2012-07-03 - The Devil's Rage

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The Devil's Rage

Summary: For quite some time now, Senior Diablo has left people suspicious of his motives with many people not buying his 'creature of balance' act, despite the good he's done for Twisted. There have been things he's taken credit for that don't quite add up, and anytime something strange has happened he's always been there with a smile on his face. Tonight some of those secrets are revealed as he asks Caliga for help with his new apprentice...

Who: Caliga, Nancy, Senior_Diablo
When: July 3rd, 2012
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach

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Zeku-Kari Beach(#2689R)

One of the most peaceful places in Twisted so far is the beach. Vast, crystal-war waters - seeming to stretch out to eternity - whisper up to meet smooth, cool white sands. There is a street, of sorts, although it ends quickly in the grassy hill that leads down to the water. A small church is here, with full windows and even a little tower with a bell, though it may not ring often. Down to the east, closer to the water, is a dockside with a rundown shack. The dock is safe enough, not stained nor eaten away by salt water yet, though the shack looks like it's seen better days.

The sand crunches under Diablo's feet as the demon steps onto the sandy beach. Does he even wear shoes? Has anyone ever looked at his feet? It's hard to say beneath the flowing robes he tends to wear. For the moment this answer is fairly obvious judging from the hoof-prints being left behind him as he walks towards those splashing waves. With a brief sigh he sees Caliga staring blankly off at the horrizon, and with a shake of his head the demon closes the distance stopping just outside of arms reach. "...I am a very punctual person, Caliga Satanas. I would appreciate the same respect being shown to me." The devil takes a moment to gaze out at the water himself, "That said... it is a wonderful view."

"I'm only here because you wished to speak to me." The sound of the waves is a relaxing thing. It allows one to clear their mind, and focus upon what really matters. A large wave crashes upon the sand, sending a flow of water far enough up to nearly wash away most of the foot prints that have been left behind by those who have visted this beach, leaving the feet of the man rather soaked.

"..It is a wonderful view.. I just hate having wet shoes. such an annoyance." Caliga turns to face the Devil, a blank expression resting upon his face. "Time is an illusion, especially in a plane as chaotic as this. There is no guarentee that this moment is truely right now, but it could be in a few moments, or just then. So its irrelevent to be punctual I suppose, mainly because chaos could truly just be playing tricks, and I am infact, just where you were supposed to be."

A slight frown now rests upon Caliga's face as he glances past Diablo, looking towards the church. "However, we could wax poetic about the fallacies of time and space all day, but I don't think thats quite what you wished to do."

Senior Diablo's eyes narrow. "I'll have you know that I've gone to great lengths to stabilize Twisted. Plans that extend not only to this universe but the one destroyed to create it." Eh? "But as you've so eloquently pointed out, that's neither here no there." He folds his hands behind his back and does his best impression of not being bothered. "What I called you for is simple. The child I've taken under my wing, Tabitha, the Nekojin. I need her to be capable of completing certain tasks and as her recent show at Happosai's little tournament has shown - she's not going to be sufficiant without proper training." He steps over towards Caliga's side. "I believe you would be the most experienced to give her such training."

"You can stablize it all you want, however chaos is still chaos. It will not be controlled." Almost as if to prove a point, the skies far out over the ocean start to darken upon the sea behind them as the wind starts to pick up violently. "Weather is a fact of chaos. It can be predicted, and even controlled to an extent, however it is still just that. Chaos. There will always be an unexpected consequence."

The skies continue to darken, obviously intent on creating one hell of a storm. "Yet. You wish for me to teach the Nekojin? I am a being of chaos. I am also a being of order. I am a walking contridiction. However."

The man gives a slight shake of his head as he shrugs his shoulders, seemingly pondering over this request. "She will never be what she once was. There is more to her as well. Just as my memories of a certain time are gone, I can sense something more within her as well. Just what is it you want of the child?"

Senior Diablo's form seems to darken considerably more than just from the odd weather above them. "It's simple, Caliga... you've touched the Maniac. Even if you won't admit to it, or remember it fully, you have... and she is, for lack of a better description, his child. Her potential is far greater than almost any soul I've encountered." He guestures with an upturned hand, closing it into a tight fist as he continues speaking. "I've seen both sides of that coin. I've nurtured it. What she is now is nothing more than a persona I crafted for her to keep that darker part in check." Light rain begins to fall from above, interestingly the drops which fall upon him seem to take on a red tint, like blood. "I made her swear allegiance to the members of the former Council of both Twisted and Hell, and that includes you my friend. If she can learn to harness that darkness on her own without it taking her over, she could be a valuable tool for all of us...

"The maniac.." A brief flash of pain strikes Caliga as he shakes his head once more. "...I see." An almost brief scene of clairty takes over the man as he struggles to remember what he can. A faint smirk appears on his face as he stares at Diablo, eyes clearer then they've been since his own return to this realm.

"Chaos can not be controlled. It can be harnessed, but the more she relies upon it.. Sooner or later, she will suffer from it in ways that will be irrepairiable. You're a miserable fool for choosing this fate for her. She will eventually figure it out, and rebel. Above all else, she is still a being that has a will of her own, even if she doesn't know any better."

"Harnessing the power, sure.. However I will not allow her to be a tool. I will teach her.. Because I know how. Yet like this storm.."

A large wave crashes once more upon the sand violently, this time dragging away chunks of the fine grains as it ebbs. "She won't be the same, and I truly hope you realize that it will eventually come back to haunt you."

Senior Diablo is a tall man, but somehow seeing him angry makes him appear taller. Something which becomes especially apparent to Caliga as the demon grabs his collar in rage and lifts him into the air to glare directly into his eyes. "I don't CARE what you think of my actions!! I don't care of the implications of what I've done to the child! I KNOW WHAT IS AT STAKE, AND I KNOW THE COST ON HER SOUL AS WELL AS THOSE WHO WILL FIND THEMESELVES HURT IF THIS GOES WRONG!! DO noT LecTUrE ME AboUt THE MoRalS, SIR, LEasT I NEed TO RemIND yoU JUsssST HOW FaaR MY Own AutHOriTY ALloWS ME tO GO!"
The demon drops Caliga, turning quickly away to try and calm himself. "I... I'm sorry. I just can not express the importance of this enough. This plan has been in motion for centuries and I WILL NOT see it fall apart now when victory is so close in my grasp." Taking another step or two away, Diablo turns to face Caliga once again. His form now much more normal than it has been since he first arrived. "If you want to try and 'save her soul' then so be it. You have that right. However, as the only person in this dimension besides that broken maniac himself who understands the intimate workings of his powers, I NEED you to do this..." He adds quietly as if in an after thought, "...and it would force me to owe you a favor I would be honor-bound to fullfil.

"I'll train her." The words are simple as the sand starts to rise up around Caliga, swirling around him as if it were creating a barrier. "However, you obsess over something as limiting as victory."

The wind picks up once more, as tendrils of darkness start to strike him from each singular grain of sand, creating an effect of thousands of nearly invisible black strings latching onto his body. "Victory is an illusion, just as time is Diablo. The more you grasp at it, the further away it gets until you are left broken and miserable even more then you are now. Mark my words. Unless you realize the path you yourself have set down upon and correct it.. You will become the same as the maniac. Broken and disillusioned, with everything you had hoped for lost. Maybe its not just Tabitha that needs my assistance.."

The words fade as the sand finishes scattering, leaving the devil alone on the beach.

Where it possible for him to spit, he would spit at Caliga's words. The demon walks to the edge of the sand and screams up at the heavens, "DO YOU HEAR ME, GOD? YOU IGNORANT, FAT, LITTLE GNOME!? I'm dOiNG jUsT aS yOu CReAtED me FOr, aT the COst of the SouL of THaT... ABominATIOn!! I cOuLd Do GoOD foR thIS WoRLD... FoR YoU, BuT iNStEAd yOu CAsT mE oUT AnD foRCe my hAND LikE THiS!! Am I nOT GrANtED thE GiFT of CHOiCE lIKe ThE ReST of ThE MIsERABlE SOuLS YoU COnDEmN To ThIS lIFE?!?" In a similar fashion to Caliga, the darkness swirls around the demon, throwing up sand into the rain-filled air and obscuring his form until he vanishes from sight. "...thE HEaVEnS WilL BuRN FoR ThiS. mArK My WoRdS..."
His words, of course, fall upon deaf ears as the beach slowly falls still once again beneath the downpour. Save of course for a lone pair of blue-tinted, pearl-like eyes watching from the end of the pier. Her form only appearing in the few flashes of lightning that come and go. Funny what one sees when they stand still so long that even life forgets that one is there...

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