2010-10-07 (PreU) Seeking Inheritance

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Seeking Inheritance

Summary: Senior Diablo is 'summoned' by a character not seen too often these days to discuss a matter of grave importance. It involves Devi, a certain claimed soul she proudly wears around her neck, and the wicked plot to reclaim it...

Who: Lonewolf, Senior_Diablo
When: October 07, 2010
Where: The Wastelands - Insanity(#4467R)

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The Wastelands - Insanity(#4467R) The sky no longer exists for souls that manage to get this far. The ground is nothing but fire and darkness. All the worlds that were seen in the near eastern part of the wastelands are mirrored here in a way, as in all the worlds seen here are the Worlds of the Dead. Every version of Heaven and every version of Hell might be found here. The Spiritual walls are weaker and easier to go through though, allowing all sorts of evil and bad to seep out. Every step taken in this area allows a hand or claw to snap into existence and flail until it's user moves away. I'd be careful. But that's just me.

LoneWolf slowly treks across this chaotic place. It isnt new to him. Hes seen the chaos of battlefields, the chaos of romance, the chaos of hatred, and even the chaos of worlds destroyed. He eyes the strange terrain for the one he seeks, wondering if maybe, his presence will draw someones attention. "Guess this must be the place...... Senior Diablo? Are you there?". Nothin to lose by tryin, right?

The sky grows dark a moment, as if a large rain cloud floats overhead. Of course, there's no such thing to be seen, only the swirling chaos usually found in the wastelands. The shadow cast on the ground by the invisible darkness grows darker still until pooling together before Wolf. The effect lasts long enough to be noticed before shimmering and rising up from the ground to form the shape of the demon in question. Red eyes peer out of the blackness and a single eye widens in confusion before the rest of the demon becomes visible. Tilting his head to the side, the devil asks, "I'm not a telephone service. Just because your impish little God doesn't pay any attention to the prayers he receives doesn't mean I should be expected to answer every little mumble of my name. Your lucky I've been looking for someone." The skies clear as much as they can back to their usual state as Diablo plucks a glass out of the air and sips something that looks like wine. "Can I help you somehow?"

LoneWolf says, "I was curious as to whether you could. I need someone to help me reclaim the soul of my daughters mother, so she can pass on to whatever afterlife she is intended. What i have in mind, however, requires powers i do not possess. It would involve trading a soul for a soul, although i dont intend to withhold my 'captive' in the event of failure. In essence, its a bluff of sorts. Would you be willing to assist, or if not, do you know of anyone? All my attempts to find someone have turned up dead ends.... " he shakes his head, sounding a bit distant ".... no one deserves to be locked in a gem forever and ever. It isnt the natural order of things."

Senior Diablo's eyes narrow as his expression deadpans. "Of course… you had to do this just after I get her to join the new Council didn't you?" The devil downs the entire glass in his hand quickly and throws it over his shoulder, letting it dissolve back into or off to whatever it originated. "I can't strike a hand against Devi in good faith, besides she's on my protected list. Hmm… but there are people who might be interested in assisting." He looks the boy up and down a moment before proceeding, "…what brought you to seeking -my- help? I hardly pass out calling cards these days."

LoneWolf smiles darkly "Word is your in charge of a dimension of the hells. That means power over souls. My plan is to take and hide the soul of her friend Tenna, and offer a trade. Tenna for Sun. Course, i would let Tenna out whether Devi gave in or called me on it, but SHE wouldnt know that.....". He adjusts his cap "If shes also on that council, then she probably has the resources to find Tennas soul anyway..... so guess my plans a bust". He turns to leave "Sorry to have bothered you then, i guess....."

Senior Diablo stares blankly a moment before shaking his head. "Devi is on TWISTED's Council, not Hell's. Lord knows what madness would ensue with both her and the maniac on the same Council." Wait, did he almost shudder? "…and you needn't give up so quickly. You say you would release her afterwards? Well, why not simply ASK the girl to go along with it. Tenna's… not the brightest of the bunch you realize..."

LoneWolf stops and thinks on that one "Is she dumb enough to let Devi in on it without realizing it, in such a case? Although im not familiar with what she can do as a member of the Twisted council.... regardless, the spells needed to do it i cannot perform with or without her consent, which is the first step to take: someone who CAN do it, and wont decide to harm her soul at the last minute for their own gain."

Senior Diablo laughs, "Dear child, we could simply have her sit in Hell with a game system and snacks and she'd probably jump for the opportunity. Not only would she be protected but thoroughly entertained as well." He folds his arms together as his… robe adjusts itself? "I doubt it'd even be much of a stretch from what she normally does already. At worst she'd harass some of the lower level demons. I fail to see where it would cause problems."

LoneWolf raises an eyebrow, thinking "That.... actually sounds reasonable. How and by whom will set up her being transferred there and back again, and more importantly, what price would i have to pay for this assistance?"

Senior Diablo cackles, "I can take care of it without any evidence pointing back to myself. A simple task really… but as for payment? Well, you'd have to be the one to ask her." He lets that statement sink in a good long moment before smiling again, "Maybe you could tell her she's won a contest or something. " The demon laughs once more. "Oh how I miss the ignorance of our home world some days..."

LoneWolf nods.... he thinks on that "What would be owed to you, out of curiosity, if anything?"

The demon strides over to the creature so full of questions before him, placing a hand on his shoulder, and leaning down into his face. "Dear child… I get to watch. That's payment enough for me.

LoneWolf smirks "How do i get in contact with you, or where do i send her for you to procure her once she agrees?"

Senior Diablo smile widens, "…didn't you hear me? I told you I'd be watching…" The demon's form fades away as the air fills with laughter. This -can't- be a good sign.

LoneWolf isnt concerned. Even if he is killed, his daughter is taken care of, and at least he can make a point to Devi he means buisness..... he begins to head back, with a new search to begin.

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