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Tabitha vs Dante

Summary: And the announced tournament is underway as the first two people begin fighting for Happosai's prize.

Who: Dante, Devi, Freakazoid, Happosai, Mei, Tabitha, Talkie_Toaster
When: June 9th, 2012
Where: Nowhereto Park

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Nowhereto Park - Fountain(#2924R)
The usually quiet park has now been replaced with a bustling fairground. Booths are set up in a circle around the fountain offering every kind of food and drink available from the local venders. People are waving flags, banners are up what's the occas-! That's probably the point where the uneducated person notices the giant ball of panties and bras set up behind a small podium with an even smaller old man grinning ear to ear guarding it. Yes, if that's not enough to tell you what's going on, nothing will. As the banner above him reads, "WELCOME TO THE FIRST ANNUAL TWISTED PANTY RAID" Yes, Panty-Raid. Apparently it's a tournament and the prize is that giant mount of underware. Who the hell approved this? A stage seems to be set up at the lakefront.

Welcome one and all to the... *sigh* Twisted Panty Raid. Happosai stands on a podium guarding the stage in the distance and judging from his michivous grin is enjoying himself. Shoving her way though the crowd comes Tabitha weilding a small toaster? "Alright, alright ya old letch. What tha heck is yer game?"
Happosai grins, "Dear child, I'm not playing any game. You got what you wanted. I brought EVERYONE in Twisted here to see the fireworks.
Mwahahahahah. Will you be competeing, or are you gonna let someone else have possesion of your unmentionables?

Dante steps into view as well. Miss that? Not for all the tea in... ... wherever the fuck this place gets its tea. He doesn't drink tea anyway. Not enough ethanol. He glances around the park for a moment. He takes note of Happi's position and moves over in that general direction. He's making sure to peek around just enough to note anyone else around the park, although he hasn't approached anyone JUST yet.

Tabitha glares angrilly, "Fine. Fine. Whatever, this whole thing is stupid. Jus' tell me what ta do." She can't really argue with his logic, she -was- the one that said that Twisted needed something to get people active again.
Talkie twists his browning dial smugly, "Excuse me, sir? Will there be any need for any toasting this day? I myself have an extensive amount of toasting expertise and-"
Tabitha throws the toaster into the fountain.
Talkie growls, "Now that was just RUDE!" Luckily his manufacturer saw fit to make him waterproof.
Tabitha sighs, "Why th' heck did he make me bring tha toaster?"

He would be here, Devi snerks to herself. Dante and Happy should fit right together. Two peas in a perverted pod. She hops down and pushes her way up near the front to get a better view. "Man, what the hell is this? Panty Raid? There are no college girls for you to raid! Unless you get your rocks off on older heavy ladies. Nothing like Granny Panties, huh?"

Dante steps into close proximity with the others of our little 'group'. He glances over at Devi as she goes off hating on Granny panties. He laughs, though. Gotta kinda agree with that little observation. He NOW takes notice of Tabi arguing with the perverted old prune thing. He grins just a BIT wider and 'yells' over, "Heya Tabi! Good to see you. Did you ever find another bra or are you going commando today?" A gentleman, as always.

Tabitha glaaaaares at Dante. Her hand unconciously goes to the sheathed dagger at her side. "I don't see where that's any o' yer concern." Did she hear someone else? She glances around through the crowd behind her buying guady themed merchandise and returns her attention back to Happosai in time to hear him begin to speak again.
Happosai chuckles, taking out what may be identified as a pair of Devi's underware to wipe his brow with. "There's nothing wrong with an old man sharing his hobbies with the young disciples of the next generation. Why, we're just having a friendly competition. SOMETHING had to be used as a prize, and my collection has gotten a little bloated as of late." A mischivious sheen flashes across his eyes, "Seeing as how it's gotten so large in the past week."

Devi eye's narrow. Are those her cat undies? Oh they'd better not be. "Young Disciples my ass. Did the nursing home get in a new shipment of old foogies and you went a little crazy?" She shoves some over eager people away from her. "Watch it will ya?"

Dante snickers a bit at Tabi's response. Hey, if she wants to engage in some combat oriented foreplay, he's depraved enough to acquiesce. He steps a bit closer to where Devi's fending people off, but he's figuring at this point that she's got it covered. He shoots his own question over to Hapi, instead, "Hey, old timer. Everything about this works for ME...but do you want to MAYBE give us an idea of exactly what we're going to be doing? Or did you forget to take your pills this morning?..."

Happosai glares at everyone's insults. "Ingrates. I try to bring you some quality entertainment and you bully me like an old invalid." He takes a second to admire the cat print on his 'hankerchief' before putting them away. "It's simple. My collection to whomever wins my tournamament." He gestures towards the bolder-sized mound of clothing behind him. "Anyone who wants to fight for them is welcome and whomever wins the prize gets to do anything they choose with it." Taking out a long pipe he takes a second to pull a drag from it, exhaling the smoke somehow to form a smoke-panty. "And the proceeds from the fair go to help the local community. Everyone gets something from this." Tabitha has unsheathed her black bladed dagger and twirls it absently at her side. "Fine, whatever. Let's get this overwith so I c'n go home."

Devi ends up shuffling closer to the pair, besides, Dante's larger then her, and the crowd doesn't push at him as much. She'd charge forward, but, eh. She's not going to fight for them...... Just burn them. Let him covet a pile of ash. She grins. That should be easy enough.

Dante glances over at Devi as she moves a bit closer. He can keep the 'crowd' off of her well enough without trying to play a 'knight in perverts armor'. He DOES however, try to sling an arm around her shoulder. She should have no trouble stopping him though. "Heya Devs. Been a while. Guess he got you too? Don't worry, if I manage to get em...I won't do anything TOO bad with em." With a grin like that, he's probably just kidding around. Probably. ... Maybe.

Tabitha raises an eyebrow as Devi moves closer, but her focus is primarily on the old man and the desire to spill his blood which seems to be seeping in from the cracks of her mind. "Come on, already. If we're gonna do this, let's do this! Why are we just standin' around for?"
Happosai has an eye on Devi. He's seen that look in his disciple's eyes before, usually before tying him up and throwing him into a cave for a few years. "One last thing before we get started..." He guestures to the mound behind him again. "These precious darlings are only a sample. The rest of them are tucked away carefully. I'll bring the rest out when the winner is decided."
Leaping from his pedistol, the old man hops onto the stage with a loud cackle. "SO!!! WHO WANTS TO SEE SOME FIGHTING!?!?" The crowd cheers as it makes it's way towards the waterfont stage. It would seem everyone is expected to follow...

Nowhereto Park - Lakeside(#2930R)
The beautiful view of the lake has now been replaced with a gaudy circular stage with seats arranged around it like a colluseum. Large flag poles are positioned around the seats marking each section with a specific color of panty. Hopefully those are clean...
A large crowd seems to have gathered to watch the events. Adults, children, it's all the same. The boys seem to be estatic, the girls seem to want blood. Perhaps the prize wasn't donated after all?

Devi rolls her eyes, pushing Dante's arm off lightly. "He didn't get me, I saw the crowd and decided to investigate. Not much rallies the people here, after all." Whoop and she's forced forwards, getting moved by the crowds momentum. She is only 125 after all. "That's like a ton of underwear. Where does he keep it all?"

Dante is kind of nudged along too, although trying to budge him's a LITTLE difficult. He's not putting up a fight though. He's here for this, after all. He offers Devi a bit of a shrug. "I dunno. Man's a savant, I'll give him that. I'll make sure I pick up that technique from em at SOME point during the evening, though..."

Tabitha growls as people push past her and decides to take a more direct route by walking on people's heads. "Where th' heck have this many people been hiding?" The answer to that is simple, even the perverts have stepped outside for this one. Reaching the stage she sheathes her dagger and eyes the crowd, her tail twitching excitedly behind her. "Okay, I gotta hand it to ya. You really did manage ta get a crowd to show.
Happosai chuckles at Tabitha's comment before pulling out a paper scroll and writing down the girl's name first on the list. "Well, who wants to fight his girl in our first match? Any takers?"
Tabitha spins around, her ears lowered. "Wait. First? I-I..."
The old man cackles, "You said you wanted to get this over with. Mwahahahah!"

If Dante wants to jump right in, he's welcome. Devi's still not planning to fight. In fact, she's waiting to see if anyone steps up. Folding her arms, she remains silent.

Dante DEFINITELY shoots a hand up. "I'd be MORE than happy, old timer. Unless she's too....COLD, to play around?" Yeah, bit of a subtle stab there. ... Maybe not so subtle. Either way, he folds his arms to wait for a reaction. If anyone ELSES steps forward though, he'll back down.

Happosai chuckles again, leaping off the stage and somehow vanishing into the crowd. Shouldn't he be staying on to referre or something? There's a reason for everything, supposedly...
Tabitha blinkblinks at Dante as her mind suddenly removes everything outside the stage from her vision. That's a useful if disturbing tallent she didn't know she had. The girl eyes her opponent, taking her dagger back out and twirling it. "Well, I'll assume this isn't fight ta the death... fight till we give up or somethin'?" She waits a moment for his response. "How far you wanna take this?

Dante hehs. A few times actually. He kicks off the ground, leaving a big of a shockwave behind him. He gains a decent amount of air time before hurtling back toward the stage. A MOMENT before he hits, he snaps his fingers. A dull, greyscale effect seems to alight the area for just a moment as time seems to slow. When things speed back up a very short time later, he's standing on the stage with his arms folded. A flash entrance as usual. He offers Tabi a grin and a wink. "You're a little young but I'll go as hard as you want, honey."

Devi gets out her foam You're Number 1 finger and beer cap.

Tabitha grooooaaaans. She can't deny a part of her has wanted an excuse to smack him upside the head for awhile, now's a good of a time as any. Halting the dagger's twirl by clutching it tightly, the girl pounces forwards, going onto her hands and feet for a brief second before rolling into a ball and launching herself towards him. If she gets close enough she'll try to uncurl herself and slash the dagger across his chest. Or... she might go flying out into the crowd. Admitedly anything is possible.

Dante quirks an eyebrow. "Ah. Yes. The dreaded 'ball of doom' technique. I'm going to have to watch this one." He's not TERRIBLY sure at this point of Tabi's fighting potential, as he's never seen her brawl...but just in case, he's going to start a bit slow. He's not being TOO serious just yet, so he's going to attempt to springboard over her as she gets closer, trying to TIME it to push off her head and hopefully aim her into said crowd. He's show-boating, however.

The word 'crap' goes through her mind briefly as Tabitha realizes she's overshot her opening attack already. Dante suddenly vanishes from her vision and with a light tap to the head the crowd is suddenly in her field of vision again... and she's headed straight for them rather quickly. Comically flailing her arms she crashes into some loonatic wearing red spandex and knocks him off his seat. The man picks her up with surprising ease and carries her back to the stage. "Excuse me, " he says, "I believe you may have lost this!" He's so helpful! Setting her back on her feat, he hops back into the crowd again leaving the girl blushing heavily.

Dante can't help but keel forward a bit, laughing HARD. He has to rest his hands on his knees, he's so jovial about this situation. That worked a lot better than he expected...of course, it may have given him a bad idea of Tabi's fighting ability. Ah well. He shakes his head, straightening back up. "Nice one, Tabi. If I ever head out to a metal concert, I'll have you show me how to crowd surf."

Tabitha glares darkly at his laughter. "At least I'm trying. You seem ta be too chicken to do a damn thing. Worried you'll mess that pretty hair o'yours up?" The dagger still clutched in her hand begins to burn off some kind of black fire. It doesn't seem to be hurting her, even though it's lapping up over her fingertips. Maybe it's for show? The girl stands ready for an attack, bringing her dagger up over her chest in a defensive stance. "C'mon you big perv... is all ya got talk?"

Dante tilts his head a bit, he peers a bit closer at the dagger. It's not hard for him to notice the black flames either. His grin falters JUST a bit. "I see. Alright Tabi. You got it. Sorry." He's seen that look before. He realizes a little too late that he seems to have genuinely offended her this time. Oh well. He slips his hands behind his coat and with barely a telegraph beyond that, snaps a pair of shots in Tabi's direction from E&I. One aimed in an attempt to clip the hand holding the dagger...the other aimed to clip her leg.

Tabitha yelps as the first shot (yeah, yeah same time but I'm addressing this one first) hits the blade of her dagger which somehow seems to absorb the momentum as opposed to being knocked away. She'd likely take a second to wonder what the hell just happened if the other shot didn't come at very nearly the same time, grazing her leg, and sending her off balance. "YA FUCKIN' SHOT ME! WHAT KINDA LOONATIC FUCKIN' SHOOTS SOMEONE!?!?" The crowd murmers behind her a moment before suddenly cheering. Well, at least they see nothing wrong with this. Stumbling a little to regain her balance, the girl bites her lip and tries to leap to the side - hopefully before another shot is fired.

Dante lowers E&I, his usual grin seems like barely a smile. He didn't mean to let this go so far. He offers a slight shrug. "Combat isn't fair, Tabi. Got to be ready for anything your opponent is going to throw at you. You can stop if you want. No one'll think you a coward. ... If you wanna get serious, though...I'm not going to insult you anymore by pulling my punches." He leaves the next move to her at this point.

The black flames from Tabitha's dagger seem to be staining her skin black. Whatever it is it doesn't reflect light or seem to have any texture - it's just black, and slooowly spreading up her arm. Where did she get that dagger, anyways? She doesn't seem to notice at all as she yells at him. "A shot to the leg isn't enough ta make me back down. Do yer worst!" Her shadow flickers slightly, but that might be due to the darkness eating her arm. Apparently it's still his move.

Dante definitely has his eyes on the blackness 'eating' away at her arm. He sighs a bit. E&I seem to slip from view as he 'blurs' forward in Tabi's direction. He tries to drop to the side as he gets a bit closer and tosses a quick right hook aimed at her gut. He's not quite pulling this one as much, nor the speed. He's trying to 'up the ante' I guess.

Tabitha's shadow flickers again as she takes the blow to the stomach and stumbles...into nothingness? From behind his head comes an elbow as the girl materializes in an attempt to catch him off guard. Teleportation? No. Illusion. The darkness on her arm has faded back to her fingertips as well.

Dante's eyes widen a bit. This is a surprise. She seemed a bit...incompetent earlier. He twists a bit as he can 'feel' her coming but he wasn't quite assuming she could come up with THIS. He manages to take the elbow to the side of the face. He staggers sideways a bit, a small bit of blood spraying from his mouth. He straightens back out, wiping the blood away with the back of his sleeve. "Well. I guess I was underestimating you a bit there."

Tabitha pants heavily as though it took more out of her than she'd want anyone to realize. "I never said I was ready ta quit!" She manages to rush at him with more speed than she was using before, but even those novilty flames on her dagger seem to have thinned. That doesn't stop her from blindly slashing at him again if she gets in close enough.

Mei climbs up from the fountain, shaking off the water confusedly. "Oh Hello Dante." she comments, sort of sleepily and obliviously wrapping her toe claws around the edge of the fountain to step out of the water, examining herself before looking around to figure out who all is around. She blinks at Tabitha, sitting down to take beef jerky out of her blouse to chew on, simply watching Dante get picked on.

Dante narrows his eyes SLIGHTLY...he steps into her lead arm as she takes a slash in his direction...he snakes his hand around and catches her wrist as the blade gets closer. This is meant as a block, but if she doesn't break away or counter...he tries to pull her arm forward while aiming his foot at the foot on her lead leg, trying to sweep said foot from under her. If successful, he's going to try to keep a grip on her wrist on the way down.
Dante is a bit focused on the battle, so if he heard Mei, he's not showing a sign of it.

Tabitha urks slightly as she's swept off her feet (Congats, Dante finally succeeded in doing that to a woman!) but she doesn't let him keep her hand as she rolls to the side, hitting the floor of the stage with her side and kicking outwards to return the favor by knocking him over as well. If he does go down, she'll pounce on top of him, dagger ready. If not? She may have just put herself into yet another embarassing situation. x_x

Mei slides foreward, getting out her medpack, her ears flattened back as she watches. An unruly spectator bumps her nearly over, causing her hair to hiss a little as she rights herself, chewing on her jerky, almost innocently. She seems to be trying to figure out why he's squabbling.

Dante moves down with her as he ATTEMPTS to keep a hold of her wrist. As she breaks away, he's off balance enough to get his own feet kicked out from under him. He keels backwards, letting off a short 'wuff' noise as he hits back first. He notices her attempt to pounce on him, however, and tries to drive a foot up into her gut as she flies in, trying to kick her over his head.

Tabitha hisses slightly herself as her attempt to gain the upper hand falls short once more. Dante's leg manages to catch her in the stomach and like a cat, she slashes at it (hopefully getting a gash or two with the dagger) before being knocked back to the floor of the stage above his head. "Daaaaammit!" The girl's panting seems to have gotten heavier as she wipes her mouth on the back of her hand. "Good move."

Dante winces as his leg is slashed as she goes. He kicks back to his feet, the leg that was slashed buckling for a sec as he drops weight on it. He grins a bit, shaking his head as another small spurt of blood gives evidence of the injury. He shakes his leg a few times, the blood mysteriously ceasing its dripping as he does so. He glances over at Tabi, grinning a bit wider. "Yeah, well, I'm sorry I underestimated you so much. You ain't half bad."

Mei watches the two, pulling off her pack to sit upon, ears perking up as she takes out a small gourd with a cork in it to sip from, just kind of eyeballing the crowd between peeks, its hard to be super nosey when ya only got one eye.

Tabitha pushes herself to her feet a little slowly letting out a "Heh" at Dante's words. "I appreciate it. I don't really get a chance ta spar much these days." Her eyes gaze out to the crowd seated around the stage a moment before shaking her head. In her thoughts she ponders just how much she had left at the moment and curses herself for not practicing more. Still, she can't deny she's enjoying herself. A fact which her tail happily telegraphs. "Next time I'll bring both daggers." Keeping a thought about those guns of his in mind, she charges at him trying to tackle him and knock him back to the floor again before he can remember them himself.

Dante drops his level a bit as he sees her barreling in. He gives her a big smile with one of those ' I've got a surprise ' looks on his face. He lifts his fingers in a 'snapping' position as she's JUST about to connect...and snaps. A greyscale effect encases the area for JUST a brief second...time seeming to slow all around. This manifests as Dante just...NOT being there when time unfreezes, instead standing off to the side...he tries to drive the side of his hand/wrist onto the back of Tabi's neck as she 'flies' on by.

The girl is caught totally off guard and the painful blow sends her face first to the floor, her chin hitting the stage hard and driving her to bite open her bottom lip as well. Her momentum still carrying her, she tumbles head over heels before coming to a stop near the opposite edge before crashing into the crowd again. It takes her a full minute before she starts moving again, wiping away a large amount of blood from her chin. "Ooookay..." She pushes herself to her knees and spits out a mouthful of the crimson fluid. "I think I should probably stop there before this fight gets anymore serious. You win this 'un, Dante." Instead of trying to climb to her feet, she smiles at him, and lowers herself off the edge of the stage.
Happossai takes that moment to return, a bra falling out of his brown gi before he tucks it away again. "Mwa-hah-hah-hah. Round one goes to..." He spies Dante suspicously, "...what was your name again, sonny?"

Dante offers Tabi a thumbs up as she struggles to get back up. She's definitely a warrior. He offers the crowd a wave and glances over at Happi. He grins, folding his arms. "Name's Dante Sparda. Twisted's next champ." He seems to think that's enough, as he goes back to blowing kisses out to the crowd.

Happossai chuckles at his self-title, flashing him a grin before annoucing to the crowd again, "Dante Sparda!! We'll now take a short break before begining the next fight!" With another cackle the old man vanishes again. What is he up to, anyways?

Mei eyes Happossai, very suspiciously, her ears flattened. She eyes the girl and tilts to take a small cloth out of her bag "Miss, may I medically give you a hand?" she calls out to Tabitha, smiling cheerfully as she tries to pull her 'hair band' over her snakes a little so as not to freak the poor thing out. As an afterthought, she reaches into a bag to pull out a cupcake, throwing it at Dante

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