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History Lesson

Summary: Welcome to Twisted. Devi gets an introduction lunch from none other than Senior Diablo himself. We also get to see the (now) 14-16 year old (looking) Tabitha in her new position working for him. ...but with all this why is there a blue man in red tights singing the Nyan Cat song?

Who: Devi, Freakazoid, Senior_Diablo, Tabitha, Skutters
When: September 2, 2011
Where: The Twisted Street, The Usual Restaurant

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The Twisted Street(#1833R)

Twisted Street reaches out in opposite directions and if you look hard enough you'll see the dust from the Wastelands raging. While some may feel it strange, Twisted Street is well kept, the holes in the road freshly paved, the buildings clean and free of debris and graffiti.The wind sweeps softly, dark gray clouds marring a clear sky.

The Integra's Arms Apartment and the Usual Restaurant inhabit the street, while other roads encourage exploration. It seems that a quick 5 or 10 minute stroll and you can visit most anywhere in this odd new world.

Senior Diablo steps down the street purposefully, his aid Tabitha following a step or two behind him. His eyes have a shine to them that implies things are going just a little too well for him. He pauses a minute to stare at the Usual Restaurant and then glances at his traveling companion. "Do you recall the last time you ate something?" Tabitha blinks at the question, "Um..." Her eyes hold a momentary vacantness that makes the demon's smile widen more. "...no." The devil laughs, "Good. Then perhaps we should indulge ourselves..."

Devi walks from the directions of the park, hand in her hair. Peering from under long bangs, she sees Diablo and stops dead in her tracks. "No fuckin way. They have halloween here?" She hans't seen any..... aliens yet, just funny looking normal people. She leans against a nearby Cherry tree and watches the pair walk, trying to decide how she's going to react to this. Perhaps just not doing anything? Oh What if he's a masked murderer? Her forhead creases in worry.

Tabitha's ear twitches and she glances over in Devi's direction a moment before looking back at Diablo and nodding, "Yeah, food would be nice. I think I'm hungry... Feels like it's been forever." Senior Diablo simply laughs at her, leading the way towards the entrance to the UR. He pauses briefly at the door, his hand already resting on the handle before he too glances back at Devi with a brow raised. "I may make you earn that food today, child. See that woman over there?" The catgirl follows his gaze and nods, "Sure." Diablo continues, "Go ask her if she'd like something to eat as well." Tabitha stares in confusion, "Oooo...kay...?" With a shrug the girl heads in Devi's direction, eager to get this over with so she can finally eat something.

Devi's eyes narrow as Tabitha heads towards her. The urge to duck into the trees before she gets there is strong, but Devi's in this for the long run, unless of course she can get home or build a life, so she grits her teeth and makes sure she doesn't have leaves or anything in the palm of her mesh shirt. Her spine straitens automatically, carring her slender frame taller. Best foot forward. One hand grasps at the small of her back for something that isn't there. "Hello. Maybe you can help me."

The catgirl's eye's narrow a second before she rolls her eyes and puts on her best act, smiles and all. Only her tail fails to play along with the act as it seems to stay tense behind her. "Oi. Maybe I can, maybe I can't. Maybe ya wanna hear what I have to say first." She bows as she waves her hands in Diablo's direction, "That tall gentleman over there wishes for ya to join us for a bite to eat." Yes, she's getting straight to the point, but she's hungry too. Rising up from her gesture she pushes a few loose strands of hair from her eyes and sighs, "Please say yes. He might take back his offer and leave me starvin' if ya say no."

Devi's face hardens, her lips whitening around the edges. Looking over Tabby's shoulder at Diablo, she thinks. Stomach growling and to much pride to cover it, she looks back at Tabitha. "Depends, can you answer geography questions while you eat?" Devi forces a tight smile to show lightheartedness, though her gut coils in knots at the cat-girls demenor. She pushes off of the tree, fixin the collor of her trench and motioning for Tabitha to lead the way. "Of course."

Tabitha's face shifts into a genuine smile and she hops a little as she spins around and proudly makes her way towards Diablo, tail swishing behind her as she walks. Senior Diablo smiles as he holds the door open for the two as they come closer. "Well, well... so glad you could join us." He watches carefuly, studying Devi's face to decide how best to continue. "Having a wonderful day, I hope?"

As Tabitha walks away, Devi shoves her hands in the pockets of her trench, fingering a small smooth stone she found earlier, in concern. She smiles at Diablo, but only barely, trying to decide if she should just go eat and then ask her questions, or ask them now. To hell with it. "It's only the begining of the day, so I can't answer that honestly. Thank you." She nods at his door holding and steps inside, letting Diablo and Tabitha lead to the way to the sittings.

The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

It takes only seconds before the catgirl leaps towards a table, looking ready to start chewing on it before stopping to let everyone catch up and take a seat. While Devi may keep in step, Diablo fails to follow - stopping instead to pause at the bar and request food and drinks before turning back to the table and sitting down. Before Tabitha can even start to relax in her seat, the Devil plucks a glass of wine out of the air and takes a sip. "I hope the two of you don't mind, but I ordered for you." He sips again as a small blue robotic 'skutter' wheels itself towards the table holding a black serving tray in the fingers of it's claw-like head. Diablo waves towards it. "Strawberry Italian Cream Sodas. Something tells me you're both fans of them, even if you don't recall having one..." He's being big on these assumptions today, isn't he?

Devi says, "Make mine Vanilla please." She took an edge seat, ever ready to put her legs to good use carrying her useless ass away. "I must admit, my pride doesn't enjoy your assumptions, but my stomach does." The Skutters are quick in their work, the drinks already being wheeled to the table. They must have started making them before the group had even finished asking for them. She crosses her legs and sits back. "So why would an... odd gentleman such as yourself invite a person you've never met to meal?" Start with the basics.

Senior Diablo watches as Tabitha devourers her drink, snatching up Devi's as well before the skutter can take it back to start again. He chuckles softly as Devi asks her question, looking at her with a raised eyebrow and a slight show of dissapointment. "You remind me of someone I kept a member of my Council before we opted to disband it in favor of the new open system for Twisted." The devil stands again long enough to bow towards her, "I am Senior Diablo, founder of the Council of the regions of Hell and current..." He blinks, taking a sip to compose his thoughts before continuing. "...I suppose I need a new name for myself. We'll saaaay, current overseer of the world of Twisted? Gegoshi will probably be able to think of a better title than that later when we finish upgrading the Data Terminals." Taking his seat, he takes another sip as well, "I just want to make sure everyone here is happy with all the new 'changes' we've been implimenting and that, dear girl, includes you. I make it my buisness to be sure I know everything about everyone. Makes my job infinitely easier." Jeeze, does he ever shut up?

Devi sips her vanilla before the rabid, ferel cat-girl can, eyeing her for a moment as one might see before a fight on the plains. "Twisted, Hell, Gegoshi, data terminals, have I found myself in a bad Sci Fi movie or something? Aside from the trippy LSD story, you still havn't answered my question. Bad manners, ya know and you strike me as the kind of... man... that has a thing for propriaty. What is your job, exactly? Does it involve taking strange women you meet on the street to break fast? I hope you get commision for something like this." She shakes her head and takes a long drink. "You and her make number 3 and 4. Though, she's skinny enough to count only as a half." Devi eyes the girl again, gripping her drink.

Tabitha scowls coldly at Devi a second as she takes her drink with AUTHORITY. The look is gone quickly as Devi talks, replaced with a grin at the occasional stab at Diablo. "He's like the guy in charge. Like a king or a president." Senior Diablo shakes his head and takes over the story telling, "There was once a ruling Council overseeing Twisted. Twisted being the name of the world you've clearly found yourself in. Twisted is a melting pot for various worlds in the Multiverse. The place you end up when you loose your way. As people and sometimes places have a way of finding themselves here the old Council was put together to keep a sense of order to the residents here, but they did a very bad job of it. As if they expected people to worship them and figure the rest out for themselves." He guestures his hand along as if winding a clock. "Skipping ahead past some drama and wars and such and you eventually find myself being put in charge, thus the changes I mentioned before." He looks into his glass and frowns, waving a hand overtop it and somehow refilling it. "I care about the people who end up here, and my ill mannered protégé here was hungry. Is there anything wrong with mixing work and pleasure?" As if on queue two more skutters roll out to the table with serving trays stacked with hamburgers and fries. Tabitha lunges for them as Diablo lifts a hand to block her way. "Paitience, girl. Let our new friend go first."

Devi nods and waves dismissivly at his words. "Fairy tales to be turned into legands by the locals. I don't care much about what happened before. I wasn't here for it, it didn't affect me so it's not my problem." She sets her drink down, quickly gathering a chuck of fries and a couple burgers before pushing it towards Tabitha. "I don't think I'm 'lost' as you put it though and I dare say it won't take me long to figure out the score with the people here, what people I can find that will interact with me anyway." She tears a bit out of her burger and chews swiftly. "So, I'm on Twisted and your King of the hill having lunch with chattel of time. Alright, when in Rome, after all. Can you tell me how I came here then? I don't make a regular thing of dimention jumping on my off days and the whole 'fell through time' thing doesn't fit."

Senior Diablo watches with horrified intrest as Tabitha messily devourers her food, his face a mix of disgust and amusement. He turns his attention back to Devi greatefully as it means an excuse not to keep watching. Her words seem to depress him slightly and quietly before replying he mutters "...this was easier last time" under his breath. "Chances are, child, that is exactly what happened. People tend to arrive suddenly without recollection of how they left or that they've found themselves somewhere different than their homes at all, at least until they begin to notice people like myself mixed in with the crowd." He smiles, "I realize I look strange to you, it goes with the territory. Now, from here I can go two different directions. I can continue to tell you things like this and you'll ignore most of what I say until you discover there's probably not a way back. Either resenting me for my words or hating me for not softening the blow, or I can try and go the old way of telling you more about yourself than you want to hear and letting you have at it for better or worse. But lets skip the, as you put it, sci-fi and just leave the facts as you see them. I only wanted to offer you a meal as you happened to be in the right place at the right time. I have no ill intent towards you. And..." He takes a second to smack the catgirl in the back of the head and scowl at her. "...and I appoligize again for the rudeness of my friend here. Appoligize, Tabitha, or I'll take you back to the wastelands where I found you and let you sort your life out for yourself." The girl swallows hard the last bite of her food and forces an appoligy out her lips. "I... I'm sorry." Diablo smiles, "You're like a cross between the daughter I never had and the pet I never wanted. How exciting."

Devi's face cringes in disgust at the way Diablo treats Tabitha and after a thought says to her,"Don't apologize, you've done nothing wrong." She offers a warm smile, turning her attention back to Diablo. "You're a funny dude, answering questions out of order and all. Don't really follow that linear path, must be exciting. I apperciate the meal and your generosity, not to mention your words. If there is not a way back, then the only direction to go is forward. Granted, I'll still take a peep into it, but with your advice, I'll deal with the outcome either way. I just need to find my foothold here before my sanity goes the way of the Dodo. I'll keep myself proper, search for answers where I can, although this seems to be something of a pandemic, floods of people falling through space/time to end up on a street somwhere. What of the locals? I havn't seen many out, but there must be someone as the town is kept well enough."

Before anyone can respond high-pitched music can suddenly be heard from outside. More precisely, high-pitched singing. The doors of the UR are kicked open and in steps a man with blue skin and wearing red tights, his hair spiked straight up with a lightning bolt painted on the side like the Bride of Frankenstein. In one hand he holds a plush cat, and in the other a Pop-Tart. He looks around the bar frantically, spotting the trio at a table and literally jumping towards them. With a smile and the best suave voice he can manage this freak of a person leands towards Devi, "...that's because we just reopened!" Holding the cat and the pastry over his head he swooshes out again chanting 'nyan-nyan-nyan' in the most annoying way possible and somehow leaving a rainbow-colored trail behind him that lingers in the air a moment before fading. In the several seconds that follow only the sound of Diablo slapping himself in the forehead can be heard. "No, they're around. For Twisted this is only morning."

Devi says, "Oh my dear god." The sudden advance of the blue man has Devi pushing away from him, her eyes wide and darting to look for exits. Once he leaves, Devi looks over at Diablo and to Tabitha. "Does... uh, does that happen often? Freaks in tights that fart rainbows?" She prys herself back down to her sitting position, one eye cast towards the door, just in case he comes back. "That's just too much."

Senior Diablo just slowly shakes his head as Tabitha giggles. "Only at the most inappropraite times. Part of the problem with residing in a place created from chaos... sometimes it slips in through the cracks. It used to be a lot worse." Tabitha nods her head in agreement, "Yep! Wait until ya see the unicorns!" Diablo scowls at her angrily before giving up and letting his head drop to the table with a thud. "Yes. Thank you for reminding me why I used to choose the moments I arrived a bit more carefully."

Devi ponders soul stealing on Unicorns. "So, what kind of people fall through this rift? Is everyone like him? Are we the only normal ones? Lay it on me, Big Papa, I'm in it for the info." She takes another bite of her burger, a sarcastic stream of blue smoke eeps out of her mouth, unnoticed by Devi, to fade away quickly. "Anyway, chaos is healthy for a collection of peoples. Keeps them on their toes. Provides religion and that's important enough."

Senior Diablo keeps his head down as Tabitha tries to answer for him again. If she noticed the smoke, she doesn't acknowledge it. "I was born here. I can hones'ly say we get all kinds. Humans, demi-humans like me, the occasional 'super hero'." She guestures air-quotes with the last one. "Eh... most of 'em are pretty normal, just eccentric. Th' ones that fight alot are kinda crazy though. Like they fell outta a game or somethin'." Diablo slowly lifts his head up and watches her talk, "For a girl who was born here you'd think that accent of yours would be less defined." Tabitha blinks at him. "Wha' accent?"

Devi says, "So everyone who's born here carts around that accent? Hell, even the Brits chucked old cocknery a while ago." She shakes her head. "At least I'll notice who's native and who's not." She polishes off her food. "And crazy people? Well, we've got them all." She stands, and streaches. "Welp, the food was great, the conversation unguided, and I got talked to by a BDSM freak in red. It's been a good day. Now I can cross that off my list......"

Tabitha watches confused, "WHA' ACCENT?" Diablo just shakes his head, "I'm not even sure that's local." He peers closely at the catgirl, "I'll bet it's a reflexive memory." Tabitha's eyes narrow. "A wha'?" The devil smiles, "You inherrited it." Well, the catgirl seems fine with that response. Standing to meet Devi he bows once more. "Until next we meet, then." He guestures for Tabitha to stand as well and a painful mew-yelp is heard as her chair clutters to the floor and she grabs her tail, cradling it closely. "...it got stuck." Senior Diablo just shakes his head and sighs.

Devi purses her lips, taking another large bite of a burger in hand, nudging the Skutters away with her boot so she can coninute eating.

Senior Diablo guestures towards the door letting the mewling catgirl go first, "Tabitha? You have the grace of a newborn child. Thank the Advent you never had to use that skill you where supposed to be training." She clearly gets upset as she swings around, pushing the door open with her rear. "I trained! I did! I coulda survived out there for years!!" Diablo just shakes his head again, "How old are you, child?" Tabitha proudly responds, "Four, thank you very much. My people mature quickly." The devil looks back at Devi and sighs, "Oh yes. It shows..."

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