2012-06-30 - A meeting with the Head of MM

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A meeting with the Head of MM

Summary: Yukina crosses paths with Medical Mechanica's head of public relations.

Who: Yukina, Juno_Tanaka
When: June 30, 2012
Where: Integra's Arms Lobby

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The Arms' hotel lobby is cool, the light buzz of the conditioner filling the otherwise silent room. A poster board proudly exclaims 'Welcome to The Integras Arms'! We're here to serve you!'. Standing next to it is the current speaker for MM's affairs on Twisted Street, idly flipping though some papers on a clip board.

As a regular leaves the apartment wearing a coat and hat, some rain flies through the door. It's quite gusty today, raining down torrents in the way that when combined with strong winds you feel bullet-like waterdrops smash you in the face. And just like everything in this twisted world, the wind doesn't even allow you to predict its direction. It always changes. No wonder then that a young woman, drenched from head to soggy wingtip, bursts in after the coated man with an umbrella just recently folded. "Brr!!!" She chatteringly exclaims as she shakes off her glistening black wings - water droplets fly everywhere on the door near the floor, but it's already well wet. Her platinum hair is glistening and dripping, completely soaked. Is she here for respite from the rain, business...? Juno barely glances at the tenent leaving, but almost radiates enthusiasim as the girl walks in. "Welcome!" He glances back at the lady at the desk and she promptly starts working. A cleaner appers immdiately afterwards hand a towel to the man and retriete to clean up the mess. "What a storm huh? Having trouble getting home?" He's been here a while and it's fairly obvious who is native and who's not. Perhaps she'll need a room!

Drip. Drip drip drip. Yukina blinks those wide scarlet eyes of hers, not obviously anticipating such a courteous approach. She'd probably have felt more settled if Juno had rushed at her with a knife, that she'd be used to. Customer service completely disarms her as the umbrella lolls weakly in her grasp before she clutches the handle with both hands, "Ur... um... not really. I mean, I don't have a home. Well I do - but it's never really been my 'home' home. I don't live there anymore." Her voice rises and falls at all the right places, music to the ears, despite the content being jumbled and confused. Eventually she composes herself as she thrusts the umbrella forward. "... Can I wait out the storm? I'll give you this umbrella... it's quite sturdy." Bartering, one of the few constants without a universal currency.

Juno laughs brightly and offers her the towel. "Another traveler then! We specialize in you." He gestures towards the chairs set up, stepping backward and putting a palm behind her back to usher her along. He completly ignores the umbrella. "It's Medical Mechanica's asperation to help," He smirks slightly, "moist waifs like yourself find a solid footing in otherwise confusing situations."

Yukina furrows her brow a little in irritation. "... Moist waifs?" She suddenly feels insulted, though she has no idea if she's supposed to or not. She resists the urge to whack this man over the head with said umbrella. This causes a delay in movement even as he puts the hand on her back, though eventually she gives and sits down - fluttering her wings as she's prone to do when adjusting to a new chair. She blows a soggy strand of hair away from her face, reaching up and making a second attempt with her hand. Oh wait, there's a towel! She uses that to dry herself off. "I don't really travel either... I sort of wander. Travellers need a destination so... I'm not really one of those." She doesn't want him to get the wrong idea. o O ( Medical Machina...? ) Maybe I should ask aloud. "... Medical Machina?"

Juno's smile returns as she sits, placing himself in a chair to the left and crosses his legs. "We welcome all travelers, destination or not! In fact, more then a few of our residents have no home except those that they've crated here." He'll have to get the marketing team on a slogan, quick and easy for the mind. "Medical Machina is a very exciting company that has decided to help the poor souls that are stranded here. Through our special program we help those in need by giving them the basics." His face sombers, giving the impression that perhaps the problem they are solving is key to world stability. "After all, it's one of the most comforting things, to have a place to rest your head for a while."

"That sounds... admirable." Yukina is genuine in her awe of Juno's explanation of their mission statement, she's never heard anything like Medical Machina. Well, nothing that wasn't lies designed to sucker her in long enough to either drain her dry, eat her or marry her by force. o O ( If true, it sounds nice though...) Her relaxed expression conveys that thought quite openly as her hands relax on the umbrella head, "My father used to bring people in, but mostly in an attempt to organize better ways to hurt other people." She muses out loud, not even realizing that admitting your parent was an organized terrorist might be a bad thing. It just doesn't occur to her. "How do you give people the basics though, in a world that constantly changes? How can you begin to make anything stable in the chaos?"

Juno says, "The World is righting itself! Destabilized areas have been clearly marked. Mostly the wastelands contain the refuse and chaos, leaving the inner city relitivly clear of inconsistancy." He's heard of tenants having powerful friends and it doesn't bother the man at all. It's all business. "And since then, MM has strived to clean up and support the community in whatever way we're able. We've got some hand in nearly all the buildings in the town!" He can't decide if town or city describes it better, though one would guess it's all a matter of perspective. Personal, Juno feels as though he's selling air or something. "And speaking of starting with stability, I should introduce myself, forgive me as my excitement often runs away with me. I'm Mr. Tanaka.""

Yukina likes the idea of chaos rearranging itself to order for some reason, though everyone she knows - with the exception of Blemish - probably disagrees with her. Even that strange man with all the titles yesterday seemed happy when things were going wrong. o O ( I wonder if this... Medical Machinery... and that man will come to heads? ) For some reason that thought saddens her, Yukina wears a frown for a few moments before shaking it off and replacing it with a bright charming smile. "I'm pleased to meet you, Mr Tanaka. I'm Yukina." No titles, sort of nice. She reaches out a porcelain-hued hand to shake his, it seems only polite, though if he doesn't she'd understand. "... I'd love to help you out, it sounds wonderful... but I think I'd only end up adding to all the chaos." Almost on cue, a pentagram appears on the floor. It's a large one - about twice the size of a large human being - hued the color of blood. Suddenly from it a Japanese Oni crawls out, giant and red like a lobster, with a single white horn on his head. He drags a club out of the ground with him - spiked and deadly - as he looks around with narrowed eyes. "... Hmph. This place is weak!" He grabs a giant flask hanging off his belt - he wears a poor excuse for a tunic - and begins to drink from it. The stench of violently strong alcohol fills the air. Glug glug glug. The oni throws down the flask once done, shattering it on the ground. "

Juno gently shakes her hand, sitting back in his chair. "Oh I do doubt that. A pleasure to meet you, Ms Yukina." Is he really business all the way 'round? As the oni appears, Juno's expression doesn't change. What has he seen that makes this not startling? The cleaner hung around and swiftly begins cleaning the mess. Juno pushes up his cuff and looks at what looks like a watch. "Greetings, oh foul one. Welcome!" No sweat.

Yukina seems to look a bit sad for a moment as the Oni ([1]) smashes the flask, turning his head towards Juno with a yakuza-like expression. "EEEHH? You callin' me foul, you trumped up little suit-stuffer? That's 500,000,000 Yen tax, right there!" He lowers the club down to the ground and thumps it aggressively, "... No leg breaking tax. Cough up." Yukina frowns and glares at the Oni with a disapproving glare. The Oni coughs, "... Ahem. 500,000 yen tax." Another cough. " 500 yen? ... No? Come-on, that's to replace the flask! Damn it, I'm out of here. Lates!" The oni drags the club out across the ground, scraping a long line in the floor, before slamming the door shut behind him. Yukina hangs her head. "... Sorry. I'm really sorry. I... I keep making them appear wherever I go."

Juno waves her apology away. "Again, no worries. MM has had a mass of experiance against 'otherworldly' creatures. In fact, our walls are insulated against the majority of ecto-energies that transdimentional beings ditribute." Gratned, that technology is extremly high end and god knows where they got it from. S'not like they'd tell you if asked. "Well, Ms Yukina, should you decide to stay with us, you're more then welcome, the receptionist at the counter will be glad to offer any help. If not, then you are welcome to stay til the storm passes." He stands up, re-adjusting his already perfectly settled blazer.

Yukina ponders on that. "... Is it okay? I mean... I'm sort of sleeping out in the open at the moment." Granted she creates herself a shelter, but it's still not much fun.

Juno says, "If it is payment you're worried about we understand that some of our guests don't have money or items that would be beneficial to trade. Again, just talk to the lady at the desk and she can help you find lodgings." Satisfied with the completion of his duties, he nods formally at her. "I wish you the best of fortune, Ms Yukina." He smiles and walks away, stopping to relay his orders to the receptionist.

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