2011-09-04 - Finally some conflict! (Part 2)?

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Finally some conflict! (Part 2)?

Summary: Tabitha flees after being covered in Dog drool, leaving Devi to her own devices. Her adventures in counting continue... One, ah ah ah... Two, ah ah ah...

Who: Devi, Lucas, Tabitha
When: September 04, 2011
Where: Cemetary - Path to Life


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Cemetary - Path to Life(#2373R)

Several gravestones exist here, none of them are easily readable. The letters on the stones seem to blur when looked upon, as if the spirits beneath the soil want to be left in seclusion.


Tabitha winces at Devi's scream, only half-heartedly paying attention as she starts investigating her clothing. Something that serves to remind her of the state of her own. "Oh god... it soaked my shirt." With a dance of disgust she whines and holds her arms out to the side like she's afraid to touch herself. "I... uh... I think I need to go change my clothes and take a shower." The girl's tail flicks anxiously behind her. "Thank you again for your help. I-I should be going." While she's still yet to explain why she was following Devi, it's clear she has no intention of sticking around long enough to do so. She does wait to see what is said back to her first before running away however.

Devi nods towards Tabitha. "Shiny." Devi looks up into the tree and frowns as her jacket sways, still moved by the fight that just took place. "Damnit. How the hell am I supposed to get that?" She tugs at her skin tight full armed shirt, held taunt by the thumbholes created. "Double damn." She half sits, half leans on a tombstone, a ragged circle on her back, the loose tendrils of black fabric brushing at her flawless skin. Though she doesn't know it, a red kanji of hell is tattooed on her back, and the hole oddly matches the basic shape of the tat. Devi rolls her neck, the pops loudly echoing through the graveyard, as she reconsiders her jacket.

It's a day like any other day, or at least, that's how it seems to Lucas Korbin. The young man walks through the cemetary quietly, apparently not bothered by the decorum. His step is light, and his pace slow; obviously the man is in no hurry. He kneels next to a tombstone here, or a bare grave marker there, running his hands slowly over each one. It seems an odd pastime for someone to pick up, but, well, there it is. After a while, he draws near enough to hear a conversation. By his impression, it's ending, and at the last thing he hears, 'Shiny', he decides it's none of his business anyway. He presses on, running his fingers over each tombstone in turn, and generally not making a presence of himself. Though some of them almost seem to pull at him, this far out into the cemetary, he moves on from one to the next without any indication that he notices the approval or disapproval of the dead.

Devi notices the man out of the corner of her eye and turns around on the tombstone to face his general direction. She watches him for a minute before calling out. "Isn't that some form of necrophilia? It's not quite the dead, but close enough." She walks slowly towards him, never one to shy away from... well, from mostly anything. Her jeans make only the slightest noise as she moves, though her boots are heavy enough and her unattentive enough to thump as she walks, majority of the noise being absorbed into the soft earth. She leans slighty as she watches him carefully.

It doesn't take the young man long to understand Devi's words are directed to him. Lucas stands up slowly from his most recent gravesite, and turns. His sweatshirt's hood is down, so his short-cut raven hair is visible. It's stiff, though, and doesn't sway when he turns his head. His light blue eyes look glassy as they pass over Devi, and they come to stop just past her, as if he wasn't looking at her, but something else. Or perhaps they can't see her at all. "I'm not sure what you mean. I'm just readin the tombstones, miss..." He trails off, clearly expecting Devi to supply her name.

Devi ah's slightly and leans on a nearby headstone. "My mistake. It looks an awful lot like feeling up the reminders of people, thus the necro--- nevermind. Are you searching for something specific?" She looks him over. "Oh oh, lemme guess, just woke up here, eh number 7?" She grins and looks up at her jacket again. "I don't suppose that you're fantastic at climbing trees are you? I seem to have left my jacket up there and I am just not sure how to get it down again." She refuses to say that she's sorry, as she's done nothing wrong, but she also refuses to draw attention to his lack of sight. Devi /does/ have manners after all and isn't a total savage. Just thinking about that Number 6 turning her nose up at Devi almost makes her want to spit all over again, but she's gone now. Devi lets out a deep breath, letting those feelings go for now. Never let a woman control the emotions in a fight, Devi feels, regardless of the fact that she, herself is female. Mind over matter.

Lucas tilts his head to one side for a moment, then turns his head to 'look' over towards the tree in question. The fact that he can't see doesn't seem to stop him from knowing what tree she's talking about. Assuming there is a tree with a jacket in it, anyway. "I woke up at around seven this mornin, and my name's Lucas, not number seven. But I'm alright at climbin, if you need help." He somehow manages to dodge the question about what he's looking for without calling attention to it, so he doesn't seem terribly dense. "Where is it?" He starts walking over toward Devi, casting his blind gaze towards the tree in question.

Devi says, "Nice to meet you Lucas, although you'll still be number 7." She walks towards the tree, stopping directly underneth the jacket. She points up. "I'm sorry to ask this of you, but I'm shit at tree climbing. It's right up there. I'm not totally sure /how/ I got it up there, but there it is. The limb leading to it is fairly strong, should hold your weight and there seems to be plenty of healthy branches to hold onto up there. Are you sure you can do it?" She looks at him, taking in his general 'look'. Goosebumps rise on her back as a soft breeze shifts across her bare back, causing her to shudder.

"'Fraid I don't know what you mean about the number, but I'm pretty sure I can climb a tree. Been doin it since I was six, after all." As Devi takes the measure of Lucas, she'll see easily that he's in rather good shape. His sweatshirt adds frump and fluff, but it doesn't hide that his arms are in the right proportion, and his torso the same. He might even be athletic, though it's hard to say while he's dressed so. When he nears the tree, he 'looks' up at it, and seems thoughtful. "It's up there somewhere, huh? I'll find it, just give me a minute, here." Presuming Devi doesn't move to stop him, Lucas places a hand against the tree, feeling its bark for a handhold, eventually reaching a branch and tugging on it lightly. Well, it seems like he knows what he's doing. Without interruption, he'll be up near the jacket in no time, as the branches seem to hold his weight with ease.

Devi says, "Well, I can explain the numbers. See I've been keeping track of all the people I meet." She relizes it's out of a vibrant need to remember. "Why would I need to remember so badly?" She mutters to herself before relizing that she was in the middle of something. She calls back out. "So, yeah, you're number 7. Number 3 and 6 just left. I'm sure that I'll want to remember all my mad adventures here so that when I finally get back home, I can write a book or something." She rambles on, feeling the need to open up a bit with the guy, if for nothing else then because she's asking some blind kid to climb a tree for her. It's not that she doubts he's capable, but if something happens, everyone is going to question why she would do such a thing. "Please be careful, I don't think I could stand seeing someone hurt cause I can't climb a freakin tree."

Once he gets up in the tree, Lucas 'spots' Devi's jacket with ease, and reaches for it. If it's caught on anything, he'll try to work it off gently, and feel to make sure there's nothing he'll tear it on before freeing it from its resting spot. Successful, he'll climb back down the tree with a great deal more ease than he climbed up. He seems to be quite a natural - but he did say he'd been doing it since he was a kid, he probably doesn't really consider it a big deal. "Here you go." Once he makes it down, Lucas hands the jacket to Devi, and offers her a friendly smile that doesn't seem to miss her like his eyes do. "Hope it stays with its owner this time." He seems genial enough, and the term 'handi-capable' seems to apply to him, no matter how distastefully pandering it is.

Handi-capable is an appaling phrase and Devi smiles back at the guy before taking it and quickly sliding it over her back. "Ohh, oh got chilly in the breeze didn't it? Damn." She rolls her shoulders and hops for a second. "I'm good." She buttons it up happily and shoves her hands in her pockets. "I don't know why it's chilly all of a sudden. Maybe the fight took my body heat. Oh well, thanks so much, dude. I really apperciate it." She looks out over the graveyard.

Lucas shrugs at Devi's mention of the cold, and sticks his hands in his sweater pockets as he starts meandering back over to the gravestones. "No problem. Who were you fighting?" He asks the question casually, as he should. It's not like having a scuffle is anything unusual, particularly not around here. While he waits for the girl to respond, he begins that 'grave-reading' again, looking for ... something. It's hard to say what.

Devi follows along behind him. "I have no idea. I was walkin past and some girl was getting attacked. I came in to help and somehow in the mist of everything, she became my enemy. Maybe it's a girl thing though, that whole Alpha/Beta. She kinda pissed me off, but that's ok. I'll run into her again I'm sure... " She falls silent for a second. "What are you looking for? Could I help?"

"Sounds an awful lot like a Thursday." Lucas runs his fingertips over each stone and marker as he goes, never moving on until his fingers move across the name on each. "...And I'm lookin for a grave. I heard once that everyone who ever died has a gravestone here. Sounds silly, but whenever I come by, the stones're different. So I figure maybe I'll stop by now and again, and see if I can find hers." Someone specific, huh?

Devi stops. "I have no idea what day it is. Could be a thrusday..." She shrugs and moves on with him. "Is that right? Everyone? That's a kick." She apologizes to the graves as she steps on them. "The first time I visited a graveyard, my mom always told me not to walk on the dead. Freaked me out." Is she really rambling? "So where do you come from? Everyone else has a story, what's yours?"

Lucas comes to a stop as Devi reveals that she doesn't know what day it is, and he tilts his head to one side. "Let's assume it's a Thursday then, hmm? It's hard to keep track anymore." After a moment, he shakes his head and continues feeling each stone. It could take a while. "But there's not much t'tell about me. Had a life, wound up here, started a new one. It's been that way for a long while now. Years and years." That ... isn't much of a story. But there's probably more to it than that. There always is.

Devi purses her lips. "So is that generally what happens? Didn't you ever search for a back to where ever you came from? The whole famliy slash friends slash responsiblity thing?" She watches the stars as she walks, wishing momentarily for that one hill back home that looked over the town. "Is that what's going to happen to me?"

"...No." Lucas pauses to lift his head up and stare towards the sky. It's hard to imagine he sees much. "...I never did." What kind of person wakes up in a different world and doesn't search for a way back? "There was no place left for me there anyway." ... Sounds like another story there. Or non-story, as he seems to be painting his life. After a moment's reflection, he continues his search. He never seems to step directly on a grave, but always to one side or the other. How he can aim so carefully isn't really apparent with his condition, but it seems to hamper him very little. Except for the whole reading thing.

Devi presses her lips together and nods. "Hmm." She looks back at him then gasts a gaze around her. "Should I just leave you to your nighttime reading then?" She stops, a hand twisting up to reposition a stray bang hair and looks around the yard again.

"If you wish." Lucas doesn't seem like the type who complains about much. "The company is nice, but I bet you've got stuff to be doin, or places to be goin." He turns to cast a glance back at her, and offers her a small grin. "At least, most stuff sounds better'n hanging out with a blind guy in a graveyard, yeah?"

Devi smiles. "Normally, I'd say I was a boring hermit, but considering my past 2 days, that's not really truth anymore. Plus, I'm getting used to this being around people thing." She grins. "'Sides yer Lucas, the dude that saved me from a cold. Very brave. But not 'that blind guy in the graveyard'." She makes a face. "Sounds kinda shitty. That one blind guy."

It takes a bit for Lucas to respond to that, though his grin remains the whole time, while he finishes checking another stone. "Which part sounds bad, the blind, the graveyard, or the guy?" He sounds kind of amused, but he doesn't seem to be trying to be mean about it. "...Glad you're gettin used to it, though. Y'can't really avoid people, at least not forever."

Devi says, "The Graveyard. Definatly creepier then the rest." She nods as though to reaffirm her statement. "I disargee. I was very good at avoiding people. I could have done it for another 10 years if I had to. Much to the dispare of my hyperactive friend. If it wasn't for work, it would have been the perfect thing."

Lucas just laughs at that, and shrugs. "Well, I've never been able to avoid people for long. Maybe you have better luck than me." He comes to the next stone, and runs his fingers over it, but the plaque, which reads Whisper Tiral, has no indentations, and after running his fingers over it for a bit, he furrows his brows, and reluctantly moves on to the next stone. It looks like it bothers him, which is strange, since he's surely used to being blind by now.

Devi rubs her eyes and sighs. "It was wonderful to meet ya, Lucas, but I'm afriad my frail human nature has snuck up on me and I'm dead tired. I have to find a place to crash." She bows slightly. "Maybe I'll see you later. Good luck with whoever you're searching for." She smiles again and heads towards the exit.

After a little more searching, Lucas calls out to Devi in reply, obviously a little hung up on whatever he's doing. "You be sure and have a good night now, miss." He doesn't seem like he'll stop searching any time soon. Well, everyone has to have a hobby ... or something.

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