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A litter of a dinner

Summary: So, since its been forever since I've allowed myself to succumb to the Clown Prince of Crime's siren call, not to the lack of NNy's trying to make me break, I decided to give in to the urge, and crash a scene that was already in progress.

Who: Felina, Harley_Quinn, Joker, Xue, Skutters, Prinnies
When: August 16th, 2010

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Presented in Jokervision!

The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluorescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are served and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordinate amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's an exit to the outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Xue is sitting at a booth, writing in a notebook, completely oblivious to her surroundings for the most part....

Felina pads down the sairs into the restaurant, in her fully feline form. Noticing Xue, she approaches her booth, purring softly, though she does not speak in any human language.

Xue notices out of the corner of her eye the cat, but thinks nothing of it, her hand continuing to write note and theory

Felina hops up onto the table, padding up to nuzzle into Xue's arm

Xue eye the cat a few seconds as her train of thought is derailed, and then smirks a little, scritching the cat with one hand while the other resumes writing. She never thinks to analyze the cat or anything for unusual details.

Felina purrs softly as she is scritched, and Xue just might notice how hard her fur feels, crystalline almost. She looks up at Xue with pale blue eyes.

Xue does indeed notice this detail, and stops, giving the cat another look, before raising an eyebrow "Interesting. Never seen you do this trick before, although i know you were coming along well with transmutation last i saw."

Felina purrs, sitting neatly, before she speaks, "Oh.. I could always turn into a full cat.."

Xue asks, "It's probably something to do with it being geneticly your 'true form' on one level. Arcane mutation and experimentation can do a lot of strange things unintentionally". She closes the notebook, on which an arcane seal glows once closed "Speaking of which, how have things progressed since i was last by this way?"

Felina hmms, "Well.. they, really haven't progressed.. I'm.. kinda.. stuck in this form.."

Xue gives a thoughtful look "What, dare i ask, brought THIS on?"

Felina says, "Well.. Sometimes I like to take on my feline form to relax.. but.. " she somehow looks rather bashful, turning away before she continues, "I bumped into some other cats.. and I have been like this for months now.."

Xue cant resist a smirk "When you say 'bumped into...', does that mean what i THINK it means?".

Felina lowers her head slightly..

Xue pulls out a stethoscope from her bag "Sometimes it pays to know nonmagical solutions to problems....". She puts it to her ears, and puts the other end over Felinas abdoman, listening for anything that might be off.... like smaller heartbeats.

Felina umms... her belly is slightly larger.. and there are multiple smaller heartbeats saudiable..

Xue takes the stethoscope off again "There are kittens in your future. Should be able to change your form again in a few months at worst, once their born".

Felina nods faintly.. "Oh... wait.. kittens? " she blinks, looking definitely confused, and perhaps a little afraid.

Xue nods as she puts the hearing impliment away "Yup. You weren't kidding when you said you 'bumped into' other cats. Typicly, when pregnancy occurs, the form magicly gets locked until after the birth. I've seen it happen a few rare times, usually by couples that thought they were bein clever and a lil kinky. My feline knowledge isnt suffecient to say when itll happen, but it will eventually."

Felina blushes.. "So.. this happened.. when they.. were on top of me? Is.. isn't giving birth painful?"

Xue gets a slightly distant look, and shudders "For humans it can be. Depends on the womans unique anatomy, and how lucky she ends up getting. For animals, i don't know."

Felina nods faintly.. "I.. thought my tummy had felt wierd.. and that I had been more hungry than normal.."

Xue says, "Thatll do it. Its why they call it 'eating for two' for humans. In your case, its many."

Felina nods and she purrs.. "Lots of magic.."

Xue says, "I recommend avoiding risky actions. Injury can be done to them if your not careful"

Felina purrs softly, nuzzling up to Xue more, "I don't wanna get hurt anyway.."

Xue snickers, sitting back "Don't think many beings WANT to be hurt.... doesn't mean they aren't. As the saying goes, 'curiosity killed the cat'."

Felina just, blinks at that, then hops down into Xue's lap, purring.

Xue pulls out a larger tome from her bag, much larger than the bag itself, oddly enough. She places it on the table, and begins reading, turning pages with one hand, while scritching Felina with the other.

Felina continues to purr, though she picks herself up a bit so she can also look at the book, her frotn paws up on the edge of the table.

It's a simple book of basic arcane principles. Nothing complex, fancy, or difficult.

Felina still looks at it, after all, it is things that she takes for granted without /really/ understanding..

Felina hmms, closing her eyes, "I'm hungry..."

Xue looks to the waiter, and flags him down, so she can order food. He comes over a few minues later.

Felina hmms, "Thanks.. um.. miss Xue... I don't know what I should eat.. all I have really eaten before that did me any good was magic.."

Xue says, "Thats a matter of personal opinion..... i guess your best bet is to start out with milk, cheese, and some simple fruits"

Felina nods faintly, "Ok... umm." she looks up tot he waiter, "Can I have what miss Xue said, please?"

The waiter nods, and walks away. Several moments later, a prinny drops down via bungee cord, and with a shout of "Here, dood!" it leaves a wedge of cheese and a bowl of milk on the table. It then snaps back up to the ceiling, and vanishes from sight.

Felina blinks at the prinny, then she pads to the bowl of milk, starting to lap at it.. after a couple of mouthfuls thuugh, she stops.. "Hrm.. "

Felina says, "Something.. doesn't taste right to me... " Of course, the milk and cheese are perfectly fine, normal milk and cheese. They just dont have any magic in them.

Xue hhmms, taking a teaspoon of the milk, and tasting a sip... and shrugs "tastes perfectly normal to me."

Felina hmms, "It.. doesn't feel like it's doing me any good.." Felina tries nibbling at the cheese, and spits it out.

Xue asks, "Since your an arcane construct, i suppose you just cant consume normal food. Magic might be it. Still have that ring i gave you?"

Felina umms, "The ring? I.. I'm not sure where it is.. it.. kinda fell off when I shapeshifted... "

Xue sighs "This is why you always do that somewhere specific where objects can be retrieved. Particularly if their important....". She gives Felina a stern look

Felina lowers her head, flattening her ears.. "Last time I remember seeing it.. well.. I.. it was when I bumped into those other cats.. in the park... "

Xue raises an eyebrow "so you did that out in the open, where someone could have seen and attacked, as well as did so without keeping track of objects worn and/or dropped..... why did you not keep track of something that would allow you to essentially survive?". She isnt angry, just somewhat annoyed

Felina shakes her head, "No.. I had carried it with me.. I didn't wanna lose it.. "

Xue asks, "Then why you leave it behind?"

Felina closes her eyes... "There were so many of them.. so much going on.. I dropped it.. when things quietened down.. I.. I couldn't find it.. But.. most of the cats.. they fell.. the seemed to fall asleep and not wake up... "

Xue raises an eyebrow. THAT screams of some kinda setup..... she pulls out a silver mirror, and casts scry, homing in on all the objects shes put an arcane mark on, which includes the objects shes made for Felina, searching for the ring in question. This is one of the two reasons she does so, the other being in case she needs to find a person for abusing an object she has created.

The ring would appear to be somewhere quite high up, in a nest of some sort. Felina meanwhile looks kind of upset.. she's thinking about those other cats..

Xue puts her book away, and wearily stands up "Looks like its in a birds nest in the park somewhere. Somethin saw it to be shiney, and grabbed it, more than likely...". She starts to head towards the door "Comin.... ?"

Felina nods, lookign maybe a bit nervous.. "O.. ok Xue.. " she pads after the cryomancer, perhaps a little slowly.

The Prinnys and Skutters suddenly start run wild within the UR, as a soft hissing sound starts to escape the vents. Slowly but surely, a light purple smoke starts to seep outwards from the vents...

Xue stops dead, eyeing the purple smoke. She casts a modified gust of wind spell, blowing upward from the ground at her feet, keeping the purple mist away from herself "Who's there.....".

Felina blinks, looking upwards, then crouches extremely low... "I don't like the look of that, miss Xue..."

The mist continues to seep from the vents, causing the other patrons of the Usual Resturant to suddenly collapse in violent fits of laughter. Some of the patrons start to violently convulse on the ground, spasming in complete agony, only to continue with the laughing fits. Of course, there also is a bit of a commotion from the kitchen of the Usual Resturant, as the door slowly opens to reveal a man in a bright purple and green apron, holding a tray of oddly colored hamburgers. "I never knew that my cooking was such a riot! Hehehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahahahahahaha......"

Xue smirks slightly, eyeing the joker "Good thing they didnt actually eat it yet. They might actually have to start complaining about the music being too loud and call the cops or somethin"

Felina blinks, looking over at the Joker.. and she mewls quietly, before scooting behind Xue nervously.

"Oh theres no need to be so polite. I haven't even gotten this party started yet!" The Joker starts to laugh hysterically once again, nearly doubling over and causing the tray of hamburgers to fall from his hand. He catches himself, wiping a tear from his left eye. "Wooo. Almost lost it there. Please, have one of my world famous Joker Burgers. I hear they're all the rage around these parts...hehehehehehehehehehe..."

Xue says, "Sorry. Just finished eating". She snickers "Im not so sure calling them 'the rage' would be adaquate enough....". She seems calm for the moment, smiling slightly, standing in the area of the wind spell.

From inside the UR kitchen, screams of pain and howling animals can be heard following a loud crash. One of the two double doors swings open and Harley Quinn, failing for help, screams as two hyenas drag her back into the kitchen. "HAAAAAAAAALP!!!!!" The door swings closed again and something red splatters across the door's small window.

Felina is remaining right with Xue, then she sees and hears the hyenas, and yelps, curling up into a quivering ball.

"Hmm.. I suppose your right... Well then.." The Joker flings the tray over his shoulder, causing the burgers to splatter messily on the wall, only for a slight sizzling sound to errupt forth as the wall starts to melt as if it were splashed with acid. "I guess you two aren't really fans of spicy foods..." He slowly starts walking towards Felina and Xue, his grin becoming rather twisted. "So, tell me. My dear Harley and I were rather rudely kicked out of the prime vacationing spot of Twisted, only because the locals just didn't know how to party." He slowly leans close to Xue, staring directly in his eyes. "Who was the one who dared call me 'wacky'? Surely someone here must know." He glances back at the kitchen, only to scream loudly. "HARLEY, STOP PLAYING AROUND AND GET OUT HERE!"

Xue is unphased, and stops to ponder "Im not sure who called you that. I wasnt here at the time. HOWEVER, my GUESS as to who would regularly use that word comes down to a few people: Caliga, Johnny, Devi, Freakazoid, or Cale. No one else i can think of would regularly use that term."

The door to the kitchen swings open to Joker's call and Harley tries her best to hold up the shredded top to her red and black catsuit. "S-sure thing Mistah J-aaAAAAYY!!!!" She's drug back inside the kitchen by her two pets who drown her screams under the sound of yelping and laughing. Aprubuptly there's an explosion from the kitchen and green gas begins to leak from the doors. Harley swings both doors open gasping for breath as her top nearly falls off her shoulders. "Puddin'? Tha boys are takin' a nap..." With that the girl collapses face first on the ground. Y'know, she doesn't get this kind of abuse when she runs around solo.

Felina eeps as she sees Harley come back in with the two Hyenas, ans slowly uncurls, fixing the two, slobbering, mangy wild canines with her ice blue eyes.. in this form, she wouldn't be much more than a mouthful to them, but that's exactly why she is on the defensive.

"I know it wasn't Freakazoid, only because he stole my timeslot!" The Joker grumbles slightly about that, only to glance back at Harley. "Poor girl, she's been so drained since our vacation was cut short." He shakes his head sadly, only to throw his hands up in the air. "I mean, what am I to do? It was going to be like a honeymoon for the poor girl.. I guess it was just never meant to be..." He suddenly starts to cackle loudly once more, only to clap his hands. "All right Harley, wake the boys. Its time for us to go and find the people this nice lady was so kind to give us. And to think, we didn't even have to torture her!"

Xue snerks "Sometimes you can get information just by asking nicely. Food for thought, eh?".

Harley rolls her eyes up from her puddle in the floor and sighs heavily, picking herself up and trying to push herself to her feet in the process. "S...sure thing... Mistah..." One of the tassles in her hat falls in her face sending out a loud chime from the bell at the end. It nearly seems to knock the girl back off her feet. Turning rather pathetically she limps into the kitchen again muttering, "...wake up you cranky sons of bi-" Luckily the door closes behind her, saving us from such non-appropriate language.

"Hmm... yes, well, where's the fun in that?" The Joker suddenly starts to laugh loudly once more, only to follow Harley back into the kitchen. Another loud commotion can be heard from within, as well as loud yelping from either Harley or the Hyenas, but no one is quite able to tell for sure. The hissing from the vents however slowly starts to peter out, until the purple gas no longer flows from the vents. Miraciously enough, the poor patrons who were unfortunate enough to breath in the deadly toxin slowly stop to convulse as the hysterical laughter starts to taper off....

Felina hmms, remaining right beside Xue, shivering slightly, certainly releived though that the strangers are leaving..

Xue eyes where the pair went out, and extends her hands. The wall of air around her spins outwards, blowing any toxin still in the air to the borders of the room. She looks to Felina "Lets get out of here before more unexpected lunatics show up....".

Felina nods to Xue, bounding up onto her shoulder.

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