2013-07-17 - This Is No Way To Treat A New Arrival

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This is No Way to Treat a New Arrival

Summary: A new arrival shows up in Twisted, and is rather rudely greeted by Oblivion.

Who: Oblivion, Sun
When: July 17, 2013
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Zeku-Kari Beach

One of the most peaceful places in Twisted so far is the beach. Vast, crystal-war waters - seeming to stretch out to eternity - whisper up to meet smooth, cool white sands. There is a street, of sorts, although it ends quickly in the grassy hill that leads down to the water. A small church is here, with full windows and even a little tower with a bell, though it may not ring often. Down to the east, closer to the water, is a dockside with a rundown shack. The dock is safe enough, not stained nor eaten away by salt water yet, though the shack looks like it's seen better days.

It's a beautiful day on the beach of Twisted, calm and clear, with only the sounds of the wind blowing gently and the waves crashing against the soft white sands of the beach. Some people are out and about, enjoying the water and the comfortable weather. The beach is certainly a great place to be today.

Well, it was a good place to be.

The skies crackle, suddenly, and begin to darken around one particular area; at the center, a dot appears, black ringed with a glowing blue. It begins to grow, slowly at first, before rapidly expanding to a size large enough for a large vehicle to get through. For a moment, it simply sits up in the skies, even as people react to it.

Nearby, a pair of small red-glowing eyes watch with seeming interest, though few seem to notice. Those that do keep a good distance from them.

For a long moment, it seems as though there is just a random new portal in the skies of Zeku-Kari beach. Some people begin to shrug, chattering amongst themselves in speculation of where it may go; this is when something finally happens, and a bright flash of light comes forth. This is followed by a long scaled snout filled with sharp teeth, soon followed by the head, then neck, then body and wings of a rather decently large dragon, its scales resembling a view of stars from the skies, with various colors and bits that twinkle like stars.

Some make sounds of awe, others scream. Others decide to flee before they get caught up in anything they don't want to be caught up in. The dragon itself lets out a strangely haunting roar, flapping its wings heavily for a moment. Then, with another shriek, it suddenly takes a nose dive into the ocean.


The portal, shortly afterward, promptly closes with a soft sound, hardly noticeable what with the dragon diving into the ocean.

After a long moment, the dragon shows its face once more, shooting out of the water with a loud snarl. For a moment it hovers, surveying this new area. Then, the beast begins flapping toward the beach, its wings propelling it along at a fairly decent speed. It lets out another shriek as it nears the beach, coming in for a landing...right on top of a girl who barely has time to register that she's about to die of being landed on by a dragon.

The beast lets out a low growl as people flee, watching all around itself. Reaching down, it takes the now lifeless girl within its claws, looking her over for a moment...before it promptly pops the girl into its mouth like she is a tasty snack, swallowing her down with very little effort.

This is when people start screaming and running.

The red eyes move forwards from their shadowy hiding place, revealing a small, creepy doll in a faded yellow kimono, with hair covering most of its face. Strangely, the eyes that had been 'glowing' are not actually visible in the light for some reason. Its twisted little mouth forms a wider grin, revealing its nasty razor-sharp teeth, as it watches the dragon eat the young girl. It makes no other sound than a faint giggling. A few of those around that see it start running as well, since many know just who this creature 'works' for, and are not sure which to fear more. A rock and a hard place, one could say, in their minds.

Finished with its snack, the dragon turns its head about, glaring at the beach-goers as they flee. An occasional snarl or roar encourages them to further flee, though she seems as if she's not inclined to give chase. Perhaps she just wants the beach to herself. Indeed, once the beach begins to clear further, the beast stalks toward a dune (which just happens to be closer to the creepy and as of yet unnoticed doll), digging a furrow into the side of it, a makeshift shelter. Or perhaps a hiding spot? It seems to be digging into the ground, and does so until it's nicely concealed within the sands.

Then, it disappears, the sand clouding the view of its hiding spot.

The doll watches, giggling again as the beach-goers finally succeed in getting away. She does nothing to them, seeing the dragon as much more interesting. Slowly, she floats closer to where it buried itself, eying its location steadily.

When the sands clear, the dragon isn't there. Instead, the pit contains the girl that the dragon just stomped on and then swallowed is curled up in a ball, with decidedly no clothing on. Huh. After a long moment, she uncurls, peering over her arms, which are heavily tattooed with dark lines and images, a rather curious expression on her face. Finally, blue eyes turn up toward the doll, brows raising. "Fos los hi? Hi fon rinik zurun." That certainly doesn't sound normal.

Momo tilts her head inquisitively, but says nothing in response. Slowly but surely, her malevolent aura begins to seep into the area, however.

Shaking her head, the woman turns, peering over herself. "Probably speaks common tongue." She mutters this under her breath, shrugging as she starts to climb out of the pit. A forgotten beach bag is discovered, and clothing is promptly stolen, a pair of capris and a t-shirt that fit a bit loosely on her. It takes her a moment to notice that aura, though, tipping her head to one side. "What..."

The doll begins to start to move towards the woman, grinning with evil intent, when it suddenly stops. At the same moment, another being appears, clad in black armor, and a helmet, with his eyes glowing a blazing red through the shaded visor. "Now now, Momo! That is NO way to treat someone who has just arrived!" He grins from the doll, to the girl "Particularly one so...unique". His grin, while much more human, is no more humane, and the malevolence in the area jumps to off the scale with his presence.

The woman blinks a few times as the man appears, her head slowly tipping toward her shoulder as if she's not seen something like this before. "Fos gjok? Veyn gjok los Zu'u?" She clears her throat, frowning at the man. "Unique? I am not unique." She shakes her head slowly. "Just a blonde. I don't like this hair. It is not correct." Another shake of her head as she lifts a strand to stare at it disapprovingly. Then, however, she has her attention back on Oblivion, because it's probably important for her to pay attention to this guy. "You don't feel correct, either."

Oblivion laughs "Oh, I assure you I am quite correct. As are you, even if you don't realize it yet. Tell me.... from where do you hail, m'lady?"

The woman suspiciously eyes Oblivion, before answering. "Gutlein do Dovah Moro." A frown remains planted across her features. "Why am I unique? I am far too young to be of any importance. Perhaps you have me confused for my parents." She wearily eyes the man, straightening her shirt. "What do you want?"

Oblivion's expression goes from intense and slightly manic to much more suave as he says "What do I want? Nothing much at all.... merely a moment of your time!". As he says 'time', he vanishes, appearing behind her in the same moment. He reaches out to grab her, one hand around the neck from behind, the other places atop her head If successful, his eyes blaze with red fire, even through the visor, and electricity of some arcane sort passes through the woman’s body as he tries to force himself into her mind, and 'tinker' with it.

At first, there's just a confused grunt as he does his disappearing act and grabs hold of her. Then, she begins to struggle as he pulls her in; finally, she screams as she feels his intrusion into her mind, and the struggle becomes a full-out frenzy as she attempts to wrest free. Quite a few words in that foreign tongue of hers are shouted, likely all of them curse words.

Oblivion's grip is strong enough to deal with a fully grown dragon, let alone one of her age category. His mad grin reaches inhuman levels that would make the Joker likely nervous, as he enters her mind, stripping away some parts, while rewriting and locking away others. Whatever his purpose, it doesn't take long, though for her it is extremely painful, made even worse as she would begin to realize parts of her mind being lost, and can do nothing to stop him at this point.

When his grisly, inhumane act is finished, he lets go of her, his expression returning to normal "It has been a long time since you have been here in a living, free form, even if it is an alternate version of yourself...Sun." He looks at Momo, who giggles, and vanishes. Giving a mock bow, he adds "We shall meet again, 'm'lady'. Meanwhile, enjoy your stay in Twisted!".

With those last words, he too vanishes into thin air.

Throughout the process, the dragon-girl screams loudly, thrashing against him to no avail. By the end, she's in tears, tense as can be. "Don't take her...don't take...no..." Then, he releases her, and she droops down to the ground, staring up at the man with confusion on her face. "Who..." She whimpers, even as the man disappears. Then, blue eyes promptly roll upward, and she slumps over into the sand, Oblivion's 'intervention' taking its toll.

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