2012-04-20 - The Maniac's Lament

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The Maniac's Lament

Summary: Feeling under the weather and couldn't sleep so I decided to RP with myself. Better than not at all, right? Nothing important here, just catching up with what Johnny's been up to as of late. Well, what's left of him that is.

Who: Johnny_C, Mr_Eff, Psycho_D-Boy, Samantha, Senior_Diablo, Tabitha, Terry Bogard
When: April 20, 2012
Where: City of Dis - Courtyard

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The shadowy figure who was once Johnny C sits high atop his thrown in the courtyard of the demon city, Dis. A line of dammed souls, daisy-chained together, are standing by for judgment as their demonic guards stand solemnly by, waiting for Johnny's command. When one of the dammed cries out in fear Johnny rises to his feet. One eye wide, the other narrowed, the maniac points a clawed finger towards the troublemaker and hisses, "PEEL THE FLESH FROM HIS BONES…" The air fills with screams as the order is carried out before everyone in attendance.

Suddenly the screaming stops. The courtyard, the demons, the dammed, all are gone. Johnny floats alone in the darkness with nothing but his thoughts to keep him company. This never ends well.

"Well, well, well… oh looky what we have here, D-Boy. The lonely maniac, lost in his putrid thoughts once again. Sad, sad, sad." Mr Eff, one half of the two painted Doughboys which seemed to start this endless nightmare for Johnny appears out of the darkness. As if on cue his partner appears just behind him.

"Oh, oh yes, yes in deedy. Shoulda just listened to me NNY. None of that heartbreak could have happened if you'd just died when you where supposed to." Psycho D-Boy holds his foam hands together as if in prayer as he steps beside Mr Eff to watch Johnny.

Johnny ignores the two of them as he stares in the vacant spot his beloved should be standing in. Of course he drug her corpse to hell and entombed her in the very statue he'd carved of her with his bare hands. Forever to stare blankly back at him as the only piece of decoration in Dis's courtyard that wasn't intended to bestow fear to those who cast eyes on it. But now there is nothing, because of course he's been drug into his own mind once again. The maniac manages a venomness "gO aWaY..." without turning his head towards his semi-constant companions.

"Oh well FUCK ME if that was so simple! We're as much a part of you as you are, NNY, and GODDAMN are we fucking tired of this game. You can't run away from your problems forever. You can't bring her back. She's dead and gone. Now fucking rape her corpse so we can get the fuck out of here!!"

D-Boy nods in agreement with his foul-mouthed friend. "Yes in-deedy-doody. If you can't die right, at least lets move onto the next page. At least you have a purpose in Hell - that's more than you can say about most of your so-called life."

Johnny's eye twitches but his gaze never leaves the empty spot where her body should be laid to rest.

Mr Eff growls as his Styrofoam legs carry him directly into Johnny's line of sight. "How about we play 'THIS IS YOUR SO-CALLED LIFE'. It's simple! A little trip down your sorry excuse for a memory lane. Maybe that'll cheer you up!"

Behind the two of them Psycho D-Boy flails his arms, "Oooh! Ooh! I love that game! Lemme fetch the projector and some popcorn!"

Johnny glares at Eff with fire in his eyes, "Go AwAY!!"

Mr Eff smiles his wicked, painted smile. "You're repeating yourself NNY, but we'll forgive that. Where did we start, hmm? That horrible house in that horrible city full of horrible things?" Johnny's house materializes out of the darkness around him, forcing him to deal once again with those mental wounds he's blatantly ignored for so long. "You never cared about anything but killing, did you? Just your fractured mind and those goddamned HAPPY NOODLE BOY comics. I liked those times, things where so much simpler then."

D-Boy returns with a box of popcorn held between his two nub-like hands. "If you'd just killed yourself then, this would have been so much easier…" He sits the box on the floor and somehow steals a piece in his nub-hand and flicks it into his tiny mouth.

Johnny grips his hair tightly with both hands, his face twisted in horror. "GO AWAAAY!!"

Mr Eff shakes his head as the scene dissolves into a cliff face in a bright and sunny world. "BUT THAT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH, WAS IT?! You just HAD to run away from all we had given you! AND WHAT DID YOU FIND?!?" Suddenly the form of a blonde-haired man appears, clearly oblivious to the goings on as he goes through his daily exercise routine. "TERRY-FUCKING-BOGARD! Real good way to FUCK things up there. Just JAM that cock up the ass of our plans, why don'tcha!?!"

Psycho D-Boy throws his popcorn at the phantom figure and hisses, "Don't kill anymore NNY. It's baaaaaad." His voice a horrible, squeaky mockery. "…and you LISTENED to FABIO here!! Why couldn't you ever listen to us?!"

The maniac, looking slightly younger now, stands and stretches an arm out towards the image of his friend, "Terry… I-I'm sorry…"

Immediately the scene changes again, this time to the Usual Restaurant where a young, teenaged Samantha sits at the bar sipping a Strawberry Italian Cream Soda. "AND THEN THE BITCH CAME ALONG!" Mr Eff marches along the bartop, kicking drinks left and right as he makes his way towards the catgirl. "Eye-fucking your friend's daughter! The nerve of you! SHE WAS ONLY FOUR YEARS OLD, GODDAMNIT!"

D-Boy is somehow sitting at the bar beside Sammy, turned sideways to stare directly at her. "Well, with a body like that we can forgive the pedophilia. If I'd had a dick I'd have beaten off to her many-a-times."

Johnny grabs D-Boy by the back of his head and flings him across the room. "NOOOOO!! YOU LEAVE HER ALONE! IT'S NOT HER FAULT!!"

The scene changes again, this time straight to the nightmare in question. A tired, adult Samantha stands with her mouth agape as that same younger form plunges Johnny's dagger into her heart. Blood floats in the air as the moment of time preserves even the goriest little detail. Mr Eff rubs his foam hands together. "Oh, that's right. But who's fault is it, hmm? Is it the little girl you made in her image? No… it's YOU. YOU set this course in motion. YOU corrupted her! YOU TRAINED HER TO BE JUST LIKE YOU!! So how does it FEEEEEEEL, Johnny? To know you MURDERED HER!?!?"

Psycho D-Boy sighs heavily, "Oh c'mon, we're skipping straight to here again?! What about Crux, and Sun, and Benedict, and Devi… couldn't we at least do Emi or Cassandra first?"

Johnny tries to force himself into the scene, to pull Tabitha away from Samantha - but of course this is a moment in time and cannot be changed. "It's not my fault!! It's not!! Let me fix it! I can make it better!!"

Mr Eff growls again as the scene changes to Johnny cutting a hole in existence. "Oh, like you tried to do when you ran away?! Create a whole new world to replace the old one? HOW'D THAT WORK OUT FOR YOU?!"

The scene changes again to the form of Senior Diablo watching over the current world of Twisted with Tabitha by his side. Psycho D-Boy shakes his head. "Oh yes, this is MUCH better. Not only did ya cock things up, you let old horn-head build his own reality. Where's the place you made for yourself, huh? For us?! WHERE DO WE FIT IN!?!?"

Once again Johnny sits atop his throne in the demon city of Dis. A line of dammed souls stands daisy-chained to one another as they stand in line waiting for judgment. Beside them their demon guards stand solemnly by waiting for Johnny's commands. The maniac buries his head in his hands and sobs...

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