2011-09-04 - Nice day for a walk.

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Nice day for a walk.

Summary: Datenshi finds Devi laying in the park. Conversation ensues.

Who: Datenshi, Devi
When: September 09, 2011
Where: Nowhereto Park - Fountain


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Nowhereto Park - Fountain You find yourself standing around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps, nothing really too elaborate. To the north, kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit really.


Devi is laying face up on the fountain bench, her ankles crossed and her hands laced together over her chest. The trench is laid beneth her, as a prevenitive of dirt getting on her long sleeved shirt. She's not asleep so much as she is listening to the world and trying to figure out what happened last night.

Just an inch or two to the side of Devi's crossed ankles and in the air about several feet or so, a noiseless pheonomenon takes place as she listens to the world. A shadow, roughly the size of a manhole and deep as a void, appears without warning. From it black shoes suddenly descend, and a familiar Dark Angel falls out - and upon landing makes the lightest 'thud' sound, standing theoretically right next to Devi's feet on the bench. Upright, and with his body-length black wings tucked in, Datenshi should be able to lean over and look down at her with his iridescent red eyes - if she doesn't jump off the seat first. Either way, she's greeted by that familiar deep voice. "Enjoying the scenery?"

Devi cracks an eye up at him, the corner of her mouth twitching as she avoids a rising smirk. "Enjoying the sound actually." She swings her legs over the edge and sits up, curving her spine so as to streach it. The back of her shirt is still torn in the shape of her kanji, the only sign she has of the fight she got into last night. "Coming from a city, the sound of actual nature is something I'm not used to. Too many cars or people or petty screaming matches in less then appealing apartment complexes." She looks up at him again. "And you? Enjoying the scenery?" Her impish grin gets the better of her and lits on her face.

Datenshi's black hair seems to hang directly down as he looks down at her, it clears his face up completely - and gives him a very interesting look. The great thing is standing on the bench and being as tall as he is, he doesn't even need to move to stop looking down if she sits up."Oh, very much." His midnight wings stretch out to full length all of a sudden, flaring out before retracting. "I grew up around nature, and I was sensory deprived for many years after being surrounded by it. I find nature incredibly relaxing, but there's a newness to the city I've never known. It's... interesting. Like a mad fantasy." Honestly, steamworks were fantasy when he was born.

Devi says, "You can have the City. To much noise and in the right places to much stupidity. Get a couple hundred thousand people together and there is an endless string of possibility." She stands up and turns, pickin her trench up and brushing it off. Sliding it into place on her shoulders, she fixes the out-turned collar. "Most of those people live in their own mad fantasy, though I can't count myself out of that one." She's gotta be honest. Taking a moment to look Datenshi over, she says,"You loom. Loomer."

"I have wings, I perch. Deal with it." Datenshi grins with white shining teeth, he is prone to standing on lamp-posts or from high places. It's sort of one of his things, and hasn't changed since he was effectively reincarnated. "But stupidity is universal and indiscriminite, no matter if it is one person or one million people. People just find other stupid people to share and voice their opinions." If Datenshi knew what the internet was, well, that would be a good example. Pity he doesn't, even though the concept was explained to him... several times. "So, your back is burnt." Stating the obvious.

Devi laughs. "You loom." Though he is right on stupidity. The most advanced thing people have is pure ignorance. "I actively try to avoid stupid people, though my failure in doing so is way my back is the way it is." She slips an arm out of her coat sleeve to bend it round to feel the area. "My back is fine, but my shirt is history." She puts her arm back where it belongs. "That's what I get for playing in Graveyards. Either that, or that's what I get for trying to help strangers in need." Her face contorts into a flash of anger, lips curling back in agression as she thinks about number 6. "Stupid girl." Devi's emotions even out though and her face smooths back over.

Datenshi seems to quirk an eyebrow in curiosity, crouching somewhat on the bench as to be closer to her actual eye level. "Anyone I need to kill?" His hand is clasped around the obsidian sheathe of his weapon, his voice deep and calm - though obviously serious. He talks about taking someone's life as one would talk about going out for chinese food. "... The graveyards are not a good place to hang out for humans, necromancers and dead things frequent that place. There are more than enough people who pick the bones of the dead there, for their cantrips and spells." He can think of one woman in particular who does, though she may have dissapeared forever. If today is any indication, it doesn't seem likely.

Devi shakes her head. "A bad attitude is not a death worthy offence." That's weird to hear out of Devi's mouth, considering her temper flares have lead to enough fights in her past."Number 6 is just some high-brow priestess with a bad attitude. She needed help, I jumped in. Somewhere in the mist of all that, she became the enemy. The fight itself is a bit blurry, damn my frail human memory." She shrugs. "Either way, 6 is running around with a wolf, I'm sure I'll run into her again." A fist clenchs at the thought. "Though I'm touched." She must be refering to the offer of killing someone. So nonchalant.

Datenshi seems to wear a face that says 'that's a matter of opinion' about the death-worthy offence. However the man seems to shrug it off, though the priestess seems to draw his attention. "Oh, that's quite odd for a priestess. You think they'd be all helpful and shiny, eager to please... perhaps she feels forsaken by her gods?" Who can tell. "I'm surprised you managed to survive a fight with what must have been a rabid wolf." She's a little bundle of mysteries, isn't she? Her spirit is subdued, almost muted. It still defies explanation, but there's one advantage - it makes her distinctive in a crowd if you're looking for her amongst a sea of regular humans. "... It seems the master was equally rabid." See? The metaphor implies she should be put down. It's just good literary sense.

Devi hrumps."You'd think. She was rather confident in her gods and herself. More like she needed a cart to haul her ego behind her." She sits back down in her former spot, brushing the tails of her coat under her so they don't get in the water. "The wolf was fine, it drooled on the cat-girl, but was generaly well behaved. She and I were fighting..." Devi ponders the proper explination. "Shades? Shadows that had no form but still had substance. I think it's an effect of her being at the graveyard. Some strange calling from wherever she came from or something." Devi's still pleased that she managed to hit the girl in the forehead with the pendant that destroyed the shades. Too bad it didn't destroy the girl.

"Like this?" Datenshi, being a master shadow manipulator, seems to be riveted with interest at the mention of "shades" and "graveyard" in the same sentence. As a demonstration he seems to raise his gloved hands and cup them together, creating a place of pure darkness within his cupped hands - then opening it a tad so a whisp slips out into the air. As it seems to linger there the Dark Angel moves his hand - and makes a dog out of his hands in much the same way a child would with finger puppetry. The shadow, looming several sizes larger than his hands and completely solid, does the same. How very frivolous of the otherwise serious Datenshi! He makes it soundlessly bark, before making it dissapear - it snaps back into his hands and dissapears. "I'm glad you held your own. So, have you figured out any more about your living arrangements?"

"Interesting." Devi ponders the vast possibility that comes with shadow manipulation. "That's gotta be handy.That was basically their state. They had a horde mentality though, not a lot of individual thought processes. I just hope she doesn't drag them onto the street." She watches as it disappears, a small smile on her face. "Ever the entertainer, eh?" She chuckles warmly. "Not yet. I heard about the apartments across from that resturant though, Integra's Arms? I'm going to see what comes of that. Maybe they can work something out with me."

Datenshi seems to rest his forearms on his legs as he crouches, letting his hands hang between his legs in a stance that is rather reminiscent of a japanese punk. "Maybe. I was going to take the penthouse or loft apartment, maybe throw the owner in to one of those shadows so I can steal their apartment. I'd like to have some place with easy access to the roof, since I don't walk many places unless i've already landed nearby." The Dark Angel shrugs somewhat, glancing through the trees at the city. "... I had money, but I met a hungry sorceress and she ate through it. Quite literally. Ordered everything on the menu."

Devi nods. "Penthouse, sounds classy. I know they've got 5 stories, so I'm sure you'll be able to get a room on that floor." Devi tilts her head. "Sounds like number 2. Never got her name but she had the waitstaff at the UR damn near in tears. I've never seen someone so energetic complain about dieing from starvation. I don't suppose you'll be working at a local place to pick up extra funds. You seem like the 'getting it from a diffrent' place kinda guy. Dragon's horde maybe."

"Oh no, I lost that dragon's horde ages ago - it was sizable, but I didn't want to risk running in to my ex or her maker. She was a dragon, literally and figuratively." Datenshi speaks about such outlandish things so matter of factly, it almost might come off as a joke if it wasn't for his stoic expression. She's not wrong about the alternate method though, can you imagine the Dark Angel working at a burger joint? One wrong order and there'd be a side-serving of death for someone. "... I was thinking about just grabbing one of those money releasing devices and shaking it until the cash fell out, what do you think?" Does he mean... an ATM?

Devi laughs! "Why does that not suprise me?" She shakes her head. "I don't think robbery is the best way to start in a new place. Kinda puts you on the mat for the 'do-gooders' to shine up their weapons and punish the wicked." She purses her lips. Kinda a bad image to paint for a small town, but hey, it's usually in small towns where that kind of thing happens. There's the up side to cities! Plus, they don't even know if there is a standard police force here. Devi stands up. "Like I said, I'm just going to talk to who ever is at the Arms apartments. Seems like Twisted gets a lot of the space/time nomads. They've got to be able to do something."

Datenshi seems to ponder this, there were those police that once gave him a great deal of trouble - perhaps it would be prudent not to be too publically reckless. "Yesss... that could be inconvinient." Makes him reassess the whole 'throw someone into a shadow' loft plan. There are all sorts of troubles these days, licenses, deeds, databases. The Dark Angel seems to rub his forehead with a gloved hand, "I miss the days when the world was just a bunch of isolated villages run by a lord, and the average speed was a warhorse." Nostalgia creeps over him, not for the first time in his life. Of course, he wouldn't give up his current power for the world. Snapped back to reality, "... Well, if you need any help persuading, just come look for me. I never sleep, so I'll be walking around someplace."

Devi says, "Eh, we were mostly savages then, blinded by our own sense of wealth. Though, I guess that hasn't changed much." She nods at his offer and walks backwards towards the exit onto Park Rd. "I'd advise you to take care, but I think that's a natural thing for ya." She grins and turns on her heel to continue out.

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