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Change In Ownership

Summary: If it's not already obvious, most places on Twisted allow anyone to come and go as temporary staff but require an owner before people can be hired on full time. This is a long standing tradition started by the Usual Restaurant which to this day keeps a closet full of sailor-style waitress outfits for anyone interested. Today, Coffee of Doom finally gets proper ownership but will the people who work there accept it?

Who: Senior_Diablo, sun, tina
When: April 25th, 2014
Where: Coffee Of Doom(#1424R)

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The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Coffee Of Doom(#1424R) The bell chime on the door welcomes you to Coffee Of Doom. It's a simple little coffee shop with your standard decor. A few framed pictures that look like they where bought at a yard sale hang from the walls. There's some plastic plants to make the place look more inviting. Nothing really implies 'Doom' here, not even the prices which are pretty reasonable. It's not until you deal with the waitstaff that you understand the name. They're rude and snarky, they'll often make fun of people without obvious justification. Depending on what you order they may also make something not-quite what you expected. Smoothies are made with fruit and a hammer and not much else for example. They also make it a point to write up bizzare and horrifying new specials every few days that may or may not be real...

With a chime of the bell, the door of Coffee of Doom opens up and in steps Senior Diablo escorting a young woman into the building. Taking a moment to gaze into her silver eyes the devil smiles and guestures around the room - ignoring anyone already inside. "And here we are my dear. A shop in need of an owner, and an owner in need of a shop."

Busy, busy, busy. But not really. The place is pretty much empty of customers at this hour, save for a man who is scowling in their own little corner, earbuds in his ears as he types furiously on a fancy-looking laptop. He looks mad. Or maybe like he was just crying. Or possibly both. Behind the coffee bar, a heavily tattooed woman stands, wiping down the counter with a cheerful smile on her face. Sun is doing good here at Coffee of Doom, apparently. Fresh off her first week, and she's already made a grown man cry!

The woman lifts her head to blink a few times at the new folks entering, one perfectly groomed eyebrow raising slightly.

Pushing a stray strand of hair out of her face the woman accompanying Diablo tries to take it all in with a look of nervousness. "You... uh..." She fidgets briefly with the coin on the front of the choker she wears. "You didn't say the place would already be open for buisness."

Senior Diablo laughs. "Since the most popular establishment on Twisted allows anyone to work there anytime they want for any tips they earn many people have adopted that policy in other buisnesses in the area." He then leans down and adds in a whisper, "...of course many people also get told a place is owned when in reality it is not. Makes some matters difficult." The devil stands straight once again, "But this is also why I need people like you."

With an exasperated sigh, the woman walks up to the bar and smiles too cheerfuly at Sun and holds out her hand as if to shake. "Hello!! Tina Rosario Aldaco Guzman! Nice to meet you!"

The woman with blonde and dark red streaks watches the two speak, that single eyebrow raised slightly. As the woman walks up to the cofee bar, it's almost as if the tattooed woman is more a statue with a single moving arm that only exists to wipe down the counters. And for a very long moment, even after Tina introduces herself, the woman stands still as a statue. After a moment, however, the cloth is dropped, and...Sun crosses her arms.

"No touchie. What do you want?" She turns those blue eyes to stare down at the offered hand, before moving over to the register at a sluggish pace to take down an order. Diablo is eyed briefly.

Tina crosses her arms, taking care to hide her hands in the process. She'd blush if she where able to. "I... um... you see I..." The woman takes a deep breath before trying again with a smile large enough to show off her sharp looking teeth and fangs. "I mean, hello! I'm your new boss!!" This is going to go over well...

A blank stare meets Tina's proclamation, the only sign of expression being that ever-lifted eyebrow. Then, she shrugs. "First I've heard of it, Tina Rosaria Aldaco Guzman." She move back over to her original spot, picking the rag back up to finish wiping the counters down. She's actually pretty nice, but she acts like an angry tattooed chick when she's at work.

Tina sweatdrops heavily, "J-just Tina will do. See, normally I wouldn't have just barged in here like this but..." She turns to get Diablo to back her up, but of course the demon has vanished stealthfully. Tina panics. Her skin seems to become pale and the bones beneath seem to glow out of her from an unseen light. Her eyes withdraw, looking more like silver orbs hanging in the sockets. Voices can be heard whispering from various parts of her body. "HE DID IT AGAIN!" "Oh god, what do we do?" "Stay calm, stay calm." "I WANT TO GO BACK TO BED!!" "Shuuuuuuush!!"

Luckily no one seems to look at her from the tables around the room, or maybe they just don't care enough. With a sound like flapping wings Tina turns back towards Sun back to how she was moments before with that too-bright smile once again on her lips. "I was one of the people trapped in Hell a few years back. Senior Diablo promised me a new shop and apparently decided upon this one." She closes her eyes, which had begun to look sunken in again, and laughs. "So it'll be you and me, Sunshine!" She opens them revealing they are once again their brilliant silver. "Do you have a name, or shall I just start inventing one for you?

The blonde-and-red-haired woman blinks a few times at the reaction to Diablo's disappearance, though remains rather expressionless throughout the process. "...Interesting." She throws the cloth into a bucket of water beneath the counter. After wiping her hands on her apron, the woman begins to quietly pull the gratuitous amount of hair she has back into a loose bun, watching Tina with a thoughtful look on her face.

Finally, Sun allows a small smirk to form over her face. "Sul Kun do faal Hez Lok." A pause to let that strange language sink in. "But you can call me Sun."

Tina utterly fails to hold back a laugh at her name, "Sun, huh? First time calling someone 'Sunshine' has been that accurate." She ponders a moment before adding, "Los tol hin kiindah tinvok?" She grins widely, not expecting a response. "Well, you've been here longer than I have so I'm not going to bark out orders to you if that makes you feel better. You think you might be up to catching me up on how things have been done here up 'till now?"

That prompts a response from the woman, both brows raising as she hears her native language spoken, her posture stiffening slightly. "Zu'u tek nii los. Hi mindok vir wah tinvaak nii. Tol los eldraag." She tilts her head to the side, examining the woman closer. "Basically, you just gotta learn the recipes, and be a dick to customers." She jabs a thumb in the direction of the man pouting over his coffee and laptop in the corner. "Bonus points if you make them cry."

Tina's eyes widen at the thought. "NOooooooo! Who came up with that? That's terrible!!" She sighs heavily, putting a hand over her face momentarily. "Look, Sunny, you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar. I ran a shop for many a years and you're better off shoving sunshine up their asses as they walk in and out. It keeps the conversation to a minimum and usually..." Tina pauses a moment and forces out a sigh. "I said I wasn't going to boss you around, and here I am. Tell you what, I'll just try to keep my mouth shut and watch how things go myself - at LEAST for the next few days. But I can already see there's gonna be a few things we'll have to discuss after that." Why do all managers walk in and change the rules, anyways?

The thin tattooed woman actually laughs at that. "Believe me. If they want friendly service, they'll go somewhere else. This place has its own way, and we have a reputation. That guy crying in the corner is still here, isn't he? He could have easily left in a huff and gone to a friendlier place. But he's here, sitting in his douchy little corner," She raises her voice loud enough for the man to hear, "Drinking his wimpy little soy latte and typing on his douchy computer, PRETENDING to write something when he is really just stalking his ex on the newest social media site." She grins as the man yells out a few curse words in response...then he goes back to sulking in the corner. "See?"

Tina sweatdrops heavily. "I'm never going to be able to do this. That Diablo is far more evil than anyone gives him credit for." She sighs again letting the words hang in the air. "I think I'm going to look around in the back. You... you clearly are handling things just fine at the moment." For some reason she looks slightly sick hearing about the normal opperating proceedure of the store. Maybe it's just shock? "Yell if you need anything...

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