2010-07-08 (PreU) Maybe someone drugged my drink?

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Maybe someone drugged my drink?

Summary: Kitsuhara goes about her day and draws back to the shore that fractured her world image.

Who: Kitsuhara
When: July 08, 2010
Where: NeoEdo - Hiroto Way


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Kitsuhara's Apartment

In this unassuming apartment, a young girl lives. Tatami mats line the floor and a pair of shoes are set by the door. Be nice and follow suit. Both the living room and the kitchen are neat and clean, with everything in their place. Little riceball images pattern the kitchen wall, while the living room is furnished. A book shelf full of random novels and some manga, a comfy looking couch across from a TV and an open cabinet. The cabinet is a shrine to someone's parents. A picture of the couple hugging is surrounded by incense and a bell. A small hallway leads in front of the Front door, with 2 shoji doors and one proper door leading out to the back.

Kitsuhara Takahashi walks out from her bathroom, long wet hair twisted up into a towel. Shaking her head, she rubs her hair vigorously and sets the towel across the back of the sofa. Kneeling at the shrine for her parents, she says a small prayer and sighs. “Mom, Dad, what’s happening? What’s that big thing out in the water?” Kit reaches out and strokes the picture before standing up and walking to the bathroom for a hair brush. After a moment, she comes back, hair neatly braided against her scalp and her apron for work on. “Another day at the shop I suppose.” She slides on her shoes and leaves, locking the door after her.

Around the corner, on Hiroto way, sits a small coffee and bakery shop called ‘MoonClams’. Kitsuhara lets her face relax into the bright happy smile she’s always got on and she steps into the shop. The little tables are filled with older men, having their morning coffee and gossip. She waves at a few as she walks by and they return in kind. Stepping behind the counter, she says, “Good morning, Fuyu-senpai.” A gruff man in his mid-twenties turns around.

“There’s not much good about it is there.” He grumbles at her chipper so early in the day. Most people would find it refreshing, but Fuyu is convinced it’s unnatural. “I’m baking today, so you have to run the front.” He watches her nod and smile and all he can do is shake his head at her and go to the back to start another batch of pastries, eager to get away from her until he’s woken up a bit more.

Kitsuhara smiles at his retreating back. She’s been working in this shop for 2 years now and every morning’s conversation goes about the same way. They switch though, every other day she bakes while Fuyu handles the register. “Excuse me ojo-san, may I have…” Kitsuhara draws her attention back to the present and starts her work day.

One spilled cup of coffee, 3 old men getting into a fight over who did what and eight hours later, Kitsuhara is done with her shift. With her tiny paycheck in her pocket and her apron left at work for tomorrow, she makes her way down Hiroto Way onto Main Street. She pays more attention to the people she passes though, wondering if they know about the mass of new land at the shore. What will come from this new place? Will they /need/ the protection that that boy Cale was talking about yesterday? She makes her way down to the grassy ridge and stops, almost nervous to step up and over it, onto the beach.

“It’ll just be the same ocean you’ve always seen. Just like the day before yesterday and all the days before that.” She speaks to herself calmly, as one would when trying to keep someone else from losing their perspective on reality. One foot in front of the other carries her across the rise and she’s forced to tilt her head as the mass is still floating in her beautiful and once empty sea. Kitsuhara sits down on the grass, drawing her knees up against her chest as she considers Twisted.

“Well, I don’t suppose that I can talk you into going away again, can I?” She asks hopefully towards her fear and Twisted both. “No, I suppose I can’t.” She pulls a canned drink from somewhere and pops it open, folding her legs beneath her as she studies the water. Her mind wanders over the memories of her and her mother playing on the beach in summer while her father was at work. Such happy times.

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