2013-06-27 (PostU) Letting Go (parts I and II)

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Letting Go (parts I and II)

Summary: Yes, you're not hallucinating. I'm posting a scene that took place today on TwistedMUCK. It's the first scene I've been in for almost a year and during the course of it we had six people other than myself log on. Can you believe it?! Anyways, this is a rather fucked up scene and a [trigger warning] it comes with 4th wall breaking, corpse mutilation, cross dressing and violent body modification. There's also a bit with a cat eating a fish. Don't wanna leave anybody out. [triggers!!]

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The City of Dis - Judging Yard(#1374R)

The Judging Yard is a large plant-less courtyard in the center of the City of Dis. Surrounding it are high walls made of some sort of stone with only one entrance in or out which is usually guarded by massive, armored demons who won't speak to anyone despite how hard you may try. In the center of the courtyard, a large stone platform overlooks a ridiculously tall throne made of bones. It's worth noting that the bones are in fact dammed souls in another obscene form of punishment and are warm to the touch. The throne belongs to the Judge of Retributions, as here the dammed are given their eternal punishments. It is for this reason the Judge is often referred to as the Lord of the Demon Cities as his or her actions also decide the fate of the cities of the dammed scattered across the regions of Hell.

Currently this seat is occupied by Johnny C, one seventh of the Council of Hell.

Standing opposite of the throne is a statue of a catwoman on a small pedistol. The statue seems caked with blood and infact a pool of dried blood rests beneath it on the ground. The disturbing part of this out of place statue is that the blood seems to have come not from it being spilt here, but from the statue itself.


Johnny stares blankly at the "statue" of Samantha from atop his seat. The demons have finally stopped bothering him, sure it only took a few millenia, but they are finally leaving him alone. That's what he wanted, right? To be left alone? His eyes burn but no tears come from them. They dried up long ago, long after the blood dripping from the statue congealed. Why did she never stir? This was Hell. This was the place for the dead... but she never moved. She never did anything but rot behind her stone likeness.

His thoughts flicked briefly through memories of people on Twisted. Was Twisted still there? Not his Twisted, surely. He'd seen to that when he opened up the doorway to create a new world to get away from it all. A new world, an open vacume... and the damn thing just ended up becoming Twisted again. Sure it took time. Eons seemed to pass, but Hell was still here. Still the same. Still Hell. Why was that? Was the universe just mocking him? Maybe that's it. Maybe that's why Sammy never moved, or blinked, or screamed. Not since that day anyways...

The demons surrounding the city of Dis suddenly begin to panic. Something is stirring them up. Something dark. It only takes moments but even the dammed seem to vanish as the shadow of Xipe Totec makes his way into the Judging Yard. He spies the Maniac sitting upon his throne, forever watching the corpse of his friend. A friend whom not even the maggots seem to care for. Xipe shakes his head slowly, the light glinting off the pins hammered into his bald head. "...pathetic."

Johnny barely raises an eyebrow as the leader of the Cenobites makes his apperance. It's not important. He doesn't care. Still his single statement cuts through him like a knife, "What do you want, Pinhead? Haven't you got someone to be nailing to a wall right about now?"

The demon smiles a wicked smile, the corners of his lips seem to crack open from the strain of showing emotion. "Oh yes... yes indeed. Infact that's why I've come here, child. You haven't been doing your duties and it falls upon me to see that you get back to them - by any means neccessary."

Johnny scoffs, "Fuck off. I don't have time for you." He leaps down off of his chair and marches down to face Xipe directly. The maniac is forced to blink briefly as he realizes just how tall he really is. "I don't give a damn who you are, or what you think your doing. I'm one seventh Council. I don't have to answer to you."

Somehow Xipe's form seems to get taller as his anger begins to show. "Oh yes... let's talk about that, shall we? One seventh of a Council that dares not show it's face in Hell? I follow my orders from the one true lord of the darkness - Laviathan himself. I am his voice, I AM HIS RAGE!" Chains with barbed hooks seem to launch themselves out of the shadows, each seeking to purchase a piece of Johnny's flesh. "And I have SUCH wonderful torments to share with you..."

Johnny dodges backwards, watching the hooks barely miss his skin. Drawing his dagger he carges forwards, his own shadow launching another set of barbed hook chains at Pinhead this time. "Give it a rest! I've seen the movies! Where do you think I picked up that gimmick from? ...and trying to use it against me?" He lands between the chains of his own retaliation looking up briefly at Xipe's face for a reaction before lunging upwards with his knife, trying to slice at his throat. "Your just at two bit hack-tor, Pinhead. Take off the mask and go home!"

All of Johnny's hooks dig into Xipe's flesh serving only to make the demon smile more as his blood begins to flow. "Oh yes, lets do this shall we? A final game before the begining of your next chapter!" As Johnny pauses briefly to look up at him, he simply steps backwards letting the hooks rip out massive chunks of his skin and sending a spray of blood into the air. Somehow the damage seems only for show as the wounds begin to heal even before he catches Johnny out of the air with one hand by the throat. "Keep it up, child! We have an eternity to dance!"

The maniac struggles against Xipe's grip as he plunges his dagger into Pinhead's shoulders. The dagger, already burning with black flames, suddenly flares up into a brillant blue as pure darkness pumps out of the Cenobite with such force that it throws Johnny backwards into the statue of Samantha across the Judging Yard, sending it shattering into pieces. As if in a sadistic embrace, the rotting corpse within hits the ground with Johnny laying atop her, her rotted arms locking around his torso pinning him briefly.

Johnny screams as he goes into a full panic and briefly allows himself to be held, too afraid to touch the arms for fear of them breaking. The smell of her decomposing flesh burns his nostrils as his scream raises to an octive never before to have come from his throat. All he can think to do is kick wildely at the air around him.

Xipe Totec laughs as the maniac's fear flows openly like a river. He simply walks over to look down at him and grins. "Oh yes. Such bravery now turned to delicious terror. Where are your words? Your wit? I hope you don't soil yourself in the arms of the love of your life! Perhaps I should make it easier for you? Help the two of you stay together forever!!" With simply a nod of his head the catgirl's body begins to decay even faster. Her flesh turning to a liquid that flows from her bones and clings to the maniac's skin, staining it like paint. Her skeleton begins to melt into his flesh looking more and more like a macarbe suit than a person who once laughed and loved. As perhaps the final insult to this disguting injury, Johnny's own skin starts to crawl up along some of the bones as the two bodies embrace to become one. Xipe just laughs more at the maniac's terror, "Look on the bright side, child. You'll never be alone again!"

The highpitched scream echoing out of Johnny's mouth becomes nothing but an earsplitting wail as the dark deed is done to him. This is more terrifying than anything he could have possilby imagined and his wail of pain carries across the wind like a ripple in a pond letting everyone know the price of crossing Xipe Totec. His abilties to change his form only make it easier for the gruesome display as he looks down upon his own hands seeing her skin-covered bones tracing his own fingers. No blood, no muscle, just bone which he can feel moving unattached under his flesh. As his voice finally cracks he reaches up to his face realizing that he can no longer see out of his right eye, and to the horror of his touch he realizes it's because it's been replaced with her hollowed out eye socket. Another scream his forced out of his throat sending him into a coughing fit as specks of blood fall from his lips. Lurching forwards to end up on his knees, he feels her weight shift and with newfound horror his body begins to adjust to her pressence, letting the right side of his body take on most of her skeletal characteristics just underneath his skin.

The merger finally completes as his back twists him upwards on it's own as her tail fuses to his spine. His voice cracks once again into a new sound... a voice clearly somewhere between his and hers comes panting out of their lips. His shattered mind unable to find words, the twisted Maniac simply mutters random syllables. "Wh... ai... uh... nu..." He shakes his head, looking up at Pinhead with a look of terror that all eventually learn to show him. "...why?"

Xipe kneels down to look into Johnny's new face and smiles wickedly once again, "To remind you who is really in charge here, and what the price of not doing your duties truely is. Accept it or be prepared for whatever nightmares I choose to bestow upon you. Just because you're allied with Diablo doesn't mean you aren't subject to the laws of Hell." Without another sound he turns and walks away, leaving Johnny alone once more.

========End Part I

For what feels like hours, Johnny stays on his hands and knees, trying to come to grips with what has just happened. Hard to do when everytime he looks at his hand he sees only her bones wearing his skin like a glove. He finally draws into a fetal position, feeling her tail wrap around his legs. All he can do is quiver as he finds the tears to cry once again. Why did it have to be like this? What had he done to deserve this? Of course, the memories come flooding back. All the people he'd killed, and the damage he'd done. Samantha's death hit him hardest because of not only the promise he'd made to her father, but for the fact that it really was his fault. He'd created Tabitha. He'd banished her from the world. He was the one who suggested bringing her back. This literally was his cross to bear.

Only once the realization really and truthfully hit him did he finally uncurl himself and attempt to stand. His body felt weaker than he'd ever known before as he stood uneasily, looking around the courtyard for what felt like the first time. The demons had come out of hiding and "life" had returned to the city of Dis once again. However this time none of them would look at him. Perhaps it was his appearence, but it felt like they could see his shame and could no longer stand to be around him. He had to get out of here...

It took him a few minutes to find his dagger as it too had been tossed through the air after he foolishly plunged it into Xipe Totec's shoulders, and the sample of the darkness it had tasted from him was still enough to make it continue to burn brightly on it's own. Picking up the weapon sends his hollowed eye socket burning as his body absorbs the essence from the blade. He can feel his broken body mending from the boost in energy and only a few short moments later he's standing, looking over his 'healed' body. Sure, part of his body felt significantly more feminine but with muscles wrapped around the bone he looked more like a catboy than the monster he'd been only moments before. However he knew what lay beneath his skin and the thought alone was enough to send him doubling over, throwing up from the sheer knowledge alone. Wiping his mouth with, well, her hand he shivered and nearly lost his lunch again. This time, though he was smart and put on the black gloves wadded up into his pant pockets to keep himself from having to see it.

That was enough, he had to get out of here. He didn't know what he would find on Twisted but it had to be better than here...


Drawn to it like a moth to the flame Johnny soon finds himself standing in front of the Usual Restaurant. Why did he always end up here? Was it something more than just habbit? With a heavy sigh he starts for the door but stops just shy of it. His... her... hand quivers. He just can't make himself go any farther. Clutching his stomach he lets himself crash against the wall and slump to the ground, bringing his knees up to his chest. It's too much. Too much too soon. He shuffles slightly adjusting for his new tail and finally takes a good look at the street around him. One eyebrow lowers as it suddenly hits him that almost no one is moving. He pushes himself up to his feet and off the wall and stumbles out into the random people in the street, wondering why everyone has suddenly been replaced with manequinns. "H-hello?" He doesn't expect a response. He's running on little more than instinct at this point.

Devi never expected for someone else to show up. At least this time, it wasn't dripping acid and sweet lies of death. Green eyes narrow as he calls out, she knows that voice and the shakey walk that went with it. Devi breathed out his name. "Johnny." No way she'd sit up here and just watch him amble about aimlessly. Leaning off the corner edge of the Arms Hotel roof, she fall, landing hard enough for the asphalt to crack beneath the assult. Standing up, she brushes off her leather trench before walking towards him. They had all the time in the world, why should she run. Now that she's ground level though, she speaks louder and her energy presses out towards him. "Johnny. What are you doing here?"

The maniac shakes like a strong gust of wind would simply blow him over. Having Devi literally fall out of the sky almost does it, in fact. He crosses his arms tightly as he makes his way towards Devi, that damned tail clinging to his leg as if to hide. "...Devi? What am I?" His voice doesn't sound right. It's almost lighter? Higher pitched? He glances around at the street again, probably giving her a clear view of the lone cat ear sticking out of the right side of his head. "What am I doing here?" This time his voice is barely a whisper as he turns back to her. "...I-I'm not sure anymore." He forces a nervous smile as he looks around again. "Did a costume shop go out of buisness or something?" It took that extra look around before he realized it, not only is everyone standing randomly in the street, a lot of them are wearing goofy costumes.

Devi doesn't see the people anymore, only noticing their strange costumes after he's mentioned it. "Huh. No idea." It was actually good to see something new, a faint gust of insanity. Maybe that's why the street was breaking down. With Johnny's revival.... Devi looks over him, an amused smirk curling her lips. "I don't know, Johnny. I'm not sure what you were when you went to hell and now..." Devi eyes the tail and steps closer to him. "How did you get out of hell? You were supream pumba last time I checked. What happened?" She's seen the maniac in a lot of different bad spots and this doesn't look any easier.

Down the street, and getting slowly louder with each passing second, comes someone humming a familiar tune. It only takes a moment to see that it's being hummed by the person the tune was written for as none other than Freakazoid comes strolling towards them pushing a wheel barrel full of costume props. He pauses briefly to change the flower lapel on some woman dressed as the Joker and place a large mallet into the hands of a man barely fitting into Harley Quinn's costume. Wait a minute, these two are actually - no, on second thought let's just ignore that. Let's focus more on the blue overalls Freakazoid is wearing over his red jumpsuit. Before anyone can comment on them he pushes his way between Johnny and Devi, putting a pair of glasses with a mustache on Devi and slipping a sombrero onto Johnny before-

Johnny laughs nervously, "I think I pissed off the wrong people. Gotta work on that." He hears the humming and stares blankly as Freakazoid makes his way up to him, depositing that rediculous hat on his head. Normally he would flail and scream but for now he just lets it happen. "...excuse me?" Well at least they know where the costumes came from. "If this is a joke it's a bad one."

Devi shakes her head. "You're awfully good at that. Except now, you're one and a half what you were." Devi turns her head to watch and as soon as Freakazoid puts the glasses on her face, Devi tsks disgustedly and rips them off, chucking them at the Freak's head. "Do I look like I wanna be Tom Selleck to you? Fuck off, Curly, go play with the manaquinnes." She was more upset that he'd given her a mustach then anything else.

Freakazoid jumps backwards when the glasses come flying at his head, forcing him to crash into Johnny and knock him to the ground. Somehow he manages to pick him up with one hand and put him back on his feet. "Oh jeeze, mister! You took a tumble!" He starts patting Johnny down to smooth out his clothes. "Just... my gosh! Sorry if I scared you folks, but you scared me too! Your the first people I've seen in just about forever! ...I thought a few decorations would cheer up Twisted Street, it's awful sad with everyone gone idle. What'cha think? Decorations my hobby. M-O-O-N, that spells hobby." He looks briefly at both of them with a shit eating grin on his face before it falls a moment later and he screams, "JEEZE! COME ON, PEOPLE!! Stephen King refrences?!? Doesn't anybody know the Stand? Do you know how long that joke took to set up!? Smile! Crack a grin! SOMETHING!" He grabs the top of his overalls and manages to somehow pull them off over his head. "Alright, I give. I knew I should have gone with the Magnum PI costumes. What's up?"

Johnny just keeps staring. His expression doesn't change. He's too tired and too beaten to get all dramatic, and it seems like this guy is doing the work for them quite well on his own. Maybe it'd be better to ignore him? "I really don't want to explain. It hurts a lot in more ways than one. Sometimes I wish I could find the guy in charge again and give him a taste of his own medicine..." Again? Oh wait, NNY met God on his world.

Devi folds her arms across her chest and mutters. "Coulda given me something tasteful like a fruit hat or something. Can't be Tom Selleck with fruit hat. And this really isn't the place for the Stand you know? This isn't Vegas." She eyes the pair of them for a minute. After Nny's 'I really don't want to explain', Devi makes a decision. Fine. "I'd be more worried about the fact that you're changing, Nny. Might want to go find medicine for yourself, don't ya think?"

Freakazoid claps, "Oooh! Changing!? What's it gonna be?" Suddenly a stage is called into existance around the maniac and he's being pushed onto a runway wearing a flowery dress with a cheese wedge on his head. "This beautiful number was inspired by the late, great Parle Vou Fromage from her fabulous cheese collection!" Somehow Johnny is pulled along to the edge and back behind the curtain. "Isnt it just fantastic!?" Freakazoid pops out of nowhere infront of Devi as she finds herself sitting in a chair infront of the stage. He's wearing a pair of thick rimmed glasses with flowers in his hair. "Yes, yes. Just fantastic. Now this next number is just in time for spring!"

Johnny kicks the stage over, which seems to fall like it was made from paper. Instantly the entire set is gone except for maybe the chair Devi is sitting on, yes the dress and the cheese too. "I'm not changing into anything! I'm being punished, and SOMEone is starting to make me think the punishment isn't over yet!" Wow, he managed to scream again. Maybe he's feeling better? Drawing his knife he glares at Freakazoid, his right eye turning solid black as the blade begins to burn. "Now cut it out before I have to cut YOU out."

Devi nods as though she really understood the Freak's fashiontips and suggestions like they viable for Johnny's wardrobe. An eyebrow twitches as Nny reacts and Devi stands up to put herself between Freakazoid and the dagger, a calculated sharp edge to her voice. "Watch it there, knife boy. It's just cheese. And you are changing. If you paid attention, which you are HORRIBLY bad at, by the way."

Johnny stares with his one good eye as the blackend one twitches. After a moment he sighs and puts the blade away. "I pissed off one of the big guys in Hell and this is my punishment." He pulls off the hat revealing the cat ear stuck to the side of his head and yanks off the glove covering 'her' hand. With a heavier sigh he lets his body shift to mirror what it looked like when Pinhead had first merged him with her corpse. The catgirl's souless and empty eyesocket stares out sadly from the side of his face. His voice now even more fucked up as he speaks. "...so I'm not changing. I'm sorta stuck this way." Luckily he only lets the image out for a second before he shifts back to being mostly himself, save for the ear and the tail, and puts his glove back on. "There has to be some way to undo this." His eyes are actually watering, maybe the strongest sign that something isn't right in his head.

Freakazoid points and screams as Johnny lets the illusion fall, leaping behind Devi and only going so far as to peer over her shoulder until the maniac goes back to 'normal'. "Okay man.... THAT isn't going to fly at any fashion show. Maybe on Halloween or something. But your deffinetly not a spring anymore. Maybe a fall? Fall's a good word for you."

Devi doesn't bother to cringe anymore. She's seen and done too much to be touchy about these things. Her head does tilt, something akin to worry flashing in her eyes. "Samantha." She gives a single dry and humorless chuckle before stuffing her hands into her pockets and muttering over her shoulder at Freakazoid while she rubs the offended ear. "This is Twisted, he fits right in." A street filled with monstrosities like in the war and Johnny would have fit in just fine. She pushes her mind out towards Johnny's trying to peek at what is swimming around this time, like a zombie goldfish in a jar.

Johnny sighs heavily, hugging himself yet again as if it's somehow going to make all the fucked up go away. It barely registers with him that he's being more emotional than usual but then it's been a hell of a day so far, hasn't it? His mind is an open book for all the good probing will do. Nothing new lurking inside. Just a hollowness coming from his conjoined corpse. "Alright, so... back on topic, maybe? What the fuck is up with everyone standing around seeing who can imitate the best tree?"

Freakazoid chimes in this time with an unusual non-zaney calm to his voice. "They're all idle. The power's on but no one is home. I mean there are still people running around and doing their thing but they're like extras in a stage production. These guys are all the big characters but their actors are out to lunch. Probably playing Mechwarrior Online or something." He shrugs and leans an arm around Devi, "But hey, we're here! We're fine! Who wants snowcones!?!"

Um, excuse me, no. Devi brushes Freakazoids arm off her shoulder with apathy. "I prefered the empty streets. One of you two are the reason their set up like dead hatstands." Devi controlled the street when no one was on it and staring at the faces of not quite dead people weren't on her to-do list. "There might not be a fix for it, Nny, you might have stuck yourself in this for good." She pauses. "Unless you want to try suicide again." Why are you suggesting that?!

Freakazoid laughs, "Oh no. No no no. They where never empty. You just didn't notice until it was pointed out. He noticed, and I noticed... but we're both INSANE." *KRAK-A-THOOM* Lightning strikes behind him as he says the last word, sending a crack of thunder rumbling across the street. "Besides, insanity is contagious. Just look at a self help group or a pyramid scam."

Johnny... just... stares... "We noticed because we're insane?" *KRAK-A-THOOM* He raises an eyebrow at the repeating sound effect but dismisses it. "Y'know, that might be the most logical thing anyone has ever said to me." He slowly golf-claps. "You might be the sanest person I've ever met." He's kidding, right? Right? Eventually he shakes his head and turns towards Devi. "Suicide might work... there has to be something less messy, though. I'm all for resetting the multiverse again but it's getting really hard to keep my mind focused on the glitches." He scratches the back of his head as he speaks. He's not kidding is he...?

Devi turns an eye on Freakazoid, her own minamally held insanity simmering through her gaze and acid in her voice. "I've been here watching for months. They weren't here. I moved them." To save herself and any hope she had of not spiralling into a very very deep chasm. She puts an irritated distance between herself and Freakzoid for various reasons, the topmost being that she felt the unexplainable urge to bash his face in. "I could technially seperate you two, but it wouldn't be fixing the problem, it'd just kill you. "

Freakazoid shrugs his shoulders and crosses his arms. "Well if it makes you feel any better I am known to do my own stunts. HOWEVER... if we can agree that you percieve reality in your way and I percieve reality in mine, I might be willing to share something with you from my point of view that might help your problem and fix your friend without the need of cutting and disecting and all that icky blood stuff. Besides, I don't think you have a medical degree, missy." He suddenly poses heroically and begins to literally crackle with energy. "HOWEVER, I have all the knowledge of the internet!" He pauses a second and shudders as he collapses into a ball, "...for better or for worse. Oh lord, the Hentai."

Johnny watches the exchange with a raised eyebrow. More and more he's having a really hard time deciding which of the two options presented he should probably go for. Freakazoid's might be the most entertaining, but Devi's involves blood and possibly watching this blue guy in tights get his ass kicked. His head moves from side to side as he ponders this point. "That would be pretty entertaining too." He blinks realizing just said that. "No! Not the Hentai! Sorry, didn't mean to say that out loud." He turns an unusual shade of red and fails to make this sound any better, "I mean, I mean I know what I mean, I mean just... AAAAAAAAGH!! What's the alternative, F-man?" Oh right, no one introduced Freakazoid this scene. Well he has an F on his chest. Close enough.

The Freak needs no introduction, at least to Devi who arches a curious eyebrow at him. She cringes and turns away at comments about Hentai, ignoring Nny's sputtering and stammering completely. That was not a train of thought that she was going down ever. Neither would she have cleaved Nny, it wasn't really an option, not when it ended up with her being the only one watching the street. Now that she knew he wasn't eternally chained in hell, she had to help. "Do tell."

Freakazoid pushes himself onto his feet somehow only using his hands and doing a fantastic flip in the air to boot. "WELL, in my vision of reality this is a computer simulation. A game. A muck. That's how I got here. It's simple. I could take you to meet God. Y'know, the ol' number one bit? If there's anybody who can restore something it's her. Unless she's a puppet of something else, but that's getting a little too metaphysical for my tastes. Besides, it's not like she isn't always watching. That's what she does." He glances around making sure no one but their animated crowd is actually animated and lowers his voice, "Honestly I think she gets lonely. She's the only character who isn't allowed to play here." Yep, lets give a hand to Freakazoid ladies and gentlemen. Breaking the fourth wall so badly that it couldn't get worse unless someone apped Deadpool.

Devi turns to face Freakazoid fully, her attention clearly drawn. The idea of alternate realities taking control depending on who was in the spotlight hadn't escaped her musings, but she'd never actually applied the test to confirm it. "I'm in." Don't you dare speak that name here!

Johnny lets his head fall to the side as he listens to Freakazoid's explaination about 'God'. He's tempted to write it off as complete crap until Devi decides to join. That's not something he expected. "Well... fuck. Alright. Best case scenerio your right and I can quit wanting to throw up when I look at my hand. Worst case scenerio nothing happens and I get to stop thinking about," he guestures at himself, "this for awhile. So okay, how exactly do we go about finding Twisted's God? I mean, what? You just happened to find his number in a phone book or something?" He really doesn't have room to talk, having met the God for his own world.

Freakazoid grins manicly as they take him up on his offer. He never gets this much time in the spotlight anymore! "Well it's simple really. God watches over everything, right? What else on Twisted does that?" He crosses his arms smuggly waiting to see what they come up with as an answer.

Johnny didn't know Devi very well anymore. She'd changed and while she had met Senior Diablo, she hadn't met any balance act to match. It was better then sitting on the roof like a gargoyle. Kicking off the ground, she folds one leg under her and 'sits'. "What watches over Twisted? I do, but I don't think that counts. Outside of the people that were/are/will be here?"

Johnny groans, "I hate riddles, and in the short time I've known you I'm gonna guess this is a joke, right? There's a big clock somewhere and it's God, or it's a doorway to a world where some fat little gnome calls itself God?" He sighs heavily and shakes his head. "I don't know... Albert Wesker?" Wait, where did he pull that name from? Has he even met Wesker? Shit, I have to re-read my logs now. Johnny barely notices Devi for a moment as she begins to hover. Once he finally does his eyes go wide for the briefest of moments before he goes back to looking annoyed at the riddle. The suddenly wagging tail behind him implies a different reaction. He's excited to see Devi using more power. It means she's grown since he last saw her.

The Freak chuckles, "Okay, okay. Your all wrong and no one has to re-read logs." Instead he leans close, putting his arms around both of them and lowers his voice. "It's simple, really. Look on top of the UR." Sure enough, on the roof of the building sits a small black cat with huge eyes, sleeping as always. As everyone's gaze suddenly falls upon her, the cat yawns. "....nyaaa." Freakazoid sticks out his tounge, "She's such a cutiefuzzywuzzy! I could just eat her to pieces, yes I could!"

Devi glances at Nny. How did he know Weasker? Oh well, the Freak fixes everything and she turns and stares at the thing for a second, nearly facepalming. "The fuckin' cat?" She grunts in frustration as her mind reminds her that yes, Kuroneko-sama had really been EVERYWHERE. "I'm dumb." She rotates to face it fully, tilting her head to the right. "I'm not eating it or killing it. "

Johnny blinks, "Wait. The cat is Twisted's God? How is that gonna help me? All it does is sleep." He ponders further, detatching himself from the large muscley-man invading his personal space in the process. "Although, yeah... it is kinda everywhere." He ponders further. "Maybe that's why Sammy was so lucky! Maybe cat-people are blessed!" He grins happily for the first moment since this began. "Oh, great black cat of space! Please grant me your audience! I am a lowly being in dire need of your assistance!"

Freakazoid laughs again, "Dude... that's not God. That's how I -found- God. you see, it all happened a long... long... time ago." He freezes in place, having a flashback clearly. Of course no one living outside his mind can see it so it's a waste of time. A long waste of time. To get the gist of it, it involves him screaming "KITTYKITTYKITTYKITTY!!" and chasing this poor beast literally to the ends of the world and back. Maybe when we have visual games you'll get to see it. After about two or three minutes he snaps out of it, finishing his statement with "...and that's how I got a phone that lets me make long distance calls for free! Heheheh! Cheese!"

Wait, what?

Devi thinks back on the conversation, vainly hoping that she could find a point where he did say. She couldn't. It only served to make her feel stupider. Rolling her eyes at Johnny, she turns her back on the lot of them, an ear turned towards them the only indication that she was listening. As Freakazoid trails off into his fantasy world, Devi says,"You look like shit." It was as close as she'd come to saying that she was glad to see him again. Freakazoid comes back and Devi rolls her eyes at him too, dropping her feet and walking towards him. "Look, I'm all something to do, but if it's going to be you drooling on yourself, I'm leaving."

Freakazoid blinks, "Huh? OH! No wait, sorry. Look, just follow the cat!" He reaches into an invisible pocket and pulls out a fish. "Kittykittykitty? Take us to see the girl and I'll give you a fishywishy!" The cat stands and stares, responding only with a "Nyaaaa..." before leaping down from the roof and walking up to paw at the fish.

Johnny sighs, "I'm gonna be sickywicky. Can we just get on with this? I mean I was expecting something more than..." It's only then that he realizes Twisted Street isn't there anymore. He glances around nervously as his tail again wraps around his leg. Infact everything isn't here anymore. "Uhh.. what the fuck? Why does it look like we're inside my daggers again?"

Kuroneko-sama "Nyaaa"'s happily as it starts munching on the offered fish. How the hell did she do that?

Devi floats in the air, her legs wrapped underneth her again as she watches things fade. She sharply looks at Johnny. "IN your daggers? Talk about multitasking." Looking around, she continues. "So where are we?"

Johnny feels the need to explain. "It was while I was dead, erm... back when Samantha killed me and after I got the Dread Daggers from Benedict. I sorta got locked in this nightmare where I kept manifesting whatever random thoughts cropped into my head and started murdering my friends - or more precisely watching myself murder my friends over and over again." He blinks suddenly realizing that if it IS the inside of his daggers then - nothing. Nothing happens. Nothing appears. "Okay, y'know what? Nevermind. I don't wanna talk about that either."

Freakazoid watches Johnny ramble on about killing things and steps away, getting closer to Devi. From out of nowhere he produces a straight jacket. "You hold him and I'll slip it on 'em..."

A young girl's voice calls out from the darkness. "No, Freakazoid. It's fine. I've watched enough of this one." Stepping out of the shadows and up to the trio comes girl to match the voice. Her hair has been badly cut leaving just a long strand hanging over the side of her face, which at some point was tied together as if to make it look deliberate. If her outfit is any indication she's still in high school. "Hello! It's nice to see people on this side of the glass for a change. Devi? Johnny? Welcome!" Somewhere Crux is yelling at me for this and doesn't even know why...

========End Part II

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