2011-09-04 - Maybe it's the water that makes people crazy.

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Maybe it's the water that makes people crazy.

Summary: Devi goes to the Arms Apartment building to see if she can get a place to live. To her suprise, Medical Mechanica seems to be picking up everyone's rent tab, offering free housing to the space/time refugees.

Who: Devi
When: September 4, 2011
Where: Integra Arms Hotel


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Devi walks in from the street, hands tucked in her pockets. Long strides take her to the counter where she digs the tiny little bell. Leaning over the counter, she hollars out, "HELLO?! IS ANYONE THERE?" A small woman peeks out of the back and oh!'s, running out to stand before Devi. "Leena, huh?" Devi reads off of the womans nametag.

Leena smiles brightly, being one of those super happy people that nothing seems to get down. She nods. "Yes, I'm Leena. Welcome to the Integra's Arms Apartment building! How may I help you today?"

Devi almost cringes at the happy. Too much! Too much!"Uh, yeah. See, I just arrived here a few days ago and I kinda don't have anyplace to stay." Hard pill to swallow, being homless and prideful to boot. "I was wondering if perhaps, there was something that I could do in exchange for a room?"

Leena nods happily again, her smile plastered to her face. Creepy really, as it doesn't move much even when she's talking. "Of course! Medical Mechanica understands the needs of those new comers who arrive in our little town." Headtilt. "Medical Mechanica has given Integra's Arms LLC the rights to offer housing to the refugees of time!"

Devi's eyes get wider as the woman talks and she shakes her head slighty, either in fear of the happy, or in awe of it. "Ok. Um. What do I have to do to get an apartment?" She rests her elbows on the counter. "Is there like a form or something I fill out?"

Leena says,"Not at all! Medical Mechanica understands the refugees' need for privacy. I shall show you to your room right away. Which floor would you like?"

Devi rises her eyebrows. "Just like that? No personal information, no payment, no anything? BLood test, maybe?"

Leena giggles, that high-strung crack giggle. "No. Medical Mechanica wishes only to help those in need. If you need a place to call home, Medical Mechanica will help. After all, 'Medical Mechanica, here to build a life with you!'"

Devi ah ha's, looking more frightened as the conversation goes on. "Alright, I guess I can't look a gift horse in the mouth. Which floor is the least populated?" Gotta have that privacy after all and neighbors can be a problem. She's learned that from her former places of residence.

Leena pulls out a ledger book and opens it up in the middle. "Hmm, right now, it seems like the whole building is empty. People only stay here until they find a house they like or leave Twisted completly. Medical Mechanica owns the houses here too, so partons of the Arms complex are transfered quickly once they've settled on something."

Devi nods again, asking,"Ok, what about the least used rooms?" She's kinda against rolling in someone else's filth, perfering a lightly used room. "And you have to tell me if someone has died in a room right?"

Leena looks at Devi like she is the stupidist girl in the world. "Of course! The only rooms where a death has taken place is 2A. The 4th and 5th floors are the least used, with over half of the rooms never having been lived in at all!" Leena shuts the book and slides it back where it came from, repeating her former question. "Which floor would you like?"

Devi's sure this is the start of a robot uprising, but she goes on none the less. "4th floor, then." As Leena walks around the counter, Devi shakes her head at the woman, thinking something about cookie cutter cheerleaders. "This is a lot easier then I expected it was going to be."

Leena nods, motioning for Devi to follow her as she heads to the elevator, pressing the brass rimmed button with the shiny up arrow. The silver doors slide open and they step inside.

As the doors close behind her, Devi notes the large MM stamp on them and looks at Leena. She's already pressed the '4' button and the elevator rises smoothly. "What is Medical Mechanica anyway? Seems odd that some company would provide free housing for vagrant beings."

Leena is no help for information mining. She turns her smile towards Devi."Medical Mechanica only worries for the safty and well being of the inhabitants of this town." The elevator halts at the 4th floor and Leena steps out first, folding her hands behind her back as she waits for Devi. "Rooms are numbered from 4A to 4E." She motions behind her at the closest door, 4A. "Please select the one you would like."

Devi stares at Leena for a second before joining her in the hallway. "You really need to relax." She walks down the hall, looking at each door before deciding. "This one, 4E. I like the end of the hall. Maybe it'll keep people from 'mistakingly' knocking on my door." She mutters to herself,"Even though it seems like there isn't anyone here to mistakenly do anything." She waits as Leena catches up.

Leena makes her way down to Devi and pulls out a large key ring, the sound of the numorus keys echoing in the hall. She quickly finds the proper key and it's pair, detaching and handing one to Devi. The other she uses to unlock the apartment, letting the door swing open, gesturing for Devi to enter.

Devi eyes the girl some more. She just can't get over that trust issue. Stepping in, she exhales a little, relived that it's normal. No bodies hanging, or robot seats waiting to pull her heart out as she sits down on it. "It's already furnished." Devi looks back at Leena. "Is this standard in all the apartments?"

Leena nods, stepping in behind her to offer a quick tour of the roomy but cozy apartment. "Yes of course. MM understands that some people may not have brought anything with them, and while each person is allowed to change the decor, they assume that sleeping on the floor the first night at your new home would not be comfortable. Medical Mechanica cares-."

Devi cuts her off mid-statment. "Yes yes, all hail to the overlords..." She walks through what can only be described as a living room to peer into the small kitchen towards the east, a linen closet to the north and a bedroom to the west. "See, I like the idea of corner apartments." She'll have to thank Datenshi for planting the idea. Once she peeks into the bedroom, she grins, eyeing the widows at the corner, giving her two views. One of the street and one of park road. "Awesome."

Leena stands there, smiling as Devi roams about. "Is everything in order then?" Once Devi nods, she bows slightly. "Then Welcome Home, to Integra's Arms apartments!" Leena turns and leaves Devi to it, heading back to her station in the lobby.

Once the door closes behind the overly happy receptionist, Devi grins, taking to a spin in the middle of the living room. "Fantastic. I get shit done." She flops on the couch and laughs.

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