2011-12-19 - Here we are, in the darkness again...

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Here we are, in the darkness again...

Summary: Neither Munin nor I have posted apps for Munin or Wesker. We both planned to, but the game's been a little... we'll say quiet, as of late. Thus to save time, and to try something a little new, we tried to combine applications with the log! It didn't turn out quite the way we'd hoped - so no thinking this is an easily repeatable way of getting out of the app process. However, it's the first logged scene in how long? Time to get the ball rolling again.

Who: Munin, Wesker
When: December 29, 2011
Where: Darkness


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Blackness fills the world in an impenetrable void. Where is this place? How did one find it? These are questions for another time. Suddenly light bursts out into the world, a glow from a single monitor. As text appears on the screen in red a woman's voice speaks the words out loud to the darkness. "Emergency Protocol Engaged. Resurrection process initiated." A new object joins the light from the monitor as the light suddenly reflects off of a cylindrical tube. Within is some sort of murky water and within that… a body. A hiss announces the container opening and the water spills out in all directions upon what must be the floor. With a cough and gasp for air the body inside awakens. "…status report…" The screen begins to type out words again and as before the voice reads them aloud, "Emergency Protocol was activated at 04:24. Resurrection was initiated at 04:25. Previous logs are unable to be recovered. Beginning list of known information. Umbrella Corporation computer system RED QUEEN activated by scientist Albert Wesker on [date missing] for the purpose of monitoring activity concerning [missing information]. As predicted by simulations run [date missing] previous incarnation of location identified as TWISTED STREET can no longer be found." The man smiles as he rises to his feet, pulling his clothes on as he looks over the data on the screen. "Begin search and repair on missing segments. What information do you have on me?" The computer responds, "Wesker, Albert. Approximate age 37. Originally hired as a research scientist for Umbrella Incorporated. Partly responsible for the creation of the T-Veronica Virus. Creator of the biological weapon code named Tyrant. Due to genetic manipulation was given abnormal abilities including heightened senses and 'superhuman' agility." Wesker laughs, "That's enough. What was the last order you received?" After a long pause the computer responds, "Search for test subjects given previously stated parameters." Wesker smiles, "…and the result?" The computer begins to flash data upon the screen as another glow fills the rear of the room. This time a vortex of some kind is opened spilling out a bluish glow which reflects rows and rows of computers and scientific equipment. As the vortex seems to solidify another world seems to materialize behind it. "First subject found. Beginning retrieval process now."

The computer brings up an image of a young woman in worn brown and purple clothing ((http://www.giantbomb.com/lux-the-lady-of-luminosity/94-16964/all-images/52-486503/lux_splash_2/51-1657746/ with black hair!)), travelling a dirt road, with dense forest on either side of her. Its computerized voice begins again "Subject #369. Arshe, Munin. Age: Approximately 30 years old. Gender: Female. Time traveller. High magical capability. Competant with pre-industreal revolution technology, and its combination with magic. Specialized in gurilla tactics, misdirection, and manipulation."

Wesker pushes a pair of custom sunglasses over his eyes as he steps through the portal. His eyes narrow briefly at the change in light, but it only takes a moment to identify his target not far from the newly opened vortex. With his coat flowing behind him like a cape he walks towards the woman in question with the slightest of smiles on his face. "Munin Arshe? Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Munin stops dead, eyes glaring from under her hood as the shadows directly around her person deepen a bit. She is definately alarmed, not only because someone was able to sneak up on her somehow, but knows her full name! She quietly puts an illusion of herself over herself, and slides as silently as possible into the woods to her left under an invisibility spell. The illusion of her still standing seemlessly responds to him, sounding angry and fearful at the same time "You have me at a disadvantage... knowing my name. What do you want?".

Wesker quickly bows before the woman almost the second the final word passes her lips. "My name is Albert Wesker, and I don't have much time." He turns towards the open portal he'd stepped through, "I've come to grant you an amazing offer, but only if you are willing to take a chance. A new world. The potential for limitless power. I need people of questionable morals who aren't afraid of… change." He turns back towards her, placing his hands in his coat pockets. "My research counts you as possibly the strongest of those who could use my 'gifts', but my time is limited. That portal may close at any time and when it does my offer closes with it. What do you say?"

Munin remains off to the left, her illusion doing the talking "What kind of new world? Brought about how?"

Wesker almost growls, "Time is of the essence." He stop himself a moment and takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry, I know this is sudden. Your world is but one of millions linked together by a thin veil. With the right technology you can tunnel through that veil and bring people from one world to another. There was a place that lurked between the worlds as a sort of hub where one could be granted access to any of them, but that world is currently gone. I haven't had time to investigate but I suspected it would happen soon. More importantly, I know another will quickly take it's place. The first ones to step in that world will find the ability to shape it as they see fit, but only the architects of the previous world's destruction would know how and where to look." From his coat pocket he produces a vial in his left hand. "I am a scientist and I've seen my share of worlds. Come with me and I'll give this to you, it will increase your natural abilities and make you stronger… faster… all I ask is you remain on my side in this new world and assist me in finding out who did this and how." Wesker looks back at the shimmering vortex and grinds his teeth, "But HURRY."

Munin eyes the woods around her. Her sister has disappeared, the timeline is in good hands, Lavos is gone, and she has no one to miss her. She ponders only for a few seconds as she listens. Maybe it is better to simply vanish like one of her illusions into the pages of this worlds history, and take the Zealian secrets she knows all too well with her. She looks back to him, and nods "Very well. I will see what it is you offer....". The illusion then vanishes, and moments later she steps from the woods to his right, the invisibility fading.

Wesker smiles as the illusion fades and the real Munin appears. Returning the gesture, so to speak, his form seems to blur into a grey mist as he suddenly appears next to the portal, bowing and beckoning her to follow inside. He doesn't wait for her long enough for the woman to catch up before he steps into the vortex himself and calls out to the computer system, "Is there a world inhabiting the location previously designated as Twisted Street?" Lines of red text scroll out across the screen. At this point, assuming Munin hasn't lost her way, the vortex slams shut with an audible sound of air flooding the now vacant space. With the room now black as night once again, save for the monitor, the computer begins to speak aloud again. "Correct. Timeline synchronization established. Current timeline estimate: negative 72 years. Secondary scan complete. Medical Mechanica influence already identified first appearing negative 63 years." Wesker's face contorts with rage, "WHAT?! Are they behind the events of the new timeline?" The computer responds, "Not enough data to speculate."

Munin has indeed stepped through, and blinks at the large computer. The only thing like it she has sen is Robo, but this is MUCH sleeker. For the moment she says nothing. Shes agreed to assist, but until she knows what she is going to be doing TO assist, she can't really comment.

With the briefest flash of what appears to be red eyes behind his glasses, Wesker turns around to face Munin in the darkness. "Open a portal to this new world. Lock down everything here within a stasis field the second we step through the vortex. Limit communication to audio transmission only." To Munin, "Let's go see what damage has already been done, shall we?" While the last sentence is still on his lips the vortex explodes open again. Stepping towards the portal he gestures for Munin to lead. "Ladies first."

Munin eyes wesker as she notices the momentary red tint, then the computer, then grimly nods as she walks through.

The Wastelands(#870R) Further out from the center of Twisted Street, and its wavering stablity, lie the Wastelands. Dry and overcast, the Wastelands are a maelstrom of chaos. Sane people won't venture out this far from the axis of the world, due to the instability equating to suicide. A desert and a dead land, they mirror the Wastelands of Hell, broken trees and expired brush lightly specking the view.

Wesker raises a hand to blot out the light as the two find themselves amidst the chaotic Wastelands of Twisted. Munin will feel a sharp stab in her right shoulder blade as Wesker steps out of the vortex, allowing it to vanish into the air behind him. Without pausing he shoves past her, throwing the now-empty vial towards her in the process. "I forgot to give you that, sorry." The vial has no markings but a single symbol she would likely not identify as a bio-hazard warning. How long it will take to take effect will depend on the woman's body chemistry, but what she will notice is her vision becoming sharper - but not much else… for now.

Munin winces, blinking and shaking her head a few times as her vision suddenly gets better. She eyes the vial, and slips it into her satchel on her hip as she follows him "What was it, anyway?". She shifts her shoulder uncomfortably, as its still a bit sore.

Wesker smiles as he peers over his sunglasses at the horizon, "Just a little cocktail I cooked up. Should make your vision and reflexes faster as well as… other things. Depends on how well your body adjusts to the environment here." Of course if it did anything else, he would never tell her. We'll just have to wait and see. Pushing his sunglasses back up he points in a seemingly random direction. "It looks like the city is that way. For now I believe we should go our separate ways. Determine what we can discover about this world." From another pocket he produces a thin black object, not unlike a pen. "If you press the top of this, " which he does to demonstrate, "it will notify me of your location." The tip of the device begins glowing red and a soft buzzing can be heard. With his free hand, Wesker retrieves another small device from his pocket, this one resembling a glowing glass map with a red dot blinking on it. Clicking the 'pen' again the light turns off and the map fades away. "If you find out anything or you need assistance, this is how to contact me." He hands the device over to Munin this time with much more care than the empty vial. "Any questions?"

Munin takes the pen, and nods "Allright. I'll see what i can find". She eyes the city intensly, planning her entry and way around. She looks back to him, eyes flashing with violet light briefly, much like his red. She doesn't seem to realize this, however. "Any idea of population, inhabitants that are either indiginous or otherwise, any known powers or abilities to expect?"

Wesker tilts his head to the side briefly as he shrugs, "A day ago I could have answered that, but as nearly 80 years have passed since then I'd suppose your guess is as good as mine. With the rate of decay, had we stayed in my lab any longer centuries may have passed. We'll just have to see for ourselves, won't we?"

Munin smirks a moment, nodding "Temporal displacement at it's finest. Remind me to check what your using for the pocket subdimension later. Might be able to fix that somehow". She nods "Allright. I'll find out what i can. I'll signal once i've found some useful information". Her eyes flash violet again as she casts her invisibility spell, causing her form to fade, and only the eyes to remain, a pair of glows that moments later also wink out as the spell completes.

Wesker smiles as Munin leaves. Taking out what appears to be a phone he presses a button and speaks into it. "Phase one complete. Begin phase two." Flicking the phone closed he steps out into the wastelands at a casual pace. He has all the time in the world now, after all…

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