2012-06-30 - What good is a title anyways?

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What good is a title anyway?

Summary: On a fairly busy night at the UR Yukina makes her first appearance since the reboot and meets Senior Diablo. Fun! Mayhem! Random NPCs!

Who: Yukina, Senior_Diablo, Skutters
When: June 30, 2012
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)
You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluorescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the floor and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and holograms of different movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR - caught as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the restaurant, surface polished and shiny and all-together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are the various beverages that are serveed, and a giant mirror. There seem to be an inordinate amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung around it. Multiple round wooden tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's an exit. A large fireplace nestles in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second-floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Today the Usual Restaurant is fairly busy, there's large creatures hauled over vastly smaller tables drinking even smaller drinks. Paradoxically, there's a gremlin at the bar drinking from a beer mug twice his size - so maybe they're just going easy tonight. A succubus sings Karaeoke to avid watchers in the corner of the room, there's multiple staff on tonight and crowding on both sides of the bar. Meanwhile a dazzingly beautiful young woman - probably in her late teens - seems to be picking away at a sizable parfait with a long spoon. Her rose-red eyes seem to be fixated on new locations to chip away at it, as if playing a game where the wrong decision could result in collapse of the ice cream construction. Her midnight wings twitch as someone brushes past. She's alone at the table, her only companion an empty coffee cup.

The door of the UR is quietly pushed open and in strolls Senior Diablo. The few patrons who pay enough attention give him a brief nod as he sort of glides past them, making his way towards the bar. Smiling at the bartender on duty, the demon speaks, "I think... today... I'll actually order something." Diablo leans slightly over the bartop and eyes the bottles on display before shaking his head. "Whatever. I don't care. Surprise me." He chuckles to himself knowing how bad an idea that request always turns out to be. The Devil turns and makes his way towards a nearby table and sits down, making it a point to glance around the room as if looking for someone. Briefly his eyes hover at Yukina and the demon smiles again as if to say hello.

Yukina is about to take another scoop out of her parfait before she seems to pause - literally stiffening in place - as if a gorgon had decided to gaze upon her at that exact moment. She then moves rather subtly, sniffing the air as if someone had decided to bake something and she'd just noticed it. She then resumes what she was doing, though for the more astute she actually glances at her spoon with crimson eyes - the reflection path of the spoon focused squarely at Senior Diablo. o O ( ... An unusual kind of devil. ) Ponderous, but the unusual is the Usual at the Usual. Suddenly there's a flash of a pentagram in the air to the other side of the table and a pixie flies out - a little faerie with red hair and wearing a purple outfit. "OI! OI! You're eating ice cream without me... *hic* ... thas'no'fair! Owait... BOOZE!" The clearly drunken faerie flies over to the bar and begins to pilfer alcohol from the bar, a bartender is waving his arms wildly as the fae clutches several bottles twice the size of her body. "Wheee... *hic* ... I'm flying!" Yukina head-desks on the edge of the table, her platinum hair draping over her face. It shows exhasperation.

[OOC] Yukina says, "[1] - The pixie."

Senior Diablo stares blankly at the pixie, giving it little more than a raised brow. He chuckles at it as one of the skutters arrives at his table with a mechanised 'whrrrr'. "Ahhh, thank you." He takes, whatever it is from the little robot and sits it in the center of his table to watch it bubble as the skutter zips away. The brief amount of time his thin hand had hovered over the top of the glass was already enough to eat the flesh from his bones, causing the demon to blink in surprise. Somehow he manages to literally shake it off, waving his hand a few times in the air until it returned to normal. His eyes briefly gaze over at Yukina as he ponders a moment. With a snap of his fingers he smiles, "You there," he calls to the fairy, "care for a drink?"

Yukina seems completely inert as a burning pentagram appears to her left, this time more at ground level, as a second creature emerges from it ([2]). It seems to float about half a meter from the ground, though it barely meets the top of the table. "... Hey, Calliope, stop causing trouble. You're upsetting these people, bro." The pumpkin-headed creature chides the pixie, but the faerie seems completely ignorant of anyone's suffering. In fact, she drops a few bottles that shatter and cause the bartender to begin swearing and reaching for a broom. "Whoopsie! *Hic*" Then she realises she's being called, as she drunkenly swerves and flies towards Senior Diablo - almost crashing into him but making a jerking stop in the air, narrowly missing his head with one of the bottles. "... *Hic*... Whatchuu want? Is it my bodeeh? My milkshake brings ALL the boys to the yard!" She hurls one of the bottles up with that statement, it shatters and almost hits one of the demure giants drinking from his tiny glass. "Some people..." The giant goes in an unexpected british accent. "... Wait... youuuuree tooo bony... What's with all the bones? Are you SKELETOR? ... SKELETOR! *Hic* ...I... I love you He-man!" Calliope hugs one of her bottles and drops the rest, alcohol sprays and pools all over the floor. People begin to leave. Yukina puts down her spoon and stands up, ruffling her wings, and walks over - plucking the fae by her wings. "EEP! I'm being assaulted... man-handled... NO... WOMANHANDLED!"

Senior Diablo stays calm through all of this, clearly getting some sort of sadistic pleasure from all of the chaos. Sometimes the devil is an easy man to please. Not even the skeletor comment seems to phase him, although assuredly he's heard worse by now. As Yukina makes her way he smirks, "Pets can be such a burden, can they not? I can barely keep mine under control myself, although it's amazing what some false promises and a little abuse can get you." Does it matter if she wants to talk or not? No. He has a way of making people feel akward enough to start talking to him, and he seems to be doing it now. "Care to stay and chat? I could use the company while I await my friend." He guestures towards a chair across from himself. Of course if Yukina ignores him and simply continues to walk away he'll still ask the same question. He's insistant like that.

"She's not a pet. She's a person." Yukina intones with her musical voice, the tone suggesting that she's not irritated by his statement - but a few more times and she might change her mind. A slender finger rises up to brush the strands of silvery hair from her face, dislodged by her dramatic head collision with the table. She's perhaps oddly not unnerved by his presence, in fact she speaks to him as if he were just another being on the street. It's not bravado, but the result of living amongst some of the darkest - and creepiest - looking beings Twisted has to offer. Her father did like drawing others like him to their home. Or her once-home. "... I created them. By accident. They're alive now, as far as I can tell." She tries to explain, but just settles for sitting down at Diablo's table. Meanwhile Calliope is thrashing wildly about, "I am *NOT* a commodity! I'm beeeeaaauutttiiffulll! *Hic!*" Yukina waves her hands and suddenly atoms and matter begin to assort themselves in the shape of a giant bottle of liquour, complete with air holes, with Calliope inside it. "WHEEE! BOOZAHOL!" The fae sinks to the bottom of her alcoholic prison, apparently not needing to breathe, as she blubs and drinks. Yukina places the bottle on the floor as Pyro Jack floats over, shaking his head to himself. "Thank goodness that's done, bro."

The demon's smile widens further as the girl takes up his offer. Feeling brave he takes the strange bubbling glass and holds it up to his face as if about to drink it. Instead he just lets it hover there. "Pet, minon, servant... it's all the same in the end. Give them instructions, make sure they don't brake things, maybe occasionally swat them on the nose with a newspaper." He laughs under his breath. "Not a huge difference. Either way you can't say it to their faces without them getting bent out of shape about it." Pushing himself to his feet, the demon bows dramatically. "Senior Diablo, Lord of the lower depths of Hell, Master of it's archives, and one seventh-" He cuts himself off mid speach, raising his head a little as he ponders. "No, no I suppose that's not quite right in this world anymore..." The demon lets his words drift off as he retakes his seat and once more picks up that glass to decide what he wants to do with it. "Hmmmm... Last of the Council of Twisted I suppose is more accurate, seeing as how I did away with that." Diablo seems genuienly bothered by his confused title. "Maybe I should consult Gegoshi about it later...?"

Yukina seems to listen to Senior Diablo's introduction quietly and without judgement, leaning back and crossing her legs as Pyro floats beside her and Calliope bubbles happily away. She raises a lithe finger up to brush back one of her bangs behind her ear, crimson hued eyes observing Senior Diablo's facial expressions. No stranger to long and grandeous titles, her father and his cohorts had countless titles. o O ( I suppose it kept the darkness back... the one in their own hearts. Fake footsteps. ) Her midnight wings stretch out and retract, hanging over the back of the chair. The name Gegoshi is both familiar and evasive, barely remembered. Just like all those titles. "So, Lord Yoma, you wait for and consult friends yet you claim to only have servants and pets. With all those titles, I wouldn't think you had any equals." She curiously questions, lilting her foot and letting it fall as she speaks. Her perfect tone carries a touch of confusion, feigned and deliberate.

Fortunetly, (or unfortunetly) Diablo loves to talk and the brief sound of confusion is enough to set him rambling once again. "It's easy to fall prey to habits and the expectations of others, even if those expectations are to seem as ominous as one can be." Sure, that explains everything. He finally gets brave and sips his drink only to gag slightly as it passes his lips. "My 'pet' is actually my ward, and I'm waiting for an old aquaintance whom I plan to ask about training her. She participated in that little 'event' this past weekend in the fairgrounds and didn't fair too well." He smirks again as he sits the glass down. "...now, what about yourself? What title do you carry, child?" He asks as if he shouldn't already know the answer.

"Title...? Oh, I've got none of those. Not nearly important enough, probably." Yukina seems to wear wide-eyed surprise, though her foot continues to lilt and drop like the moving of a metronome. Her voice is musically playful, though. "... Just call me Yukina." She has titles, but none she's chosen for herself. The only one she likes is 'sister', the one given to her by Blemish. The rest she could happily live without. As she speaks there's another flash and a small Kodama, a tiny green humanoid about the size of a coffee-cup with the shape of a paper ginger-bread man, pops into existence. It floats in the air, though more likely caught by it, silently moving around the bar and savouring its new existence. Whee. "Another Kodama, bro." Pyro seems to observe, though Yukina's eyes have already flicked up at it. She decides to go with a gallic shrug. As for all Diablo's talk of wards, pets and aquaintences... she resists a deep seated temptation to comment. No, Yukina, be good.

Senior Diablo's wicked smile returns as the Kodama suddenly appears. He almost seems more satisfied each time another creature makes an appearence. "Just Yukina then. Nice to meet you." The demon seems to pluck a wineglass out of the air and begins to drink it instead of his seemingly lethal glass he'd ordered. "Not important enough..." He shakes his head. "Everyone is important. Titles are a formality. Something we say to impress those who are easy to do so. They're also a burden, trust me. Ever meet someone who takes a title from everyone they kill? You could have a conversation with them and never hear them say more than their name." The demon sighs, "Whatever amuses mortals these days, I suppose."

The Kodama flies out the door and to freedom. Yukina's eyes linger on it a little longer, a twitch of concern in her eyes for her most recent creation... but it quickly dissapears from her features. It seems that this young woman can multi-task, since her ears seem to register the conversation that Senior Diablo was continuing during her moment of surveillance. The use of the word 'Mortals' puts the conversation very much in line with her father. Is she a mortal? Not likely... o O ( I suppose I'll know when it matters. Besides, immortal doesn't mean invincible. ) She orders a cup of tea from a skutter, who seems to wobble towards the bar to fetch it. It seems they really can't drive in a straight line if they tried. It raises its claw slowly... slowly... trying to reach the saucer on the bar. She seems patient. "... I think titles keep people from seeing who you really are. In time, I think it keeps those who wear them from seeing who they really are as well. Because titles don't change... and people do." She muses. Calliope is one third through her bottle, but she begins to float to the surface of the alcohol. She's not dead, she's just passed out. And she's got a big smile on her face, spread eagled on top of her beloved 'boozahol'.

Senior Diablo follows Yukina's gaze towards the fairy and chuckles. "Perhaps your right. Now more than ever." Wait, what's that supposed to mean? "Still, without them what would we be talking about right now?" The devil grins. Finishing off his wine glass, he simply throws it over his shoulder. The glass vanishes just after leaving his hand. A brief moment later he adds without explanation, "Parlour tricks."

Yukina could conjure a tea out of nowhere, yet she seems quite content for the skutter to take forever to bring her tea over. It even spills a little bit of it before placing it in front of her, which she picks up and wipes the base of dilligently with a napkin. The young woman then reaches down and strokes the skutter's head with an affectionate gesture, even though it probably doesn't feel it because it's just a plastic shell. "Thank you very much." It seems to like that though, since it does a circular spin on the way back to the waiting area near the bar. She sips it delicately, then muses. "Mm. Cinnamon." She holds it over her lap, it makes a good hand warmer. "... Try living without titles and see what happens. Perhaps you'll find people aren't drawn to talk about you being the Lord of Hell, but rather about your personality, hopes and dreams... or even about themselves. A lofty title can always detract from actually learning about the other person, like an eclipse." She ponders for a moment, "... I'd suggest changing your form to something a little less... attention grabbing... but then I wouldn't want you to change who you are. Since that would defeat the point, after all." She idly wonders if she's being too opinionated. Probably. An internal shrug.

Senior Diablo grins widely at her words. His form abruptly begins to shift and change until he becomes nothing more than an ordinary human in a blue suit with blonde hair and glasses. "Oh no, I could do that. I could. Wouldn't be the first or the last time though. My wife, bless her misguided heart, generally asks that I avoid disguises however. Something which I took to heart here on Twisted as I didn't see much need for them." He tugs at one of his sleaves to smooth a wrinkle. "As much as I should care not to 'scare' the children, I was given my duties and appearence to fulfill a purpose. Besides, I'm a creature of habbit and a centuries old one is a tough one to break." The devil stands and bows again, letting his form revert back to normal in the process. "As much as I am genuienly enjoying this chat, I should probably go find out what happened to my friend." He straightens up once again. "Luring him here can be such a challenge some days.

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