2010-11-06 (PreU) What is the Airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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What is the Airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Summary: Devi meets Thor. Monty Python fun ensures.

Who: Devi, Thor
When: November 06, 2010
Where: NoWhereTo Park - Lakeside


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Nowhereto Park - Lakeside

Stepping from the mostly isolated fountain, you'll see a beautiful lake nestled in here. The grass is cool and in good condition, and the water is clean and clear, the shimmer of the daylight pretty upon it's rippling surface. A large weeping willow is the only large plant life here however, it's graceful branches rustling in the light breeze.

Thor is squatted beside the shimmering, reflective surface of the water. His gleaming winged helm sits nestled in the grass at his side, exposing thick strands of golden hair to the playful wind to be toyed with and teased at as he stares into the lake with a grim set to his blocky jaw. Tightly-knitted eyebrows shadow deep blue eyes that seem to reflect the hue of the lake. He appears to have been here for quite some time in body, though his mind is miles -- aeons -- away.

Devi saunters in, a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone in her hand. "Oh look, someone who doesn't have black hair! 'Sup Blondy?" She chipper and apparently has little regard for people chillin at the waterside. Her long strides carry her swiftly towards him, allowing her to peer over his shoulder. "I don't think you can stare a fish to death."

Thor rolls the moniker "Blondie" around in his mind for a moment, unsure of whether or not he prefers it to that other colloquial name his aquaintances on Midgard have appointed to him in the past. In the next second he is turning his head on that thick bull neck of his to reagrd the newcomer who has dragged him with a start from his reveries. "Milady," he acknowledges her with a voice thick from misuse, clearing his throat afterwards. "Is that what this lake is used for? Killing fish?" He looks back to it again.

Devi mms. "Not really. Unless you really just have a hankering for fish and a Fishing pole in your back pocket." She looks around, idily licking her ice cream. She slips on hand into the pocket of her long leather trenchcoat, shifting her gaze back to the man. "Besides, I havn't seen you before. Newcomer? Or have I just been out of the world for to long?"

"Twisted," Thor echoes with a smile that does not reach his eyes. "How apt." He reaches down and takes the helm from the grass, settling it comfortably atop his own long hair and rising from his crouch to stand up straight. "Are you a scientist, then?" he asks Devi, his mind lingering on her comment about forcing her own genetic code. He has heard such talk before.

Thor looks put off by her rebuttal, his vision finally focusing in on her eyes for the first time as he inhabits the here and now again. Her green eyes. "I am..." he begins, but faulters. Frowning, still studying her eyes, he abruptly changes course. "I would like to know your name, please."

Devi tsks,"Not very Gentlmanly at all." She tilts her head. "Plus, there is no advantage to giving my name when I havn't recived yours." She prepares her mental fencing saber. Maybe some fun can be had today.

"I am called Thor by most," he offers with a slight flush. He hadn't realized that he didn't finished introducing himself. "My apologies. Thy manner did much to remind me of somebody for the briefest of moments." He stiffly extends a large calloused hand in greeting. "I come from Asgard."

Devi nods and claps her hand against his in grip. If one is so inclined to think, for a woman, she's strong. Very strong. "Devi D, at your service. I come from... well... Earth, I guess. One of the many flavors that connect here but still. I hope you've found no trouble so far?"

Thor shakes his head as he releases Devi's hand. "Nay," he answers stoically. "I've had but one misunderstanding with a young warrior which was swiftly... corrected." He finishes evasively. "Also! I have discovered that this realm holds new and exciting alternative versions for one of my favourite Midgard delicacies. E'en should I fail in my quest here, that alone has ensured that it was not an entirely wasted trip."

Devi grins happily, raising off the ground with no apparent help, a long wrapped staff in her hand. A cheap gray bread hangs off wires around her ears. "WHAT IS YOUR QUEST?!"

Thor grins broadly. "Had I not just watched that film, Devi, I might have cause to think that you were springing a trap on me." He pats the massive warhammer hanging from his belt. "'Tis good to see that some aspects of Midgard are universal no matter what the realm." His smile fades. "The first time I watched it, during this very scene, my brother Loki saw fit to appear inside my television and crawl out of it for a chat. He's the reason I'm here, you know. I am looking for my brother."

Devi gives a little hop in the air. "You know that movie, really? Aw, god that's awesome.. No one ever gets Monty Python jokes. No offence, he was my favorite of the Norse gods. Named a dog after him." She stops, with an O on her face. "Oh god. Thor. Shit, I'm stupid. Oh well. I'm sure you're used to non-god peoples."

Thor's face contorts into a mask of fury as if from nowhere, and suddenly that massive uru hammer is in his hand. "Milady Devi," he snarls, "you would dare insult the God of Thunder thusly to his very countenance?" The hammer is spinning now in a tight arc, held fast by the immeasureably durable leather thong attached to its handle. "Well the Odinson has but one thing to say, and mark these words well!" Thunder rolls in the suddenly-very-dark sky, and the massive Aesir is silhouetted by a sudden brilliant flash of lightning...

Devi switches, her fury striking up as he takes to his hammer. Her jovial attitude is instantly gone, along with her snazzy trench. With her hands free, she lights them with her own energy and rises off the ground, green eyes flickering on the outside with red. Her voice amplifys loud enough to make the water ripple with the force of it. "God of Thunder or God of Nothing, Son of Odin, You would be wise to not overstep your bounds in a fight with someone you have not assesed. Lay thy hammer aside, Thor, lest you be rend in two for it." The red tattoo on her back, the kanji for hell burns to her as her short purple hair whips disregarded around her narrowed eyes.

Heedless of her warnings, Thor's eyes flash in an unearthly energy as he fills his lungs and thunders louder than the heavens he has set alight... "QUACK QUACK!" Using the enchantments of his weapon to tear asunder the very barrier between realities, Thor opens up a portal to HammerSpace and reaches inside to pull out a gigantic scale with a lone duck on one of its ends. The other empty plate he sets beneath the levitating magician's suspended feet. "LONG HAVE I WISHED TO PUT THIS THEORY TO ITS TEST," he roars loud enough to be heard over the cacophony resultant from the mixture of their powers in the air. "CLIMB ON, MAGICIAN!"

Devi stops, her jaw hanging open, all the fight tucked away in whatever place she puts all the /almost/ fights and she can do nothing more then stare. She drops to the ground. "What flavor of crack are you on? To.... I mean... Quack quack? That's what the Son of Odin has to say? Quack quack? I'm totally going to have to tell this to someone." She swats towards him, the other hand gripping her chest. "You can't do that to people man, you might give me a heart attack."

Thor shakes his head as the skies clear and he watches the duck he summoned wander slowly from its perch atop the set of scales and waddle over to plop its fethered rump into the lake and begin paddling away with a bewildered-sounding series of muted quacks. "Have no fear. I have used my hammer as a defillibrater before. 'Tis quite a versatile tool." Absently he tucks his hammer Mjolnir into his belt once more. "Loki would have appreciated the jest," he adds in an almost chiding tone. "I am sorry. I spent much of my time of late achine for the days of laughter and carelessness of our youth."

Devi says, "Carelessness and youth are all well and good, Thor, and I'm happy that someone else is able to have fun. Just... You kinda threw me off there. I need a stiff drink. It's not often I get accosted by the God of Thunder with a Duck." She rises, slipping her coat back on from nothing and re-adjusts the collar. "I'm going to the UR, wanna join me?"

Thor nods, his eyes following the duck in its progress across the surface of the water. "Aye, I am familiar with that establishment and would dearly love to join you for some of their wonderous mead." He turns towards her and grins. "I am curious about a great many things in this realm, and perhaps we may discourse about them over our drinks. Come then, let us away."

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