2011-09-02 - Beginning of a Saga

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Beginning of a Saga


Who: Dante, Devi, Lina_Inverse
When: September 02, 2011
Where: The Twisted Street

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Devi yawns and streaches akwardly, sitting up and rubbing her eyes sleepily. She peers through slited lids at the slowly decending warm sun as her gaze wanders over the new terriain before her. She fingers the wooden bench beneth her and runs a hand through her short dyed hair. Idling flicking sleep dust from the corner of her eye, she stands up and pats herself down. "What the hell?" She inspects the hemming of the leather trench coat she's wearing, fingering the material. Flexing her arms, she checks to see if the fit is comfortable. "Did I rob a goth club or something?" She's managed to retain her boots and pants, though she's now in a purple mesh shirt hooked over her thumbs with a black tank top underneth. Fluffing the back of her cropped hair, she looks up and down the street.Rolling her neck, she feels for any odd pains or cuts perhaps. Gasping, she palms her lowerback, signing after feeling nothing but her own skin. "At least I still have my kidneys."

Dante will make his entrance wandering down this odd little street. He looks a little perplexed, for him at least. Can't seem to get a grin off this idiots mind. He kind of half mutters to himself. "Well, got 2 priorities here, I think. First off...figure out what this place is and a possible escape route...and secondly, find any hot chicks that might be scattered around." He manages to notice the only other occupant currently noticeable on said street...and grins wider. "Looks like plan B's going along nicely." He starts to wander over in Devi's direction.

Devi notices Dante movement in the corner of her eye. She turns to look at him, her gaze sweeping over the rest of the street to see if he's alone. "Hey, uh, excuse me. Funny question, where is this?" Gather information, yes. But, when she's in that akward place she tends to ramble. "I kinda just woke up," she gestures blindly towards her former bench, "and I'm a little disjointed right now."

Dante stops in polite distance. He brushes his hair back for a second and replies with a bit of a chuckle. "You don't know either? Wonderful. Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Woke up down the way about an hour ago. I was GOING to ask you the same thing...but I guess that's pointless. So, instead...since we need to explore and all, why don't we find a secluded spot somewhere...which may not be that hard around HERE, and get better acquainted? n.-"

Devi raises her eyebrows in anticipation, her brow scrunching up disappointedly. "Damn." She eyes him, not having really stopped to do that before. Her eyes narrow at his holsters and the hilt protruding from his shoulder. "Uh, how about not. Let's try a less creepy racist stratagy. Where are you from?" Make he comes from one of those classic warrior worlds that she's read about in those stupid Sci-Fi books. She takes an extra step back though, in case he's not, and besides, he might know how to use to weapons. Too bad she left her katana at home.

Dante quirks an eyebrow. He raises his hands in an 'apology' posture and doesn't move any closer. "Whoa whoa. Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you. Geez, the ladies at HOME usually just melt. I must be getting old." He holds out a hand to shake, slowly. "Name's Dante. I'm from New York originally. How about you?" He offers what he hopes to be a less creepy smile. Eh, it half works.

Devi relaxs a bit, her hands casually slipping into the pockets of her trench. "Like, New York, USA? I'm from San Jose. Oh please tell me you're not from the future and the whole planet is due to be taken over by robots or something." She runs a hand through her hair, brushing her stubborn bangs, which promptly fall back into her eyes. "Oh, yeah, and my name is Devi."

Dante peers at Devi for a second, looks down at the hand he had stretched out...sighs a bit and instead, folds his arms. "You from Cali, huh? Nice weather over there. Can't say I like the place as a whole, though. I'm not from any future. ... Maybe a different world, but year 2011 n' all. Name's Dante. Nice to meet ya, Devi."

Devi oh's as he sighs, gestures at his lower hand, "Sorry, just a thing." She takes another looks around. "Hey, you haven't like, run into anyone else yet have you? I don't think this place is exactly a bustling metropolis. 'Sides, I need to find some caffine. Never is a morning," she looks at the setting sun, shrugging, "Morning good without coffee or something." She looks back at Dante.

Dante rubs his chin. "Uh, well. I'll give ya 5 points for effort. I could use some booze myself, honestly." He glances about the street for a bit, letting off a bit of a 'hrm' sound. "Yeah, truthfully, I haven't really run into anyone else since I woke up. I figured they were all just scared of my awesomeness."

Devi snerks. "Yeah, right." She sighs softly. "Well, that place looks like it's open, maybe there is someone working who could help us out." She looks at the Usual Resturant, then at Dante's guns and sword. "I'm going to go ahead and assume that there is no asking you to leave your weapons at the door?" She sounds resigned as she figures that Dante is the kind of man to keep his firepower. He looks way to comfortable with it on.

Dante laughs a bit, offering a thumbs up. "Well, truthfully...no. Can't really do that. I gotta whole arsenal with me. Check this out, though. Got a magic trick for you." He pats the sides of his trench...and then whips it back. It seems to obscure the view of his sword for a second. After the trench settles back down, the handguns and sword SEEM to be gone. He winks. "Dante the magnificent. I do parties."

Devi's green eyes widen, her jaw snapping shut after a second. "Well, I'll be damned." She reaches as though to pull that flap back before taking her hand back. "If I ever need a Party Joker, I'll call ya. Nice." She gives a crooked grin and stides off the corner and towards the UR. "Well, I can see what will/has/should become the usual place. That's nice to know. This looks like the middle of town though, so maybe we'll see life."

Speaking of coffee, there is a place. That Usual Restaurant that Devi takes note of does seem pretty inviting until a muffled boom resounds from inside, causing one of the windows to pop out and stream a little smoke. Frustrated screaming emanates from within, "I don't care what you have! I need food! Food food FOOD. Hurry dammit! I'm gonna diiiiiiiie!"

Dante rubs the back of his head. He follows after Devi, looking dubious. "Sounds really lively in there. Must be the usual hang out spot. ... I get this weird feeling of foreboding from that place. ... Foreboding. That's a funny word. Makes me aware of my tongue. ... ... Speaking of tongues, say Devs...n.-"

Devi looks at Dante, then at the shop. She chuckels at his comment. "You dream big don't ya?" She shakes her head and pushes forward, peering into a busted window to see what's going on. "At least we found someone. We get shit done..." She grins as she sees Lina for the first time. It shakes her slightly as she starts laughing. "Oh that's funny,"

Lina clutches a fistfull of breadsticks and gestures about with them violently, "Don't just stand there looking at me! Go! Or..." Wobble. Lacking the energy to really stay angry, she slumps into a seat and bites the end off one of the crunchy sticks. Her sudden silence seemingly indicating an unwillingness to waste more energy screaming and perhaps a lapse into ponderings on the situation. None of this is familiar afterall. And she -does- look really out of place, no?

Dante blinks a bit, peering in Lina's direction. He tilts his head for JUST a second, before looking back over at Devi. "Is that some kinda really pissed off, anthropomorphic hedgehog or something? Jesus. This place has got just about everything." He notices the bar...and grins, rubbing his hands together. "I think I know how I'm going to be spending MY free time..."

Devi grins at Dante before jumping the windowsil and offically entering the bar. She steps over some debris, looking at the damnage. "Are you psychotic? Food isn't everything." Shooting a grin at Lina and steping the far way around the mess, and away from the girl, she head to the bar to look over it. "Did ya kill anybody? Let me know, cause if I step in blood, I'm going to be pissed."

Lina lifts her head and glances Devi's way as she comes through the windowsill that was so recently freed of it's glass pane. "I'm not psychotic! I'm just dying of starvation! Like it's any of your business!" Biiiiih. Back to the rattled staff where her voice takes on a more desperate edge, "I'm running on empty here! Hurryyyyy!" Lucky for Dante she missed the part about being compared to a spiky rat.

Dante wanders in, through the door, just behind Lina. He laughs a bit on his way to the bar, reaching up to pat Lina on the head as he goes by if she doesn't block it. "Don't worry about it. You honestly kinda look like you're wastin' away a bit. No hedgehog should be quite THAT skinny." Yeah, he just oozes tact and charm. He tries to flag down a bartender. "Hey there, what kinda booze ya got here? I'll take one of each. ... Yeah, one of everything you got. ... Why're you lookin' at me funny?"

Devi spots the poor bartender, peering out from the kitchen doors and shaking in fear. Devi laughs and adds her bid into the mix. "I'll have an italian cream vanilla soda please." She turns around to rest her elbows on the bartop. "Really dude, the whole menu? That's too much, don't you think? And you," she directs at Lina," did you ask nicely or just start demanding stuff?" She clicks her tounge sarcastically. "So long as they don't try to blame it on me."

Lina takes a hand pat on the head and freezes, mild annoyance sounding off in her intake of breath. "Hedgehog? Skinny? What-" Devi interrupts and saves the day! She points the bread sticks accusingly at the first victim of her wrath, "I tried! He kept suggesting I wasn't big enough for the food I was asking for! And that one! She kept trying to get me to order just a salad! I'm not a rabbit! I need real food!" Of course, she didn't ask nicely at all. The pleading looks from the staff are enough to suggest that. Really! "Who are you people, anyway? You're the first people I've seen around since I got here." Not counting the people in here.

Dante glances back over at Devi, laughing a bit at her comment. "I only woke up a little while ago, that's why I'm going so slow on the booze." He looks back at the barstaff and shooes them on. "Go on. Make with the booze, por flavor. Thanks." He flops in his seat and offers Lina a waves with a grin and of course, a wink. "Name's Dante. Nice to meet you. Don't worry if you catch yourself staring at my pecs. Happens to me all the time."

Devi laughs at the image, such a tiny woman threatening to accost her with breaded goods. "I'm Devi and like him," She juts a thumb towards Dante, "I just woke up. We came here to see if we could find someone to tell us /where/ we were. What about you, Sparta, why all the fight, who are you?" ~Hey little kitty what is with all the fight?~ She nods in thanks as the bartender sets her drink down. Popping the straw open, she slurps up a large drink. "That's awesome. Thanks."

Lina really, honestly, finds herself at a loss for words when Dante speaks to her. "Uh..." Great, they experienced the same thing? "So nobody knows where we are." She's wrested rather easily from that train of thought when food starts to arrive and rather than linger on these difficult details she falls to the task of destroying a roast. A pause a few bites in, "Sparta? I'm Lina Inverse. You know, famed sorcery genius? Fairest and most benevolent sorceress ever? No? You really don't know." Figures!

Dante gets busy chugging alcohol as it's delivered. He doesn't seem to be anywhere close to stopping either. The ladies seem to be having their girl talk time, so he doesn't seem to feel the need to interrupt. Also, this booze ain't gonna drink itself. He seems content. . o O(I've never even heard of half this stuff. Maybe I SHOULD stick around for a while. *.*)

Devi says, "No, as I've really not heard of you, but don't worry, I'm sure Dante's ego has left enough space in here for your ego too." She drains her glass, and motions the bartender. "So where are we?" The bartender shakes his head, eyes still fearful. Devi rolls her eyes and sighs. "Well, that's helpful. While you two hold down this area, I'm going to see if I can't shake someone out of a tree... "She heads towards the door. "Maybe even someone to get into a fight with."

Out of the distance a figure was coming into view, a blue long coat with white designs on it moved in the breeze. He was holding the hilt of the katana that hung from his side. The figure looked dead serious if not a bit aggervated. His white hair was spiked up and his blue eyes looking over the buildings, none too amused of course. This was not hell, he had clearly landed somewhere else.

Lina outwardly acts horrified at the news that she's hardly (in)famous here though when she goes back to loading up on precious food she can't help but contemplate the significance of such a revelation. Is this just another remote corner of the world? Maybe, but if nobody else knows where -here- is... "So, you just woke up here. Nothing before that? Like we just sort of..." When Devi starts to excuse herself she tips her head, "Fine, but uh... Fight with?" Oh jeeze. Meatheads? Really? Here?

Devi says, "Fight with anyone, who says you need a reason?" She grins. "Yeah, just woke up, like, I remember heading home, then ... sleep." She shakes her head. "Well, I have a feeling that I'll be seeing you folks on the flip side."

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