here and its reasons are depressingly familiar and routine, I am grieved to admit. I am seeking an errant god who has apparently refused the glorious afterlife reserved for him in the interests of causing unfathomable acts of mischief. Loki hast fled Hel, Valhalla, aye, the entirety of the Nine Realms for parts unknown. I journey thusly in order to search as many of the alternate realms of Midgard as I can from this nexus point, e'en as my comrades the Warriors Three seek him in the underworlds of other pantheons..." Staring off into space (which just so happens to also be occupied by a ketchup dispensor), he seems to sink into intense thought.

Ami offers another smile, keeping her laughter inside once again. It would be impolite to laugh at the situation, however entertaining she may find it. "If tracking down errant gods is routine for you, then I have a feeling that you'll be able to learn the ways of 'Midgard' in time." She glances at the ketchup dispenser, suppressing another giggle at Thor's intense look of seriousness. Somehow she doubts it is even remotely related to the condiment. But on that subject, what should she order?

"WHAT TREACHERY IS THIS?" The hulking Asgardian booms spontaneously, his eyes focusing once more on the environs. Stalking to the counter, he stares down at the order which has been set aside on a cheap plastic tray for him. "'Tis but the same circles of meat as have always adorned mine slices!" Grabbing the clerk by the gaudily-coloured shirtfront, he looms over the pimply-faced youth menacingly. "Speak, villain! What is the meaning of this?!" The clerk stammers something about Boston perreroni being larger than normal pepperoni, to which the Thunder God merely turns his gaze to Ami, a dubious glint in his eye. "Maiden Ami, Mistress of the Art, is this whelp speaking truth?"

The blue-haired girl looks on wide-eyed as Thor's voice booms out accusations of treachery, and offers the poor clerk a sympathetic look, before turning her gaze to Thor. "Boston Pepperoni is simply a variety of pepperoni, Sir Thor..." She still sounds amused, but it's obvious from her expression that she's being serious, as she steps over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder. Well, to be accurate, she does her best. She might not be able to reach his shoulder, but his arm will do fine. "...It might behoove you to be a tad less heavy-handed with those you suspect of wrongdoing, so long as their crime is not too severe." It's obvious from her face that she's not sure whether to laugh or to be sad for the Asgardian, so she settles for just trying to help him -- and the poor young man in his grasp.

Thor releases the shirt of the cashier. "Apologies, mortal," he offers in a heavy voice. "I had expected something a bit more... exotic. I have always enjoyed pepperonis on mine crust in the past." He scoops up his tray with one hand, digging into a blue pouch hung at his side with his other. Two thick golden coins jangle onto the counter, one bearing the image of a raven, the other a wolf. "In payment for the firmament-maned one, as well." Bowing his head to Ami, he softly says "my thanks" as he passes her, taking a seat in a booth in the far corner of the largely empty parlour. His broad shoulders and flowing cape take up one entire side of the table as he hunches over his slices of greasy morsels. He has forgotten a drink, he realizes glumly.

Even his apologies are more lidded in tragedy than simple sorrow. Ami is a bit astounded, but manages to keep her composure. After Thor leaves to take a seat in a far off booth, the blue-haired girl moves to the counter and offers the clerk a warm and friendly smile to try and distract him from the events of a few moments ago. She seems to manage well enough, and soon she's ordered herself a personal pan pizza, with barbecue chicken and grilled onions. It is a bit much for her normal meal, but she is here, isn't she? She glances over at the poor blonde man, and shakes her head slightly. She orders two bottled waters and pays for them with some bills. She thanks the clerk, and heads over towards the far corner while she waits for her food. Once she reaches his table, Ami will offer Thor a bottle of water. "Perhaps the God of thunder would enjoy a beverage with his Midgard meal?" She's smiling again, which is always a good sign.

Chewing slowly on one side of his mouth, the Odinson looks up with an expression rendered blank for a moment. Then, as though returning from some far-off place, his face becomes animated again as he swallows the mouthful of sauce and meat. Wiping the back of his hand across his mouth he smiles warmly. "Please, sit." He takes the bottle of water gratefully, then sits regarding it with a strange expression on his face. Slowly he turns the bottle upside down, then back again. The water swishes around inside its plastic prison. He seems oddly perplexed, and forgets Ami's prescence for a moment.

Ami had not really intended to sit, but sees no problem in accepting Thor's invitation. He certainly seems to mean well, even if he is out of place. "Thank you." She takes hold of her dress so that she can slip into the booth without causing herself any problems, and then smiles after arranging herself comfortably. She noticed Thor's confusion, and then very pointedly and slowly opens hers, gingerly, and obviously with gentle care. She might be exaggerating how easy it is, but she doesn't exactly want Thor to snap the top right off the bottle.

intently observing her motions whilst making a valiant attempt to appear not to be, Thor mimics the girl's process of opening his own bottle. Resplendent in his success, he cheerfully swigs back a mouthful. Mid-gulp, however, his eyes bulge open and he launches into a small choking fit, slamming his bottle down on the table and holding his throat as he endeavors to play off the coughing with a halting laugh. "Water," he says amicably, as though that explains everything. Clearing his throat harshly and casting a weary glance across the table from under feathery blonde brows, he swiftly tries to leave the moment behind even as his face burns. "From which of these worlds do you hail then, Lady Ami?"

With another small laugh that doesn't quite make it to the audible stages, Ami takes a sip of her own water. "I'm sorry, but I'm not old enough to drink anything heavier." She takes another sip, and then puts the cap back on and sets her water down. "I... hail... from the islands of Japan. And I believe we know from whence you hail, Odin-son." She seems to be quite amiable, and her blue eyes are shining. It seems she's not much used to courtesy, even of the antiquated variety. "I certainly hope that your search goes well, that you might find the comfort of your home once again."

Thor says, "Aye. Though oft throughout the reaching millenia I have faced, have I drifted way and far from the glimmering Bifrost and the golden halls of Asgard." With a small shrug, he peels a single slice of pepperoni from his last slice of pizza and pops it into his mouth, remarking to himself that there is a slight difference in taste from the standard variety. "I must admit to being disappointed in my brother Loki, though I wonder why his flight from the realms of death should surprise me. But though he lived poorly, he died well; in the service and at the guard of our home and its people. A part of me wishes it could have simply ended thus." He looks up. "Enough of the trickster. I remember Japan from the Midgard of mine own reality. I doubt it is one which you share, however... Unless it has become fashionable to alter the pigments of the hair thusly in the Japan I know. Tell me of your world. Has there been any unusual occurances of late, naught accounted for? ...Mischief?"

Ami listens quietly, her smile never leaving her face, and occasionally reaching up to touch her eyes, metaphorically speaking. She doesn't have many comments to make regarding Thor's story, but she does blink in confusion at his mention of her hair. She looks up at it, and idly reaches a hand to brush some of it away from her face, tucking it behind her ear. "... I have heard various stories accounting for the differentation between hair colors in separate dimensions. My hair is natural, however. Alas, I cannot say that I am familiar with any mischief that I might attribute with one such as Loki."

Thor says, "It would likely not be anything easily pinned on him." He tries to recap his bottle of water, a crunching sound biting the air as he utterly destroys the threading and renders the cap useless. Without missing a beat he discards the cap over his shoulder and drains the rest of his water in one long draught. "Were he to attempt to manifest his powers overtly I would surely sense it. More likely he is seeking to manipulate others and their actions from behind the curtain, as the bards say. We were unable to recover the Norn stones from where his body was destroyed, as well... He may be using them to further whatever wicked means he may seek to attain. They have been known to grant great, godlike power to mortals." He shrugs. "I can but hope I can meet someone in this odd place who can lead me to wherever the inglorious churl hast hidden himself..." Blinking, he regards her plate. "What topping didst thou aquire?"

As Ami looks at her tray, she smiles brightly, and gingerly picks a piece of barbecued chicken off of her pizza. "It's called Barbecued Chicken, it's poultry glazed in a sweet sauce. Would you like a taste?" She's pretty friendly, for a mortal. "... You might enjoy it. It certainly differs from the pepperoni on yours." She shifts a little, and adjusts her dress and necklace, to make sure they're squared away.

Accepting the offer, Thor nibbles doubtfully at the chicken before devouring it heartily. "Roasted hen!" he beams. "What a marvelous basting it's had! When comes the time for me to square my lost bet with Hogun the Grim regarding Volstagg's drinking contest against the Eagle of Yggdrasil, it shall be with this!" He grins, imagining the ever-frowning warrior staring wide-eyed at his prize. "Verily, thou hast eased my mind on yet another dilemma. My thanks go to thee tenfold."

Ami simply laughs, and shakes her head, lifting a slice in the air so that she can take a bite from it. She sets it completely down after the bite, giving herself time to chew, swallow, and savor the taste of the food before she ever touches it a second time. "Simple courtesy, it was my pleasure. I am certain you would have done the same in my place." She lifts the slice to her mouth and takes another bite. She's having a nice little bite to eat, though she's still not sure what it was about the place that attracted her interest in the first place.

Having finished his meal (and made a mental note regarding this bar-bee-cue chicken), Thor belches in the direction of the kitchen in compliment. The food sits heavy in the pit of his stomach, satisfying and filling, and makes him think suddenly of times many years ago. Swept up in the memories of the laughter and comraderie, friendship and pranks of the old New York mansion with his fellows the big Asgardian's face softens. A small smile tugs at the corners of his mouth at the remembered antics of days now past... And then he returns to the present. Strange how this strange influx of unfamiliar stimuli keeps hearkening to his past like this. "It has been a pleasure, milady Ami, to converse with thee and share in your knowledge of pizza." He moves to stand.

With a nod of her head, Ami agrees, smiling. It's nice to see that Thor /can/ smile like that, though she's not sure what exactly caused him to. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Thor of Odin. I certainly hope your future adventures with mortal cuisine are less... adventurous." She sounds like she means it, but also isn't particularly confident of it. No matter, she's smiling, and they're parting on good terms. A good encounter. "Please have a nice night!"

Thor says, "Aye." He smiles again, this time at her, in that same wistful sort of way. "Odin's blessings upon thee." Bowing deeply at the waist, he pivots on his heel and makes for the door. "Well met!" he calls back to her, pausing at the door long enough to thunder across the room and into the kitchen "THE SON OF ODIN SHALL RETURN FOR THINE HAM AND PINEAPPLE DISH!" Nodding in the perfunctory silence afterwards, he roughly shoves the door open and embarks onwards into the darkness. "HAIL, CIVILIANS!" his receding voice echoes from down the street moments later, and then he is gone.

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