2010-08-19 (PreU) Another piece to the puzzle

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Another piece to the puzzle

Summary: Look! I did two scenes in a row! (It counts, damnit!) Diablo goes off in search of Cale/Carla and Trinune to discuss the creation of Twisted Street. You -know- you've been waiting for this… There's also a surprise hidden at the end. Anyone see this coming in the previous scene?

Who: Carla, Senior_Diablo, Trinune
When: August 19th, 2010
Where: Broken Drawbridge(#3943R)

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Broken Drawbridge(#3943R)

A feeling of bleakness washes over the soul as one approaches this broken drawbridge. The very center of the bridge is broke, almost as if something massive split it right in two, leaving the two halves barely connected to eachother, to allow passage across. Upon the far end of the bridge lies a city that appears to be in ruins, a black overcast cloud hanging over the sky above. Positioned at the entrance of the town, is a glowing red portal...

Dragoness Carla is sitting on a rock! But, not just any rock. A floating rock that is defying gravity and all those other silly laws of physics. Her tail sways behind her idly and she's looking out across the expanse of the drawbridge, though really kind of at nothing. A very soft rain is gracing this areas presence. Sitting next to her is Trinune, who is also staring off to the same place as the girl. Neither of them are speaking, though occasionally Carla will nod her head or shrug her shoulders.

Black flames erupt from the soil, seeming to defy the falling rain as the form of Senior Diablo burns into view, the effect fading away as his form becomes solid. His eyes glance around scanning the area a moment before he turns his attention to the floating rock and the duo sitting upon it. Plucking a goblet of wine out of the air he steps towards them, somehow failing to get even a drop of water on him in the process. "Ahh, ladies…" Does he already know who Cale/Carla is or is he simply being mischievous again? "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting face to face. My name is Senior Diablo of the Council of Hell. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks and turns her attention over towards the black flames that appear. "Ehh..." She says, rubbing the side of her head and sniffing slightly. She has been spacing out with Trinune for way too long. She tugs her black sweatshirt into place which had sagged off one of her shoulders. She grimaces and her left eye twitches at the ladies comment, "A-anoo..." She says, about to correct him, but then he introduces herself and she sweatdrops, "Wh-what? H-hell?" She asks, glancing over at Trinune quickly. Great, trouble! She gets up to her feet, grabbing her sweatpants with one hand to keep them from sagging too badly. Argh. -- Trinune stands up as Carla does, but she says nothing towards Diablo, her blueblue eyes watching him and passing back over at Carla as each of them speak in turn.

Senior Diablo sweatdrops realizing that they're taking the defensive. "You see, THIS is why I used to never reveal myself to people right away. I always used to be sly about it and get their faith in me first. Maybe show up looking like a lost loved one, but nooooo. I had to come and show up in a good mood and get ahead of myself." The demon sighs as he sips his drink, shaking his head the moment the goblet leaves his lips. "Settle down, Dragonmaster. I came to chat. I have none, nor will I have any reason to cause you or your friends harm." …and if that doesn't work he'll have to bide his time and try this again.

Dragoness Carla mmm's. She shifts her footing slightly, "All right..." She says. Talking is okay, though she's unsure about talking with someone who calls themselves Diablo and are from hell. It's not like anything good could come out of that, right? Well, Datenshi is kind of from hell...but...well, anyway, she sits back down on her rock, adjusting her clothing in turn as her tail thwips about behind her, hitting the rock with dull thuds now and then. "...so, what's up?" She asks after this. - Trinune remains standing, still silent however.

Senior Diablo makes a mental note to be more careful before addressing Carla in the future. "It may not be obvious from my appearance or those terrible stories you may hear spread about me in ancient text from fools who are quick to jump to conclusions, but I’m not some kind of 'root of all evil'. My goals are respectable and my intentions are simply those of maintaining a balance." He pauses briefly to take another drink before continuing. "I've recently begun to take it upon myself to gather a new Council to reside over the Twisted Street. I trust you are familiar with it?" He waits for a response before continuing the explanation of his visit.

Dragoness Carla rolls her eyes as Diablo mentions balance. "I've heard people talk about balance before n stuff. They're just using it as an excuse to get what they want n stuff. There isn't really a balance at all, or well, if there is, there shouldn't be. I mean, it's not like it'd be bad if everyone was happy n safe n stuff." She blinks and tilts her head slightly, the wings on her back shift a bit, "Eh? Oh, yeah...I met one of them once n stuff. But, eh, it doesn't seem like they really do much. And like, didn't it get destroyed or something recently? I wasn't really around for it, and all of my stones get destroyed n junk when whatever happened happened." She says. -- Trinune, well, doesn't say anything. No one's talking to her, and she will often just listen until engaged in some way.

Senior Diablo nods his head at Carla's words before smiling again, "It nearly was destroyed. Luckily it has some powerful people ready to do what's best for it's people." He tilts his head to the side a moment, accessing the library, before his smile returns and he resumes his previous stance, "I believe you know some of them. The advent Crux Caedon perhaps? It's my intention to have them serve on the Council of Twisted. I don't want power, I have no need of it. My concerns rest fully on the people who live there and preventing them from destroying each other. The previous Council cared not enough for the people and in the end could be argued to have destroyed itself, nearly taking everyone along with it." His eyes lazily roll over towards Trinune directly as he says the next part of his speech, "There are many people who's lives exist on Twisted. Many people who hold it dear as their homes, their lives. They're grateful for whatever, or whomever brought it into existence - and as my own duties extend to regions connected to it I'll do whatever I can in my power to protect it and see to it that it's cared for appropriately." His eyes gaze back towards Carla casually, "But I suppose you would rather know what brought me here to you than hear an old soul ramble on about a place you tend to avoid…?"

Dragoness Carla erms, "Y-yeah, I know Crux n stuff. Sleeps a lot and things. Hard to talk with a lot of the time, but, ya know, a good person and everything." She says with a nod. She glances over at Trinune as Diablo does, but doesn't say anything about the whole existence stuff. "Eh, well, y-ya know...I kind of have a wife n stuff in a different dimension, and it hasn't linked itself to Twisted n junk yet. Mmmm...I've thought of maybe moving my island here, but, ehhh...it's pretty chaotic and I have friends over in Metropolis still too, ya know?" She shrugs. "A-anyway, yeah...so...what's up...?" She asks, really wondering what is going on. It's kind of rare for people to approach her and start talking about stuff like this. Not that she minds it or anything, she generally prefers to try and talk things out before fighting and all of that...well, usually, anyway…

Senior Diablo takes a moment to put the words in the appropriate order before speaking them aloud. As he thinks he begins to pace back and forth before the duo helping to keep the pace of his own thoughts. "It's been brought to my attention that your… friend," he glances up at Trinune again to show whom he's referring to, "…may have had more to do with the creation of the Street than any of us could have before imagined. It's for that reason alone that I came here, actually to speak to her more than yourself. Or, more accurately, to make a proposition." He stops pacing and turns towards Trinune directly. "I'd like you to take a seat on Twisted's Council. You don't have to attend anything you don't want to. You don't have to say a word to anyone unless you'd like. I just want you there as a customary gesture. A way of… repaying you for your…" He ponders a moment for just the right word, "…assistance in creating the Street. What say you?"

Dragoness Carla blinks at Diablo and glances over at Trinune. She then gets a really big sweatdrop, "A-anooo...wh-what? That...eh...what?" She asks, another sweatdrop forming, "Ehhhh, I d-dunno what you think n stuff, but, eh, I don't think Trinune had anything to do with creating the Twisted Street n stuff...mmm, I mean, she's a sword n stuff, and like, ehh...she doesn't...w-well..." She rubs the back of her head, thinking of Ayika scolding her for calling Trinune a sword and all of that, but it's the truth...!!! "..she..mm..her..imagination..ehh..w-well, I'm not sure if she has one or not, eh heh. I mean, she does, but, like...eh, it's based off of everyone else's...n stuff..ya know...? So...and...yeah..." She says, shaking her head. This guys is obviously completely bonkers. o_O -- Trinune, of course, listens to Diablo and Carla. So, he would like her to take a seat on Twisted's Council. No, he actually meant that he is offering it to her, not just stating his preference. She shifts her blueblue eyes over to Carla and then back to Diablo. Why does he want her on the council? For creating this Street? Should she join it? If she did join it, would it matter? What if he is only asking the question to get her opinion, and not actually wanting a direct answer. Or perhaps he is...hmm...finally, Trinune shrugs her shoulders. She can't come up with a definite answer.

Senior Diablo nods his head in response to the shrug, Carla's rantings all but ignored. "Very well, but know that my offer stands. I still have others to find to fill the remaining seats. Even if you decide against it I will keep an empty chair for you in hopes you may decide to take it later. The Dragonmaster of course is welcome to sit with you. I realize you two are rather inseparable." He takes a step back, letting his words sink in. "I also realize that you both have lives that don't revolve around the Twisted Street and you may not care what happens to the people that live on it. Regardless I hope you consider my offer. It is only fitting after all. Besides, Councilwoman Trinune has a nice sound to it, don't you think?" With another smile he turns to glance at the surrounding area, honestly taking a moment to admire the beauty in it. "I can return later when the Council is greater than three to see if you might still take a seat. I wouldn't mind coming back to a place like this now and again. Even devils need a vacation..."

Trinune nods her head at Diablo in response to him returning later. Or possibly just giving the affirmative that she has heard what he said. It's rare for her to get so much said to her, much less be offered something like this. She starts running through things in her mind, or what she uses for a mind, at least, but in the end doesn't say anything back to Diablo. Alas!!! - Carla shakes her head, "I see..." She says to all of it, "Eh, well...I'll..." She glances over at Trinune, "...we'll like, talk to Ayika n stuff about it I'm sure and maybe get back to you n stuff?" She says hesitantly, standing up, pulling her clothes as neccessary. "Thanks?" She says? So weird…

Senior Diablo turns and bows formally towards the two of them before taking one last drink form his goblet and letting it vanish again into the air he plucked it from. "Until we speak again, then…" As before the black flames begin to burn around him and the devil vanishes, taking the dramatic effect along with him. Maybe he's up to something, maybe he's not. At least he seems to be taking this new Council seriously even if his reasons are known only to him…

Dragoness Carla rubs the back of her head, "Ano...that...how do they even know who we are, anyway?" She wonders, glancing over at Trinune, who of course doesn't have an answer either. She shakes her head and holds her hand out, a blue portal swirling into existence before her, "Eh, well...let's..go talk to Ayika about it...I guess...? This is so weird..." She says, and hops through the portal, Trinune following shortly thereafter.

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