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Summary: A giant portal appears over Twisted, and what should come from it?

Who: Coop, Crono, Sun, Kenpachi
When: July 19th, 2013
Where: Nowhereto Park - Fountain(#2924R)


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Nowhereto Park - Fountain(#2924R)

You find yourself standing around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps; nothing really too elaborate. To the north, kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit, really.

The skies over Twisted suddenly darken, energies ripple across the skyline. Suddenly a vast portal rips open between two worlds. Small chunks of rock and plants come falling out of the sky doing minor damage across the city. Something is rocketed out of the center of the vortex, coming down in the center of Nowhereto Park with a scream before hitting the fountain and sending a spray of water high up into the sky.

Nowhereto Park is the place that seems to attract the most retarded of people at times. Generally, beings such as Freakazoid or Oblivion like to hang out here, scaring the little kids with random bouts of insanity. Then we have people like Happosai who seem to be infamous for hiding in the women's bathroom for reasons that're only known to him. All in all, it's a pretty shitty park.

While the fountain is destroyed and spraying water towards the heavens, it's obvious that there's something there.

Of course, whats there isn't going to be happy as a battered man with crimson hair falls down from the sky, the clouds growing darker once more as bolts of lightning come crashing down from his body, moving to strike whatever is there.

"THAT'S FOR BREAKING MY HOUSE! No one breaks my house!"

Reaching out of the fountain with a shakey hand, and finally pulling himself up comes A NEW CHALLENGER! No actually it's just a fat guy with a red flanel vest and a white t-shirt on under it. The blonde man spits out a mouthful of water as he searches for the red spikey-haired kid. "LOOK MAN! I DONE TOLD'JA ONCE IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! Not my fault all you live in a crummy little town where twenty people are living in a single house!" He takes a step from the fountain and grabs a broken chunk of it to use to defend himself. "BESIDES! You smell like you live in a zoo! HOW MANY CATS DID YOU HAVE, ANYWAYS!?!" Them's fightin' words!

The new tattooed amnesiac in town is probably far too curious for her own good. Sun's inner monologue tells her as much as she wanders toward the place where that crazy portal vortex thingie was aimed at. She takes it nice and slow, doing her best to keep as many trees between her and the sound of screaming as possible. She pauses close-ish to the clearing, blue eyes staring in quiet confusion at all of the commotion.

The crimson haired man slams into the ground with a loud thud, wincing from the impact. He climbs slowly to his feet as he glares at the fat blonde man, grumbling once more. "YOU DIDN'T EVEN APOLOGIZE! YOU JUST GRUMBLED ABOUT A SPILLED MEGASLUSH! AND DON'T YOU DARE KNOCK MY CATS! THEY HELPED SAVE THE WORLD!" He could keep arguing about it, but it doesn't really matter in the end.

The crimson haired man's hands rise upwards, energy starting to swell around him as more lightning starts to blast around in a wide arc, seeking to encompass the entire area with the painful electricity.

Coop screams, "I WAS THIRSTY!! SOMEONE TOLD ME I COULD GET A GOOD DRINK AT THE FAIRGROUNDS AND THAT MENT GETTING OVER YOUR STUPID TINY TOWN!" He doesn't really care about the lighting crashing around Crono. He does seem to care about that portal above his head, though. The huge, swirling portal. "Any day now Megas.... any day now..." He looks back at Sparky and laughs, "Well c'mon then! If you wanna fight! BRING IT ON! 'Cause any second now you're gonna be SORRY!" He looks up again. "...any second now."

The blonde and red haired woman watches quietly from behind the tree, watching thoughtfully. She even crouches down, so as to be a bit more comfortable. Oh, wait, the sparky electricity is going everywhere. So much for being quiet; the woman shrieks, diving to the ground and covering her head. Even IF there's likely no danger of her being hit, it's still terrifying to her.

A slight growl escapes Crono's mouth as he unsheathes his katana, allowing the light to glint off of its rainbow steel. He starts to rush forward towards the blonde fat man that destroyed his house by means that aren't very clear.

Crono allows the tip of his sword to touch the ground, swinging it upwards violently to unleash a stream of cutting wind towards Coop, only continue doing it and sending the streams of slashing wind everywhere. Coop may be fat, but he is slippery.

Coop screams as the wind starts cutting into him, somehow slashing a new tear in his vest in the process. The man's scream raises as he falls backwards into the broken fountain again. Still clutching the chunk of rock in his hand he throws it in Crono's general direction and crawls out of the opposite side of the fountain this time. "ALRIGHT! YOU WANNA BE THAT WAY! FINE!!" He quickly searches around for anything else he can weld, but finding nothing he charges into a doorway he sees a few feet away and marches inside. oO(Okay, Coop. strange place. No giant robot. Need a wea-"Whoa. Why does this place look like a halloween store?" A man with spikey hair and an eyepatch raises an eyebrow at him. "Uhhhhh... sorry, didn't mean to be rude." He looks beside the man at the MASSIVE sword resting there. "Oh! Hey! Can I borrow that?" Without another word he's outside, charging at Crono with a ridiculous two handed sword screaming, "NOW I'LL SHOW YOU HOW WE DO THINGS IN JERSEY!!!

The thrown rock smacks Crono in the forehead, causing him to stop for a moment and rub at the new wound. "IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT?!" Of course, as Coop goes running off to find a new weapon to defend himself with, the red haired man gives chase. Once Coop vanishes into a doorway, and returns with a giant sword and proclaims something about a sewer, Crono just keeps rushing after the blonde man."WHAT THE HECK IS JERSEY?!" As Crono nears Coop, he leaps high into the air, spinning the sword upright to bring it crashing down onto the weapon Coop has managed to get his chicken greased hands on.

Coop manages to bring the sword up to protect against the strike, and then promptly head-butts Crono the second he's in range. "HAH!! DON'T MESS WITH THE TWO TIME LORD OF THE LARGE-PANTS, KID!" He hefts the stolen blade into the air and smiles at the lack of a crowd - at least until the sword is taken from him by it's owner who promptly marches back into the waiting room without a sound. "ooookay then." He looks over at Crono, wherever he's ended up, and offers a hand should he need back on his feet. "So hey! That was fun! What now?" Really? That's it? Well maybe, assuming Crono isn't holding ANOTHER grudge...

As Crono is headbutted away, he stumbles for a few moments to try and clear his vision. Coop obviously knows how to fight. That's twice now Coop's managed to really tick him off. There really can't be room for a third.

While Coop seems to be distracted by having the stolen sword retrieved by its owner, Crono starts to rise upwards into the air. His body starts to glow like a guy who spends his time drinking nothing but SLURMXTREME, only for a dome of pure energy to start to form above him. This one may hurt. A good deal.


The dome spreads outwards to encompass a good portion of the area around the two men, leaving very little room for an escape.

Coop screams again as he finds himself flying through the air into the wall of the waiting room exterior. Nearly blacking out, he falls to the ground on his ass with his feet above him. The man twitches slightly and mutters quietly, "Yep... any second now..." At least from his vantage point he can easily see that huge vortex still swirling overhead. "ALRIGHT!! THAT DOES IT!!!" He pushes himself to his feet, promptly falling flat on his face again. "...alright... that does it..." He pushes himself onto his knees this time. "My robot is going to come through that hole and I'm gonna KICK YOUR BEHIND!!"

The vortex closes and the skies clear. Birds fly and crickets chirp. Coop doesn't move. "Yep. Any second now." Night, day... people come and go. The fountain gets repaired. Coop is sitting against the side of the building beside Crono looking up at the sky. "...any second now." A sudden frost falls and the entire area is blanketed in snow. Crono builds a snowman. Summer rolls around again, possibly only a few hours later. "...so? Wanna go get something to eat?"

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