2010-07-09 (PreU) I left it in my other Lab Coat?

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I left it in my other Lab Coat?

Summary: In preperation for the Tournament, Devi and Faust go to the Arenas to practice.

Who: Cale_Satanas, Devi, Faust, Kaldrath
When: July 9th, 2010
Where: The Twisted Arenas

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The Twisted Arenas

Since the shift of Twisted, the arena has been getting a lot of attention. Colossal to a fault, the stage is set as something you would see out of an old Roman arena. Granite benches make up the high rising stadium seats and the walls, while finely granulated sand make up the fighting pit. The pit is raked, strait lines making the place look neater and cleaner. Be careful now, we don't want to break something so lovingly cared for.

Devi strides into the Arena with purpose. Her coat is shrugged off and tossed on a bench as she walks around on the sand shuffling it with her boot. "Hmm, someone got all my glass out. Awesome." Her big black boots are laced up today and the shirt she's wearing is backless, leaving her shoulders bare as well. Devi rolls her body, working out the kinks from her nap. "I wonder how long it'll take 'em to get here."

Faust followed in not to long after Devi arrived he was dragging behind him a cardboard box, the man needed a medium to fight through after all so just ignore the box for now. Its, just that. A normal big cardboard box. When he saw Devi he waved dragging the box along. "My apologizes if i kept you waiting very long."

Cale Satanas appears in a brilliant white blur, his form coming into being just centimeters above the sands of the arena. As his feet fully settle the shockwave of his arrival catches up to him, sending sand hurtling away from him. Normal humans would be knocked off balance, but he's not showing off, so anyone of any power would barely notice. Cale's yellow eyes fall on Devi and then over to Faust. He regards Faust for a moment before turning back to his pupil, "Hi Devi. The message said you wanted to speak with me?"

Devi waves to Faust as he arrives and grins brightly at Cale. "Ah, Teacher, yes. Your father came to see me today. We've a tournament to attend in a few months." She motions over to Faust. "The good Doctor here is going to join us, so he and I are going to brush up a little." She smiles at Cale, awaiting his response.

Cale_Satanas raises an eyebrow and then smirks, "A tournament. Does Kaldrath know?" He looks back to Faust, "You're a doctor?" He realigns himself so he's looking a little more directly at the two of them, "You....look a little creepy for a doctor."

Faust blinked a little at the comment as he then nodded slowly "I am infact a doctor...or was. Whatever it be." he shrugged a bit and smiled just a tad more just to pull out a more creepy look to himself. "I'll take that as a compliment." He was in a good mood, he hoped to stay that way.

Devi nods to Cale. "I think he does, although Caliga made mention of maybe banning him from the games. Oh!" She fiddles in her coat until she pulls out a folded letter. "Give this to Kaldrath and let him know that Caliga was nice enough to give me his letter. Told me it to him three whole days to write it. And in Crayon even!" The letter says UR SLACKINZ. Devi hopes that Kal gets even with Caliga..

Cale_Satanas smirks as he reads the letter, "Kaldrath is going to stomp him into the ground." He folds the letter back up and puts it in his long white coat, "Last I saw Kaldrath he was trying to ascend beyond Super Saiya-jin. Said he nearly had it and that he wouldn't need Caliga's power anymore." He eyes Faust after finishing his statement and his lips thin after a moment, "You...are surrounded by death. You're a Necromancer aren't you?"

Faust blinked a little. Well that sucked the fun out of it. "...Yes...I am." Why did everyone say he smelled of death man. He showered before the match too!

Devi nods. "Awesome. I was hoping you'd say that." She twists her arm to scratch at the kanji tattoo in the middle of her back. "Alright, well then. Teacher, we've gotta get this thing started. Your welcome to watch of course, if you like... " She walks away and stands in the middle of the arena, her hair loose and fluttering around her face. Her fingers flex and her eyes have locked onto Faust.

Cale_Satanas nods and walks a small distance away. On the way he offers Faust a smile, "Don't seem so shocked. I /am/ a King of Hell." He turns a sufficient distance away and surveys the two before running one white gloved hand through his short black hair before crossing his arms.

Faust just blinked at that last bit and idly wondered why he was around these people who seem and sound as powerful as they are. He moved back some and pushed the box over so some old bones rolled out once he had done this he held a hand out towards her "Ladies first."

Devi grins manically wide and decides to test Faust. To see how good he really is. "Alright." She wonders what's with the bones, but only tilts her head slightly. Her grinning image flickers out as Devi is suddenly behind the Doctor, her finger aimed at the back of his head.

Cale_Satanas smirks, "This should be interesting."

The Doctor blinked at how fast she had moved, without a proper weapon and not being sure if his powers with really work in this world he moved his hands out even knowing her hand was behind his head and likely able to do something deadly as he reached out the bones started to pull together into a skeleton moving towards the two.

Devi merely flicks him before returning to her former spot. "Looks like a patient was lost, mmh?" She's trying to goad him, as she's very much an off the cuff fighter. She tilts her head the other way, her body looking relaxed and limber as she awaits his first real move. That got a blink from the German, the flick anyway. He gave a visably disapproving face "The one thing none can beat is death...well. Most of the time." Clearly she said she had died and come back, "Still you can’t win them all." He spoke these words though malice did drip a bit in his voice, He watched as the bones changed directions heading for her, after all. The good doctor hardly does anything until he can no longer avoid it. Or gets really pissed whichever comes first.

Devi says, "Death is a trivial thing, Faust. You're born and then you die. It's the bits in the middle that make it fun." She watches the skeleton move towards her and won't do anything until it tries to touch her. "Crux, the Doctor before you had basically bypassed the whole Death thing. Sure there were a few he couldn't save, but more often than not..." She trails off. "Plus, the dead reek." Faust closed his eyes and shook his head "Trivial? Then clearly you have never lost anyone dear to you." He spoke as the thing got closer to her and reached out, no real attack was in place and Faust was just measuring her reactions. "I care not of what the former doctor did or of what lives were lost or saved before now. Without her I am empty inside." He spoke and quickly added "You grow accustom to the smell after a few years."

Devi's face hardens. "Do not dare to assume upon my past Faust. I have been through hell and back, dealt with Demons and Angels. I have died and been called back to my body and I watched Johnny die day after day, only to wake up every morning." Throughout her entire speech, her hands have started glowing purple and a red tinge has come across her eyes. Her hand blurs out to grab at the skeleton's arm and unless it moves very quickly, she will grind it to dust with her hands. "One must wonder if you lived in the first place." Suddenly a rock is in her hand and she tosses it, almost skipping it on the air towards Faust's forehead.

Faust watched as the arm started to turn to dust and was starting to realize maybe this was not such a good idea he had not thought ahead, which was very unorthadoxed of him as it was. He didn’t respond to either comment though he did kind of feel like a jackass now over that first comment. Being in his own thoughts mainly wondering how the hell she just did that he didn’t notice the rock until it was almost too late he went to move aside though not fast enough, feeling the rock crack into his head he moved a hand up to the spot as a few choice words came out. It had been a long time since he had honestly felt pain.

Devi's leg snaps out and her foot connects with the chest bone, sending the skeleton flying to the side of Faust. Devi takes her stance again and looks at him. "I'm starting to think that maybe you're not a fighter. That make you’re just strong enough to heal the living, obsess over the dead and collect bones. Is that true Faust?" Her tone has maintained its hard edge.

Faust It was mostly true but still. "I am a bit unprepared I admit. I clearly did not plan ahead." He spoke as he watched the bones bounce past him. Stepping forward as much as he hated to dirty his own hands when he was not medicated in advance he still knew he needed to actually try more. Anna would have never allowed him to be this tacky. "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't we can discuss that later." He motioned for her to come forward.

Devi stands her ground. Practice or not, Faust was in 'enemy' shoes. She smirks harshly. "Gentlemen first." She extends her arms out, bowing her upper body slightly as her eyes remain locked on Faust’s pale face. "Would you rather care then, to try this again after you've 'prepared' properly?" She bites her tongue as her sarcasm tries to race out her mouth to egg him on. She's bad about that. He moved forward and couldn't help a snicker; seriously she used his own words back on him. "Perhaps you are right, either way I will give you the pleasure oh at least taking me down first." He spoke knowing it would hurt but he was an honorable person at heart and this was his own fault. He threw a punch out towards Devi though honestly he did expect her to dodge cause he didn't really want to hit a woman. There is a fine difference between fighting a woman with powers and fighting via strength.

Devi takes the punch, her head rolling with it to lessen damage. Her head slowly rotates around back towards him, her grin darker than before. "Come on dead man, you've got more tricks up your sleeve then that." She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. She leans forwards slightly, her voice at a cold whisper. "Hit me again, with heart, my boy."

The blue eyes went wide when he felt the hit connect, moving back afterwards "...." He was not sure how to respond to that; however when she spoke her words Faust moved another step back planning out a move he needed to try and think. "You could have easily avoided that...yet you didn’t?" he inquired as he moved a hand back to pull the bones...well what was left somewhat back together...yeah that pile of crap was useless now. so he just let it fall back down.

Devi mirrors his movement, stalking forwards as he moves away. "Faust, I kind of like you. You're a sweet kid. And in all fairness, as much as I would love to see what you can actually do, you're off your game. I don't know what you need to do and I'm more than willing to practice with you. But I warn you now, if you and I step into a ring, for practice or for real, I will not go easy on you. Feeling pain focuses a person; it lets them narrow their view to only the goal at the end." She stops moving, and glances over at Cale. "This is useless. Go back and prepare. We can try this again when you are serious about it." She walks away from Faust, the kanji of hell on her back scrunching as she rolls a shoulder. Picking up her jacket, she looks back. "I'm going to the UR for some sake. You're both welcome to join me." With that, she walks towards the exit of the Arena.

Faust listened to her speak as he made a face "Give me a day or so and I will return to you fully prepared. I know now what I must do." He didn't like this level of failure but he had not been completely unsuccessful. All data gathered is useful. "I shall decline for now, I wish you a good evening Devi." He turned to head away; it was time to do so research.

Cale_Satanas shakes his head, "I'm expected back in hell. I'll let Arctus know he needs to come back to give you a workout. He'll be interested in the tournament." He looks over at Faust and walks slowly towards the doctor, "Faust, there will be a lot of powerful people in this tournament. People who can break planets. You have unique strengths that you and only a very few others can do. If you want a snowball's chance in hell to be able to get beyond the first round you'll have to use every ounce of your capability and ingenuity. I'll be back, and when I return I'm going to bring a demon with me. If you accept I won't send that demon back to hell until you've figured out how to master it and use it's abilities to your advantage. Skeletons won't cut it, nor will holding back. Devi has fought some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse. She is a lady who likes a good scrap."

A voice is heard, tinged with the experience of more battles than most people have weeks in their life, "Yeah, she's fought me and lived." Kaldrath stands in the entrance of the Arenas, blocking Devi's exit. His muscled arms are folded across his chest, the black sleevless jumpsuit he wears lightly straining against his powerful frame, "Before you leave here, Devi, I want to speak with you." He looks over at Cale, "And thanks for sending me the telepathic message about the note Caliga left me. Gets me in the mindset to grind his scrawny ass into the dirt."

Devi looks up at him lopsidedly. "You're still too big for your own damned good. What do you want?" She's in slightly dampened spirits. That's what she gets for not fighting or training for so long. Slacker.

Looking back over his shoulder having heard the words spoke by Cale he nodded "That would be most appreciated. This kind of failure will not be repeated. Next time I try to face Devi I will make sure to prove myself a challenge to her," He spoke the words. Hearing the other voice he blinked looking the man over. Well if he cared at all about his looks he might feel lacking around these guys, alas he didn’t care about such things. "For now I need to go find a weapon shop and take care of a few things."

Cale_Satanas nods, "I'll see you upon my return." He blurs from existence with a quick two fingered salute towards Kal before he fades away.

Kaldrath motions for farther into the arena ground before he begins to walk towards the section indicated. His armored saiya-jin warrior boots crunching the sand as he turns to face towards Devi. His brown furred tail idly wraps itself around his waist as he eyes the girl, "You've stopped training, but you’ve stayed more connected. What's Caliga up to?"

Devi folds her legs under her to sit on air. "I haven’t really stopped. I've just stopped training every day... week." She waves the entire thing off. "Well, he's part of the Hell Council. Beyond that, I haven’t heard much. There's the Tournament that Cale and I are entering. Faust as well."

Kaldrath glances towards where the Doctor was heading out before looking back at Devi, "No offense, but he's weak. I'll be entering the tournament. This Hell Council thing gives Caliga far too much control." He frowns, "I don't like it. He was getting better before he came to these crossroads of reality..." He looks up towards the sky, "He's going back to the manipulative little shit I wanted to crush. I wasn't strong enough then, and I can't crush him now." He focuses his black eyes on the purple-haired girl, "If I crushed him now we'd all be dead, but it doesn't mean I can't try to put him back in his place." The Saiya-jin's tail uncurls and flicks in mild agitation, "After that I'm going into the chaos to find other realities like mine. My race is dying again. I've either lost my race or it's lost me. I need to find survivors somewhere. Maybe kick their asses into shape...seems it's all I'm good for." He studies her quietly for a moment before his arms uncross, "You'll need to train. Do you feel up to training against someone like me?"

Devi sighs. "Dear God, yes I feel up to training with damned near anyone. Peace is bad for my mind, Kal, I feel useless." Her legs unfold and she's standing. "But Faust has irritated me and it's late. Tomorrow?"

Kaldrath nods, "Of course." He brushes at his jumpsuit, and it's now apparent that it's torn all to hell, "I've done my training for today already. We'll start tomorrow. I won't hold back, though I won't go Super Saiya-jin. I don't want to get rusty." He sits in the center of the arena and closes his eyes, "Remember Devi: A battle is fought in the mind more than it is with your body. All the training you've been through has been to get your body to react as your mind comes up with a plan, to toughen it up so it can keep up with anything you can come up with. Start using your head, and not just your emotions." His eyes open at this point, slowly, but the intensity is hard to miss, "Though emotions will carry a fighter through anything, as long as they use the emotion and not the other way around." His eyes close again and it looks like in moments he's asleep.

Devi nods and shrugs at the same time. Stubborn as always. "See ya tomorrow..." She grins impishly. "Monkey Man." She sticks her tongue out and she's gone.

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