2010-11-11 (PreU) A thing in motion tends to stay in motion...

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A thing in motion tends to stay in motion...

Summary: Raven finds Devi and extracts her anger upon her.

Who: Devi, Raven
When: November 11, 2010
Where: NoWhereTo Park - Fountain


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Nowhereto Park - Fountain

You find yourself standing around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps, nothing really too elaborate. To the north, kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit really.

Devi sighs as she stares at the ground, elbows resting on spread knees. The only sound in the park is the water streaming from behind her, lightly misting the bench she's camping on.

A soft rustling of leaves from one of the trees is the only sound to be heard, as a small figure drops to the ground nearby. Her hair is a mess, and her eyes bloodshot and red. She stares at Devi a few seconds, before asking "Your Devi D....".

Devi raises her head only enough to see the persons who's fallen, her gaze returning back to her study of the concrete. "I have that misfortune right now, yes." Devi sounds almost, blank. Like someone who's retreated into their own mind, but are too strong willed to shut down.

Raven s expression becomes one of withheld fury, the emotion in her eyes clear as day, as she reaches behind her back. She abruptly tosses a pair of knifes at Devi, one aimed at her chest, the other at her head/neck area.

Devi gives an empty half chuckle, dodging one dagger and deflecting the other. "Well come on if you're going to. Give me the speech, blame me for whatever it is that I probably did. I'll take it." Devi laces her hands together in front of her, otherwise not moving.

Raven glares at her, the raging inferno still burning internally "You killed my mother, then my father when he came for her" She shouts now, tearing up despite the rage "I was THIS close to finally having my family together. To no longer be an orphan.... and you RUINED IT!". She runs at Devi, faster than a normal human could achieve, although nowhere near what some around Twisted are capable of, flinging a pair of razor-sharp disks of raw force at Devi.

Devi leans in various directions, allowing the disks to cut her, but not really damage her. Her gaze doesn't move from the spot she's been staring at. "I won't apologize for Sun. She got what was coming. As for your Father, that.... that wasn't supposed to happen." The girl must be talking about Lonewolf, as that's the only person Devi's killed in recent months. Well, that wasn't a God, or Twisted's eqivilance of. "I know it's not enough, but I'm sorry for your loss."

Raven doesn't slow down. She grabs for Devis throat, intent on choking her, or attempting to. "YOU TOOK AWAY MY ONLY CHANCE TO KNOW MY FAMILY!" she doesn't seem placated by the apology "I WILL be the one to KILL YOU FOR IT!". NOW the fury starts coming out....

The pair shift so that as Raven lunges and grabs hold of Devi's throat, they both fall back away from the fountian, Raven on the top. Devi grabs hold of Raven's wrists, pushing only enough to keep the girl's weight off her throat so that she can talk. "No, you won't. But you'll try. And I'll take it. Beat me if you like. If it will make you feel better. Punch me and make me bleed if it'll bring him back. He seemed like a good man and I lost my temper and made a mistake. There's nothing I can do to absolve that sin." Her eyes stare blankly up at her, and her tone is void of emotion.

Raven doesn't seem to hear Devi, or at least give an outward sign of such, keeping her left hand where it is. A flick of her right wrist sees short 'blades' of force extend from her fingertips like claws, and she begins trying to swipe and stab at Devi with these. Her eyes are insane with rage as the tears flow freely.

Devi grabs at Raven's bladed hand, and trys to twist it enough to get the girl to lose her concentration. "Use your hands like I did. Don't hide behind something that you can't feel hit." Devi already has blood running back down her face, and were she upright, it would almost look like she was crying blood. "Fight if your going to, or would you rather I just die and you not get the satisfaction of knowing I felt the pain?" Devi's tone shifts slightly, almost encouraging the girl.

Raven s fury still seems in control, and she struggles to get out of Devis grip. She does notice the blood, and the tone, and she finally finds herself upable to maintain the rage, as much as she wants to. The force surrounding her fingers dispersing as she tries to beat on Devi with decreasing strength, slowly but surely dissolving into a sobbing heap. After that, all she can manage is the occasional blow as the internal floodgates break wide open.

Devi keeps her word and a resounding smack sounds out as she's punched. She releases Raven and lets the girl wail on her face. Bruises start blooming on her already pale skin, dark and ugly. Once the girl subsides into tears, Devi sits up, and trys to wrap her arms around the girl in a comforting hug. To those who know Devi, that gesture in of itself is amazing, considering Devi's aversion to being touched.

Raven is too far gone to physicly react or draw away. The emotional strain is overriding any other physical movement. The words she does get out are between wracked sobs "You murderer. Now i really DON'T have anyone..... " her tone lessens "... was so close....".

Devi simply holds Raven til she's cried herself out, gently shifting the girl off her lap and scooting away a few feet. Devi wipes at the slowly drying blood. "Yes, I am a murderer. I'm not going to make excuses." Devi didn't mean to kill him. "It really was an accident." She doesn't know what else to say, though it feels like there is something that she's supposed to say here.

As always happens, the pendulum swings the other way, and the resulting sadness and depression equals the fury the preceeded it, when such is so sudden in coming. The sobbing eventually lessens, though the tears do not "My father is dead.... my mother is hidden somewhere by you, he told me, though also dead...... i have nothing left....". She looks up glaring, one eye red, appearently due to a burst capillary or something "Why?!? WHY did it happen! He toldm e he wasn't looking for a fight! WHY DID YOU DO IT!". She her shoulders and head slump after this........

Devi remains blank as she responds. "Your mother is not hidden somewhere. She is dead, though. Your father took a gamble and lost. He tried to hide away someone who's been through a lot, who I've risked my life to save. It failed him. He goaded me, and I lost my temper. I lost my temper and I shut him up with my fists and with my rage."

Raven says, "If she isn't hidden, then why did he insist on coming after you to get her? If she's dead and gone, why did he insist in staying!?".

Devi says, "He came for her soul." Devi looks up at Raven. "He wanted her to be given to whatever Gods you follow. I gave him an option for trade, he refused."

Raven glares, sniffling, nose and eyes still dripping "How can you justify making someone trade for a loved ones soul like a simple leg of lamb. How can you be sorry for his death if life is that meaningless to you". Her tone is low, but hatred and venom are still present in it regardless.

Devi says, "Because she's saved lives. Life isn't meaningless. If it were, I wouldn't have busted my ass on more then a few occasions to save life here on Twisted, or save the life of one crazed Maniac." Devi rolls her shoulder in a half shrug. "I've tried to do what's right, for the most part. But life isn't roses and sunshine. It's war and pain and rage and sacrifice. You might have a few good moments, but in the end...."

Raven gives a confused look "What do you mean 'she's saved lives'? Is she dead or isn't she?". She otherwise doesn't comment on the rest. Preaching to the chior.

Devi says, "No no, she's dead. But I hold her soul. And there are people here that use pure energy to live. That's what souls are. It sounds harsh, but parts of her soul were comsumed to keep someone alive. Souls regrow, so she's kept in her totality."

Raven s glare gets angrier "So your using her to feed other beings?!? Do you realize how DEPRAVED that is? Don't give me that shit about life. Your just hiding behind that. He told me your motives. She slighted you, and said you told him yourself you kept her out of sheer spite". She shakily stands "He also told me his plan, and his concern the girl would be hurt somehow". The anger slowly begins to mount, although not nearly the fury it was before. More of a spark "When it's someone YOU care about, it's justified, but when it's someone else? That's just life, and they should deal? What a hypocrite!". The tears start again, and she can't handle it. With a small burst of light, she vanishes. However, it must not have been far, as her unsteady footsteps can be heard nearby, running away from the area.

Devi sighs again as Raven runs off, not stupid enough to follow her. "She'll be back. If for nothing more then to know the answers." She looks into the trees, sighs softly again and pushes herself up, prodding gently at her bruises and wincing as she walks slowly towards somewhere else.

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