2010-08-17 (PreU) The Last of Twisted's Council

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The Last of Twisted's Council

Summary: Nancy is finally told the outcome of Twisted after her self imposed solitude on the remains of ZekuKari. We also get to see another scene of Caliga being *gasp* civil!

Who: Caliga, Nancy
When: August 17th, 2010
Where: West Beach - Pier(#3014R)


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West Beach - Pier(#3014R)

You stand upon an old pier looking out onto water that seems to go on forever. Turning around you can see the long wooden pier leading back to the beach where it begins. The view here is very peaceful and the sound of the water only adds to the effect. You almost feel like you could step off the pier and into another world...

Standing atop the West Beach Pier, Nancy Dark stands silently watching the waves crash onto the only piece of land she's ever found herself familar with to call home. As always her robes and hair flow in the lack of wind that seems to surround her as if the universe itself moves around her very form. This is noted because the non-wind seems stronger today than most days making the girl seem especially lost. Her eyes are vacant as the weight of the past few weeks has fully fallen upon her. For the first time since she was first banished away by the Council, she feels completly and totally alone...

"Its not often one finds themselves here. As many times as I've come to this place to think and bask in the tranquility of a world forgotten, its rare to find someone else doing the exact same thing." Caliga steps out onto the pier, only to move and sit down upon its edge. "Yet, I find that all this solitude is rather lonesome, and return to find some form of companionship. Generally that involves me causing some form of mayhem. Like making Concordance come out of her shell, and seek me out for a relationship. It generally goes the other way with those sorts of things, 'ya know?"

Nancy's eyes slowly roll over to Caliga as one eyebrow arches at his words. "You certainly sound more civil than I'm accustomed to. Or is this the real you and the loudmouth ass you show to everyone else just a clever disguise?" It's hard to tell if she's being serious or not. There's certaintly a tone to her voice that's new. Probably just from the absence of the ever watching eyes of the Council. Taking a deep breath she sits down beside him, pulling the sleaves of her robes tight as she crosses her arms. "So I guess it's all over then? The Council, the horrors running the streets? The psudo war with Hell that Concordance seems to have started?" The girl sighs, "...I guess it's time to pack up and find a place away from Twisted. Is that what's on your mind to drag you out here, or have you just arrived to give me a hard time?"

"What do you think?" Caliga glances back at Nancy, only to smirk slightly. "I am whatever I'm needed to be, whenever that is needed. That is the duty of one who.. whats the word I'm looking for... leads. I suppose that is the best possible canidate." He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a lone cigarette, only to place it between his lips. The tip of the cigarette springs to life with a soft firey red glow as he takes a long drag. "Tell me something Miss Dark. What is it you want to do? Did you really want to hide in the shadows when the one who you promised to serve went against everything something like The Council should have stood for? If I were in your shoes... well... I suppose if you wanted advice you'd have asked for it."

Nancy's eyes widden at the last of Caliga's words. "NO! I never 'promised to serve'! I was forced! They're the ones who..." Her voice trails off a moment as the memories come flooding back. "They're the ones who banished me! Who took my life away! I was only a kid... my father... when my father died they banished me, out of fear, because they where afraid of my powers." Her voice quiets again as she fights away the emotions boiling to the surface. "...I only agreed to help them because they promised to let me out. And now... Now I suppose that's over." The girl goes silent once more as she stares out at the water once more. The desire to keep talking is written all over her face, but her mouth refuses to allow her to put the words together.

Silence is the only thing Nancy gets in return from Caliga for a few moments. He exhales loudly, a thick cloud of smoke spewing forth from his mouth. The smoke however slowly starts to take the shape of a bird. "Concordance was a servant being forced to do anothers bidding as well. I failed at freeing her, however.. By allowing her to die, you are now free. There is no promises that bind you. So as I had asked already, what is it you want to do? Do you really want to go back to the imposed banishment that they sentenced you to? Think, and tell me what it is /you/ want."

Nancy smiles a little at that. "Go back... hah. That won't happen again." The girl guestures at the beach around them. "This is where it was. First chance I had I drug my prison here to the Twisted Street with me." Her smile only lasts a moment though before the girl shakes her head. "I don't know what I want to do, and I hardly see why I would tell you if I did. The people here needed to be watched after and no one on the Council would see it. I suppose I would continue to do that, but there's hardly a Council worth serving to make such a thing happen. Now..." She leans back to look at the skies above. "Now I suppose getting off this street and rebuilding the lives people had before all that is the only choice left. How long can Twisted have if Gegoshi serves no one?" It's worth noting she has no idea what's happened since the night Twisted fell, but hopefully you gathered that already.

"Twisted has all of the time in existence." The smoke bird slowly starts to flap its wings, only to disapate as Caliga takes another drag from his cigarette. He reaches once more into his jacket and pulls out one of the old G-Pads he kept pilfering from TASK Headquarters. He hands it up in the air for Nancy to see. "Gegoshi has already been transfered to a new owner, thanks to yours truly. Of course, the poor schmuck that had accquired her after Connie's departure from Twisted decided to impart her ownership upon another. One whose a lot more patient, and deserves the headache far more then anyone else."

Nancy arches an eyebrow again at Caliga's words. Her mind can't even begin to think of someone suited to such a task. "I'm almost afraid to ask..."

"Well, since you're obviously behind on the times.. I've given up on my attempt to take over the Council of Twisted. Mainly because it was far more entertaining to pull one over on Hell's illustrious council. Just to see the horned bastard blow a gasket as his hard work and careful planning all went down the toilet.. It was totally worth it." Caliga grins slightly as he leans back to lay down upon the pier. "Diablo is the one with Gegoshi now. The ipitome of sullen angst, forever stuck with something that is perpetually cheerful. Got to admit, its damned funny."

Nancy laughs. "You have to love irony..." Watching Caliga relax causes her to pull her feet up onto the dock and hug her knees childishly. "So that means Twisted is fine, or as fine as it can be with a demon in charge of it?" She smirks again at the thought but the image forces the smirk to vanish quickly. "Wait, does that mean that the Twisted Street is in more danger or less...?" In other words, can Diablo be trusted? "...it can't be good to be ruled by the Devil, can it?"

"Diablo has the same plans that I did for Twisted. Now, what he's doing now I'm not sure of, but I'd suspect he's trying to find a way to help create a new Council for Twisted. One thats more in line with the ideas of working for the people, and not the purity of other worlds. Of course, I've not cared to go and poke my head into what he's doing down in Hell, mainly because Gegoshi gets all uppity when I start pestering her masters." Caliga stares up at the sky, only to grin slightly. "Diablo wouldn't rule. Its not his 'style'. Nor is it mine, especially since I'm on the other council. If anything, the horned freak would 'ask' me to serve as a liason of sorts, since I hold a seat in the Hell Council, and I'm neither living nor dead. However, you're the last remaining member of the old council, and if I were in your shoes, I'd be hunting down El-Hornito to find out what he has planned. Mainly since the old laws are technically now tied to you. If anything, /you/ are in control of Twisted."

Nancy bites one of her knuckles thoughtfully. "I... I suppose you might be right." With a sense of duty restored in her she stands and promptly kicks Caliga in the side playfully. "And YOU! All the times I've had to listen to you show up and ramble on to the rest of the Council and you couldn't at least ONCE have a civil conversation with me before now!?!? You, you, you... WHATEVER YOU ARE!" Oh yeah, that's a good comeback. She forces a glare a moment and then laughs at herself. "Why did you really come out here anyways? I don't buy your 'I come here to be alone' speech with how talkative you suddenly are."

"Because you were far to timid." Caliga winces slightly as he moves to situp, rubbing his side. "If I had said one word to you before hand, you'd have gone silent and pretended you didn't exist, out of fear of Concordance." His tone is rather serious still, as he glances out over the water before them. "As to why I came out here... I wonder why indeed." He grins slightly before flicking the cigarette out into the water. "Maybe its because I like trying to screw up Diablo's plans before he has them laid in stone. Plus, Gegoshi's mother is here. You should try visiting her sometime. She's rather lonely, just like you are."

The girl blinks. Not for the commment about being silent but because of the mention of "...Gegoshi has a mother?" The information floors her a bit. No one has ever mentioned that before. "Well, whatever your intentions - thank you. Maybe all I needed was a shove in the right direction." Which is true, obviously. "But next time we cross paths you'd better at least say hello."

"There's quite a few things you'll learn in the coming days, Miss Nancy Dark. Freedom isn't exactly like one imagines, but its far better then being in a cage." Caliga climbs to his feet, only to bow towards the girl. "When we cross paths next, I'll make sure you get the attention you deserve." A slight grin appears on his face as he rises from the bow. "Gegoshi's mother is named Hope. If you ever run across her.. well.. you'll know her house when you see it. She's like you once were.. She's not allowed to leave."

Any suspicions Nancy may have about Caliga's words are lost in the comment about Hope. Instantly that became number two on her to-do list. Bowing slightly herself, Nancy smiles. "I'll have to keep that in mind." The air begins to chill as a dense fog suddenly rolls in. The intresting thing about Nancy's fog is that it always seems to come naturally. As if it's SUPPOSED to happen. As always though, once it leaves she's vanished with it leaving Caliga as alone as he claimed he wanted to be.

"And now to throw even more wrenches in that bastards plans... Lets see what else I can do to screw them up." Caliga suddenly starts chuckling softly as he glances once more out across the water. "I wonder... well, if I was in his position, that's what I'd do I suppose. I guess he's just as adament about finding the truth out as well as I am... I'll have to ask him about it when everything is said and done..."

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