2011-05-10 (PreU) Waiting for the Worms

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Waiting for the Worms

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The Twisted Street
The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionally touches its surface.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray too far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

Twisted street. Places that we all remember, places that are important to us, now deserted. A random paper flutters almost guiltly across the street, it's light sound carrying in the dead air. From the distance, a few splashes of darkness in the ever expanding heat wave apper. After a few minutes, the few grow, turning into a handful. By the time that the figures get into reconizable view, its a large crowd. The leader stands tall with the pillars of people behind them and asks,"What's happened?"

The massive mob continues it's determined step fowards, all the people held in the same way, lonley and sad. Devi appears, the leader, her long trench dancing in the non-exsitant wind. The line behind her shows Bellpheron, Belldandy, Cassie and Trenton and countless others. Alessa, Zaknafein, Jensa and more on the way. A few have only been seen one or two times, but their still there with their brotheren. They shuffle to a stop and collectivly look to the sky. "What's happened?"

Walking through the door of Usual Restaurant quietly his face shoved in some obscure text the tall pale blond was oblivious to the world around him being slowed as if paused though he had thought it just a tad strange that the UR was as quiet as it was he did not mind so much. It just meant a quite place to read. Hearing the voice he had come to know before he vanished, Faust looked up at Devi with a bit of a flinch with the lights on his eyes. Having no idea what she meant he just blinked at her a moment.

"What happened?" Slowly, they step forwards in rythem as thier tone changes, becoming more insistant. "What's hap--" The bell of the UR's door dings as Faust steps through it, the noise breaking the spell and causing Devi to whiplash back into reality, her body jolting slightly. She takes a deep breath and looks at Faust like a deer in headlights. "Oh shit, Faust."

Faust looked at Devi a moment tilting his head to the side a little as some of that ever messy blond hair covered one of his eyes. Seeing her look at him with such a confused look was as alien to him as if Anna had done the same. He saw Devi in similure respects. "Ja, It is me Devi." He spoke making his way towards her closing his book. "It has been awhile."

Devi turns towards him, the street behind her empty now. "Where the hell you've been?" She smirks, "Finding a piece of ass in hell?" She tilts her head forwards slightly and to the right, to peer one eye at him. "I suppose that Hell has become something of a tourist attraction now, I shouldn't be surpized." He had the taint upon him.

Giving her a sharp look that was clearly showing her wording did not amuse him. Mostly becuase he felt that would be saying he was untrue to Eliza. "Actually I was indeed in hell, but studying. After our last bout I could not allow myself to be so weak. I was granted access to the books of hell." He spoke almost matter of factly. Only he would be so pleased by books, alas he shrugged a little once he was finished speaking. "I must inquire though how you knew where I had been." Always the curious one.

Devi shrugs light, her body slowly righting itself as though she hadn't moved forwards at all. "I suppose Diablo does have the largest of the collections." Suddenly, with no change, she sounds lighter and with a mostly proper accent," And you ought to be glad to be weak, so as to not get dragged into anything that might make you permantly high."

The German held the book against his chest as he shrugged his shoulders "I can not be satisfied with being weak becuase if hope remains of me returning home then the Shaman Fights will still be raging and I will need to be strong to hold my place at Master Yoh's side." He spoke witha bit of pride looking away to the sky a moment "Though I never would have guessed the devil to be such a charming fellow." He added looking to her "Care to join me for a stroll?"

Devi wiggles her head from side to side as she finally nods and starts walking towards Peaceful Glade. "You sure don't look like a fighter, Doctor. More like someone from a Horror Wax Museum. Find anything interesting down there?"

Faust nodded as he made his way beside her "Oh yes, quite a few helpful books that would have been of great use a few years ago. Also, yes I know I may not seem like much of a fighter, but for the battles we did back home I am more then able. Its about spiritual energy. Necromancy helps me a great deal in that." Not that he couldn't take or give a beating if truely needed. "Thank you by the way." He took the horror comment as a compliment.

Devi nods a little more. "Well, that could be used here, if the need for it came. I know you were in hell because anyone who's gone to hell has the taint of hell on them. You smell funny." She crinkles her nose as if to confrim that hell was stinky and Faust smelled like /that/.

Faust smiled if just a bit at that "I would see how that could make sense, hell should leave some mark on people who pass through." He kept walking and didn't seem at all bothered that he was basically just called smelly. "All of this means nothing still but it passes the time."

Devi says, "It means everything, so long as you're standing on the right point." For some reason, this reminds her of one Hell Beast who needs a screming at. "YOU SUCK DATENSHI!" Devi clears her throat and coughs softly. "The Hell taint isn't something that someone just hands out. Hell isn't supposed to be that nice."

He stayed quiet a moment pondering just what that would mean here. "I suppose I need to find where I stand." Without Eliza with him at all he didn't quiet know where he stood at all. Blinking at Devil like she was mad when she yelled "..." He had no words for that. "I can see where that makes sense, death and hell are scents that should forever stain its barer."

Devi says, "God, I must reek to someone. Where do you stand Faust? Which side are you on? What would you fight for, should you be called to do it?" She's leaning back onto the air as she stays pace with Faust.She's part of the rather inactive Council, shouldn't she question the fair people of the realm.

Faust says, "I do not know, It has not yet been a concern to me. I suppose when the time comes I will choose to fight along side those who have helped me in some way or just stand watch." He spoke with a shrug He knew he should care but he simply didn't "I have not found a reason to care yet in this place." At least he was honest. Looking towards the nearing graveyard "Maybe though I will find a good cause."

Devi says, "Go play in your graveyard, Faust, just be careful of who's grave you're stepping on in there." Devi grins and wanders down the street.

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