2011-06-12 (PreU) Why don't we do it in the road?

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Why don't we do it in the road?

Summary: Oh look! It's a log!

Who: Devi, Gegoshi, Xue
When: June 12, 2011
Where: The Twisted Street


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Twisted Street is quiet tonight, with only the background shuffle of someone out of their home for one thing or another. Devi breathes slowly in and out as she lays upside down from a random canapy. The sky is clear and the stars quite visable. She closes her eyes and listens.

The wild flapping of cloth comes from the sky above Twisted as if a thousand yards of weighted fabric were falling from the heavens. Which in fact it is. Gegoshi is wrapped in a red robe that furls out from all sides around her and spans out a good hundred feet in each direction. Fwipfwipfwoopfwipfwip! Her wings are arced though they don't slow her fall down whatsoever. The girl hits the ground with a solid booming impact on the center of Twisted street and the fabric falls down in a wild pattern all about her. Pieces of it gently swaying now and then upon a breeze. The synth's legs, which turned into a silvery liquid and sank halfway into the street when she landed, form themselves back up into proper appendages. Her hand then takes the robe and she furls it off of her body where it falls down behind her. Surrounded in cloth, she folds her arms and looks about the area. Catching sight of Devi, she raises a \/ towards her.

Xue watches from a rooftop, concealed in shadow and subtle magical wards of protection, watching different parts of the street. Seeing Gegoshi, she now notices Devi, and listens, but doesn't reveal herself as of yet.

Devi grins, raising her arms in return, /\! "Gegoshi! How's hells library treating you? Damn it's good to see normal life around here!" She slides/rolls off the edge, landing neatly to her feet. Wide steps take her towards Gegoshi, the slight breeze flairing out the ends of her trench dramatically.

Gegoshi reaches over and takes a piece of her ridiculously long robe and sweeps it before her as she bows. "My lady Devi. It has brought insight and despair beyond a mortals ken," she says dramatically. She tosses the fabric from her and then summersaults forward to come standing atop a large bundle of it, hands at her hips! "It is time for heros to come forth and do battle against the coming times of trouble! I have already sent one of The Chosen out, but there is much yet to be done! A dark shadow!" She cries and holds a hand in front of her face like one hiding from horror, "It comes and seeks to consume us all! Moving from where we cannot see, saying what none can understand! It's coming forth to confuse one and all."

Xue quirks an eyebrow as she listens, not liking the sound of this.....

Devi holds her hands up. "Whoo there, Nelly, stay out of the fiction section.. Come on, There may not be a Council left, but there are plenty of heros that'll come out whenever." She shakes her head. "I thought Biography was more your thing. Really blossomed out from under Concordence, eh?"

Gegoshi steeples her fingers together in front of her as a piece of fabric grows silver and attatches to her leg. The entire thing then changes color and swirls around her body again and again. While the mass of fabric should be taking up more space it seems to simply diminish as it wraps around the girl. Soon it clings around her body and then slimes its way out into a black holocaust cloak with a hood that shadows her face. A scythe forms up out of her side and seperates out to hover beside her. It does look somewhat like Concordance's, but it's different enough to not be mistaken for such. "The heros are lost! Frozen within Twisted!" she exclaims. Heavy on the dramatic tone. "Even now I hear whispers in the grass plains upon Thorne! Even now I hear a darkness stirring in the depths of Cronos!" She unfurls a hand from her robe, pointing a finger directly at Devi. "Will you not rise up? Will you not fight? Or are you hoping to remain idle and sit in the comfort of Hells Council. You who the darkness holds with lust."

OOC: Oblivion looks up from groping Devi from behind, perplexed "What's wrong with that?" *couldnt resist*

Xues icy-blue eyes narrow at mention of all this. Either theres a serious problem, or Gegoshis random drama generator is on the fritz.....

Devi glares suddenly at Gegoshi. "I am not on Hell's Council, but instead on the Council of Twisted. Long have I awaited the arrival of the others chosen to protect this land, but they are long in coming and have yet to arrive." She glows faintly, a wisp of the power that once colored her so, raising off the ground with her large boots pointed. "Me who the Darkness holds? I am held by no man, nay, beast, nay Power or god, as death would be my preferred standard if pushed again. Now, silance your blubbering fomer slave of Concordance, or intake sweet breath and speak of sensical things."

"BLASPHEMY!" Gegoshi cries out. Her hand snags her sycthe and she smashes the butt of it into the street with a crack! "Blasph..ph..he he he he!" The girl breaks out into a fit of giggling and she drops her scythe as her hands go to her stomach. "Sorry, sorry!" She says between giggles and takes a few steps backwards. She then coughs and clears her throat, straightening up. Her foot slides over and brings her scythe next to her. With a quick bend she snatches it up and puts it in the air next to her again. "Blasphe--" she stops and puts a hand on her mouth. Deep breath. A pause. Her head cocks to the side, "What shall we speak of then? What have you done to bring stability to Twisted?" She asks, once again back into her dramtic tones.

Xue peers over the roof edge, dropping her spells and looking at Devi, eyes glowing purple in the shadowy atmosphere, violet beacons likely drawing her attention to the half-elf archmage. She sends Devi a single arcane message. ("I need to talk to you later. You know how to find me"). With that, her spells resume, and she vanishes once more into the shadows.

Devi says, "We shall speak of why you're acting like a Shakespearian Drama Queen. I havn't seen anyone for MONTHS and then you show up all doom and gloom. Didn't we just get out of a Doom and Gloom thing? Didn't Alessa end up slaughtering Concordance? And you ran off, the fucking CPU to twisted, down under to READ A DAMNED BOOK?!? I don't know how to balance the time/space ratios to stabalize the whole of Twisted! I don't know how to fuse shit back together, without that horrible jagged melty line! So where the hell have YOU been, after running the goddamned place for who KNOWS HOW FUCKING LONG?!"

Gegoshi puts a hand to her chest and says, "You wound me. Do you think I am to blame for what has happened in my absence? Nay, it is but Fate and Time that conspire against us; I am sure of it!" She then rolls her eyes and her cloak swirls into a mass of silver which shrinks down around her body, sperating out into her normal clothing. The scythe swirls up into her halo. She shrugs her wings and gives a big bright smile. "Due to the mass of information gained I had to set upon various series of protocals. Unfortunately, none of them were designed to handle my current situation and while I am adaptive I was unable to resume my prior functions. Also, Concordance and the former Council members were akin to lodestones for Twisted. It is probable that with the soul lodestones they held gone, Twisted has begun to change. I've monitored multiple places and am unable to come up with a plan of correction. So I am telling those I encounter to take action in any way possible in the hopes that this will correct the situation. Lacking a soul, I can do nothing myself." She heaves a deep sigh and puts a hand to her forehead, "Oh, to have a soul. To know the depths of eternity...to know I am truly alive..."

Devi asks, "You are alive, Gegoshi, having broke your programming.. Am I expeced then to be the only soul lodestone to uphold this place? Can I even do so and make a diffrence in it? If so, Angel, then tell me now, that I might give my soul again for the good of the people. Will you help if I can, save thousands of known and unknown lives?" Oh, this is all very dramtic, don't you think?

Gegoshi pulls her hand from her head and closes one eye in a prolonged wink at Devi, "While I bear the semblance of life I am certain the correct definition is those that have souls or ghosts as some people refer to them are actually alive. I am doomed to emulate those I can never be," she says and heaves a deep, amazingly weary sigh. The wings on her back sag and she clutches her hand to her heart. "Still, one must trudge on!" She giggles. "While it may be possible to make your soul a lodestone for Twisted the ability to do such is beyond me. Concordance possessed special properties due to her state of being and that is why she was able to do such. It may be possible to seek her out upon another state of existence, but opening such a door requires a galactic amount of power and one cannot control where it would open too. It is possible Crux Caedon could be pressed into service but the changing of time is never recommended and throughout peoples lives has often met with only disaster and misfortunate. Case in point; Crux Caedon is a lonely and sad creature."

Devi says, "So then what would you have me do, nay sayer of peace?"

Gegoshi giggles happily at Devi's words. She loves it when people play along. "You must become one of The Chosen! You must seek others out and journey to the troubled worlds! Find what darkness and shadows lay within! Aiding or hampering them shall decide the fate of Twisted and all those who live upon it! Go! Find those willing to rise up! Find those willing to fight!" Her body turns silver and she liquifies; flowing down into the cracks of Twisted. It's less than a second before her head forms back up from the cracks, "Oh! And we need to build a High School at some point!" With a bright smile she sinks back down, disappearing! "Or maybe an Academy!" Her voice echoes from the street.

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