2013-07-16 - An Introduction to Chaos 101

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An Introduction to Chaos 101

Summary: Following up on a scene from way too long ago Caliga goes to speak to Tabitha about training in a most unusual way...

Who: Caliga, Tabitha
When: July 16th, 2013
Where: The Wastelands - Chaos(#4470R)


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The Wastelands - Chaos(#4470R)

If you thought the start of the Wastelands were bad, you had no idea. Instability is an issue, glimmers of other worlds clearly seen as they try equally to merge into, and push away this part of existence. A thousand possiblities, a thousand terrors. And worse yet, the longer one lingers this far into the wastes, the more their mind will try to rip itself apart from within. You've only got two directional options though: east and west. At least you've got a fifty-fifty chance of getting there.

Chaos is one of the primal elements of nature. Most beings know this to be fact, not mere speculation. Of course, there was a time that everything in the cosmos was nothing but a swirling ball of chaos. It wasn't until Order was introduced did life spring forth. Many races have their own tales as to the origin of things, with one key element being apart of it.


While the Devil himself may seek to curry favor with other beings.. It doesn't quite sit well with one of the deitic entities that seem to call the Twisted realm home for the time being. Caliga's appearance seems to shift periodically as different worlds come in to view in the distance. "Hm." It's not quite obvious to what just seems to be running through is head, but one could assume it has to do with the task he's about to truly undertake.

Blurred at first and then becoming clearer the nearer it gets, a figure approaches as if traveling across a vast desert. Of course parts of the wasteland are a desert. Randomly. Not that her appearance should be the least bit unexpected to Caliga, Tabitha eventually makes her way down Twisted's Street with a crumpled note in her hand. Her exaggeratedly slow steps make her approach all the more exhausting to watch as she eventually arrives, dropping to her knees and panting. "Whyyyyy? Why couldn't ya have asked me ta meet'cha at the UR or th' paaaark??" Acting her age much?

"Because, Tabitha, I like this place." Caliga grins slightly as he asks this question, allowing his form to finally settle upon a more familiar one to the poor girl. "So, Horny Boy asked me to do something. Something in me says that may actually be a first, and its not often he requests something that'll actually leave him in debt."

"I could go on about how fortunate you are, or give you some tried and tested line about how this won't be easy..." Sickly masses of ichor slowly start to creep out from under sleeves of his trenchcoat, splattering upon the ground with a dull thud. "I see that as being pointless. Diablo wants me to teach you how to fully use your abilities, as well as teach you how to properly fight."

More things drip from the trenchcoat, finally forming a thickened puddle of ichor around him. Small tendrils slowly rise upwards, wrapping around the mans feet as if to hold him into place. "He didn't really seem to care if he asked if you would like to do this or not, so I guess I can ask for him.."

Tendrils of ichor suddenly burst forth from the ground, flailing wildly in the air as they too start to change shape. The tendrils slowly form a gaping maw which barrels towards the Nekojin, quickly seeking to swallow her whole. "Do you want to learn from me? Choice is entirely yours by the way."

Tabitha stares at Caliga with wide eyes as he sorta spreads outwards. She pushes herself to her feet as 'it' comes closer to her, taking a step back and drawing her dagger as it nearly snaps at her. Holding it defensively in front of her, she freezes in place as instantly that very same blackness spreads from the blade and engulfs most of her arm - a reaction to the negative energies being displayed before her. Ignoring the 'beast' she simply stands there, looking at the blade in her hand in silent contemplation. "…yes."

Dozens of tendrils suddenly burst forth from the ground, forming a flailing ring around Caliga. "My dear sweet Nekojin.." A slight frown appears on his face as he softly sighs. There's a moment where he seems to almost regret doing this, however the devil could always find some other person to do his own dirty work..

"Tabitha, do you understand the purpose of chaos?" More tendrils spring forth, whipping violently towards the catgirl, seeking to ensare her in their grasp. "No, don't answer that. It's pointless at this point to try and answer something you don't yet fully comprehend.." He strokes his chin slightly as the tendrils continue to seemingly behave and move on their own volition.


Tabitha takes enough steps back to continue to avoid the tendrils. She listens to his words as she puts the dagger away, the darkness on her arm fading along with it. Her head tilts slightly at his question, her tail now flicking back and forth with her growing interest. "Look. Diablo said I need ta do what you say, an' I already said yes ta ya. I know that Twisted was made from chaos. They teach that in school. I dunno what it's for but I could take a guess?" She sighs heavily, "I'd /guess/ it's ta make life less borin'. 'Cause it dont make much sense ta have beyond that." Her ears suddenly droop as she considers his words more carefully. "and ya just said not to answer that." The girl suddenly sighs, "I'm sorry."

The tendrils come to a stop as Caliga's eyes narrow, obviously trying to swallow the story that Tabitha seemingly has been fed. "Ugh. It seems I've got so much to teach you." He sighs as the tendrils slink back into the puddle of ichor.

"You'll learn, and maybe, if I'm lucky.. you might win a bit of an arguement I seem to be having about Chaos.. That isn't the point. So, from this point forward, I'm going to give you one single order. One that I will expect you to uphold with your very life."

The man's face seems to grow devoid of emotion as he slowly starts to speak once more. "You are to not speak of my teachings to Diablo under any circumstances. You will take them with you to your grave until I recind this order. Is this understood?"

Tabitha's ears droop as she sweatdrops heavily at his request. "Y-yes?" Her mind races trying to imagine what she must have in store for herself if she's not supposed to talk about the training. Still, she tells herself, it's worth it. She /will/ clear her grandmother's name. She /will/ make a name for herself. The girl closes her eyes as she chants this mantra to herself. When she reopens them her eyes seem focused and a newfound determination seems to flow from her. "Yes. Whatever it takes. What do we need ta do to get started?"

Caliga grins as Tabitha seems to have found some resolve with this, and agreed to the terms. He slowly takes a step backward, flickering as he moves twenty or so feet.

"Tabitha, it's pretty simple if you think about it."

Energy starts to swell violently within his palms as he narrows his eyes upon his target. It doesn't take long for it to gather, and before long before crimson balls of ki have formed.

"You dodge!"

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