2011-09-26 - A Cup of Tea?

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A Cup of Tea?

Summary: The beginnings of a scene before computers crashed and logs where lost.

Who: Seth, Mei
When: September 26th, 2011
Where: Somewhere on Twisted...?


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Mei is sitting on the hearth of the fireplace, her hands resting in her lap. She seems quiet for now, although the large family size serving platter near her is next to her yet. Looks like she's post meal zoning out

A red headed young man walked in, he had on a tall top hat and a pair of green smoked goggles over his eyes. Looking like something out of a steam punk movie, except he was completely covered in soot. Making his way inside he pushed the goggles off his eyes onto his forehead once he reached a table sitting down. Seth had yet to see the other inhabitants of the world. He had been spending most of his time down at a shack by the waters edge. "Hello." He spoke after a second of debating staying quite.

Mei startles! Fingers pulling her red cloak back up, her black 'modesty' band keeping her hair line covered. She blinks her good eye, long lashes fluttering a bit. "Hello. Do you need any healing?" she whispers, voice soft, and just a bit oddly aged. Her small frame sits up, clean hands pressed to her knees. "I am.. more than willing to ssell you what ever ssundriess you may need." yes she's hissing her 's' sounds out.

Seth looked at the people that spoke looking at the other he looked a bit embarrassed suddenly looking at his soot covered clothes "Oh no no. I am not injured at all. It's just backlash from a failed experiment. Thank you however for your concern."

Mei smiles a bit her pot of tea arriving. She takes the pot, pouring herself a cup. " If you are.. I am skilled in healing." she hisses out, voice soft and gentle. She smiles. "Tea, perhaps?"

There is no help for "tilted his head a bit as if pondering this a moment before he stood making his way over. "That does not seem like a bad idea." Removing the hat first, he then motioned to the chair across from her "Do you mind if I join you then?""

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