2014-04-18 - Filling In The Empty Spaces

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Filling In The Empty Spaces

Summary: Cale Satanas has a problem and when he and Devi show up to speak to Diablo about it, things get a little bizarre. Revelations and back-stories are revealed as the three suddenly realize there's a much bigger problem at stake.

Who: bob-o-saur, Cale_Satanas, devi, Senior_Diablo
When: April 18th, 2014
Where: The Docks(#4225R)

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The Docks(#4225R)

While in great condition, the docks tend to give off the impression that there have been a lot of goodbyes said here. Perhaps people travelling to - and from - whatever this place used to be. The shack looks worse up close than it did from the beach. Deep stains color the wood a sickly gray/green, and it looks like the place should really be condemned. Maybe no-one ought to go in there until Twisted either fixes it up, or takes it down. Off the pier, a small wooden boat hides, its anchor rope the only clue, bobbing up and down as the boat moves on the slight waves.

Sitting on the edge of the dock sits an average looking construction worker with a yellow hardhat on. Humming slightly to himself he opens up a lunchbox, pondering it's contents before taking out a small radio to find music on. Smooth jazz fills the air as he begins to consume the sandwich he was carrying.

The shadows begin to deepen rapidly, coalescing into a swirling mass at the beginning of the dock that the construction worker occupied. The writhing mass contracts suddenly revealing Devi and Cale. Flickers of light reflect off of tiny flecks of ice in a cloud around the pair. Cale stands with his gloved hands at the small of his back, turned away from the water behind him. "It seems it's time for another discussion."

The vibration of Cale and Devi's arrival causes just enough to cause the worker's radio to fall into the water. "Oh no. Wendy's Radio fell into the water!" Reaching for it at the cost of his sandwich, he lifts it into the air and watches water and sparks dance out of the small device. "What can we do?!" Standing, he sits the radio down and pulls a hammer from his tool belt. "Can we fix it?!"

Devi steps onto the dock with a unsually shaky breath. Glancing around, she took the whole scene in wordlessly, eyes dragging over her teacher and then the poor bastard who's just lost his lunch to the bay. "Home sweet home. To bad he didn't have more, we could have had a picnic. I've got ten bucks somewhere says he manages to pirece his own skull with the backdraw or something." She blinks, pinching her brows slightly. "Do you think the gas station is open?" Her attention is now down the street, as though she could see the 24*7 open/closed sign. "I could kill for a burrito."

Cale_Satanas stays quiet for a moment, his pinwheel eyes glancing over at Devi, "There'll be time to eat soon," He raises his voice to address the area, "If you care to join the conversation that is."

The worker in the construction hat doesn't seem pleased with the lack of proper response and turns towards the two with burning red eyes. "C-caaaan we fiiiix iiiit?" The heat from his eyes begins to melt his plastic-like flesh, sending blood and puss spilling over onto the boards of the dock. The thing slowly steps closer to them, each footstep thudding heavily like it was gaining mass somehow. The skull begins to enlongate like a reptile. With a sickening gargle it belows out, "YessSSsssSs wEEe CaaAAaNnnnNnnn...."

Devi looks back over her shoulder at it, hands and feet flairing with a whooshing displacement of air as she taps into her Ki. "I am too fucking old for this PBS shit. I swear to god if Gumbo pops out of this things ass once it's dead, I'm beating the writers to death. " Also known as Devi was already ready to defend them, much quicker on the draw of her abilites then she'd normally access before. "Maybe you should say it. Speak it's language," she quips at Cale.

Cale_Satanas glances at Devi with a questioning look at the Gumbo statement before calmly turning his attention to the bellowing thing. He tilts his head slightly towards Devi, "Why is it every time you and I are together on Twisted, demons show up?" He turns his full attention back to the task at hand, "Why does every other version of Hell besides mine seem to have an obsession with theatricality? Showing me 'disturbing' images doesn't impress me." His voice is flat, his hands still clasped behind his back, "I do have other things I could be doing, you know."

Senior Diablo leands towards Cale's ear from behind, "Simple. The mundane is dull and not everyone in the multiverse finds training all day to be exciting." As quickly as he appeared, he's gone again. The worker has continued to gain mass, growing a long tail covered in spikes. It's helmet falls to the dock as the beast's skull seems to break in half creating two monsterous heads. With a triumphant roar, the creature charges forwards looking for something else to replace his lost meal. Diablo appears again in a brief swirl of black smoke standing atop the shack. "If you'd prefer I can send it away. I tried to find something that would frighten you by poking around in your skull, and I dare say I'm confused about what this thing is even supposed to be. Maybe a Bob-o-saur? I don't know."

Devi says, "Our milkshake brings all the undead demoniods to the yard?" Diablo pops in and quips, causing her to smirk. "It's a fair point at least. And he's going for a reaction, not a stoic look of impatience. /That's/ what he's after." Devi looks up to the shack roof once Diablo relocates. "I'd prefer a burrito and a slushy if you feel like being a pal, though if the YMCA man is begging to get tossed back into the harbor, I'm hungry, so let's make it quick.""

"Not everyone from my reality is Kaldrath, Diablo. And I believe that's what we're here to discuss." Cale gestures towards the growing Bob-o-saur casually, "As far as that, I doubt you got it out of my mind. Though I'm surprised Caliga never made me fight something like it, it reeks of his sense of humor." He re-clasps his hands behind his back and suddenly blurs from sight, appearing in view again behind the charging beast, the creature's legs flying out from underneath it. Cale turns back towards Devi and Diablo, his eyes locked to Diablo on the roof, "If you want it back in one piece I recommend sending it back to where it came from."

Senior Diablo ponders that as he watches the creature stumble around in confusion. "I should save that for Caliga, shouldn't I?" Both Senior Diablo and the creature melt into their shadows and vanish momentarilly before Diablo reappears before Devi with a burrito in his hand for her. "Councilwoman Devi, nice to see you again." To Cale he simply gives a nod and folds his hands behind his back. "Disccusions, okay. What brings you back this time? Obviously not our gracious hospitality or entertainment." ...is that what he calls it?

Devi watches it all happen quietly, muttering under her breath at Cale's threat. "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy." Once Diablo reappears in front of her with the magical golden burrito, her eyes lit up like a kid and with an excited ooh, both at the title and treat. "Senior Diablo, always a thrill to see you." The burrito isn't even considered before an end is in her mouth, eyes and ears open. "I came for the food and the fun, if that counts for anything." It was a statment made more true by the modifer 'mostly'.

Cale_Satanas stalks closer to the pair as he reaches into the pocket of his long coat. He pulls out three round objects which lift into the air and begin to spin around his open palm. The spheres are orange, each of the three with a different number of white stars, "These are Dragon Balls, Diablo. While even a normal set of these is much sought after in my world, these three are part of a set that do far more than grant simple wishes." He comes to a stop in a way to keep both Diablo and Devi in view, one hand behind his back, the other palm out with the Dragon Balls spinning, "They are the reason I wished to connect our worlds."

With a "Hmmmm..." Twisted's Devil watches the spheres dance. "I believe I'm aware of them in passing." He shrugs slightly as he glances at Devi, letting a smirk cross his thin lips at the already vanished burrito. "I'm going to go out on a limb and assume either you're looking for them on other worlds, or you think your set is ON other worlds?" Reaching into his robes he takes out one of Gegoshi's G-pads and presses a few buttons. With an audible 'PING' the device scans the spheres in a flash of light and then begins displaying information on a tiny screen. "There's not one on Twisted according to this trinket, if that helps.

Yes, the burrito vanishes quickly and while Devi is chewing her last bite, she's watching the balls rotate and eyeballing the farmilar tech pad. "Why are you collecting them anyway? What happened to 'they're safer spread out' which is why I assume they are in fact.... spread out."

The young man collects the Dragon Balls and puts all but one in his pocket, "The situation is different here. This particular set doesn't work like a standard set. It doesn't just grant wishes. It can, but it's a pitiful use of their power. The White Star Dragon Balls were created to stop a being known as Aegis Ken. A being who I have spent my life trying to defend against since my first taste of his particular style of power." He studies the five starred sphere in his hand, "My reality breeds power. Our celestial bureaucracy has a position known as 'The God of Destruction.' The 'God' in question has one role, to make way for new things. However my particular universes God was a Saiyan, and before long the centuries long breaks that were supposed to happen weren't needed. His power didn't have a limit and began to destroy without restraint." He stops his story for a moment to look at Diablo squarely, "Everytime he killed. Every time someone stood against him he just got stronger and stronger. In a universe that holds power like mine does to even be considered for the position you have to be terrifyingly powerful, but Aegis Ken made the word obsolete. They brought in a God of Destruction from a neighboring Universe and Aegis Ken toyed with her like a cat plays with a mouse. What made it all the more terrifying is that he figured out how she was transferred across the lines of reality. The first jump he didn't control, but the reality he ended up in was wiped from existance. When he jumped again the Bureaucracies of the group of Universes I am apart of gathered together and created these Dragon Balls. It split Aegis Ken into two beings. Kaldrath and Caliga. Kaldrath is the vessel, Caliga was Aegis Ken's power, very suppressed. There are only two things that can undo that are Caliga's death, or Kaldrath meeting Caliga while dead. This set was used to undo the wish that brought Kaldrath back to life. He's currently in Hell and if Caliga decides to pop in to say hello we'll have a mess on our hands." He looks grim as he contemplates his counterpart.

Senior Diablo listens to all this and slowly begins to look worried. "...Caliga's death, hmm?" He looks sideways at Devi and with all the humor removed from his voice, "Tell me, have you seen my charge lately? I asked Caliga to train her and neither of them have been seen in almost two weeks..." The devil looks a little pale. "Maybe he was a bad choice to train her after all.

Devi says, "Your daddy issues are vastly complex and exaggerated, anyone ever tell you that?" Devi asks Cale, one eyebrow arched over wide eyes. After a moment, she looks at Diablo. "No, I haven't... exactly been around. Wait, who? You're taking students? Sensi Diablo? Quaint. And in what fucked up insanity did you think that giving *anyone* to Caliga to train was a good idea? The shit that goes through that... 'mans' head? Please. He couldn't keep a housecat alive, much less a student." The statement was puntcuated by the crossing of arms."

The color drains from Cale's face as Diablo reveals Caliga's status, "That...is worrying." He looks to Devi, "I'd normally agree with you, except his training is effective. If you survive you definitely benefit. And knowing you can survive being tossed into a Volcano without the use of your ki is...useful." He turns his attention back to Diablo as he pockets the Dragon Ball he was holding. "Normally Dragon Balls scatter across a planet or a Galaxy. However, the distance scattered is dependent on the power of the Dragon Balls. This set scatters across realities and someone has already found them once. So, not only do I have to find these to protect pretty much everything ever from destruction, but someone is actively collecting them at the same time."

Senior Diablo bites his lip as Cale elaborates, letting him finish before elaborating on his question to Devi. "I was referring to Tabitha Li-Bogard, a name you should be familiar with in your dealings with Johnny. The same one I ordered to seek out the former Council members and swear loyalty." He takes a deep breath, a rare gesture for him, and then continues, "She's more powerful than anything he has expressed being a product of his imagination and worse still with the ability to use all of his strengths and weaknesses on instinct. I tried to block those memories from her mind but may have done nothing more than supress them. Caliga was the only person I could think of strong enough to be able to teach her to control those abilities within limits..." He sighs, "And now I found out I put her in the worse possible hands should something have gone wrong.

Devi doesn't join the sighing brigade and the anger has left her face as well as astonishment and everything else. "Tabitha," Devi mutters. "Should have guessed." And didn't circumstance change everything. "We three are not smucks. So, where do we start? Where was the last place Caliga was? Or was supposed to be?"

Cale_Satanas shakes his head, "I'm not sure, but I think he is in bad shape. I have...a feeling." He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, centering himself. He reaches out, feeling for his father, "I think I can find him, given enough time to focus. I think...I think we should start gathering Earth's Dragon Balls while we plan the most efficient way of finding the other White Stars in the multiverse." He opens his eyes and looks to Diablo, "I'm assuming this is something you would find worth while to Aid with? I doubt the end of everything is high on your list of goals."

Inappropriately, Diablo smiles at Cale's last sentance. "No! No it's not!" He suddenly chuckles, "Tracking down Caliga is beyond my abilities as they manifest now, but that doesn't make it impossible. However, we may be able to find Tabitha due to her dealings with me. Our Hell has a way of tainting visitors. With luck the two are in the same place and Caliga hasn't found a way of masking the two of them." He smiles as he pauses. He's enjoying this, isn't he? "I would have done so sooner but I had hoped their disappearance was simply due to training. Do what you need do and I'll see if I can find someone, or some ones, who can track beings who've been to Hell without killing them in the process."

Devi says, "I guess that leaves me with Earth's dragon balls, doesn't it?" The labor seemed equally divided and Devi was almost eager for the work. The world might end? Oh, that's nice. There might be a little adventure? Sign her up. "Do you have anything that would help me out there? And maybe someone can give a girl a lift across the multiverse? Diablo, I also need to tromp around Nefilheim a little after this is all done.""

Cale_Satanas notes Diablo's response, storing his odd reaction away for study later as he turns to Devi, "On the Lookout are the scouters you used on Namek that were modified to pick up the Dragon Ball energy signatures. Get Arctus to help, Vash and Caden as well if you can find them." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring, he tosses it to Devi as he explains, "This lets you travel between Twisted and the Castle. Here on twisted, simply...twist...the ring," He has a problem saying the pun, but continues, "The direction doesn't matter, just twist it three times. It'll sweep you out of the portal at the Castle." He turns to Diablo, "Anyone you find, send here. I'll be above trying to sense my Father."

Senior Diablo nods his head at Cale as he reaches into his robes for one of the old puzzle boxes the Hell Council used to give out and hands it to Devi as well. "Hopefully you remember the Lament Configurations? Open the box and it'll transport you to Hell. Bring it with you and you can open a way back out. If nothing else find Johnny in Dis and he can probably lead you in or out if you get lost." With that he begins to fade out. "I suppose we shall meet here when all is said and done. Good luck to the both of you."

Devi nods and takes the ring, slipping it on her right middle finger and thumbing the bottom edge. The box was taken with a little hesitation and a gentle touch, a grin splitting her face as Diablo directs her. Her words come out with a little laugh. "You two are the artifact taxi cabs of the mutliverse. And I don't need Johnny to traverse Dis. I'm resonably comfortable in hell." As Diablo vanishes, Devi crooks one finger in good bye to him.

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