2013-10-11 - A Meeting of Devils

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A Meeting of Devils

Summary: Senior Diablo and Cale Satanas meet at an unusual location to discuss plans to link their two worlds. Coincidentally this has everything to do with the muck's new Affiliate program. I think I'll leave the summary here with this nice bit of OOC before we begin:

[OOC] Cale_Satanas says, "We didnt' just do something terrifying did we?"

[OOC] Senior Diablo says, "I'm... I'm really not sure."

Who: Senior_Diablo, Cale_Satanas, Gaspar
When: October 11th, 2013
Where: The End of Time(#218R)

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The End of Time(#218R)

In the midsts of an infinite void you find yourself standing on a floating section of cobbled road. In the center of it is a tall lamp post with a bright glowing light shining down from it. Around the sides of the road a tall fence has been built and at the base of the fence are several strange misplaced objects. Here there are two gates, one leads to a staircase and the other seems to open out into the void. On the far side of the road you can see a bridge leading off into the distance…

Cale appears with a flash near the currently abandoned lamp post at the End of Time. The hood of his coat up, leaving his eyes to glow from the darkness of his hood. His form is solid, concrete, and his power has grown considerably since he last stepped foot from his own reality. He stands straight, his stance one of calm faith in one's own abilities. He draws his hood back, revealing much longer hair than the last time he appeared before the other presence, "You may come out, Seniõr Diablo. I believe we have something to discuss."

As if simply waiting for the request, the shadows around the area converge on a single spot and up rises the form of the horned demon currently in charge of Twisted's Councils. His face first emerges from the darkness, and then the rest of his form follows behind. Resting in his hands is an elaborately carved walking stick which he leans on as he addresses the newcomer. "Well, well, well Cale Satanas. Not often I'm brought before the old stomping grounds of Chronos." The demon's thin lips pull back into a smile. "What can I do for you?

Cale tilts his head slightly at the phrasing that Diablo used and then smirks, "Interesting. Neutral ground, both of us thinking the other called." Cale clasps his hands behind his back, "The more I discover the more I find that points to our own exalted celestial bureaucracies being smaller than is generally thought. Are there Devils for those such as us, I wonder?" He waves his hand before his face as if dispelling the topic, "Never mind that however. We have business to discuss. Our domains are connecting rather firmly as of late." His unique eyes remain locked on the other man, not in an attempt to trap his opponent, but merely to observe.

Senior Diablo listens with a bemused smirk until Cale gets back on topic. The subject of which makes him shake his head. "I wouldn't say it's 'connecting' so much as 'being forced to connect'. The likes of Devi and Caliga and your own what was his name? Kaldrath?" A clearly false show of ignorance but one done to give a sense of calm rather than deception. Too much information is sometimes worse than none at all. "People coming and going. One shouldn't be surprised." He pauses a moment, the smile gone from his face. With a slight tilt of his head he considers it further. "Of course that would work well within my goals. " He looks back up, his eyes again beaming with amusement and that smile creeping across his features. "Shall we cut to the chase? Play it by our rules rather than letting the multiverse overlap on their own?" One hand lifts from the walking stick and gestures into the air dismissively. "After all these things will always happen eventually"

A smirks appears on Cale's face, ever so slight, "Access to and from Twisted will have to go through me, and the portal will connect in my abode. Citizens I let through will have free access to Twisted, with right to request access to other worlds. In return, citizens from my world are free to aid in protection of those other worlds, and of Twisted itself. My citizens will be held accountable to Twisted and any connecting worlds rules unless released by the representative of that world." He lays it out simply, "And both of us will abide by the spirit of those rules and not simply the letter. I also have the right to remove that portal should I feel a need to do so. You have the same right. Shall we play nicely in each other's sandbox?"

Senior Diablo nods his head, impressed with how to-the-point his new acquaintance is. "Removal might be counterproductive, but I know a trick or two. We can lock and bind the gates to prevent access just as easily. I can make sure only you or I can open them." He looks away briefly, realizing he'll have to finally admit to someone part of the plans he hasn't even elaborated to his own Councils. When turning back his lips are completely non-existent from the force he presses them together. "I have bound Twisted in such a way that anyone entering the main city will be limited in their powers and abilities. It was merely to try and keep the peace and prevent some nearly world-shattering events which happened in the past." He takes a step back a moment to let that hang in the air before continuing. "I want this to happen. It would be good for your people and for mine, I believe. But I cannot simply turn this off or make exceptions to it." He chooses to stop there, after all what more can be said about it?

Cale nods, "Seems an odd ruling to make. Would seem to be easier to keep the peace when you can select who is restricted. Though you may be able to bend your own rules. I've met a few who hold our position, each one with their own quirk." He shrugs and clasps his hands behind his back once more, "Do we have a deal," He pauses for a moment and looks at Diablo pointedly, "As equals?"

A seldom heard voice screams in Diablo's head warning him that this is a bad idea. He didn't set up this arrangement. He didn't set the terms. This wasn't his game. Yet in many ways it was as it would be the same terms he would have likely come to on his own. His hand twitches slightly as he hesitates but the fact of the matter keeps coming to the front of his mind. The people of Twisted need stability and this would be one step closer to that goal. Closing his eyes to force the voice out of his thoughts, the demon reopens them focused as he takes the offered hand and shakes it. "A deal." The wording of the contract becoming binding as a noticeable crackle emits into the air. Diablo winces slightly, pulling his hand away to stare at it briefly. "Well that was unexpected." He flexes the fingers in his hand a few times before adding, "It would seem we are equals. I do believe you'll find your now immune to the binding after all." That voice of panic again sounds off in his mind as he begins to wonder just how much of a disadvantage he's just put himself in. "Let me officially welcome you to Twisted, Cale Satanas"

Cale reclasps his hands behind his back, "I have been antagonistic on my earlier visits." His eyes bore into the other man, as he shows he recalls the past that Diablo doesn't want remembered, "I was protective of Devi and not completely in control of myself. That has been remedied. I hope we can stay cordial in the future, and let me know if there is ever any other business to discuss." Cale reaches up and redons his hood, "You know how to reach me." As his hands reclasp behind his back he steps backwards and fades into the shadows at the edge of the lamp's radius, his eyes the last thing to fade.

Senior Diablo rubs his hand briefly as he watches Cale step away. "Well one down.. So many to go." He then chooses to make his own exit in much the same way as he arrived

Walking down the steps comes the form of an old man in a large bowler hat with a cane that surprisingly matches the one Diablo was just holding. "Did.. did I hear voices?" The old man scans the area but sees it deserted as always. "I suppose not." With a heavy sigh he walks up to the lamp post, leans upon it, and goes to sleep.

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