2013-07-18 - Sounds Like Darth Helmet

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Sounds Like Darth Helmet

Summary: The newest arrival is greeted by Devi.

Who: Devi, Sun
When: July 18, 2013
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Zeku-Kari Beach

One of the most peaceful places in Twisted so far is the beach. Vast, crystal-war waters - seeming to stretch out to eternity - whisper up to meet smooth, cool white sands. There is a street, of sorts, although it ends quickly in the grassy hill that leads down to the water. A small church is here, with full windows and even a little tower with a bell, though it may not ring often. Down to the east, closer to the water, is a dockside with a rundown shack. The dock is safe enough, not stained nor eaten away by salt water yet, though the shack looks like it's seen better days.

It's still a rather lovely day, despite the fact that the beaches are mostly devoid of people; word has traveled around town in the past few hours about a dragon attack at the beach, though nobody knows if there were any casualties. As of now, there's no dragon around here. In fact, the only person on the beach right now is a young woman with blonde hair who is passed out in the center of what appears to be a dug out crater in the sand. She is very much out cold.

Devi had heard the cries of the little townsfolk and smirked at the breath of life that had overtaken the street. Of course, when the words dragon got to her ears, it was enough to drag her from her apartment to go and get a better look. The Beach, she was told and it's there that she headed. The crater was new and Devi stood at the edge of it, eyebrows raised in confusion. After a few minutes of internal debate, Devi forges into the dent in the earth to nudge the girls foot with her boot. "Eh."

For a moment, the girl doesn't seem to rouse even when nudged, her blonde hair covering her face from view. But after a moment of eyes fluttering beneath a veil of hair, she suddenly sits up and pushes herself back away from Devi until her back is against the crater, blue eyes wide. There's something familiar about her face, but not. For a long moment, she stares at Devi, eyes wide in apparent terror.

When she speaks, at first it comes out in a raspy, hissing tongue that likely has never been heard here, though that too seems familiar. After a moment of this, she finally calms herself down enough. "Where am I?"

Devi raises an eyebrow and squats where she stands, arms folding over the top of her knees. "No where that's heard that accent." She tilts her head, studying the tattoos. "Twisted Street. Welcome."

The girl blinks a few times. "I...don't know how I got here." She glances around at the crater, then back to Devi with a confused look on her face. "I don't even know who I am." She tugs at her long hair, as if it is something quite new to her. "A man was here when I got knocked out...I think he knocked me out." She shakes her head. "He disappeared right before." Abandoning her hair, she rubs at her temple.

"Before I passed out, he called me Sun. I...guess that's my name?" She turns her eyes up to Devi quietly, blinking a few times.

Devi stands back up, hands slipping into her trench pockets."If that's what you want to be called. Best time for a name change is right now.", she said, pointedly. "But there wasn't anyone here when I showed up, course, that was just a few minutes ago. Outside of being knocked unconscious, you look to be alright. If you're a new arrival, you'll want to go the Integra's Arms Hotel. They'll give you a room." Devi looks her up and down again. "I'm Devi."

A moment or two of confusion passes, before the woman pushes to her feet, dusting the sand off of her clothing that looks a bit loose for her slender frame. "I /feel/ fine. I just...don't remember anything before that man disappeared. That was weird, by the way." After a moment of examining herself to make sure nothing is missing (it feels like something is missing), she turns a faint smile to Devi. "Nice to meet you, Devi. I guess...well, since it's the only thing I can remember, I'm Sun." She brushes a little more sand off of her rear, before glancing around the beach. "This place is pretty...why isn't there anyone here?"

Devi says, "Is it? I haven't noticed. Most of the people that were out here ran back into town. Something scared them. Said a dragon was attacking people." Devi eyed the girl. "Instead, it's a girl. Do you remember what he looked like? I can't do much to help, but I can keep an eye out." For the man who may or may not be going around knocking out young girls. But this crater is fairly large and it was made with either Magic or Tech and she doesn't want a hole this size in her face."

"He was wearing all black...had a helmet on, I think?" She shrugs. "I don't remember seeing a dragon...just that weird guy. He said..." She rubs at her forehead. "That it's been a long time since I've been here...something about an alternate version of me? Then he said that we'd meet again." She frowns. "Think he was the dragon, maybe?" She rubs at her back a little. "I don't think I'm a dragon..."

Devi says, "Sounds like Darth Helmet." Devi's eyes don't waver from Sun's face, narrowing sharply and after a long second, she looks back out at the sea. "If another version of you shows up, tell her to go dent something important... Like Medical Mechanica’s iron. Or the Wastelands. At least the view there is shit already." Turning on her heel, Devi starts climbing back out of the crater. "Come on, I'll show you the street.""

Her head canted toward her shoulder, Sun follows after Devi. "I didn't even know there /could/ be alternate versions of me. But...I guess I'll let her know if I see her?" She is quite barefoot, and to resolve this dilemma, she promptly slips over to an abandoned beach bag and snatches a pair of flip flops. That will do. After quickly putting them on, she moves to follow after Devi, looking around as if everything is an entirely new experience to her.

Devi says, "This is Twisted. Ask around enough and you'll find plenty of people who have had similar experiences. Maybe not the natives, they're still a little green to that kind of fracture. Still," Devi's got them up by the asphalt by now, Sun's little theft noted with only a sly smirk. "Be careful of the Usual Restaurant. Perverted penguins live in the rafters." She shudders. "I still have flashbacks.""

"Thanks for the advice," Sun murmurs, peering around with a slight sense of wonder. "This place is amazing." Devi's warning prompts a few confused blinks from the blonde girl. "The Usual Restaurant? I will be careful there." She nods quietly. Absolutely no recognition on her features of where she is. "So, Integra arms will give me a room, and the Usual has penguins that have dirty minds...what are penguins, anyhow?" She clasps her hands in front of her, eyes traveling briefly over her tattoos as if those are new, too.

Devi says, "Sure." The pair walk into One Way and Devi stops in front of the 24*7. "I need a slushie. Want one?""

The girl blinks a few times. "Slushie? What is a slushie?" Sun peers up at the convenience store, brows raised slightly. "I guess I want one? I like the sound of that word, at least. It's fun to say." She nods slowly as if to agree with herself.

Devi nods. "Stay here." She disappears into the shop, the clouded glass door slamming behind her. It's not long before she's coming back out with two cola slushies in her hands and one is extended to the girl. "Don't suck it down fast. That shit hurts like hell.", Devi said around the straw in her mouth, slowly walking up the street towards the Middle. "And how do you not know what penguins are? Didn't they teach that shit in grade school? Seals and birds had fucked up evil flipper babies. Penguins." She shrugs. "The Wastelands are dangerous too, by the way. At either end of the Street."

Taking the slushie, Sun stares at it for a moment, before copying Devi and sucking on the straw. "Oh...oh wow. This is.../amazing/." She stares at the drink for a moment, before jogging briefly to catch up with Devi. "I don't remember. I don't even know if I went to school. Like...absolutely no clue who the fuck I even am, or how I got here." The blonde slurps at the slushie, making sounds of contentment. "I don't even know why I have these drawings on my skin."

Devi says, "Those look like tattoos. Or seals." Devi stops abruptly and sets her slushie down between her feet to shrug the shoulders of her trench down, tugging on the loose fabric of her tank top. It's a red kanji and it's a sizable back piece. "Mine is tattoo." She quickly reassembles herself, picks up her drink and keeps walking. "If you can't wash 'em off, it's just something else to deal with. If world hopping isn't enough."

"That looks neat." A soft smile touches Sun's face. "I like the idea of tattoo. These are kinda pretty. They're everywhere, too." She lifts up one pant leg, revealing a tattooed foreleg. Then, she promptly goes back to sipping at the slushie a bit more. "What is in this? It tastes amazing. I don't remember much of anything, but as far as I know, this is the most amazing thing I have ever tasted." She stares at it for a moment, before following after Devi.

Devi says, "They are interesting, I'll give you that. Make ya stand out. Oh, it's shaved frozen ice and cola syrup. They've got other flavors, but for someone who doesn't know what they are, it's a pretty safe bet." Devi comes to a stop in front of the Arm's hotel which sat across from the UR. "This is the main part of town. It sprawls a bit, but here... this is the center."

Pulling her attention away from the delicious frozen beverage, Sun glances around. "Big buildings." She peers thoughtfully at the building, before glancing over to the Usual Restaurant. "Oh, is that the place with the perverted penguins?" She points at it, before slurping down more of the slushie.

Devi says, "Yup. That's the one. The drinks are good and some interesting people float through, but there are always cons to weigh against it." Devi jars her thumb back at the Hotel, the same five level building as before with exception to a faded, half scrubbed away mural of tree roots running up the side. "This is the Hotel. I also live here."

A slow nod trails along with Devi's words. "What kind of cons?" She tilts her head toward the woman, brows raised. Eyes turning toward the apartment building, Sun quietly examines it. "I like that painting." She points at the tree roots. "Seems like as nice a place as any to call home." Not that she knows what her home is, in any case. "So...what does one /do/ around here?"

Devi says, "The kinds that get a blade through your shoulder. If I told you, it would ruin all the fun. " Devi glances back at the ghost of a mural and the vibrancy of the original piece still rings in her mind. "Nothing is really home anymore. You'll learn that too." Shaking out of the small reprieve she took at the end of her words, Devi smile tightly. "There's a shopping district, if that's your thing. Every once and a while something rolls through, but it's like chasing an ice cream truck in summer. They never stop for you. Bastards.""

"That sounds...awful, actually." Sun frowns, rubbing at her shoulder with a sympathetic wince. Then, she peers quietly at the mural once more. "Wonder if the shopping district has paint...could be fun to touch that up." She gestures at the faded image. "I don't even know if I can do art, but it sounds like something fun to do...probably pass the time while I figure out who I am. The word came to me...amnesia, right?"

Devi says, "That's what a doctor might call it. Course, I'm no doctor. And it should. That's where I get all of mine, anyway. A project to focus on, yeah. MM didn't care enough to paint over it, so I say go for it." Devi shrugs. "Look, I gotta go. You talk to the lady at the desk, she'll set you up in an empty apartment, courtesy of MM. Just not the fourth floor.""

"MM?" Sun blinks a few times at Devi. "Well, I'm sure I'll find my way. This area doesn't seem horrible, at least." She smiles. "Thanks for showing me around, Devi. It was nice to meet you." She smiles -- until the advise about not going to the fourth floor is offered. "Why not the fourth floor?"

Devi says, "Medical Mechanica. They fund the Arm's Hotel. Or something like that. And you're welcome." Devi open the Hotel door and looks back at her. "Because that's the floor I live on. I don't like neighbors." With that, Devi goes inside, leaving Sun to her own devices on the Street."

After looking confused for a while, Sun offers as charming a smile as she can manage, and waves to Devi. "Okay. Well, maybe I'll see you around! Thanks again!" Then, she's alone. Fidgeting, the woman turns in a circle to look over this new place...

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