2010-07-06 (PreU) Bring out your dead!

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Bring out your dead!

Summary: And here's a log!

Who: Devi, Faust, Freakazoid, Momo, Oblivion, Prinnies
When: July 6th, 2010
Where: The UR


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The UR

Devi is reclined on a chair, her big black boots resting on the tabletop, ankles crossed. She's scooted down enough to lay her head back on the back of the chair. Glareing up into the rafters, looking for the Prinnys, she grumbles softly to herself.

Faust A tall creature with messy blond hair made his way into the U.R. a long slightly bloodstained lab coat swayed as he walked. He had a few books under his arms and though his face clearly showed he was dead tired he had no intention of sleeping, no he simply wanted something sweet and a place to read. This new place had him feeling down so what else was he to do but recluse himself again.

Devi rolls an eyeball towards the lean man as he walks in. "Oh, looky here." Devi grins widely, in the manner of her world, ear to ear and abnormally wide. /~THUD THUD~\ Her boots clank to the floor as she pushes herself up, her hands sliding into her trenchcoat pockets. "Fresh Meat." She tilts her head to the side as she watches him.

The lights in the room flicker suddenly, unevenly, across the room, while the sound of electrical sparking and humming can be heard..... then it all goes back to normal....

The doctor just blinked a moment at her words though he knew English and many other languages in his normal fashion he simply responded with a quiet smile. The type of smile one gives when they have too little experience with people, "Fleisch? Sind wir nicht alle nur das nicht." His voice was quiet but sounded rather sweet, you know outside of the thick German accent.

Devi's grin only manages to be wider. "Nicht alle von uns. Einige haben das Glück des Seins leer." She circles around him slowly, paying no mind to the lighting. "I always feel like I'm spitting when I speak that language." She wipes her mouth with slender fingers, unthinking.

A girlish giggle echoes throughout the room, and several lights sputter and die, casting mismatched areas of the room into darkness.

Giving a nod at her response the man gave a nod of approval at her answer "Diejenigen, die ihr Schicksal als solche zu akzeptieren sind erleuchtet, ein kluges Mädchen du bist." The blue tired eyes watched her move while he stood where he was letting her treat him as a vulture would its dinner. "Yes, that is true my mother's tongue is quite harsh compared to some." He returned without missing a beat though when the lights flickered the necromancer did shift his head to the side looking about.

Devi bows slightly. "Indeed I used to be, a clever /girl/." Her tone suggests that she doesn't like being called a /girl/ but she's not going to push that. She continues to circle around him, although she starts reacting as though she were climbing stairs. "Nice hair."

What appears to be a small doll appears, floating over Devis shoulder, about 2 feet behind her. It is wearing what was once a white kimono, now a faded, pale yellow. Its long black hair falls over its eyes, parting before its mouth, which is full of razor sharp teeth, and impossibly large, as if from ear to ear. No hands or feet are visible at the moment, however. It 'stares' at Faust, despite its eyes being hidden, as if it was fully able to see him....

Faust Finally let out a chuckle, he had finally put it together she reminded him of someone after all. All she needed was a cigarette and she would be like Sharona, just off of first few moments. Though he may not have cared much for the aforementioned he didn't dislike her either. "My apologizes, might I inquire what you wish to be called?" involuntarily running a hand though the messy locks he gave an amused smile. "I happen to like yours as well." He watched the way she moved with a bit of interest though he was still curious about flickering just before so when the doll appeared the man simply blinked and tilted his head. That was a new one. "It's adorable." He was messed up in the head.

Devi says, "Thank you. Devi. Devi D, not at your service." She bows again, before noticing that she's floating. Frowning slightly, she settles back on the floor. She's not bothered to pay any mind to Momo as she's intreged by the new kid. She's curious to see how he reacts to Oblivion's antics. Blivy's the only one that screws with people in this manner. "My hair has never been adorable."

The creepy doll giggles, and vanishes, as another voice is added to the room, coming from behind Faust "Good point... they both are pretty adorable. One in its visciousness, the other in its purple-haired-ness". Oblivion can be seen in a chair, wearing Groucho-glasses, as well as his helmet and armor. Why? Its Oblivion. Who knows.

He bowed his head once she finished her introduction "Well Devi D. I'm Johann Faust, and the sentiment is the same." He liked her answer it was something new something he had never heard someone say, though it did seem like something -she- might say. "It is simply a matter of opinions." He spoke with a slight shrug the blue eyes watching the doll reaching out he held a hand towards it as one would to try and gain a small animals trust. So when it vanished and the change happened he turned looking for the voice once he found the other he let out an amused noise. "Visciousness?" It reminded him of an over-soul thus he looked down to Devi suddenly "Are you part of the Shaman battles?"

Devi turns as Oblivion shows up. "Ah, well, here's the entertainment." She grins anyway, a hand held out and for a brief moment, she feels like Vanna White showing off a Letter. He face scunches as she relizes that and her hands fall back before sitting back down on a barstool. She looks out towards the resturant. "Good Morning Oblivion." What a nice thing to say?! She nods towards Faust. "Shaman battles? I don't even know what that is." She shrugs slightly though her face perks slightly at the sound of a tournament or something where she could fight.

Wait, what is that? Theme music?? Yes, like many of the more animated inhabitants of Twisted Street occasionally they come with little quwirks from their home dimensions. Announcers, music, supporting cast. Rolling over the street like oncoming thunder comes an excelent example of this sort of thing as music follows a streaking blue blur, lightning bolts crackling around it. The music comes to a crecendo until abruptly pausing as the blur freezes in place leaving the form of Freakazoid standing mid-stride in front of Oblivion. "YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!" Oblivion smiles calmly at Freakazoid, his over-the-top groucho-glasses doing nothing to hide his identity "MEEEEEEEEEEE!" he stops "Wait? Me? Do i know you, sir?"

The blue Freak's eyes narrow as a single word oozes from his lips like poison, "NEEEMEEESIIIISSS..." Huh? "I'm onto you! I've got my eye on you! You see this eye?" He reaches up and yanks his eyelid open, "This is my eye. It's watching you Flint-lock-Flint. It's watching youuuuuuuu..." The music begins to speed back up as Freakazoid begins to move faster and faster becoming a blue blur once again and vanishing into the distance. Another day on Twisted? Oblivion takes off the glasses a few seconds after Freakazoid has left, and smiles evily "well, THAT was easy enough....."

Faust was about to say something but seeing the scene unfolding before him the tall creature just kinda shut up and lost his train of thought, that dude was blue?

Devi says, "What the fuck?" Devi stares along with Faust before going to the door and leaning out, screaming at the distance, "NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS, MISTER!" She shakes her head and comes back to her seat, pulling a flask out and swigging from it. "Ok. That was... Whatever. So, what are you up to here, Blivy? Come to castrate orphens or soemthing?"

Oblivion smirks "Why, HOW did you know?". He then holds up a baby from behind his back, which cries softly as its held upside down by a foot "Allow me to begin with..... wait...." he takes a closer look at this baby ".... This ones a girl.... Oh well!". He tosses the baby over his shoulder, and out a window "Better luck next time". He snickers "Actually, i noticed a new arrival, and was curious". He eyes Faust, eyes glowing an evil red through his helmets shaded visor.

Felina pads down into the main room of the restaurant, the young feline flesh golem pausing a she sees Oblivion, and Devi. She waves in friendly greeting to Devi, but her reaction to Oblivion is somewhat... colder.

The doctor's eyes widened some at the baby toss. Not that he could have or would have done anything but he was slowly learning this place put the fuck in fucked up. Blinking a moment he looked to the creature that threw the baby. "New Arrival, I suppose you mean myself." He spoke as stayed rather apathetic looking from him to Devi then the next contender, I mean girl.

Devi winces as Blivy throws the baby. But she's dealt with him enough to not mind it, it was probably a doll. Wiggling a few fingers at Felina as she comes in, Devi still tenses slightly, still ready for her to relapse from Zel's beast. Chuckling slightly, she says,"I guess the kitty got a taste of Blivy's funness some where, huh?" She nods at Faust. "We don't get much fun around here and new people are always good for something. At least I'm not the door greeter anymore." She got tired of being the mini-tour guide for all the people that showed up.

Felina smiles, padding over towards Devi, "You could say that, though I didn't know the name of the lunatic. He said he knew things about me. That magic didn't flow right around me. "

Oblivion s smile becomes a little more evil as Felina enters "Aahh, the kittygirl with no sense of humor enters the room! How interesting..... a lunatic, an EMO raver...." he eyes Devi "a mad doctor...." he eyes Faust "and a catgirl.... " he eyes Felina ".... all walk into a bar..... except the lunatic. Hes crazy, so for some reason he walks THROUGH the bar! Definately the makings for a bad joke...."

Shrugging some, who was he to argue with that. He knew he was slightly mad. "What's the punch line then?"

Devi says, "Emo raver?" Devi's pitch goes up a few octaves. "Watch it lunchbox. I don't even rave! I'd sure as hell be a lot happier if I did..." She turns towards Felina. "I take it you didn't enjoy Oblivion's antics?"

"You got that right." Felina's words are, in fact quite calm, but at Oblivion's and Fausts words, she shakes her head, "Now, if I was in a darker mood, i'd say the punchline was the extinction of all life in Twisted."

All the prinnies recoil in horror at Felinas words, and dramatic cue music fills the air for a moment!

Oblivion raises an eyebrow as Felina heads to the ladies room "Wow.... guess i got the EMO and the catgirl mixed up.... your are much more catty, anyway" >;P

The doctor finally moved to take a seat, sitting the books he had been holding down.

Devi makes a rawr kinda hand motion towards Oblivion. "So, Johann, what brought you to our lovley war zone?" Yeah, she's not awesome at small talk.

He shrugged a little "Displacement in time and space? Then again maybe I messed up during a battle. I honestly don't know." He placed a finger to his purple lips and looked thoughtful for a moment "Maybe I sleep walked?"

Oblivion peers at Faust "Well, they say when you sleep walk, your body leaves your soul behind... hhmm...." he stops to ponder "Must make a note to see if thats true...." he looks back "However, until then, you never know. Maybe your here, but not 'really' here? Or not, and you just dont REALIZE your not!" >}P

Devi arches a delicate eyebrow. "Somehow I think you couldn't sleep walk through dimention travel. Dropped in isn't outta the question though." She shrugs and looks at Blivy. "S'what happened to me."

Faust nodded, thinking about what was said, they both did have a point, maybe he could look into it find a scientific explanation for his disposition. He decided to stay quiet for now and just listen flipping through the pages of the book.

Oblivion peers at Devi "Thats what happened to you? Your body walked off without your soul? Or the other way around?"

Devi says, "No, smartass, dropped into the Middle Way." She rolls her eyes and tilts her head at Faust. "You don't say much do you?"

Faust looked up a moment "I never have much to say." He responded with a light shrug turning the page looking back to the book.

A prinny peers over the tables edge at Faust "Watcha readin, dood?" o\/o

Devi grins lopsidedly, her eyes harding slightly. "So does that mean that there isn't much Grey Matter between those ear's of yours then? Or that you deem yourself higher then the rest of the people that you deal with enough to not hold a conversation that lasts more then a few minutes? Perhaps it is even in this new fanciful world that you've found yourself in that you will be mighty enough to not know the dangers thereof?" She's kinda a bitch somedays and while her face is hard, her words hold no venom.

Faust blinking a moment at the Prinny he lifted the book, just some medical book. Oh god....oh sweet Mephistopheles, she was a new version of Anna. "…I…never said that." He hated how awkward he got with people. Damn it. "I do not think myself higher than anyone…I simply know not what to say…" He knew he had just dug himself in a hole and was digging it deeper.

Oblivion says, "Course they dont hold venom! Thats what the snakes are for!" he pulls out several highly poisonious cobras from nowhere..... and the fourth wall cries tears in some far off dimension. Course, the snakes turn and attack him, and he starts wrestling with them..... The prinny tilts its head, then jumps off the chair and hobbles off behind the bar

Devi damn near beams, vanishing from her spot at the bar and reappering behind Faust, looking at the book he's reading. She stops once the snakes appear, laughing slightly at Oblivion's misfortune. "You look like you'd be a bit more fun, for someone who looks dead." She vanishes again and suddenly a prinny is thrown off one of the ceiling rafters towards Oblivions face. "CURE IT WITH FIRE!"

Faust The doctor blinked a bit when he realized that Devi could teleport and the other clearly has some summoning powers of some kind though he looked worried when the cobra's turned on the man he couldn't help but let out a small laugh. It seemed like something one would see on a gag show. "Careful there, those could really hurt you." He spoke the obvious his eyes no longer on the book but the other two. Amused at the goings on, Who wouldn't be?

Oblivion abruptly throws the snakes at the prinny. They meet in midair, with the expected outcome. *KABOOM!*. The prinny explodes, naturally. Seconds later, several cooked snake-ka-bobs land one at a time on Fausts table. The prinny isnt so fortunate. "Just like mother used to make....."

Devi oohs and rips off a small piece of the roasted Snake, popping it into her mouth. "Mm, not bad. I always though snake would taste more... gamey, I dunno." She pulls her flask outta her coat before shrugging it off and laying it over a chair. She idly touches the kanji for hell on the back of it before unscrewing and taking another drink.

Faust looked rather paled when the snake-ka-bobs landed. He reached out however and poked at a snakey bit, though he didn't much care for food...at all. He was curious, how did snake taste? Would it taste awesome in marinade? Also the important question in his mind just whose mother ka-bobs cobras? Popping a piece in his mouth he seemed to have no real reaction aside from one comment "Needs garlic."

A prinny dances along the rafters. It fails to notice a particular banana peel, and slips and falls! Below, a cardboard box shuffles along the floor, unaware it is directly below the prinny! Impact, an explosion, and nothing but the fried remains of a well-known commando! More fried snake for everyone!

Oblivion simply smirks as he watches the chaos.

Devi suddenly is in one of those HazMat suits. "He was so full of fire and life." She grins before sitting down again at the bar.

Faust gives a small grin at the explosion "It seems like a day for fire and snakes. Who knew."

Oblivion eyes the remains "Talk about making an impact on someone.....". He then stands "Well, i must be off. However, i shant leave without imparting some of the wisdom of the ages...." he clears his throat "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read". He smiles evily "Toodles!", and vanishes.

Devi spins the barstool next to her so that she can prop up her feet. "What's your story then?" She looks at him expectantly.

Faust tilting the chair he was in back some the tall doctor tried to think up the condensed version. As he felt not like dragging out 'his story' and feeling emo again. "I'm a doctor and a necromancer, who was taking part in the Shaman Battles to become to Shaman King so I could use the prize to revive my beloved Eliza." He did spoke though proud of himself for finding a short way to say it he still kinda felt down again as he didn't have his Eliza with him. Stupid world change.

Devi snorts slightly. "Interesting. I don't think we've had a necromancer yet. But our favorite doctor has gone missing on us, so at least you'll be put to some use... once the fights start again."

The doctor blinked at little at that "So you are one in need of violence?" He asked calmly as his eyes watched her scratching. "An irritation?" he asked just curious.

Devi smiles. "I am in need of Violence, I'm a violent creature." She looks down to her hand. "No, no irritation, just an itch."

Nodding then he looked from her hand back to her face "It is understandable, it's a very common thing in my world. AS long as you can call spirits anyway. " He closed the book then and folded his hands "and what of you and you're home?"

Devi says, "Well, I can't call spirits. Maybe because I used to be one..." She ponders that a moment before moving on. "My home is..." She waves idly towards the Wasteland, "out there somewhere, pile of crap that it is."

Faust sat up then and looked at her suddenly very curious, all else forgotten. "You used to be a spirit but you're alive again? How so? Or are you just that marvelous of a specter."

Devi says, "Uh no, I was Mazuko. My physical body ceased to be leaveing me more as a roaming soul. Once I got out of the contract that put me that way in the first place, my body took shape again and here I am. Contracts are tricky tricky things."

Faust almost looked like he was pouting a moment before he forced a smile back on his face "I know how those things go, contracts I mean its an arm and a leg, sometimes a soul. Never enough."

Devi stands up, sliding her trenchcoat back on. "Alright well, I'm going to go find someone to pick a fight with." She shouldn't have started talking about it in the first place. "Be careful, Faust, people here are a bit unhinged."

Faust nodding he gave her amused look. "I shall be, and do be careful." He spoke as he opened his book up again "If you should need patched up I will be around."

Devi says, "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind." She nods slightly to him as she walks past and out the door.

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