2012-06-18 - Here comes a new challenger!

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Here comes a new challenger!

Summary: It's finally the final round of the tournament! Dante approaches the stage and so does a MYSTERY CHALLENGER! The fate of Twisted's unmentionables hangs in the balance.

Who: Dante, Happosai, Tabitha, Vergil
When: June 18th, 2012
Where: Nowhereto Park


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Nowhereto Park - Lakeside(#2930R)
The beautiful view of the lake has now been replaced with a gaudy circular stage with seats arranged around it like a colluseum. Large flag poles are positioned around the seats marking each section with a specific color of panty. Hopefully those are clean...
A large crowd seems to have gathered to watch the events. Adults, children, it's all the same. The boys seem to be estatic, the girls seem to want blood. Perhaps the prize wasn't donated after all?

Early evening. The crowd has thinned, and Happosai is still nowhere to be seen. Tabitha lays on the bench closest to the stage dozing in and out of conciousness. There's been a few more smaller fights. People just wanting to challenge friends and the like. Nothing important. Sitting up and rubbing her eyes glancing towards the sun as it's begun to inch lower in the sky, the girl yawns and looks around for someone she knows. "God... is tournament ever gonna end?

Dante had to vacate the tourny location for a time earlier, but he manages to reappear a bit later on. Aside from Tabi, he can't seem to find anything resembling a challenging fight here. He's now bored, possibly slightly tired from said boredom...and sober. For the love of god, he's sober. Whomever he ends up fighting to end this thing is going to get SUCH a pinch, let me tell you. Dante covers up a yawn and manages a small stretch as he walks into view.

Tabitha sees Dante approaching and waves. She opens her mouth to say something when Happsoai suddenly seems to drop out of the sky right in Datne's path.
"ALRIGHT, the current champion is finally here for his final fight! I was starting to think you'd chickened out." Happosai grins mischivously. He has been up to something hasn't he? "You may still yet when you see whom I've found to challenge you.

Dante returns the wave to Tabi for just a second before he's interrupted by a falling pervert. He kicks out his foot in response to the dropping martial arts master in an ATTEMPT to catch the scruff of his collar with his shoe. If he can manage that rather cunning feat, he'll try to kick Happi over to the stage. Wether he succeeds or fails, he grins just a bit. "If you've managed to get me someone to fight that couldn't be beaten up by a newborn, I'll be happy. I don't want Tabi to be my ONLY challenging fight."

Happosai lets himself be kicked to the stage and scowls as he lands directly on his feet. "Oh-ho-ho. No, no. I've found someone to keep you challenged. Ingrates, all of you. No one wants to give ol' Happy the credit he's due, then FINE. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO'RE STILL HERE, I GIVE YOU THE FINAL FIGHT! If Dante here wins, he gets my prize." There's a murmur in the crowd as people start pointing out that Zukah already took the stack of panties by the stage. "THE REST OF MY PRIZE." Several 'oh's ring out from the audience. "If he looses, I get to keep them and do what I see fit with them... FOR THE FINAL FIGHT, Dante Sparda against..." His face seems to darken, "...his brother.

Walking silently a hand on the hilt of Yamato. A touramant was being held and none so thought to invite Vergil? Well that just wont do. When he had been informed his brother would be the victor Vergil of course offered to come in and have a round against his twin. Why not remind Dante what a real challange is. So walking in path of the sunset the half demon was almost grinning, as close as Vergil gets to grining these days. He didn't even ask what the prize was, he just wanted to best his brother once more.

Dante's ever perpetual smile seems to fade just a bit. He turns slowly to regard Vergil as he pops into view. After just a moment, that grin returns. "Bro. Good to see you. You just don't fucking stay dead. Just like the rest of the family I guess." He walks forward toward the stage as well. He seems wide awake and it SEEMS as though this might have been the kind of thing he was looking for after all.

Tabitha blinks and stares, "Wait... Dante has a brother?" He doesn't talk about his past much, does he?
Happosai chuckles darkly, "Alright gentelmen. Whenever you're ready." He leaps off the stage and out of sight leaving the stage clear for whatever happens next.

Vergil made his way towards the stage as well listening to his brother speak. "Where would the 'fun' be in staying dead? Surly you know me better then that brother." Vergil replied calmly as he came to stop once he was standing on the stage. "Maybe this time you can finish the job and finally be rid of me for good." He added after a moment.

Dante vaults into the air, fairly high as these guys tend to do. He lands on the stage, across from Vergil. He offers Vergil a friendly flip of the 'bird'...which from Dante, might sort of be friendly in some weird way. "I dunno if I'd want too. Kicking your ass NEVER gets old or boring." He grinds his shoe into the stage slightly, cracking the wood up just a bit. He seems to be ready.

Tabitha sits down and shuts up. The only time she's really seen Dante fight was, well, against herself. With her ears perked up and her tail flickering behind her the girl grins and yells out, "KICK HIS ASS, DANTE!" Someone has to cheer for him, right?

Simply shaking his head Vergil looked to his brother a moment. "Still living in your silly ideas of being stronger than I are you?" And with that he finally pushed forward to run at his brother his hand on the hilt but yet removing Yamato but ready to as soon as he gets close enough to Dante.

Dante offers Tabi a quick thumbs up and one of his 'lady killer' grins. Old habits die hard. His attention is drawn back to the charging Vergil. He drops a bit and flicks his hand up to his shoulder. Instead of pulling out E&I, he rips Rebellion from its sheath and launches forward as well, closing the gap just as Vergil is. He learned a long time ago that Vergil's gotten VERY good at stopping firearms.

When Rebellion was pulled free that was Vergil's que drawing Yamato fast from the sheath that held the blade. The two swords of Sparda given to each respected son. The father likely never expected the twins ot use them on each other but he's dead so forget what he wants. Vergil gracefully swung the samurai blade towards Rebellion. He was not about to make this easy on the other.

Dante kind of had the same thing in mind here. These two ALWAYS start with a quick sword clash and this seems to be no exception. Once the swords clash, he presses forward just a bit, but of course as they both have the exact same physical strength...there's probably to no avail. His REAL plan is to suddenly release pressure JUST a bit while released the handle of Rebellion with one hand, trying to slap it down onto Vergil's since they're up close and personal, in an effort to shift Yamato out of the way JUST slightly. If this happens to succeed, he'll draw Rebellion ACROSS Yamato and aim a swipe at Vergil. For the record, he's not holding back here...since he's pretty sure Vergil won't either. They never do.

Vergil pushed against up with Yamato holding his posistion there a moment, he leaned in a bit as well glaring at his mirror verse self. The ever happy hunter, he shouldn't be allowed to have his face. Alas! As Yamato was moved just a bit from the release of Rebelllion Vergil had not expected the blade to come at him, he never gave Dante enough credit. Thus not expecting such a plan from his brother. Jumping back a few steps he swung Yamato around him as if to get himself ready for the next attack a better grip on the sword. "Do my eyes decive me or have you improved?"

Dante steadies himself and steps back a few steps himself. He likes to rush in, but he knows WAY better than to try that kind of shit with his brother. He points Rebellion at Vergil and offers him a grin, as he has a tendency to do. "I guess I'm getting a little better in my old age. I'd still get your eyes checked though. I told you all that jacking off was going to fuck your eyesight up." Ah yes, witty banter. So...very...witty. *sigh*

Vergil stared at his brother a moment. "And you used to kiss our mother with that mouth of yours. At least she's no longer alive to hear the trash you spew." He grumbled a bit. Oh his brother's banter, never funny to him. He moved his stance just a bit before pushing fast in again this time with Yamato already drawn, he had a plan of course. Get closer, then jump over Danter and come in from behind. No one ever said Vergil always plays fair.

Dante's smile DOES indeed fade a little bit at that one. That almost inky black/red aura of his seems to be smoking up around him just a bit, although he hasn't DT'd. He speaks a LITTLE softer. "You can say hi to mom when I finally get you to stay in hell, asshole." With that he charges forward himself. He's got that look in his eyes now. You know, that one look. ... ... Don't look at me like that, you know what look I'm talking about.

A wide grin crosses Vergil's face finally as he sees that aura coming around him, oh yes things were about to get fun. "Oh did I strike a nerve? And you truly beleive her to be in hell. Tsk tsk I would think her favorite son would think better of her. I shall send you to her so you can apologize properly to the woman that gave us life." And with that last stab of words Vergil vaulted himself up in the air, his eyes staying on Dante, he knows that look means trouble so his play may not work as planned.

Dante skids to a halt. Unfortunately, his mind's a little clouded JUST at the moment and he's taken a little off guard. He tries to track him but Vergil's a little faster than he is, if he's not using Alastor anyway. "All of sudden you got a lot to say, huh Verg? Mom knew what she was getting herself into when she married dad. I think if she had known YOU were gonna come out of this too, she would have had a fucking abortion."

Coming down behind him Vergil shifted Yamato out to the side. "Words always distract you brother, do they not. As for an abortion, you would have died too idiot. We are twins born at the same time." He spoke swining Yamato now, normally he would have stayed silent and just sliced his brother's back but that comment got him too, the element of suprize gone.

Dante manages to turn enough to avoid getting his back hacked up...but not quick enough to fully stop the slash. It comes down on his shoulder instead and bites in DEEP, leaving a spray of blood to leap into the air. He lets out a cry of pain and it actually driven to one knee, Rebellion clattering aside. This one DEFINITELY hurt him. Rebellion actually disappears from sight, in fact. Maybe it fell off stage? He spits a small amount of blood, aimed at Vergil's feet. "I...it woulda been worth it to keep YOU from existing, you f...f....*coughs instead*"

Tabitha gasps at the sudden show of blood, licking her scabbed lip afterwards. Certainly more violence than anyone's seen today. She takes a moment to glance around the crowd noticing that people are starting to flock to the stage again. Well, she asked for this. Hopefully she doesn't regret it soon...

Vergil flicked the blood off of Yamato as soon as his brother landed on his knee, shelthing Yamato's blade Vergil wiped the blood from his face which only served to smeer it more a hand reaching out fast to grab a handful of the silver stands. "You uncivilized wretch!" to be spit on by his own brother, this was a new low for Vergil. Like his brother he could fight without his blades too he pulled a fist back the other buried in Dante's hair "Hate me if you wish, but never think for a moment one of us could exsist without the other!" and then he threw the punch.

Dante's head is wrenched back by his hair. He glares back at Vergil as he winds up for said attack. He lifts a hand up, it appears weakly for just a minute. That look on his face, though...it softens just as Vergil starts to throw said punch. "Sorry bro. Had to make you lose your cool somehow." He snaps his fingers on the hand he just raised. A dull, greyscale 'color' seems to fall over the area for just a second. Time seems to slow for everyone involved. It's also NOW apparent why Rebellion vanished. He had switched DA's. His hands and feet are now clad in the Beowulf gauntlets/greaves. The time slow never worked very well on Vergil, but he only wants it to buy him just a SECOND of time while he does just ONE little thing. He slams that hand, now in a fist, into the stage while he has that short break. Everything seems to vanish into a bright, white light as from under the stage, a massive column of light erupts...shooting off into the sky. It shouldn't hurt any of the onlookers...but if Vergil doesn't get away, it should do damage to his 'devil' side.

Damage to devil side or not it was enough to get Vergil to break his hold of his brother and make him stagger backwards. It was never good for someone who spends most of his time in dark rooms or out at night to look directly into a bright light. Momentarily off balance and trying to regain his barings. He should have remembered Dante had Beowulf but it slipped his mind. It has been some time since then.

Dante shifts his weight back to his back foot, trying to take advantage of this situation. The blood on his shoulder seems to have slowed to a slow drip, although there's still an obvious wound there. He drives forward, lashing out with a right hook aimed at Vergil's ribs...if that manages to connect, he'll follow with left straight punch aimed for Vergil's chin....if THAT somehow connects as well, he'll finish by attempting a spinning side kick aimed for Vergil's gut. . o O(Shit...Yamato always DID screw me up. Thanks dad.)

Dante had been lucky for that temparay moment of being off balance. Normally two hits would not have landed on Vergil so well, but the burning of his eyes had to be ignored as that foot was coming at him, another jump back was done by vergil landing on one knee and sliding back alittle. "The insufferable wretch!" Vergil spit out crouched down the way he had landed a hand went to Yamato's hilt. Shit was about to get real in the whole foods parkinglot.

Dante staggers back a bit as Vergil manages to evade his final attack. His hand reaches up to grip his injured shoulder. He glances over at it and then back at Vergil. He laughs just a little bit. "Well, well. Maybe you're getting slower in YOUR old age, bro. I bet you wish you had gotten dad's powers way back when, huh? No...it was just one big failure after another with you. Dad, Mundus...and look, now this. Tsk tsk."

Standing Vergil was clearly fumming, oh of course bring up Mundus! "You know nothing Dante, do not pretend for a moment that you do. You live in your little fantasy world pretending to be some kind of cowboy coming to save the mortal women and expect to be treated as a hero. But you, you are no better than I. As for getting slow, never." And with that he shot forward pulling Yamato free of the sheath again. NOrmally Vergil would restain himself and not lose his temper but both were pushing buttons best left untouched.

Dante snorts at that last one. The gauntlets flip out of sight and Rebellion seems to pop back into his hands out of nowhere. He slams his blade down into the stage, sending a wave of energy out of the blade in the direction of the charging Vergil. "You know what, bro? Fuck you! I never said I was better than you. You know how many times I tried to unsuccessfully kill myself? You know how much I HATE being this shitty ass half-demon fuck up? Unlike YOU, though, I got over my emo days and found at least SOME useful thing to do with my life. Evil is out of fashion, or didn't you get the memo?"

Vergil jumped up in the air as the energy threatened to knock him off balance all this did was slow him down and make him lose the force that would have been behind that swing. Landing gracefully Vergil held his arm holding Yamato out. "Evil. That is what you think I am after? To rule the humans or some stupidity of the sort? You are gravly mistaken little brother. If you do not understand that then you are not worth my time." He looked over to the ones running the battle "I am forfitting this match. I will not stand before this child a moment longer." Yamato shethed as he turned. He was beyond done.

Dante blinks once. He lowers his sword to his side too. He looks a bit older all of a sudden. Probably kind of tired. "Damn it Vergil. I don't think you're after any of that shit. ... I call you evil because you've got the ONE thing going for yourself that all great evil does. You don't seem to GIVE a rats ass how many other people you hurt to get your way. Mom wouldn't have wanted this. Dad wouldn't have either. Can't you just..."

Happosai leaps down onto the stage once Vergil turns, cutting off Dante as he speaks. "I.... well..." The old man sighs, "I guess Dante wins..." He sighs again grumbling. The center of the stage opens up revealing the rest of his panty collection beneath it. Happy then leaps to the edge of the stage and points angrily at Tabitha, "THERE. ARE YOU HAPPY?!? I KEPT MY WORD!" He leaps away with tears in his eyes.
Tabitha blinkblinks. "...yay?" The crowd cheers, although most of the women start lining up at the edge of the stage, looking towards Dante in hopes he'll turn the collection back over to them.

Vergil says, "Shut your mouth. I am done speaking to you." He hissed turning his back to his brother and starting to walk off. The elder Sparda was heading back to his quarters, maybe he would venture out again soon but who knows with this one really."

Dante watches Vergil walk off. He sighs again, shaking his head. "Sometimes I think Vergil's the one who's gotta grow up. Well, anyway...to business..." He glances out over the ladies of Twisted. He offers a grin and waves a bit. "Ok ladies. Here's the rule. You want your stuff back? Each one of you that hunts that old lech down, injures him and gets photo evidence, gets all their underwear back. How's that sound?"

There's a brief quiet murmur in the crowd and suddenly the gathered women all draw weapons. Maybe the citizens are more violent than it seemed...

Dante wags a finger. "No killing though."

The crowd collectively 'awwwwwww's.

Tabitha glances around and eyerolls. "...and people wonder where the idea that the entire town is crazy comes from." Ignoring them, Tabitha begins to clap. "Yay! Dante!" Eventually the crowd joins in. This was a victory, after all!

Dante offers everyone a thumbs up, favoring everyone with one of his ever so charming smiles. Of course playing it up more for the lady folk than everyone else. He waves to the crowd before hopping down off the stage. He's still holding his wounded shoulder as he wanders over to where Tabi's hanging out. He flops into a nearby seat and closes his eyes. "That turned into a fucking ordeal. I dunno if your shit's in there but feel free to go get it. Don't worry, I didn't touch any of it."

Tabitha sits down again too. "Nah, I'm good. They can have at it." She watches a few people start climbing onto the stage to start hunting. "Besides, I'm not sure I'd ever feel comfortable with whatever tha old perv did ta them before he hid them away." She licks her scabbed lip again. "How's tha shoulder?

Dante snickers a bit. "Yeah. I wouldn't want anything that old greaseball touched anywhere on my body either." He glances over at his wounded shoulder at her question. The wound's mostly healed up, but the damage is still apparent. He ehs. "I've been through worse. Vergil's strikes are always perfect though and Yamato's....well, it's an artifact. S'hard to heal from those kind wounds. Always takes a while. ... How about you? You all healed up now?"

Tabitha shrugs her shoulders, "I'm a little sore, but I'll live. Worst part is where I bit mah lip, but it'll be fine if I quit picking at it..." She licks it again and sighs, "You about ready ta call it a day an' hit the UR? I'll buy the first round if they don't card me." Do they even bother carding people on Twisted? Is there a minimum age? One day, these questions shall be answered...

Dante rubs the back of his head. "Yeah, sorry about the lip. I didn't think you were QUITE gonna hit like that. Miscalculation on my part. Never been the calculating type." He rises to his feet, giving Tabi a nod. "I could DEFINITELY use a drink or 5. You're on."

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