2010-07-08 (PreU) What a big Ego you have, Grandmother.

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What a big Ego you have, Grandmother.

Summary: Faust finds Devi in the park, and the conversation is fueled on by the appearance of Caliga, and news of a tournament!

Who: Caliga, Devi, Faust
When: July 8th, 2010
Where: NoWhereTo Park - Fountain


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Nowhereto Park - Fountain

You find yourself standing around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps, nothing really too elaborate. To the north, kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit really.

Devi lays on one of the benches against the fountain, breathing lightly as the mist from the water speckles her face. She's got her hands folded across her stomach and her trench coat hangs like curtains over the edge of the bench. Her eyes are closed and aside from the slightly rise and fall of her chest, she's utterly still.

Faust was walking along the park, trying to map Twisted in his mind so he could get around without so much of a lost feeling all the time. The doctor's lab coat fluttered around him as he walked he had no book today, he was just strolling as mentioned, though he when he saw what looked like a corpse he stopped and tilted his head looking over at her. Curious creature that Devi.

Devi doesn't move, even after the smell of blood reaches her nose. 'Hmm. Who could be walking around Twisted smelling like blood...' The smell of blood and water was a decent combination, although once again, it got Devi in a fighting mood. What the hell… After a moment, her head rolls smoothly towards Faust and emerald green eyes pop open. "It's the good Doctor…"

The doctor nodded when he was addressed and offered a slight smile "Good, that is something I have not been called in many moods Miss Devi." He spoke as moved to go stand over by a tree, Faust was the type to lean a lot if he could get away with it. "What has you out and about on this day?" he inquired.

Devi rolls her head back forwards as she speaks. "Well for a quiet guy who looks dead, you don't look like much trouble. Just so long as no one finds you pulling corpses from graves, I suppose… Although, if you wait around long enough, someone is bound to be killed." She sits up, taking a second to put her coattails behind the bench. "I'm always out and about." She grins impishly for a moment. "And you? All in your blood covered lab coat…" O.O He might work with Wesker, that'd explain the blood.

Faust smiled in a guilty way, like a child caught up to no good at the mention of pulling bodies from graves. "Such silly things you say." He replied trying to help guild the conversation away from where it was "If things be as violent as you I am sure it will be so." He looked down at the coat "I came straight from a fight when I arrived here, as it would be. I'm not quiet sure what to get the stains out with."

Devi says, "Not silly. It's something that's been done before and I'm sure it'll be done again." She laces her hands together between her knees and looks up at him from under her long bangs. Shaking her head, she looks down at the ground. "You've no idea. I /am/ violent, but not nearly as violent as some others that live here. "

Faust nodded after listening as he crossed over his chest. It was good to know in advance of the dangers lurking around though he didn’t really mind that much. Honestly the man cared very little for his own well being, looking back over to her however he shrugged a little. "That is just something that will have to be dealt with in time."

Devi rolls her shoulder. "Yup, for the hundredth time." She looks out towards Twisted Main Street before she looks back at Faust. "So why the whole Doctor getup?" It comes to Devi's attention that he's never actually said he was a Doctor, everyone just assumed from the lab coat.

Faust had been curious as to how they knew but then again. Lab coat kinda gives it away. "Becuase I was a doctor for a very long time." He spoke with another shrug it seemed like the best answer to give but he was trying to at least be a bit social if nothing else. Stupid old team making him used to people.

"Doctor? Did someone say there's a doctor about?" The voice alone would make Devi cringe, as she knows just who it belongs to. Of course, almost as if he had been there the entire time, Caliga suddenly becomes noticeable. "Heya Munchkin. Found a newbie, 'didja?" He grins slightly as he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a letter, which he holds out to Devi. "Monkey-man said he wanted me to give 'ya this. He spent three whole days writing it himself..." He glances towards Faust, only to blink a few times at the man. "OOooooOOooooo. He's really new... Even has that new lost soul scent! That fades after a while sadly..."

Devi says, "Yes, but don't Doctors at least wear shirts?" She looks up at him. As Caliga's voice reaches her ears, she does cringe. In fact her entire body tenses up and she glares at the man. Her voice lowers and becomes very bitter and hard. "Do. Not. Call. Me. Munchkin." She snaps the letter out of his hand and opens it. "Kaldrath wrote this? I doubt it." Regardless, she folds it back and slips it into an inside pocket. She sighs softly and motions towards Faust. "Faust, meet Caliga, newest member of the hell Council. Speaking of, Caliga, no boasting? I kind of expected banners and maybe even a parade." She tsks at him. "You're falling out of style, old man."

Faust shrugged a little and looked down at the strange blue patch across his chest "Sometimes I do...most of the time I don’t really care..." He was honest about it at least. Faust then blinked a moment as a strange feeling washed over him, like a power he should recognize getting too close, he couldn't really describe it but he was curious none the less. So when the creature appeared before Devi and himself he did the same again, blinked. "Ja, I am a doctor." That was strange, and in the fashion of anyone who had just been told they have a strange smell, he lifted his arm up and sniffed the sleeve...he didn’t smell THAT bad. Looking up a bit shocked "...Hell Council?"

Devi glances to Caliga. "Has anyone told you lately that you're a tit? Because you're a tit!" She rolls her eyes and stands up, shoving her hands in her pockets. "I'm sure that Kaldrath won't appreciate this, although on thought, I'm sure you don't care. So what brings you topside anyway? It wasn't the dead doctor here…" She waves her hand out toward Faust. He looks dead and he smells of blood, so she's going to keep assuming that he is in fact, dead. Or close enough to it to count.

That got a confused look from the doctor "Blue Thunder?" Shaking his head he just decided not to bother questioning it at all. "..." He wasn't dead, despite his tries damn it.

"Actually. It partially was. I mean, he ain't dead, so he doesn't need to go downstairs yet. Plus, 'ya are slackin', and Vash did ask me to see if you were trainin' properly." Caliga grins slightly, only to glance over at Faust. "Hey, Doc, is it just me, or does her butt look a bit big to you? Well.. Not big... Enourmous. Call me a tit will 'ya.."

Devi says, "Well, no, actually I have been slacking, as I've convinced myself that I'm not going to fight anymore... Which is total bullshit..." She picks at a fingernail until Caliga mentions her posterior. With blinding speed, she strikes out to punch him in the shoulder, her fist glowing slightly with purple. "Jackass! Don't talk about my ass!" Oh.. feisty.

Faust was married, knows better than to say anything at all. "..." Yeah he just kept his mouth quiet. Not EVEN going to look, shes not Eliza. Thus he does not care if she does or doesnt have a nice or huge ass. "There 'ya go!" Caliga leans back, only to fall over. "So Doc, what's 'yer name? Either you give me a name, or I'll just have to name 'ya myself. You can ass, I mean ask Devikins here about my naming sense." The doctor DOES pique his curiosity. He's not encountered a being like this before, so this is a true mystery for him.

Devi says, "Asshole." She mutters as she sits back down, her legs crossing angrily. She's decided, she's not talking to Caliga for a whole year. That won't hold up, but it makes her feel better. She hates it when he draws attention to her assets, or lack thereof.

The Doctor looked over to the other and uncrossed his arms to run a hand through his unruly hair. "My name's Faust." He just made it short sweet and to the point.

"Faust.. Faust... I'll remember that. Though, what does bring me here is this. In a few months time, there's going to be a tournament. It'll be open to all. There's going to be great strides in making it fair for everyone who takes part. I sadly, won't be taking part. I know, I'm just as disappointed as you... but.. that’s how things are." Caliga wipes a tear from his left eye, as if he truly were heartbroken over this. "What about you Fausties? A tournament sound like something you may enjoy? If not, we could always use more people for the medical teams. Especially if Monkey Magoo decides he wants to smash his way in... Maybe I should get him banned too...."

Devi perks up at the talk of a tournament. "Sweet, count me in." That was quick. "Trust me; we're all just torn to bits that you're not going to be entering. Didn't you win the last one though?" The first half of that drips with her iconic sarcasm, per usual.

Faust looks to Devi then to the other and thought on this a moment. "It might be something to do." Which is Faust for 'sure why not.' After all it'd be a reason to see if he could still use his furyoku and train up in case he ever could get home.

"Yep. Beat Cruxie-chan." Caliga suddenly leaps to his feet, and grins wickedly. "It just wouldn't be fair if me, or Cruxie took part, so I'm going to distract him from it. Even though he's a lazy bastard... However, you're to make sure Cale takes part as well Devikins. I know he's still adjustin', but there's going to be another person or three there who wants to see how far my stupid son has come along since he trained with them..."

Devi says, "He's your son, you make him do it. Just tell him that you're sure that he'll get the crap beat out of him in the first round. You know how he is. Reverse psychology." She crosses her arms. She tries her best to not do what Caliga wants her to, for no good reason other than she likes to spite him. Devi eyes Faust. It might be something to do? Ah well.

Faust pushed off the tree and looked over to Devi "I should be going for now, there are some things I should be seeing about." he spoke looking to the other "Good luck getting things for your tournament, Blue Thunder." What that one was the one that stuck out to him. "Devi, tonight are you busy?"

"Yeah, but you have something I don't. And unlike me, my son is still very much a novice when it comes to a female’s wily charm, which you do have. Unless... you don't think you can do that..." Caliga grins slightly before slowly rising into the air. "Nice meeting you Fausties. Maybe next time I can take you on a tour of Hell, or where the Council of Twisted once resided. Lots of places you're not supposed to be, but are still quite fun to see... However, I guess I should get back to helping rebuild Dis... Before the souls decide to make a /NEW/ city..." He winks at Devi once more and then vanishes.

Devi tchs and spits to the side, watching Caliga as he disappears. She stares at the sky a moment after he leaves, then lowers her gaze back to Faust. "Naw, I'm not busy. Why?" She decides against the usual warnings that she'll give people when dealing with Caliga, as Faust seems like someone who needs to be shaken up a little, if for nothing more then to get him out of the half shell he walks around in.

The doctor smiled at that one, a chance to visit hell, now that could be fun. He wondered if Mephistopheles would prove to be a real creature and exists or maybe not as this was a new hell? Hearing her voice he snapped out of his thoughts and looked back over to her. "I thought maybe we might practice together if there is a tournament, so I might see how powerful these people around here may be." He replied.

Devi nods, and looks back up to the sky. "Yeah, I'll find ya later, see what we can't beat out." She nods again and starts walking towards the lake. "See ya tonight, Faust." A hand is thrown over her shoulder in a wave.

Faust waves back before he heads off! In some direction!

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