2011-09-10 - Further Mysteries of Medical Mechanica

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Further Mysteries of Medical Mechanica

Summary: Further confusion, erm... questions are discovered as Senior Diablo goes to meet the night-shift receptionist of the Integra's Arms Hotel and have a polite conversation with her. Of course that was about a half hour prior to the start of this scene full of a screaming demon, a puppeteering synth, and a reporter who finds himself ready for a Team Rocket ballet. Things always seem to go to hell quick when Diablo is involved, don't they?

Who: Gegoshi, Lucas, Senior_Diablo, Trilby_Trang, Debbie, Leena
When: September 10, 2011
Where: Integra's_Arms_Apartments - Lobby

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Integra's Arms Apartments - Lobby(#2023R)

The Integra's Arms Apartments, with it's stone-styled tile and it's brown and white walls, is actively trying to feel like a Spanish villa. Soft, comfortable-looking chairs are arranged inside the door, complete with a glass table and non-specific magazines. Wide arches sit across from the help desk, leading to the elevator. Welcome Home!

Senior Diablo stares angrily at the receptionist who seems far too happy for her own good. With a furious deep voice he demands, "I will ask you again. Who is Medical Mechanica?" Her chirpy-happy response? "Medical Mechanica has authorized Integra Arms LLC to house stray citizens who may find themselves lost in space or time as a result from the chaotic nature of Twisted Street TM(R). It is our duty to help those unfortunate souls in their time of need and relocate them at a later time to our Medical Mechanica authorized housing districts of the city of Twisted. If you would like a room, all we need is your signature to authorize-" She can't say much as Diablo grinds his long nails into the desktop and growls at her. "Look..." He spies her nametag, "Debbie, I will bring down the wrath of fire and pain from the darkest regions of Hell if you don't tell me-!" He stops mid-sentance as it suddenly occurs to him to drag out the device long lost within the pockets of his robes. A few bleeps and the device comes to life. "Gegoshi? If you're not too busy dealing with whatever you're doing, can you join me at the Integra's Arms. I need your assistance..."

A red light appears on the Gegoshi-pad with a countdown starting from 100. It begins ticking down the seconds! Tick tick tick. Though once it gets to 80 Gegoshi comes walking through the entrance of the Apartment complex. Today she's dressed in a smoking hot red leather dress that shows off some ample clevage and a large amount of tummy. High heels click clack on the floor and a pair of red demon wings are arcing out from her back. She comes up behind Diablo and taps him on the shoulder, "Ding ding. Put that down it's old newssss." She hisses the last word and lashes her tongue out which is currently looking like a snakes! No horns on her head at least.

Senior Diablo stops, as he always seems to do, to stare at her and wonder what the hell is wrong with her programing. With a simple shake of his head to show his disatisfaction the demon gestures angrily at lady behind the desk. "Gegoshi? Meet Debbie." The woman waves happily. "Debbie here apparently works for Medical Mechanica who claim ownership over this building and most of the housing districts of Twisted. Exactly when and where did Medical Mechanica get control of my city? I know they've been worked into the history of this new timeline, but I'd like to know exactly who we're dealing with. Can you tell me anything about them? You should know everything-" He winces and trails off, "...everything of the old timeline, huh?" Debbie just keeps on smiling.

Gegoshi looks over at Debbie and nods her head, "Hellooooooo..." she hisses and eyes the girl up and down. Her mind or it's better to say database in this case pulls up everything she knows on Debbie. "Debbie," Gegoshi adds and looks backto Diablo with a smile. Her teeth currently rows of fangs, "She's the receptionist here at Integra, SD. And Medical Mechanica is coorporation that has branched off from The Core. Although this information is no longer current. I've severed my connection with them and no longer receive updates."

Senior Diablo's forhead thumps loudly into his open palm. "Wonderful. That's about as much information as Debbie here repeated endlessly." The woman continues simling but decides to chime in with a disgustingly chirpy voice, "Indeed! As stated Medical Mechanica cares about the people of Twisted and as they arrived to help settle the first arrivals here on Twisted, once more Medical Mechanica is here to help! All we need is your verbal authorization and signature and we can help get you set up right now in a comfortable accomidataion until you are ready for more advanced housing needs." Diablo glares at her coldly. "...I AM SENIOR DIABLO!! I DO NOT NEED HOUSING!!" Debbie just smiles happily, "Yes, but should you one day require-" Diablo screams.

Enter, stage right of dramatic scene - it's the famous reporter, Trilby Trang! Well not famous exactly, nobody ever reads the by line of his stories... in fact, nobody seems to know much about anything these days including themselves. But that is yet another mystery to be uncovered in his latest scoop story! As the avid reporter walzes in from outside you might notice he's holding a fresh tall cafe latte with extra coffee as he walks in, fresh from "Got your beans!" coffee house. In his other hand a recording device with a directional mic, aparently not using his notepad today. It's a nifty toy he's trying out, as this way he doesn't have to write and run after people at the same time. A beeline towards the woman at the front desk, completely ignoring those oddities in front of him. "Trilby Trang, ma'am, Twisted Times! Pleased to meet you." Tilt of the hat. "Got time to answer some questions about this establishment? Nothing too tricky, the PR department said I should talk to you about it." An old trick.

Gegoshi giggles with a hand to her mouth at Diablo. "I'm sorry, you seem to have me confused with a dog who fetches. Right now I am a demoness. A succubuss." She slithers her tongue out seductively towards you and then looks over to Debbie, "That's very kind of you Debbie. Please continue with your hard work and efforts." She then speaks to Diablo again as a tail with a spade at the end grows out behind her and thwips through the air and then Trilby Trang walks in. She turns on a heel and claps her hands together, "This shall provide us with more information SD. Just wait..."

Debbie smiles and nods, first at Trilby and then Gegoshi. "Heheh, Very well. Welcome, sir to the Integra Arms apartments. Medical Mechanica has authorized Integra's Arms LLC to offer housing to the refugees of time or space who have been displaced on or have arrived upon Twisted. Medical Mechanica cares about the life of Twisted's citizens. Medical Mechanica understands the needs of those new comers who arrive in our little town. 'Medical Mechanica, here to build a life with you!'" Senior Diablo stares without making a sound. Well, besides the sound of his teeth grinding together. "Can I help you with a room? All we need is your verbal authorization and signature to lend you a room. We have many available!"

Trilby Trang records that big speel, that's pretty much what he got from the press release before he came. "Why is Medical Machina taking such an interest in new arrivals into Twisted City, even though providing lodging for such an indeterminate amount of people means they would be running at a financial loss? People have claimed a "medical" research cooporation that has interest in supernatural beings would be interested in more than their safety, say, as test subjects? Is this really free lodging or just a big holding pen for test samples?" The beauty is that no matter how she responds, as long as she says something, it's a response. If she repeats the line, he can report it as either a refusal to directly answer or a 'stick to their guns' approach. Sipping his coffee, he seems quite unphased by her zombie-like attitude.

Gegoshi high heel steps her way over near the desk and to be alongside of Trillby and Debbie. Blue text flies across her eyes faster than any eye could follow. Her clothing and body then all turn into a silvery goo momentairly. It slips around her body, changing color as it goes until she's her usual looking self! She then snaps her hand out and impacts the side of Debbie's head with her hand! Only her hand doesn't meet resistance and goes INSIDE of the woman's head. Little silvery ripples form near where her hand is. She giggles and then moves closer, hunkering herself down and moving her hand about inside of the womans skull. Debbie doesn't seem upset at all, "We're here to help the unfortunate's who have ended up here at Twisted. Can I help you with a room? All we need is your verbal signaturrrrre..." Debbie trails off and the left side of her face goes slack like she was having a seizure. Gegoshi, who is now hunkered down behind the desk, peaks her head up over it looking towards Diablo and Trilby, "I've bypassed her internal protocols and found the trigger that will activate the servitude and obedience circuit. I can make the trigger occur...but I will need BOTH of your help to do it!" She says in conspiracy tone!

Senior Diablo's brow nearly leaps off his face as his smile finally returns. With a boastful laugh he applauds her efforts. "Excellent! The Gegoshi I remember returns at last, and at no better time!" He leans over the top of the desk to look down at the seemingly lifeless Debbie. "Absolutely! What needs to be done?" He assumes of course that Trilby is going to go along for the ride. He's a reporter, right? Shouldn't the search for the truth come first? A light on the desk begins to blink, alternating from green to red with each flash. While it's small and probably easy to ignore, it's worth pointing out. Especially as Diablo doesn't seem to notice it.

Trilby Trang seems to blink with glazed eyes for a moment, even as no stranger to watching the wierd this takes the cake! It's like one of his favorite movies... you know, Terminator 2! Is she here to assassinate MM from the future? OH! Perhaps she's a hybrid of all the technology they harvest in the future, come back to stop their machinations in the present! Either way, this could be a real *scoop!* Of course this is only one of several thoughts that flick behind the scenes, including but not limited to the implications of obtaining a 'servitude and obedience' robot. What to you expect, the letcherous reporter spends his spare time down at Happy's Treasures. But he is, above all things, an opportunist - "... Sure, whatever it takes to get to the truth!" His hand is a little shaky holding the microphone though. "Are you an artificial being sent from the future to take down MM, and possibly kill Sarah Connor?" Microphone thrust - Gegoshi's response?

Gegoshi looks down to the microphone and back up to Trilby. With a greviously serious tone she says, "At times." Her hand then moves and Debbi's mouth starts moving. She's working her like a puppet. Gegoshi ventroliquists her own voice into a high and squeaky sound to come out of Debbie's mouth as it's moved, "UpOn The ThIrd FloOr of tHIs bUIldiNG is A HiDDen WaLLbOard. BeHinD whICH aRE thE SECURITY PASSCODS tO AcceSS My OthER MODES." Gegoshi now gets an anxious look on her face! "Hurry! I cannot hold her in this state forever!"

Senior Diablo stares a moment at the Debbie puppet, then at Trilby, then back to Gegoshi. If it's not obvious he's completly confused. Suddenly this feels more like a show for Trilby's benefit than fact, but why would Gegoshi give them the run around? The demon seems to fall into the floor, his shadow spreading outwards a moment before vanishing towards the emergency stairs. A few seconds later the door to the stairwell opens and Diablo steps out brandishing a large key with fuzzy dice dangling from the end. "Gegoshi, dear? Are you sure we're not being given the run around? This doesn't feel quite ri-" Matching his movements step for step the other receptionist, Leena, walks in from the staircase and chirps, "Since it would seem that unit Debbie is malfunctioning, Medical Mechanica would like to offer a formal appoligy for any inconvience this may have caused you or anyone else involved. As a result I have been activated prior to my designated work hours to assist and provide meaningful information to anyone who may need-" Diablo smacks her in the head with the key and tosses it towards the desk. To the celing he suddenly declares, "Lord? Had we had these installed in Hell years ago even the demons would have run in fear. I may have to send you one next time you dump someone on me because you don't want to deal with them."

"Oh they're not all that bad, no different from your average politician." Really, you should see those guys repeat when thrown a question. Trilby sees SD appear and dissapear, clearly no need to run up and down the stairs it seems unneccesarily - all these supers make it look so effortless to do such things. Inwardly he's amazed, outwardly he's... trying to get his microphone to do something. "//Please insert mode setting!!//" It chimes helpfully. "... Damn it, the vendor said it had a video setting... but I can't get it to work!" Bang bang on the side, suddenly a light turns on and shines in Diablo's eyes. "No, that's not it... wait... come on." "//Please enter security code!//" "But I didn't get one with the device, there was no manual!" He states helplessly, before setting it back to its normal mode. Then realises... "Oh, there's another one." Way to have an attention span... how did Gegoshi need his help again?

Gegoshi eyes follow the key with all the intensity of a cat on its prey! She reaches her hand to the desk and takes the key and hand then holds it aloft! *Da Da Da Dunnn!* Music plays from her. "I got the key!" She says and then sticks it into Debbie's mouth and has the girl swallow it! There's a brief pause and then Debbie's body twitches and she spits! The spitwad smacks into the floor before the desk and then balloons out into a large grey metal chest without a lock. "Hurry now!" Gegoshi orders! "Open the chest and use the contents to activate the servitude and obedience trigger!"

Senior Diablo stares blankly. "...open the...?" Okay, that's too much. "No. No! This has gone too far. Why would anyone build a device with such a rediculous system of-?" Leena happily interupts again despite the recent blow to the head. "All technologies including those of the micro-universal storage system are a registered trademark of Medical Mechanica. 'Medical Mechanica, protecting your secrets, your family, and your lives!' If you would like to enquire about these or other fine Medical Mechanica technologies a registered notification to our enquries department is available for a nominal fee..." Anything else she says is drowned out by Diablo screaming in rage again. Turning his attention to the second receptionist, the demon begins to march towards her, forcing her backwards towards the door to the stairwell again. "I've had just about enough of Medical Mechanica for one evening, thank you. Please refrain from speaking before the angry demon lets out his patented Portal-to-Hell technology, copyright six hundred and sixty six billion BC." Leena doesn't seem the least bit phased and continues smiling, even after Diablo opens the door to the stairwell and shoves her inside, holding the door closed. "Well, that's better I think."

Trilby Trang glances over at the grey chest dripping in goo and just finds this... needlessly gross to observe. "Note to self: Medical Machina employees carry special items concealed within their stomachs. Future inquiry; are all MM staff required to swallow objects such as cyanide pills and top-secret documents for company protection?" What a scoop! What a lot of goop! What a fluke! Wha.. no, that's it. Moving boldly towards the chest he snaps it ipen and grabs the contents... a remote control? How cliche... it has hundreds of small buttons, one could get lost using this thing. "... Hey, there's even a record setting!" Wow, neat! "This looks like it." Pressing the button marked Serve-O in teensy tiny letters above it. A thin ray of light shoots between the head of the device and strikes the restrained synthetic between the eyes, as Trilby tilts his hat in surprise. Damn, this is interesting stuff!

The beam spreads out once it impacts Debbie's face, surrounding the girl with its light! A similar beam then shoots out the OTHER end of the remote into Trilby's face! The light intesnifies and Gegoshi cries out (for emphasis) and shields her eyes with her free hand! As the light fades Trilby will find his clothing has changed into a skintight pink leotard and tutu! Written across the front of the chest area are the words 'Master'. Debbie meanwhile has written across the skin of her forehead in black letters, 'Slave'. Hey, it worked! Gegoshi giggles and moves Debbie's mouth, "HoW CaN I SErve You MAstER?"

Senior Diablo watches from the other side of the room and nearly chokes when the reporter's clothing changes. "Again, there's no way this was done by design. Someone simply HAS to be pulling our legs. This is a dead end. It's almost like Crux himself orchestrated all of this from the far end of time just to make fools of us." The demon grins at Trilby. "Well, currently more you than I obviously." Diablo struggles with the door, honestly afraid to let it go in fear of Leena stepping back out to give another speach about how great the company is. "Any chance we can speed this up a bit before our friend here realizes there's more than one way into the room?" This is where the outside observer might ask why Satan, left in charge of a multiverse hub, doesn't just melt the door shut or use a magical barrier. Well, when you wear his robes and deal with this rediculous scene you can make him do whatever you want. Right now the idea hasn't occured to him. :P

Trilby Trang seems to nearly go cross-eyed as the light strikes him between the eyes... and when it stops he reaches up with a free hand and wildly rubs his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. "*Owww!* I haven't felt this sort of ringing since free drinks at the mayor's coronation after-party!" He woke up with the mayor's aide... and the mayor himself. On the upside, he made quite a willing source everytime he brought up the pictures. Speaking of demasculation, Trilby glances down and sees "Master" upside down on his chest... "Oh NO!" And reaches wildly for his head... his hat is still there! Well then, it's not really a setback is it? To SD - "A dead end is just a wall that you haven't beaten through hard enough - persistence, persistence, persistence!" No idea who Crux is, of course. Looking ridiculous in a tutu and leotard with white dancing shoes barely holding in his big feet, he thrusts his microphone at Debbie and gets back to it! "What is MM's true plan for the displaced beings currently popping around Twisted? And do you know anything about the recent phenomena surrounding their appearances? Are all MM personel forced to swallow objects like staplers and photocopiers for further use, or is it a scandal involving mass employee theft?!"

The Debbie dummy talks as Gegoshi moves her hand inside of her head, "CuRRenTlY MeDiCaL MEchANiCa iS ofFerRing DisPLAced TRAVELERS a PLaCe TO StAY aFtEr tHeRe arrival HeRe ON TWISTED! ThE CoMpANy HaS alWaYs bEEn HerE TO HELP YOU frOm tHe SHalLOWs. ThIs uNit Was IMplANtEd wIth ProtOcOLs PRior To DiSTRibutION BuT dOes Not ConTAin a STApleR or PHotoCOpier. WOulD yOU lIKe a PLacE to sTAy? YoU haVE But TO sIgn."

Currently Trilby Trang is in a pink leotard and tutu outfit interrogating Debbie who has Gegoshi's hand stuck inside of her head causing small ripples. Gegoshi is hunched near the desk and is moving her hand inside of Debbie's head as she talks, performing some basic ventrilogqy! SD is off to the side...dumbfounded.

Senior Diablo's expression goes blank again. "...really? Really? We went through all that and all it can tell us is that it wasn't built with office supplies? WHO IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL IS MEDICAL MECHANICA!?!?" As he screams their name again the door to the stairwell is released and as predicted Leena steps out cheerfully chiming in. "Medical Mechanica is here to help you! All travelers upon Twisted are welcome to come and stay at any authorized location free of charge. It's our way of helping you in this time of cris-" Diablo throws her back into the stairwell and slams the door shut again. "A drink. I think I need a really stiff drink. Why did I let the Maniac get the judgement position again? That would have been so relaxing after dealing with this...?" Clearly he doesn't expect a response. Why should he? He's confused again and that's something he doesn't take comfortably.

Trilby Trang seems dissapointed but not downhearted, tugging at the tip of his hat and clicking his microphone. "Well, it seems that my persistence will have to be redirected - obviously they wouldn't program these fine women with important business details." *Especially* not with any idea what sort of beings could hack in and take it... just like the talented Gegoshi. "Well, I'm going to take you up on that drink good sir - I've got a few questions I'd love to ask you if you don't mind." A wink and a smile, though it's just a little hard to take this guy seriously in a tutu. The fact he retains his hat just makes it all that much worse.

While everyone's attention is on Debbie, a young man in a hooded sweater strolls in through the lobby doors, his hands in his sweater-pockets. His glassy blue eyes glance towards the scene once with minimal apparent interest, and he walks toward the elevators. He pauses and deliberately gives the chest a wide berth, stepping quite a ways around it. And then he continues walking. You'd think seeing Diablo, or various robots, or a man in a tutu, would be something that would evoke at least some kind of comment, but no. He seems to have a great deal of aplomb.

Debbie says, "ThaNK yOU. ThIs UniT wIll noW sHUtDowN for MAinteNANce LeeNA wIll BE with YOU SHORTLY!" Debbie's entire face than sags forward. Gegoshi stands up and pulls her hand out of her head and giggles. She then claps at Trillby and at SD. "Very fun, very fun!" She flicks the side of Debbie's head and the woman straightens up and smiles, "Do you need a room? We're happy to help! Medical Mechanica is always here for your needs!" Gegoshi nods her head, "Absolutely not." She then slides herself into a sitting position on Debbie's desk and puts a finger over her lips, "Amazing."

Senior Diablo watches the man cross the lobby making no effort to hide his further confusion. He looks ready to ask who he was when Mr Trang comments on his drink. The devil turns towards him, but his gaze drops to the floor the second he sees the serious expression beneath that outfit. 'Master' indeed. Luckily Gegoshi manages to draw his attention away as she releases Debbie. Looking back to find Leena returning to whererever she came from (presumably the third floor) Diablo smiles and crosses the room towards them. "So... what have we learned aside from how much I hate hearing Medical Mechanica's name spoken in an endless loop? I'm willing to discuss this over drinks with anyone who wants one if I never have to step foot in this horrible lobby again." Yes, that offer is open to everyone in the room. Even silent people wearing hoods.

Trilby Trang seems to give Senior Diablo a thumbs up, "I'm in! Personally, I'm here to raise questions - once that's done, Medical Mechanica will be forced to release a public statement to the accusations or face public wrath. My job's pretty much in the bag." Really, just with asking one question and hearing the taped response? Yeah, it's lazy journalism. "But you know, it would be a lot more meaningful if we *did* get to the bottom of it. I'm thinking of getting someone to.. oh, wait.. bad location." He glances defensively at the androids, maybe not here. "And you know, I can't go to the bar like this!" He removes the tutu... and is now standing there in boxer shorts labelled "Breaking News - Bam!" around the crotch region. The back says "Turn to page 1."

"Much better." Trilby exclaims.

Once he reaches the elevator, the young man pulls his hood back to reveal raven hair, and runs his fingers over the metal plate housing the call button for just a moment before depressing it. He glances up at the sign, which says it's all the way at the top. He'll be waiting for a while. "Hope you've a place to stay, then." In responding to the devil, the young man doesn't turn to look at Diablo, Gegoshi, or Trilby, but simply waits for his elevator. It doesn't seem like he's all that social. Just a member of the peanut gallery. Seems a bit daft, 'hoping' that the devil has somewhere to stay. But hey, we can't all be the brightest bulbs in the box, now, can we? Sadly, he has nothing to say about Trilby's undergarments.

"A drink?" Gegoshi queries. "No thank you, SD. If I activate my drunk protocols it would reveal more than should be revealed." She taps her finger against her lips, "It's all a great secret that's already been revealed." She giggles and stands up from off of the desk. "But I will follow you to the bar!"

Senior Diablo opens his mouth to respond to... and then.... and... no, he gives up. Between the droids, the clothes, the obvlivious, and the confusing maybe it's best if the devil just keeps his mouth shut. Diablo just rolls his eyes, letting his arms fall limp, as he makes his way towards the desk, snatching up the retrieved remote with authorit~ay. "I'm taking this as a suvineer." It doesn't matter if he has to steal it from someone's hands or snatch it up from the desk, his recation is the same. He then points weakly towards the door and decrees, "Onward!"

Sometimes the less you say the better.

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