2010-10-12 (PreU) Du du du... Another one bites the Dust

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Du du du... Another one bites the Dust.


Who: Devi, Lonewolf
When: October 12, 2010
Where: NoWhereTo Park - Fountain


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LoneWolf is sitting on a bench, leaning back, relaxing. His eyes are closed, although to the common viewer this would be unknown due to his dark sunglasses. Lately, he's found the chaos somewhat comfortable to be around.

What a nice day, isn't it? The wind is softly blowing last of it's summer breeze and the sun is shining, for now at least. The sound penetrates the air and it's hard to over look that the ground is rumbling in a stepping time. The stepping thump gets louder as it draws closer, the sun vanishing from the sky, dark foreboding clouds hanging ominously. The wind picks up, howling angrily across the fountion and picking up droplets of water as it's speed grows. From the Main Street, LoneWolf should be expecting someone.

LoneWolf s eyes open, and he looks up. A slight smirk crosses his features, and he looks up towards the street, waiting for negotiations to begin..... whether their peaceful, or hostile, is up to the incoming party.

Devi has a fantastic idea about how things are going to go. She comes into view, stepping in time with the rattleing vibrations. Her eyes narrow to slits as her hands comes out of her pockets, hands relaxed. The note he left hangs from two fingers. The paper is suddenly hurling towards his face at high speeds, although it looks like she didn't move at all. Her hair hangs loose, whipping at her face. "You are a dumb dumb being."The park shudders as though it agrees with her.

LoneWolf s head moves sideways to let the paper rush past, a dull violet glow eminating from his eyes through his shades, although he doesnt attack or anything. "Maybe. Least im sincere". His relaxed smirk never leaves, although seemingly less mocking than it is tired, and resigned.

Devi says, "Sincere and uttlerly retarded." The bench he's perched upon combusts, showering the area in concrete shrapnel. She stides closer, one hand fisted around a yellow crystal. "You invaded my apartment." Her leather trench flaps helplessly around her legs as she moves slowly towards him. "You invaded my former home. You're damned lucky I wasn't there."

LoneWolf falls on his rump with a wince "Actually, i knocked on the door like a perfect gentleman, and asked her to come with me. She came willingly, and is perfectly unharmed". He stands "You have someone i care about trapped. I have someone you care about trapped. Give me mine, and i give you yours. Fair trade". His smirk fades, becoming grim resolve "I honestly dont want anyone hurt. I just want to go home with my daughter. You can end this now completely painlessly."

Devi smirks. "Tenna is lightminded. I know where she is. I can go get mine, can you come get yours?" She stops, tilting her head slightly at him. She's leaving him open for a challenge. Diablo knows that if something were to happen to Tenna, Devi would throw herself at hell like a firestorm, and would use her connections if she had to. Can LoneWolf say the same thing? "I've already given you my answer, and my answer will not change."

LoneWolf s hands begin to slowly light with violet flame "If i must. Better to die here and let my daughter live her days back home knowing i did so than to face her with the news i gave up on her mothers soul". He looks up, the light in his eyes much brighter "If you had a child, you would understand.... ". He clenches his fists, and his body is engulfed in deep purple flame "Your move, if thats the way you want it....".

Devi's eyes seem to smile as she watches him light up. "How sweet, at least now you and she can be together forever." She grins, the manic grin she used to when she was with Oblivion. "You understand my position then." She keeps her stance relaxed. "Come and get it."

LoneWolf says, "Not when shes in a gem.....". Thoughts of killing Tenna, then those close to Devi one at a time cross his mind. He smirks again, that same tired look from before. "I suppose this is better than becoming the monster i battle.....". He blurs as he races forwards, punching twice, with one oddity. He doesnt target her. He targets the gem. After all, she isnt his enemy, just his opponent.

Devi leans out, her hand rising in time. The Gem shifts as her hand moves past his punches, towards his face. She shifts her weight forward, the gem point aiming for the underside of his chin. Her movements are quick enough to be catagorized as instant, though the speed that he shows almost impresses her.

LoneWolf will probably amaze her more as he dodges with but a small cut from the point along the edge of his jaw with a spinning dodge, which becomes a backhanded blow aimed at the back of her head. The flames engulfing him intensify, and an aura of power she may recognize begins to emerge.

Devi cackles, the sound being carried away with the screaming wind. What blood has gotten on the crystal vanishes, absorbed. She backflips, his hand whistling across where her face was. Her feet follow through to kick at him. "Ah, not going full force yet? Shame." She grins wider, the smile splitting to her ears. At the same time, she's behind him, the crystal point thrust forcefully towards his back.

LoneWolf takes the kick, and while he makes an audible grunt, he doesnt seem phased by it, at least in terms of mentally. Physicly, it does leave a nasty bruise. He meanwhile turns with the force of the hit, smashing downwards, attempting to break the crystal of the gem with one hand, while the other comes up to push her hands up, making opposing force on the gem if successful. Making a clamp hold if not. He doesnt reply vocally, focusing on the fight itself.

Devi dances away from him, her hand red and stinging, but the crystal still intact. She smiles. "Is this what you want?" Her hand extends, the yellow point showing. Out comes her other hand, a pink point showing. "Then you'll trade me on my terms." She floats off the ground slightly as she waits for his reaction.

LoneWolf stops, watching. He shakes his head, and walks over, a finger pointing at the base of her neck "I know where she is, and that depends on what your terms are". He does keep his sense open for attacks, however.

Devi grins. "If you take the yellow pill, it's a soul for a soul. If you take the pink one, it's memories for a soul." Both hands remain outstreched towards him. "I'm not supposed to smash up the Street now that I'm on the Council, and I /am/ trying. But you tempt me."

LoneWolf shakes his head, and reaches with his hands, one at each of her shoulders, to the silver chain she wears, pulling out the gem attached to it, which he lets then drop to be displayed outside her shirt "That one". Like her, he doesnt want his power going out of control, which combined with hers, could tear a nice large chunk of twisted apart rather easily.

Devi steps away from him, her eyes flashing with the usual fear of being touched. "I have given you your choice. Either your soul, or your memory. One or the other." She watching him carefully, leaving the crystal that holds Sun over her shirt. He'll choose one of the three options.

LoneWolf says, "Neither, as neither are mine to give, even if i wanted to do so."

Devi nods. "Then you have choosen." All three crystals are collected and tucked away. She stands before him, her face impassive. "Your goal is now lost to you. If you will not fairly trade, saying that it is not yours to give, then you are not a man, and therefore not worth my time. Do not bother me again." She turns away from him, the wind falling into a lull once more.

LoneWolf laughs "Not trade fairly? What you ask was mine to begin with, and claimed by a diety indefinately. What i ask was simply someone who offended you, and who your too bitter about to let go of". He stares at her back "Ive done my research. I know you were once a powerless, bitter girl who made a deal with something you shouldnt have. Youve grown in power, but not in the sense to use it". He walks around so he sees her face to face. His expression is one of serious thought. "Your still that bitter girl you always appearently were, just with enough power backing you to make everyone too afraid to tell you to your face. Your not learning. Your not improving yourself, and if your on the 'council' here now as you say, your gonna have to grow up. Cause if you cant let something little like this....." he taps the gem around her neck with his finger ".... go and let life go on for everyone else, and for yourself, then your going to end up just like the idiots who were in charge before you. Childish, petty, egotistical, and in many ways the very things they were ment to keep in check". The flames enveloping him abruptly go out, and the power fades as he clamps down on his temper "With great power comes great responsibility.....". He then turns to leave "Rest assured, i will not give up. You will hear from me again.....". With that, he starts to walk away.

Devi as he touches her, she explodes into action, smacking his hand away and pushing his chest, her hand suddenly live with energy. She shoot off a 'round' as soon as she touches his chest. "DO NOT MAKE LIKE YOU KNOW ME! I AM BITTER AND I AM HATEFUL AND I AM GETTING BETTER. I TRIED TO LEAVE THIS PLACE, TO LEAVE THE INSANITY BUT I WAS DRAGGED BACK TO HELP SAVE THIS SHITHOLE OF A PLACE. DO NOT TELL ME WHAT I ALREADY KNOW!" She powers towards him, her hands and feet blurring as she strikes at him, the effects of training in 400X gravity finally being used. To onlookers, it would seem that there was a black ball starting to form, though it's just how quickly she's striking. "I AM NOT THE MOST POWERFUL BEING HERE. NOT BY HALF. I AM ONE OF THE LESSERS THAT HAS THE SENSE ENOUGH TO HELP STABILIZE THIS PLACE. SUN WILL BURN IN ETERNAL HELL."

LoneWolf is pummeled nicely. He is black and blue all over by the time shes done. Several cuts in his skin are present, which he doesnt seem concerned with. Overall, hes in bad shape physicly, even though hes mentally ignoring it. A skill he learned long ago. He coughs up some blood, smirking, his broken sunglasses falling off, his cap long since knocked off, the rest of his body looking as tired as his expression now. While there is a rasp in his voice from the sheer volume of injury, he still is able to speak clearly enough to be heard "Most powerful.... least powerful. Doesnt matter. Power is power. Misused.... even the smallest power can end everything...... you possess the power, but not the...." he coughs more blood "not the patience, reverence, or compassion to truely lead. If you cant even let the family of an old enemy say their goodbyes and send her soul where it belongs, and to close that chapter of your life, how will you look ahead.... to deal with those coming to you for help in a place like this..... ". He tries to pull himself up to sitting position, but is only partially successful. He starts shaking from the trauma and bloodloss "Your too busy looking back.... to look forwards.... ". He gives up, and falls back with a wince, the damage catching up to him. "....because you can means neither you should..... nor makes something right....". He begins to pass out......

Devi kicks him in the ribs once more before walking out of the park. "Next time you touch me, I will kill you." Her words linger after she dissappers from view.

LoneWolf is kicked, and his head lolls from the impact, the battle to keep consciousness lost. His wounds meanwhile bleed on, and after a few moments, his shallow breath stops. After a few moments, his heart does too, and his soul is siphoned through the weakened dimensions to the goddess he served. Moments later, nothing remains but a corpse.

Devi stops and turn as she feels his life slip from him. Her face loses color and something in her eyes shift, one could almost say that you could see something crack within her. Her hands are shoved in her pockets and she vanishes to the wastelands once more, leaving the corpse for the next unlucky passer-by.

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