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Doctor Felina and Mrs. Hyde

Summary: Finally, a little mishap in Felinas studies go awry, and make for an interesting situation, and even more interesting possabilities for the future. Devi meanwhile makes friends with a Prinny, among other things.

Who: Devi, Felina, Xue, Prinnies
When: July 6th, 2010
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluorescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are served and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordinate amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's an exit to the outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

There's something not quite right in the UR today.. despite the lights working, somehow it seems dark. there are a few customers present, going about their day to day business, but there is definitely.. something in the air. Sitting alone in the corner, there is a young woman, her form covered entirely in midnight black fur.

Near the bar, a moderately sized spike of ice sprouts from the floor suddenly, in a spot no one is standing. Moments later, it melts and shrinks into the form of a statuette of a woman in armor. Then it breaks apart, revealing Xue, pieces of ice dropping to the floor to melt on their own. The area around her instantly drops 2 degrees just from proximity as she looks around. Her eyes slowly follow the room to the source of the strong magical presence filling the room. She then frowns, but otherwise waits for the moment, to see if anything happens.

Devi walks into the UR, her heavy trech coat flaring out behind her as she moves, and her hands fisted in her pockets. Her eyes are slightly sunken in, and her face is somehow shades paler then usual. She strides towards the bar, giving only a glance to the Black furred person, and a slight nod towards Xue. Sliding up onto a bar stool, she taps the counter lightly and a Skutter darts off to go fetch whatever Devi has motioned for.

A prinny in the rafters sings "Devi and Sickness sittin ina tree.... k-i-s-s-i-n-g.... " ^\/^

The young woman noticed the drop in temperature, and she glances over towards Xue with crimson eyes, a dark smile twisting her fine lips. "My my.. Look what the cat dragged in."

Xue gives a nod to Devi as she walks past, muttering something to her, eyes not leaving Felina. She casts detect magic, as well as a few other defensive spells, just in case things get.... heated. This only takes a few seconds, at which point she responds "What caused THIS outcome, dare i ask..... ?". Definately gettin dangerous vibes from this one.

==*secret mumble cam*== You mumble, "this may get ugly. just a word of warning....." to Devi.

Xue mumbles, "... ... ... ... just ... word of ..." to Devi.

Felina smirks, "What brought this about? Is it any of your business? " looking calmly at Xue, she raises a hand, reaching out magically to try and absorb her magical defenses.. all wards are to her, is a free lunch..

Devi looks over her shoulder slightly as Xue speaks. She doesn't bother verbally responding, instead, pushing a thought towards Xue, smart enough to not try and link with the Ice Woman's mind. Devi glares quickly up at the rafters, her eyes narrowing dangerously. "Fuckin' birds." She draws her attention back down to the girl, and her face is deadpan, without the usual fire of smartassery. Devi doesn't bother saying anything, choosing instead to just stare blankly.

Xue crosses her arms, raising an eyebrow in calculated obervation "Well, the change in color for one, although thats not important. The change in attitude, however, is. In addition, consuming my personal enchantments is not something consistant with your normal way of acting. Since Caliga put your training in my hands, im making it my buisness to ask". The temperature around her drops another three degrees as she gets slightly annoyed.

Devi stays silent, moving only to turn around, a cup of hot coffee delivered by the Skutter in hand. She rests her elbows on the bar as she watches the exchange.

Felina smirks, "Who says I am the girl you thought you knew, mortal?" looking now up at xue, the girl's eyes glow faintly.. "She is gone now, since she made a very foolish mistake.. She changed herself into me. A single line in the wrong place changed the meaning of a gylph"

Xue slowly draws her sword "Judging from your tone, attitude, and actions, i get the feeling that unlike 'her', you have none of the morals or other limitations on what you might or would do to whom....."

Felina chuckles, "Very astute of you. Now put down that toothpick before you get yourself hurt. " her eyes narrow as her claws extend, "That is the only warning you will get."

Devi says, "Oh sounds like someone grew a pair." Devi sips from her cup. "Very sure of yourself, indeed, right. Tell me, do you retain Felina's memories?"

Xue waits for the moment, as Devi asks a question. It would be impolite to not let her answer it, both to the speaker, as well as the asker. She simply smirks, eyes boring a hole through her "You would be neither the first, nor the most impudent, student ive taught, i assure you"

Snorting, Felina gets to her feet, "Not all of them, though I don't see what your point is." looking now towards Devi, she hmms, "It is not like she retained all of her memories either."

Devi says, "I'm afraid I must tell you that if you attack Xue, I'll be forced to step in and stand with her against you." Devi crosses one leg, her foot bouncing to a beat in her head. "But of course, you'll snort, say that I can do nothing to you, and attack anyway. Tell you what, do you just want to start this, and do away with the long speechs that come before it?" She arches an eyebrow towards Felina.

Xue stands in a loose defensive combat stance "Or you can stand down, and let me figure a way to undo the mistake you say she made. The choice is yours."

This time, Devis words elicit a smirk, "Come now. Have I struck yet? Have I even acted threateningly towards either of you aside from in warning. No, I have not. There is no reason for me to attack either of you. " Then Xue speaks, and she shakes her head in response, "And you think me arrogant. Put the toothpick away. I will not allow you to do me harm. " suddenly she raises a hand skywards, and in the air, a glypph forms quickly.. a glyph which can be read as 'Retaliation'. however, nothing else seems to happen.

Devi says, "Do you think us simple then? Stupid? Morons? Have we attacked you? No. But both of us have played this game long enough. We know where it will lead. At least I do." She rolls her shoulder in a 'I don't really care either way' shurg. "Go back somewhere and present yourself in a non-threating way." Devi rotates on the barstool, facing away from the pair. "I think that consuming someone else's defences is a form of attack, but that's just me."

Xue asks, "I too can see where it leads, although i have no intent to do more harm than needed. My concern is if i let you go free now, that someone could or will be killed by you in your persuits, and a battle will occur anyway, perhaps between you and individuals who want to do more than subdue. Like Caliga, for instance, and you and i BOTH know how much chance you would have against him. So tell me.... you want to sit quietly and have a drink while i examine what happened and reverse it...." her eyes narrow slightly ".... or do you want to do this the hard way?"

Felina chuckles, "Do what you want to do. Just don't try and harm me. I give you my word that so long as I am here, I will do no harm either. "

Devi shrugs and sits a moment longer to make sure that nothing exciting will happen.

Xues expression lightens slightly, sheathing her sword "Id have caliga breathing down my neck if i hurt or killed you, and thats the last thing i feel like dealing with. I simply want to fix her mistake and get that mind you share back to normal, since a mistake with a glyph caused it in the first place. So if your gonna play nice about it, then deactivate that glyph so i can run a magical analysis on you. I want to see what physiological effects her mistake had. No attacks will be involved". She remains loose, and has every intention of keeping her word, arms folded

Felina smirks, and she clicks her fingers, the glyph fading, "Alright, I'll play nice. "

Devi finishes her cup and slips off her barstool, her hand going back into her pockets. "Xue, if you need anything, holler." Devi glances at Felina once more before striding out the door to the street beyond.

Xue nods "Will do. See ya later Dev". She then proceeds to do just as she said: she begins casting spells to analyze and examine the biological status and inner workings of Felina. The only other spell she tries is to examine surface thoughts. She does not do anything more invasive than these.

Felina is mostly physically unchanged.. the difference with her fur is cosmetic.. her thoughts however, are more active.. and she looks at Xue with a hunger.. Not to devour her magic, but for physical contact.

Xue comes closer, and examines felinas fur, to see if its affected the crystaline structure. She does try running a finger along a spot on her shoulder to see how the crystaline fur may have changed, but also to see what surface thoughts occur from the physical contact.

Felina mms as Xue runs her finger across her shoulder, and she turns... leaning in, trying to put her arms around her teacher.. They fur itself feels almost electric, though it is almost the same as it was before.

Xue steps back just enough to avoid the arms, and hhmms. She pulls out a piece of paper "Can you recreate the rune she was using that caused all this? Knowing what she was TRYING to do might reveal where it went wrong."

Felina pouts as Xue pulls back, and she hrms.. "I might be able to.. I know exactly what rune she was trying to make.. as well as what she actually made by mistake when Zel distracted her."

Xue raises an eyebrow "I wouldnt suppose you would be willing to recreate the mistake, and potentially 'undo' whatever she did in the process?". never hurts to ask, after all.

Felina shakes her head, "No, I'm not willing to do that. I want to live". She then sighs, "Look, she was trying to combine glyphs for Soul, truth and vision..."

Xue tilts her head, curious, and is about to say something when Felina says that, and she ponders a few moments "Then my guess is she made a mistake with the 'soul' portion, and brought out an aspect of her personality, so instead of the 'prime' being in the drivers seat, as it were, another aspect instead was given the wheel... ?"

Felina shakes her head, "No.. The error was in the vision portion. A single extra line changed the meaning completely... "

Xue hhmms "so then if she completed the soul portion, then i take it you are the effect of 'seeing' her 'soul' from another perspective, set of circumstances, or whatever the soul portion was ment to call upon... ?"

Felina hmms, "Sort of... Her original intent was to see the truth of her soul.. but she accidentally turned the vision glyph into a Mirror glyph..."

Xue asks, "so your the outward reflection of her inner self?"

Felina hmms, "Again.. not quite.. When she activated the glyphs.. The truth of her soul was reversed.. "

Xue says, "meaning everything about her has gone through the looking glass. hence the increased aggression, and the white-to-black, among other things."

Felina chuckles... "Very good. And my general competance with my magic, too."

Xue raises an eyebrow "My point still stands. Reversing it wont kill you."

Felina frowns, "This form of me will be gone though". She closes her eyes, "It's not as if she will repeat her mistake.. she isn't totally stupid."

Xue says, "Your still her, simply seeing things from a differing perspective."

Felina looks quite nervous still.. "But.. "

Xue says, "But... ? As far as i can tell, all it did was change your personal values. Theres an artifact i know of, a helmet, that when put on someones head, causes the same effect. it makes their personality the opposite of what it was prior to donning the item. They are still themselves, simply with their values changed. As for your fur color, i imagine that you can change at will, and arent aware of it, or never do it."

Felina blinks.. "But how does that work? I don't understand. And if I am turned back.. Will I even remember? I'm so much better with my magic than she was.. I know so much more,. she had no idea she had even messed up the glyph."

Xue shrugs "magic is odd that way. sometimes, in more than magic, a person doesnt know theyve messed up until its blown up in their face. you may remember fragments, like after waking from a dream. you may remember nothing. you may remember it all. magic is a mysterious thing, and even the most powerful and experienced masters of it cannot fully predict it. The mind itself is even more mysterious. Sometimes it recovers from believed-fatal injury, and dies from a comparitive pinprick". She folds her arms "If you can use magic so well, then it means you can either way. You seem more aggressive in this state. Morality and care of action can be a cause of slow or lesser ability. If you can do it now, you can do it in the other 'form'."

Felina hmms.. in all honesty, she does just look afraid, if you look at her, she truely beleives herself in this form to be a seperate entity, just in her body

Xue says, "Ultimately, the choice to do it yourself is one only you can make, but be warned. While i DO intend to find a way to undo the effect without causing direct harm, as is my role as a teacher, others involved might not be so benign, and as powerful as you are, against them you will not stand long. Not only that, if you cause harm to anyone on a whim in this 'state', those retaliating will potentially not be so forgiving."

Felina closes her eyes, "I'm afraid, damn it.. But alright.. Help me to recreate the glyphs, please?"

Xue nods, putting a hand on her shoulder "Fear is normal. Feel it, but never let it stop you". She takes a vial of special ink out of her bag, and some paper, and begins to craft the rune slowly and carefully, up until and lacking in the final 'mistake'. The process takes about 3 minutes. Afterwards, she waits for Felina to do the rest.

Felina nods.. and she draws in the final 'mistake' line, inverting the the Vision glyph, changing it into the mirror glyph.. ad then she applies the power.. The glyphs flare wit silver light, engulfing her for a good ten seconds, when it fades away. she is laying on the floor, seemingly unconscious, but her fur is white again.

Xue runs through divination and necromancy spells to analyze and examine Felinas vitals, and check surface thoughts and any dreams she is having for signs of trauma, mental or physical

Felina is physically fine, and a few minutes later she starts to wake up with a moan.. "uhhhh.. Wh.. where am I? what happened?"

Xue gives a neutral gaze "Tell me what you can remember". She maintains her spells to see if anything reveals itself behind the scenes as well.

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Felina frowns.. "Last thing.. I remember, I was in the park.. preparing glyphs so I could see if I could find out more about myself.. " there's nothing going on behind the scenes, she just does not have the memories of what happened between times.

Xue says, "Do you mind if i see if memories are present deeper in your mind? I ask because i consider it a potential violation of privacy, and invasive without permission."

Felina hmms, and she nods, "Go for it, miss Xue.. " she doesn't mind, and Xue will find that they simply are not there.

Xue does cast the spells, and hhmms. She explores what memories she can find, although looks for particular memories from the past several days. Whatever else she finds, that piques her curiosity. She ends the spell, and hhmms "You goofed on a rune". She holds up a hand, and an illusion of the rune with a blue color appears, with the mistake a red color "This mistake caused a 'mirror' version of yourself to appear. I assumed it was you with a change in your perceptions, but the memory isnt even present in your mind.... this will bear further digging later."

Felina frowns.. "I goofed.. No.. that line shouldn't be there.. I never drew that line.. " What had caused it was her crossing the glyph to talk with Zel, she did it by accident and didn't even realise she had done it.

Xue raises an eyebrow. She wasnt there, so she doesnt know that "Well, appearently you did somehow, because that is what caused the situation. This is why you never charge a glyph as you make it. You draw it, THEN charge it and activate it. Glyphs and wards and such can be VERY dangerous for that reason. Almost no room for error."

Felina nods.. "I didn't charge it until I had drawn all three glyphs! I was being careful!" Just unfortunately clumsy and not realising she had made the goof. "Zel was there..he saw me doing it.."

Xue shrugs "Well, at SOME point, you obviously DID make the error. Otherwise, it wouldnt have happened."

Felina hmms, and she nods, looking a bit dejected.. "I guess."

Xue says, "Your 'alternate' self verified it, saying you werent aware of it. Ill see what i can divine about the result. Luckily, despite being much more aggressive, sexually driven, and slightly less moral in the use of magic against others, i was able to talk 'her' into recasting the same 'mistake' to reverse the effect". She gives a flat glance "Please DO try to be more careful in the future, hm?"

Felina nods her ears flattened.. "I will, miss Xue.."

Xue says, "Just remember that when you make and use runes, symbols, and wards, that you have to ignore all outside distractions until its done and verified twenty times over before activated. ALWAYS check that before activation. More than once. Just in case". She stands "Ill start looking into what specificly happened. Once i know, ill give you more information. In the meantime, i suggest you rest up". With that, she turns and heads back towards her room.

Felina nods, and she sits in a chair, burying her head in her hands, whether she is crying or not is hard to tell, but obviously this has given her something to think about. Meanwhile, somewhere though.. The mirrored soul now drifts, alone in the void, as trapped as before Felina made her mistake.

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