2010-10-07 (PreU) You May Have Already Won!!

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You May Have Already Won

Summary: Did you read the last scene with Diablo? Do you have any idea what's going on? Well clearly someone does or this scene wouldn't be here. LoneWolf comes to claim the soul of Tenna and discovers just why Devi is fine leaving her friend alone to fend for herself. ...the poor, poor bastard.

Who: Lonewolf, Tenna, Senor_Diablo
When: October 07, 2010
Where: Devi's Apartment(#3799R)

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Devi's Apartment(#3799R) Welcome to Devi's apartment. You're greeted to a quiat little room, albit a little dusty. While the room is new, it looks unused. On the West Wall is the door to Devi's bedroom, enter at your own risk. On the east wall sets Devi's couch, paired with a nice wooden coffee table, and the Archway into the kitchen. On the Nothern wall there is a door that leads to Devi's Paint Room. A almost filled Bookshelf is there as well. A transparent Alien head is on a stand in the courner, a floating brain inside.

Theres a knocking on the door

Knock Knock Knock

Laying on the couch, socked feet danging off the side, is the half-asleep form of Tenna dozing away beneath the warm glow of the television. As someone knocks her eyes widen frightfully large and with far more energy than someone in her state should have she bounds for the door, mashing her face up against the eyehole. "IS IT PIZZA!?!? I didn't order a pizza, but I'll take it!!" The door is quickly unlocked and swung open revealing the perky Milano girl wearing a bathrobe over her usual clothes. "Heeeeey… you're not a pizza!" How very observant.

LoneWolf smirks "No. I'm not". He reaches into his pocket and pulls out an advertisement he picked up on the way back. Some kinda sweepstakes. Never mind the date of 1986 ren-fair. Some kind of free trip to Midievil Times "Your entry to this won first place. I'm here to inform you and if needed escourt you to recieve your winnings". Hey, Diablo recommended telling her she won something. Why not?

Tenna's eyes widen more… somehow… it looks painful. "OOoooOoooooooh…. Winnings. They always sound better with an 'S' on the end. Kinda like Superman, I guess. He always seems to need the S, otherwise he's just ol' boring Clark Nobody Kent." She fails for the paper, determined to rip it out of LoneWolf's hands. "GIMMIE!! There might be something important on there! Giiiiimmiiiiieeee…." Look out, she intends to read it!

LoneWolf snatches it back and puts it back into his pocket "You wont need that. I can garuntee your safety, and it IS all you can eat, by the way!"

Tenna stares suspiciously. "Wait, wait wait… free food? I get winnings and FOOD!?!?" Without a second's pause she leaps forwards, grabbing the man and bear-hugging him tightly. "You… *sniff* You’re the bestest random person I ever met in the whole of today!!" Awww. "BUT!!! I can't go. Sorry." Again with the too-fast speed Tenna vanishes slamming the door in LoneWolf's face. What the hell?

LoneWolf hhmms, and leaves, heading off down the street. About an hour or so later, he returns, and knocks on the door again, THIS time properly armed! *knock knock knock*

The door abruptly swings open and a small skeleton painted squeak toy is shoved through the doorway held, clearly, by Tenna's outstretched hand. >SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEK!< "Yesssss?" >SQUEEKSQUEEKSQUEEK<

LoneWolf is wearing a white shirt this time, no sunglasses, and no cap. He offers the pizza box out to her "Someone order a pizza here?". He gives a confused look, like he isnt sure where he is.

The squeak toy is dropped as the man is pounced once again by the black haired girl. "Heeeeeey… your not a Pizza Cat." She frowns heavily, walking back into her apartment and flopping onto the couch in annoyance leaving the door wide open behind her. "Next time, Spooky. Next time…" >SQUEEK<

LoneWolf blinks, and signs "No, i'm not. Look, im not picky. ya want the pizza? i really wanna go home and get off my shift. Just sign this to confirm the delivery, and ill look the other way".

Tenna idly squeaks Spooky at him and shrugs, "Nah. I'm good. Wanna watch some TV? Scary Monkey show has a new episode tonight. Apparently Poop Cola's the new sponsor and paid for more episodes to be filmed. God only knows why that show isn't just the first episode in a loop each night."

LoneWolf smirks "Nnaahh.... gotta get back to work. My girls waitin for me back home. SHe is gonna be hoooooot tonight!" He then leaves. As he leaves, his evil twin reenters the building. Appearently, it really WAS a pizza guy, who was appearently him from another dimension. Weird, that. Noting the open door, he stands in the doorway, and peers in, leaning against the frame "Still too busy for free food and all the video games you can play?"

Tenna reaches over to the small, cluttered coffee table in front of her and picks up a half-eaten pudding cup - apparently oblivious to the twins or simply not caring. "Yup" is all she manages before shoveling another spoonful in her mouth. After a seemingly long moment of thought she pulls out the spoon and swallows. "Can't leave yet. It's not time." What the hell does that mean?

LoneWolf raises an eyebrow "When WILL it be time?"

Tenna finally looks up at the stranger in her doorway and begins to explain, "Well, see… I was told that-OOOOH! It's on!" The conversation apparently put on hold with a turn of her head as the TV begins to play some of the most annoying music imaginable as the image of a drooling, rabid monkey comes on. It… it does nothing but stand there, foaming at the mouth. Eventually the music fades and we're left with just that. The image of the monkey. "Damn that monkey." Wait, what!?

LoneWolf waits in annoyance, clearly not impressed by this (Devi is friends with this WHY, i wonder.... ?). "Well, now that youve seen it, is it time to go?"

Tenna waves a hand dismissively, "SHHHHH! That's not what I'm waiting for." The monkey's eye twitches on screen. "You can just wait a damn minute." Is she TRYING to waste his time?

LoneWolf sighs.... he stands there, annoyed, waiting.

Thirty minutes…. THIRTY LONG MINUTES of that monkey… DROOLING. Then the music returns once again and the image fades away only to be replaced with production credits. All Tenna comments is "I hate that monkey." The television is muted and the girl goes back to playing with Spooky. Suddenly she glances up at the stranger in the doorway and blinks, "What the hell are you still doing there?!? Come in and shut the door or something, jeeze. I don't want Turkey-Neck three doors down trying to rub his 'lucky neck-meats' at me again."

LoneWolf asks, "Free food and video games?"

Tenna looks at him in annoyance again, "PLEASE, I have that already. Get inside and shut the door or something! Come on, seriously. The dude creeps me out. Shut the door before he hears you talking."

LoneWolf shuts the door "There IS more to it, but i can talk about it where it isnt safe....."

As if on cue there is a knock on the suddenly closed door. Tenna jumps to her feet in a victory stance. "YESSSSSSSS!!!!" She then proceeds to start a dance of some sort with Spooky in hand. The phantom guest knocks on the door again. "Jeeze. Answer the door already, dork."

LoneWolf walks over, and answers the door, curiously

Standing outside with a slight look of annoyance stands a blonde woman in a very well pressed business suit. Clutched tightly in her hands is a briefcase which she uses to shove LoneWolf out of the way to walk directly up to Tenna. "Very well Ms Tenna. You've met the requirements, and I dare say I'm impressed that you've managed to not only refuse his offer, but keep him standing quietly throughout the length of that dreadful show." She slams the briefcase on the table and takes out a slip of paper, handing it over to Tenna. "That should be all you need, should it not? Any questions I can answer before I leave?"

LoneWolf stays out of it, pondering whether to just kill tenna and be done with it, or whether that would be too cruel to those wherever she ended up, and that shes ultimately better here where few can be crazed by her..... he decides the latter.

Tenna smiles happily. "Nope! No questions! Lemme go get my bags!!" Leaping out of sight, Tenna vanishes into one of the other rooms leaving the strange woman alone with LoneWolf. Closing the case before her she turns and offers her hand to the man to shake. "I represent the Einzelgänger foundation. I trust your aware of it? You've become something of an intrest to us these past few hours and we could hardly ignore the opportunity to 'cash in' on your situation, as it where."

LoneWolf doesnt take the hand, instead cross his arms, and tilting his head, curious "cash in?". he doesnt know them, but he takes a wild guess this is linked to Diablo, so plays along a bit

She smiles wickedly as Tenna pounces back into the room, holding suitcases in each hand. "I did tell you I'd be watching." Tenna glances back at the woman with a confused expression, realizes she's talking to Lone Wolf and shrugs it off. "Okay! I'm ready!! LET US GO ON THIS BOGUS JOURNEY!! MWA-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!" >SQUEEK<

The woman walks up to Tenna, producing another Spooky toy out of thin air and casually leaves it on the couch propped up to seemingly watch the television in the real Spooky's absence. "…we wouldn't want to leave our bait, would we?"

Tenna squeeks and marches happily out the door and into the hallway leaving the woman with Lone Wolf once again. The woman turns towards the man and smiles, "And with that my amusement is satisfied for now. Good luck with your plans, child…"

LoneWolf nods, smirking as well, quite amused. He uses a piece of paper to write down a message, and leaves it next to the spooky clone. A simple note saying 'look me up, and maybe youll find her'. From there, he walks out into the street, waiting for things to happen as they will.

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