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Same Bat-Time...

Summary: Once again we have a really long lapse of time and then BAM. Scene log. This time it's Harley Quinn who gets a brief visit from Oblivion before going out on a date with Dante that ends in disaster. One day, Harley. One day...

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Twisted Street - Another Way(#1831R)

Leading west from the middle of Twisted, Another Way is smooth and simple. The only shops on the street are Eat or Die - an automated Chinese resturant - and a newly opened bookstore. At the far end, the road opens into an expansive desert, all rolling dunes and raging sandstorms. The wind doesn't quite reach this place, but it does look scary.

The door to the bookstore opens up and out steps a blonde woman in a 60's style Batgirl costume with a comic book in one hand and a iced beverage in the other. She doesn't bother to look up as she scans over the page in her hand and takes a sip. "Huh... Barbra Gordan? Really? I thought Mistah J put her in a wheelchair. How's that supposed ta work?" She goes to take another drink but it spills out of her hand and onto the sidewalk. "DANGIT!! That was eight bucks!! Why does everything cost so much money?!?" Twisted suffers inflation? Good to know.

Suddenly, a loud *SNIP!* can be heard right near harleys head, and a few strands of blonde hair float slowly to the ground. However, when you look where the sound came from, no ones there!

Harley spins on her heels automatically, going into a defensive posture - not that there's anything to see but what seems to be her hair flowing gently in the breeze. "AHHHHHHH!!!! WHO DID THIS?!?" She spins back around again frantically. "WHO WANTS TA DIE TODAY!?!?" A tumbleweed drifts past. "...why is there a tumbleweed in the middle of the str-WAIT!" She spins again, "YOU'RE NOT GONNA DISTRACT ME THAT EASILY!!!" Harley glances back towards the direction the tumbleweed came from. "...who... ever... you are."

From the angle she isn't looking, comes a voice very familiar saying "I did it!". Looking over, its herself! Only bald! The doppleganger tapes the small bit of hair to her head "I'm yourself from the future" she sniffs "Yours is a sad sad fate to come....". She looks down, showing her head is scarred and some sort of injury along the back. In her hands is a pair of scissors.

Harley turns and jumps backwards - into the spilled drink which sends her spilling backwards onto the pavement. "HEY-AAAHH!!" With a thud the costumed girl starts fighting back tears, begining to rub her postieror. "Owwwwwwwwhy do you look like..." She thinks about the words a moment only to respond with, "...oooooh. Hey, wait. I thought I had Bat-boy's cape and a helmet in the future?" Where she got that idea is anyone's guess.

The doppleganger slowly looks down at her "Why're you still so healthy?". She tilts her head sideways, one eye twitching a bit, and a slow joker-similar smile grows on her lips "How come I got the future where i get so sick?". She LEAPS on Harley, grinning like a lunatic, brandishing the scissors "WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY!". She punctuates each scream of 'why' with a stab of the scissors! In an eye, in the stomach, in the chest, and so on! Blood splatters everywhere!

Then there's a sudden flash, and everything is as it was! Harley is standing there, drink in hand, hair perfect. Except the wet spot on the cement where she dropped it previously.... or was that ALWAYS there? Looking around, Harley is completely by herself.....

Harley stares down at the drink, then the spot on the ground, then back at the drink. With a shrug she says aloud, "Ahhh... Twisted. Yer so much more fun than tha real world." Without a moments thought about the randomly double drinks she takes a gulp of the replacement and promptly spits it out. "CHOCOLATE? This was a Vanilla-bean!" The girl dramatically sighs and goes back to her comic, letting the plastic glass fall to the ground a second time.

Dante huhs. He's currently kneeling up on a nearby floating piece of debris. Who knows where it came from? This is Twisted after all. He shakes his head with a slightly feral grin. He was just watching in case Blivy decided to do anything TOO funky...but it looks like he's behaving himself. He yells down to Harley, "Hey, toots! You ok? That guy's a real handful but he mostly just fucks around."

Harley lets out a dramatic sigh as she looks away from her comic yet again to follow the sound of the voice. "Oh! Heya!" Tucking the comic into the back of the costume's belt she tilts her head. "What guy?" Yep, she's totally accepted that as a natural occurance of being on Twisted. Her eyes narrow, "Are you saying I look manly or something?"

Dante laughs a bit. He shakes his head. "Oh, nothin'. Don't worry about it." He springs forward, as he's wont to do...and SLAMS down into the ground just in front of the debris that we was alighted upon. The ground cracks and shakes as the impact leaves a small crater. He rises to his feet slowly and steps OUT of said crater, which closes up behind him. Twisted is kind of like that.

The young woman is totally non-pulsed by the display. She's seen it all before. "Can I help ya with something, oh un-masked stranger?" Harley takes the opportunity to size him up from top to bottom. "I gotta say I dig the colors. Red an' black will always have a special place in the ol' ticker." She taps her chest for emphasis.

Dante peers at the chest with some interest. He nods appraisingly. He grins back at Harley, one of his usual 'lady killer' smiles. "Well, nah. Not really. I was just watching our buddy there to make sure that he was just up to his old tricks. He CAN be kind of dangerous...but he usually just fucks around. Since we're here though, you could ALWAYS come have a drink with me as a thank you for 'protecting you'." He concludes this idea with a wink. REAL suave this one is.

Harley deadpans at the second 'He' statement. "Look, ya seem like a really nice guy an' I'm sure that any day now yer Mommy will put that pretty, pretty hair of yours in pigtails so you'll look good for the boys but right now someone's gotta teach you the difference between boys and girls." She guestures towards herself, "I... am a girl. The other me, was also a girl. You are a boy." She walks up and pats him on the arm, "At least on the outside, am-I-right?

Dante busts out laughing, offering a slap on Harley's shoulder if she doesn't defend it. If she DOES, she'll be successful because it isn't an attack. "Whoo-e. You've got some wit for one of those cosplay chicks. I like it. Yeah, you must not be used to Twisted yet. That's ok. If you want, I'd be happy to give you a tour? I can explain all the stuff you seem to be missing...maybe show you some of the more secluded spots. What do ya say?"

"...Cosplay?" she looks down at herself and 'ahh's. "How do ya know I'm not tha real deal?" She tugs at her belt like she was pulling up her pants. "I might be the gen-u-ine Batgirl. Ain'tcha ever noticed not everyone 'round here is some freak in a costume?" The statement makes her step back a second. "Um. Present company excluded of course.

Dante laughs even harder at that one. "Oh, no. That's ok. I'm definitely a freak in a costume too. Don't apologize for being truthful. I *like* honesty in a hottie like yourself. As for the 'real deal'...I dunno. There's probably more than one of you passing through here sometimes. I can see why you might have gotten confused before, actually. There's been a few a' me running around too."

Harley stops to ponder that. "More than one-a me, huh...?" Her head fills with images of multiple Harleys hanging off of the Joke-OH no. Multiple Jokers! Her knees turn to jelly, at least until an army of Batmen abruptly ruin her fantasy. "GYAAAH!" She shakes her head frantically. "No, nope. Nuh-uh. We're not goin' there, hansome." Cautiously she scans the street for any capes. "Y'know, a drink is a good idea. I wouldn't mind goin' someplace indoors. Y'know, where you can see all the exits." She eyes a shadow... could it be? Naaaah.

Dante grins. He likes the sound of 'handsome'. It leads to WAY more sex than a slap in the face usually does, at least. Except in New York City. That place is weird. He nods, trying to gently sling an arm around Harley's shoulders. "I like the way you think. I know a good place. Don't worry, though. I can't smell any kinda threats here now, so take it easy. Well, no more threats than the USUAL threats, at least. We can handle those, though." He waits for affirmation to lead, of course. He's a polite asshole.

Harley rips the price tag off one arm as she uses it to point ahead. "ONWARDS! Momma needs a bat-beer and some bat-pretzels. BAT!" She shakes her head again, "I mean, STAT!" Got Bats on the brain, there Harley?

The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluorescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the floor and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and holograms of different movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR - caught as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the restaurant, surface polished and shiny and all-together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are the various beverages that are serveed, and a giant mirror. There seem to be an inordinate amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung around it. Multiple round wooden tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's an exit. A large fireplace nestles in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second-floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Dante is just going to lead Harley into the UR. Gesturing over at the bar, he flags down a passing Skutter. "Hey, bro! Think you can get me the usual pizzas and beer combo, if ya please? I got some buck today, so the tips'll be good. Huh? Huhhhh? Alright." He gives the Skutter a wink and kicks over onto his usual (No pun int-...well, maybe.) bar stool and leans back, balancing it on one leg as he's prone to doing. His 'usual' order is at least 2 'everything' pizza's and about 24 beers. Where DOES he put it all?

Harley follows him to the bar but doesn't sit down just yet. Instead she kneels down infront of the skutter once it's flagged down and pets it's metal claw-head. "Guess who just got back into town? Huh? If you want more bootleg John Wayne movies, you just remember our agreement alright?" The skutter nods it's 'head' and wheels off to the kitchen. Harley smiles as she finally hops up on the barstool beside Dante. "So? Tell me where ya got that big shiny sword from? Must be worth a bit, huh?

Dante snickers. "I guess it probably is. It was dads. I dunno that another one exists, at least not in any universe *I've* been too yet." He peers over, grinning widely. "If you ever wanna try handling my sword, just ask." He chuckles AGAIN to himself. He amuses himself quite a bit. At least when he can't get any external action. Hey-o!

Harley oggles it as he speaks, "Oh, I might! Maybe after a few - hey! Chuckles!? Where's those beers!?" Is it a skutter named Chuckles, or is she being an ass? Anything is possible. "Jeeze, for a place that exists as it's own multi-dimensional chain, you'd think we could get a drink without having to wait."

Dante tsks, wagging a finger. "Now now. Be nice to the bots. They're super cool and do the best they can. Prices here are cheap and the food is awesome. Just be patient. Not something *I'm* great at either, mind ya....but still, patience. You won't be disappointed. n.n"

The skutter from earlier finally comes out with an unusually large pair of beer mugs on a serving tray wedged between it's claws. Harley wastes no time yelling "FIIIIIIIINALLY!!" before hoping off the barstool to grab them both and put one infront of Dante. "Here we go! Drink up, Hot Stuff. I got some pull with the skutters. This is the SPECIAL brew!" It's special all right. It's laced with a knock-out drug. Not that you'd likely notice as Harley takes her own and chugs it down like a champ.

Dante can smell it, but that's ok. He doesn't mind. He grins over at the skutter and tosses it a tip. "Thanks buddy." He likes to be nice to them. They're good to him. He nods approvingly at Harley's chug and holds up his own mug...before downing it in one gulp. "Whoo. Nice. The...extra, gives it a bit of a kick. I like it. We need a few more though, I think."

Harley cheers! "YEEEEAAAH!!! KEEP 'EM COMING BOB!" ...and under her breath, "...the faster the better..." The smile quickly coming back to her face as she suddenly leans across the bar in front of him. "So! White-bread?! How long have you been on Twisted?"

Dante gets an eye-full of some breast curves. Ok. That's FINE with him. He laughs at that one though. "White bread? Well, coming from an obviously hispanic individual such as yourself, I guess that makes sense. I've been here a while. Kinda. Depends on what you mean. How long have YOU been here?" He's not stupid. He knows something's 'up'...he still wants to get laid tho.

Harley does a backflip off the bar, landing on her feet behind it. "HISPANIC!! My family's from Washington, ya putz." She pauses as the comic book she tucked into her belt falls to the floor, glancing down at it and thinking to herself oO(Shoot, unless Gordan's Hispanic.) "I'm gonna go help get those drinks!" She promptly darts into the kitchen without waiting for a response.

Dante watches her acrobatic display with some interest. He offers a brief slow clap until she starts talking. He laughs a bit at that one, watching her dart off into the kitchen. He shakes his head a bit and mutters to himself. "Ya gotta love when someone thinks they have one up on you. She better be a MONSTER in the sack. ... Shit, I better figure her age out too."

The door is kicked open and out comes Harley with a tray stacked three high with more oversized beer mugs. "ALRIIIIIGHT! Let's get this party started!!" Several skutters can be seen shaking their heads in disproval before the doors swing shut behind her. Still standing on the wrong side of the bar she divides the tower into two groups and grins, "Last one to finish has to pay for the whole lot? What'dya say?

Dante has already chugged a few. He quirks an eyebrow over at Harley. "What's up? Last one to finish has to pay? Alright. We can do that! I'd like to get some freebies for once. Lemme just start drinking 'quickly' here..." He sets himself at the bar and cracks his knuckles. His eyes seem to shine with a white light glint as he grins his feral Dante grin. "Whenever you're ready, honey."

Harley grins back as she places her hands around one of the mugs, "Bring it on, chump! Three... two... one...." There's no 'Go'. She's already got that one half-gone. This shall be a test of speed! Of endurance!! Of oO(Dangit! Hurry up and pass out, already!!) Yeah, she's already starting to slow after four - but hey, who's counting?

Dante regards her and her technique, if you will, for just a bit. He nods slowly and laughs just a bit. He shakes his head in an almost pitying way...and starts in. He can down each mug in...well, about one gulp. He's getting a nice high off of whatever she laced it with...but if it's something typical, like Rophynol, it isn't going to knock him out. It'll BARELY slow him down. Still, no mercy and all that.

She's lost count and is starting to see a few extra mugs on the bar than she remembered bringing out here. She reaches for another and misses it, narrowing her eyes. "Wow, these are stronger than I-" The next words out of her mouth are drowned out by the sound of her throwing up. Luckily she's behind the bar keeping anyone dining this evening from having to see it. "Take out an elephant he [@#$@#$(@#$@*!!!!!]. Toxin immunity I [@#$@#$@$@$#@$%%!!!!]" Congrats Dante! Free beer!

Dante finishes his last...and watches Harley bail to start puking. He literally collapses off of his stool, laughing as hard as he possibly can. Ok, he ain't getting any NOW...but who the hell wants madame pukes-a-lot bobbing their knob ANYWAY? This is freakin' funny! He just lays on the floor, laughing as hard as he can.

Harley says, "SHUT UP YOU [@#$@#$@#$@$!!], WHITE HAIRED [@#$@$@$%!!]" This time she's drowned out by the sound of her hacking and coughing. "Ivy... I don't feel so swell." She finally comes up over the side of the bar with the mask removed and her blonde hair dangling everywhere. "I think I need ta rethink this strategy."

Dante snickers. "To be FAIR...I knew you were trying to play me the whole time. You kind of deserved what ya got there." He kicks up to his feet and returns to his seat at the bar. "I'd suggest ya try something a little different around HERE. Most of the time that shit isn't going to work AND there are those out there, much less gentlemanly than myself, that would have killed you for trying. Just saying." There's that feral grin again.

Harley gives him the middle finger. "Ehhhh, both of you can go to Hell!" She'd probably say more if she didn't fall back out of sight again with a yelp. There would be more here, but unconsciousness tends to take the creativity out of you.

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