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That wasn't there yesterday.

Summary: First scene in Neo-Edo! A normal Japanese girl meets some not so normal people and makes a startling discovery about her town!

Who: Kale, Kitsuhara, Tenna
When: July 8th, 2010
Where: NeoEdo - Adachi Main Street


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Adachi Main Street

The low volumes of people that live here walk the streets, drawing attention to some of the shops filling the street. Ucchan's okonomiyaki, Neko Hanten, Ayame's Costumes, you are hard pressed for no place to go! Adachi is also known for its Bunka Fry, made famous here. Higashi Ayase Park sits off the side of the street, with its classic Japanese Garden and tennis court. Alternatively, the residential area is open too towards the left, though a few of the alleys are dirt.

Adachi, the small town that's popped into existence on Twisted, while connected further back with the rest of Tokyo, the inhabitants don't even know that Twisted exists yet. An unimpressive girl walks down the Main street, her jeans and simple matching shirt leaving her to blend in with the scenery. She fiddles with her purse, perhaps searching for a few spare yen for the noodle shop, or maybe an okonomiyaki? Long black hair is neatly braided together into a thick dark rope of hair.

The sound of a classical guitar fills the street, the volume rising above the background noises as the melody weaves a sad song just on the verge of happiness, or is it a happy song tinged with sorrow? The source is a pale young man wearing black muscle shirt, his long black hair is tied back in a pony tail, two bits of his bangs escaping from the black strip of leather tying it back. The light catches a pair of glasses as his head leans back against a wall, his feet sprawled out in front of him with one leg pulled up closer to his body that he rests his fretting hand on as he strums out the tune. His baggy loose pants are tucked into an impressive pair of boots capped in metal. His eyes are closed as he lets the music flow.

"What'cha think, Spooky? Kinda crazy ain't it?" >SQUEEK!< If the conversation isn't obvious enough, Tenna slowly walks into view from the distance. Her eyes are wide at the sights before her with words that seem to slowly be dissolving from their original language to English as she stares at them long enough. A typical side effect of Twisted Street and nothing more, everything starts to translate into someone's native language as the language barriers are broken down. "I feel like I should have one of those sonic phasers or something." Sonic phasers? Someone's blurring a few other lines as well. Without realizing it she walks straight forwards into the first person in front of her. "OW~! Oh, hey! Hello!!"

Kitsuhara smiles brightly but softly at the same time, the only way that the girl knows how to smile honestly. She walks over towards the man, her stray 100 yen coin gripped in her hand. People like this always usually have a collection pot out or something and the guy /can/ play well. Perhaps the reason he plays on the street is for money. Her graze is drawn away though, as Tenna comes into view, her loud exclamation reaching Kitsuhara's ears. She watches Tenna as she continues closer, worried that maybe she'll be the next poor soul to be run over. The young man seems oblivious to the world, no collection plate out. He modulates the tune easily before he opens his eyes, reveling the startling yellow iris. For a moment they almost seem like cat eyes, but the illusion quickly fades. His fingers glide over the strings without missing a beat as his eyes reach Kitsuhara, "Oh! Hello, I'm not bothering anyone am I? I normally play on the roof of my apartment building but I seem to have...uh...lost the building." He offers a slightly embarrassed smile before he realizes he's speaking with someone of the female persuasion, "Oh no..." His playing stops as he leaps to his feet, holding his guitar carefully, "You didn't bring friends did you?" He looks about in a mild bout of terror, "I was just enjoying playing my guitar...no reason to bring tons of fans and try to get my number. Lots of guys play guitar right?" What is he going on about?

The rude man in a suit Tenna bumped into shoves past her, oblivious to her attempts of greeting. "TURD!" >SQUEEK!!!< "YEAH! You tell 'em Spooky!!" With a slight sigh she resumes her tour of the city, glancing into store windows at random before noticing the two strangers before her chatting. With a raised eyebrow she comments, "Whoa! Spooky! I can HEAR them! Can you hear them?" >SQUEEK!< "Yeah. That's what I thought." >SQUEEK SQUEEK< She holds the skeleton-painted toy up to her ear. "What's that? Yeah! Good idea!" Proudly she stomps up to the two and squeaks at them. >SQUEEEEEEEEK!< "HI!"

Kitsuhara rolls the coin in her palm as she continues to watch Tenna come down the street. Once Kale starts talking though, her attention is directed at him. She smiles brightly again, shaking her head. "No, you're not bothering…." She stares at him as he starts flipping out, taking a step of safety back. Her face is uneasy now and she looks like she's ready to run, but not in his direction. "Um.. Sure?" Her eyes widen in anticipation and she jumps as Tenna squeaks in her ear. "Hello?" Manners demand that she say hello back, but it's obvious that Tenna startled her. On top of Kale's oddness, Kitsuhara is currently wondering the wisdom of leaving her apartment today.

Kale half jumps out of his skin as the Squeak goes off just beside the pair as he looks over at Tenna. When he realizes he isn't being mobbed however he seems to calm a bit. He raises an eyebrow as he looks at the pair, "Uh...hello. Sorry. Back home I get mobbed all the time by girls.” He looks around, "Though I have to admit I thought this was home, but everything is a bit different." He smiles at Tenna and Kitsuhara, "I suppose I should introduce myself," he gives a slightly awkward wave, "My name is Cale Satanas. I'm a student." He's obviously college age, so he doesn't mean the local high school."

"I'M AN AMERICAN!!" She grins that stupid Jhonen-grin with her tongue hanging out. "FROM AMERICA!" >SQUEEK!< Sure, that explains everything. Her tongue retracting back into her mouth, Tenna nearly pounces Kitsuhara, ignoring Kale completely "OOooOooooooh, you’re so CUTE!!" Spooky somehow vanishes into thin air as Tenna proceeds to tug at the girl's clothes to get a better look. After a second she lets go and hops, somehow hugging Spooky in the process. "I LOVE THIS PLAAAAAACE!!!" The change washes over her as abruptly as her strange behavior as her mind processes the other person standing here and holds a hand out to greet him. "I'm Tenna! This is Spooky!" >SQUEEK!<

Gets mobbed back at home all the time is not something that one hears everyday and Kitsuhara is taken aback slightly. She gives an awkward wave back and folds her hands neatly behind her, thumbs rubbing the belt of her purse. "I'm Kitsuhara Takahashi." She looks at Cale. "Do you not know where home is?" Her brow furrows slightly in worry, wondering if maybe he got drunk and wandered away from where ever he's from. That's a disconcerting notion. Kitsuhara screams quietly as Tenna attacks her. To stunned to stop the American, Kit stutters out as she's tugged at, "How'd you come to Japan?" After Tenna lays off, she can do nothing but stare with those big dark eyes. Definitely not what she expected when she came out today.

Kale blinks at Tenna's...exuberance, "Hello Tenna." He bows to Kitsuhara, a perfect Japanese style bow though he looks almost as 'American' as Tenna, "I know where home is, but home seems to be missing. Where home was now seems to be an ocean. Tell me, you haven't seen any 'senshi' around have you?"

Tenna blindly ignores half of the conversation at a time. Haven't you noticed? "Ooooh, oh hey. Um... yeah! I got here on a BOAT! Heheheheh!" >SQUEEK!< "There's one on the shore!" Well, that half of the conversation done she turns to Kale again and ponders heavily. "There's a sushi place I passed on the way here... does that count?" Sushi-senshi. Even the typist thinks that hurts a little.

Kitsuhara stares at Cale a moment longer. Ok, ok, just accept it and move on. Perhaps he's one of the ones that Mom warned Kit about before she left home. 'Some people out there are very weird, but that doesn't mean their bad. Just be careful.' That's what Mom told her. "Ok." She takes another moment for herself to really try and move on. "No, I haven't seen any. Where are you two from?" While Cale may act and sound Japanese, he doesn't look like one. "You both speak the language here very well…" She still doesn't understand that at least one of them is not speaking Japanese.

Kale chuckles, "I'm half-Japanese and I've been in the country off and on my whole life. Though....I am confused about Tenna here. She seems to be speaking Japanese and English at random...." He shrugs, "Anyway, I'm from a small town outside of Tokyo." He frowns slightly for a moment, "I think something odd is going on..."

Tenna calmly leans back and forth from one heel to another as the two converse as if waiting until it's her proper turn to speak. People are so polite these days. As if somehow her cue has been said she leaps back to life (in a manner of speaking) and chirps, "Oh! That's because you’re on Twisted now!" Her smile breaks as logic forces it's way inside. "Erm.. I mean your-as in this-island is now-or as of now-started to-is currently-floating off of the docks off of Twisted Street!!" SMILE! Yep. She's insane. "Don't worry, it'll all make sense later." With a twirl of her finger around her ear she mocks dizziness. "I think it's all crazy, but it's kinda fun though. I saw my roommate on a Dragon Ball Z game!"

Kitsuhara blushes. She hadn't thought about anyone being a halfer. She glances between Cale and Tenna as though she were going to set something strait. "This is Tokyo, Japan. You are in the Adachi District, in the town by the same name.“ She frowns a little, the gesture unfitting for her face. "Are you guys sure that you're ok?" She saw… her roommate… on a DBZ…..game…. Kitsuhara is now positive that Tenna is quite mad.

Kale raises an eyebrow, "This...isn't the Adachi that I know..." He looks at Tenna and narrows his yellow eyes before removing his glasses, making them all the more startling, "Twisted...You sound insane but...isn't Tenna a character in an american comic book?" He looks back at Kitsuhara, "When has Adachi been seafront property?"

Tenna squeaks in a way that normally only Spooky can. Scary. "EEEE!! I never even thought about that! I might be a comic, Spooky!!" >SQUEEK?< The girl begins to cackle, but it dissolves into coughing before it gets to the point where it's maniacal. "...sorry." *cough* "But, uh.. no. Twisted Street. Big place, exists everywhere, everything's connected to it somehow eventually." She points towards the shorefront. "Can't miss it. The mall's pretty cool too. I was actually looking for it when I ended up at the docks tonight. Me and Spooky took a wrong turn, huh?"

Kitsuhara slowly reaches out as though she were going to touch Cale's face once he removes his glasses. Who has yellow eyes?! Her hand jerks back though, returning to its mate, hands clenching a bit. The faded blush rises again in her cheeks. It just kind of took her by surprise. Kitsuhara looks towards the ocean, rolling her shoulders in a half shrug. "Adachi's always been oceanfront. My mother and I used to go and play at the beach in the summer time." She leans worriedly towards Tenna until she's ended her coughing fit. As Tenna tells her there is a whole other world just over the horizon, Kitsuhara looks at the pair for a second. "Pardon me." She slips past them, jogging the short distance to the grassy hill that separates the town from the beach. There she stands, her arms fluid at her side as she takes in the new view. Her purse falls from her grasp without her notice. "That wasn't there yesterday." she says to herself.

The young man walks up quietly behind her, his guitar on his back, "That....is impressive." He rubs his chin, "So I take it we're from different Tokyos..." He frowns as he studies the water and the street beyond, "I wonder what caused this." He crouches and pulls a bit of grass up and studies it intently before turning his cat-like gaze back towards the street, "This has to be Caden's fault..."

Tenna merrly bounces behind, not willing to let her new aquantences go just yet. As Kitsuhara drops her purse, the girl happily snatches it up off the ground and offers it back. In response to Kale's comment she responds, "I dunno. Just sorta happens I think. I never thought too much about it. Heck, I thought I was moving to another town on the day I arrived. Talk about confusing. Wanna know when I started figuring it out?" She taps the side of her head, not letting anyone answer her question. "Lightsaber duel in the street. I still haven't told Devi yet." She nods knowingly. Don't you hate when people assume you know whom they're talking about?

Kitsuhara gapes blindly at the mass of earth presented to her view across the deep blue waters of what she thought was the Pacific Ocean. The sway of her purse in Tenna's hand snaps her back to where she is and she jerks slightly, shaking her head as she takes her purse back. "Uh, thank you. Light saber dual?" She's all together VERY confused. "What did you call that? Twisted? It must be a very large boat or something. Because I don't know what it's like in America," she turns to look at Cale, "Or whatever Tokyo you're from, but large masses like that don't just… appear in the ocean…" She turns and walks back to Main Street, almost convinced that if she just walks away, it'll be gone tomorrow. "Maybe I ate some bad fish or something. Does bad fish even give hallucinations, or is that just food poisoning?" She questions nothingness until she returns to the sidewalk. "No, I think maybe I've just been working too hard." She nods matter of factly to both herself and her companions. "That's it. I'm just stressed. Maybe you both are too. You know they say that a vacation now and then is healthy for the body and soul." She smiles brightly. "Vacations are my favorite time of the year." Yup, she's having issues coping. Well, be fair. That is /quite/ the sight.

Kale glances behind him at Kitsuhara but decides to let her take a moment to cope before he looks to Tenna, "What sort of beings are there? You said a friend was on Dragonball Z? There aren't those sort of people there are there?" He visibly pales at the thought of having to take on something even remotely as powerful as a Saiyan. He turns towards Kitsuhara's direction, "I think she's different. She's...noticing. The others haven't even turned to gawk..."

Tenna shrugs her shoulders at Kale's question. "I dunno. I haven't seen any - and I said GAME didn't I? I dunno, it was weird. She went off with some friend of hers to train or something and while she was gone I found her like a hidden character. Apparently it happens a lot or something. A cartoon character saved my life once too. Or... he kidnapped me." She ponders this heavily, "Y'know, I'm still confused about that one..." Her voice trails off as she becomes lost in her own thoughts. Happens a lot, don't worry.

Kitsuhara digs in her purse briefly and walks up to a vending machine. She comes back towards the two, being careful to not move close enough to see over the ridge. Holding out two drinks she says, "Here, have some juice." Yeah, that'll fix this. Just breathe.

Kale gives a sympathetic smile at Kitsuhara, "Take mine. I think you need it more than I do," The young man glances towards the Street and then walks closer to Kitsuhara, a thoughtful expression on his face, "Kitsuhara would it make you feel better if you knew you weren't alone? That this city wasn't unprotected from something across that water?"

Tenna OOooOoooOooh's, "FREE DRINKS!!" *SNATCH!* "Dude, I'm totally taking you out to eat later. Heck, both of you if you like Chinese food." Somehow the drink is already open and she's sipping it. "Hahah! Unprotected..." Sip. "You should have been here a few weeks ago." Sip. "The place is safe. I even walk the streets at night sometimes!" Sip. "Just watch out for creepy dudes with red eyes." She leans forwards towards Kitsuhara's ear and lowers her voice, "They get mad when you start laughing at how funny looking they are..."

Kitsuhara leaves her hand out with Cale's drink in it, clutching the third can with her arm against her body. It's obvious that she's having trouble taking all this in. "Is there something that we need protecting from? Do you know what's over there?" She pushes Cale's drink into his hands and pops her own open. Wide eyes manage to widen further as she looks at Tenna. "Men aren't supposed to have red eyes." As though that thought remind her, "Nor yellow ones!" She looks back at Cale. Kitsuhara sips her juice as though the action lets her collect her thoughts. These new people, she thinks, are going to make her look at life in a different manner. She sips again and her free hand clutches the purse strap. Taking a deep breath and smiling, she says, "Ok, well, while I think I'm a rather open minded person, I think I need to go home." She bows and waves as she turns and starts walking towards her apartment. "Maybe a bath, then bed."

Kale raises an eyebrow, "I think I'm going to take some time to take this in myself." He turns to Tenna and shrugs, "I suppose I'll see you around. I'm going to go find a place to stay and collect my thoughts." He waves and walks off in the general direction Kitsuhara went.

Tenna's heart seems to break as everyone goes to walk away. "...oh. Um... goodbye then..." She frowns and looks to Spooky for guidance. "Wanna walk around some more or go home?" >SQUEEK!< "Good plan." With that she starts to walk away herself. Is she going home? Pffft. I'm not going to tell you that if your leaving! Log another damn character on if you want to know.

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