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Recursive self-improvement

Summary: Rather than continue to wait until Caliga's player moves that scene along, I've decided to take matters into my own hand when an opportunity was revealed to me. However, I didn't expect it to feel like it was echoing older scenes... Anyways, here we are. Tabitha finally crawls out of the wastelands with her mind and clothing in tatters. Just what has been happening for the past few weeks? Something is obviously wrong with her, but is this really the best course of action?

Who: Sun, Tabitha
When: May 8th, 2014
Where: Twisted Street - Another Way(#1831R)


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Twisted Street - Another Way(#1831R)

Leading west from the middle of Twisted, Another Way is smooth and simple. The only shops on the street are Eat or Die - an automated Chinese resturant - and a newly opened bookstore. At the far end, the road opens into an expansive desert, all rolling dunes and raging sandstorms. The wind doesn't quite reach this place, but it does look scary.

Moving at a slow crawl, a figure makes it's way towards the buildings of Twisted from the depths of the wastelands. Her memory a confused blur, she clutches the only thing familiar to her - a black bladed dagger which she found near her when she awoke. The girl's clothes are torn and dirty, her cat-like ears and tail matted. From the bruises on her arms she's either lost a fight or been in some kind of accident. As she finally gets within arms reach of a building, the nekojin collapses against it and begins to sob uncontrollably...

That building just so happens to be Coffee of Doom, and this just so happens to be the exact moment that one of the employees, Sun, steps out the door, stretching her arms above her head. "Finally out of there!" she states this triumphantly as she's stepping free of the doors, just in time to hear the nekojin sobbing. Normally, Sun is a total bitch, but she's been that all day, and now it's time to be nice. "Um...are you okay?" She takes a step closer, brows raising.

The girl doesn't even look up at the sound of the voice. Instead she stares at the blade in her hand as her tears fall upon it. "I... I think I killed him..." Her body starts to convulse from the force of her sobbing as the girl buckles down, covering her face as best she can with the blade still tightly clutched in her hand.

A baffled look crosses Sun's face, and then she slips over a little closer, hands up to indicate that she's no threat. "You're safe..." It is a gentle tone that the tattooed woman takes with the nekojin, reaching toward her to place a gentle hand on the sobbing girl's shoulder. "Here, put your knife away..." Blue eyes peer over the girl's current clothing situation, and Sun chews on her lower lip in ponderous thought.

At first the girl seems to calm slightly at the sudden comforting touch, but that moment only lasts briefly before she looks up into into Sun's face and screams, "HE WASN'T MOVING!!" The girl flails backwards frantically, waving the dagger violently before her. The blade begins to burn with some kind of black flames and the incoherent screaming she begins to wail somehow seems to stoke that fire making it larger with each octave. Barely moving two steps back however, the girl trips over herself and tumbles to the street. Her head cracking against the pavement with a dull thump. The nekojin's eyes go vacant and her body stops moving. She's still breathing, but only just barely. Somehow despite this the blade is still clutched tightly.

As the girl freaks out, Sun pulls her hand away rather quickly, keeping both hands up while she has her episode, with the blade that's burning with black flames and all. "I believe you, it's okay, you're safe now." She stays calm, mostly doing her best to keep away from that. It looks like it can't feel good to get stuck with the pointy end. As the girl trips and promptly knocks herself out, Sun sighs. "Well, let's see if we can't get you to a safer place than this." A pause, and then Sun is lifting the nekojin, cradling her not unlike one would cradle a baby. Thank goodness she's strong enough to do so. "Guess my place is the best we can get right now..."

Luckily the girl doesn't seem to weigh much either, like she's gone weeks without eating. Except for her ear twitching slightly as she's picked up she continues to show no signs of life. Her vacant eyes even remain open, unblinking. Even her tail hangs limp moving only as the breeze happens to catch it.

It's not a long walk, for the most part. Sun ignores any stares from passers by, mostly just concerned about getting the girl home safely. Once there, Sun somehow manages to open the door without dropping the nekojin, and it is shortly after that Tabitha is placed gently on the couch with a blanket draped over her legs to keep her warm. After obtaining a cloth and a bowl of hot and a bowl of cold water, she settles by the girl. Might want to try and get that away from her, just in case. Gently, Sun attempts to pry the knife from the girl's hands, if only to keep it in a safe place until the girl is no longer so...crazed.

Somehow trying to take the dagger jerks the girl out of her trance. The girl's eyes are full of life again and full of panic as she scans the room. "What... tha...." She pushes herself up, if she's allowed, and nearly leaps out of her skin at the stranger leaning over her. "WHO TH' FUCK ARE YOU!?" Now regardless she kicks herself onto an arm of the couch and nearly spills over the side. "WHERE AM I?!?" These are very good questions.

When the girl freaks out, Sun pulls back, lifting her arms up in a harmless stance. "Sorry, sorry." Seems like the girl wants answers, so while backing away to give the girl space, Sun provides answers. "I'm Sun. You are in the world of Twisted. I guess you just arrived, because you were leaning up against my workplace crying, then you freaked out and fell and hit your head." She shrugs nonchalantly, putting up a very nonthreatening display. "I took you here because it's probably the safest place to get your bearings, and you can get a shower." She eyes the girl again. "And you can borrow some of my clothes."

Her words cause an interesting conflict of emotions on the young girl's face. Slowly she rubs the back of her head and winces in pain. "I meant WHERE on Twisted..." The girl sighs heavily and finally sheaths the dagger and stares finding her fingers now covered in blood. Apparently she had dug her nails into her palm as well. Licking some of the blood away she forces a smile at her new acquaintance. "Tabitha... I'm Tabitha." For some reason she seems unsure. "I'm Senior Diablo's apprentice." Between speaking she suckles her hand, checking each time she pulls it away again to see if it has stopped bleeding. "I've been 'ere my whole life." Her head tilts slightly to the side, "Y-you said I was cryin'?" This time she shakes her head. "I don't remember anything... somethin' about meeting someone an' then..." Her eyes seem to glaze over again, "...nothing." The bleeding seems to have finally stopped, so she lets her hand drop and inches off of the arm of the couch again. After taking a second to collect herself she looks into the woman's face and smiles weakly, "Sun was my mother's name." Her ears drop suddenly as her face seems to fall. "Um.. my grandmother's name." She blinks a few times. "Well... uh, she raised me. It's complicated." Complicated for who?

The woman tilts her head to the side, watching Tabitha with a thoughtful look on her face. "Integra arms, in my apartment." Sun watches thoughtfully, examining the woman and possibly sizing her up. "Nice to meet you, Tabitha. You showed up outside of Coffee of Doom, seemed pretty freaked out before you fell over." She tips her head toward Tabitha. "Uncommon name." She shrugs, flopping back into her reclining chair and stretching out. "Me, I've only been here a little bit, not very long. Just kinda getting used to the place, I guess."

Tabitha nods her head as Sun flops, her words still ringing in her ears as she sits awkwardly trying to make sense of everything. "I'm a little jealous. I've not been ta another world yet." Her eyes glaze over once again and she forces them shut. "...I think." She shakes her head again, holding a hand to her temple. "Ungh. Everythin' is all jumbled. It feels like I have two of me in my head fightin' with each other." The girl looks down at her torn clothing and a few more tears force their way down her cheeks, "What happened ta me?"

"As far as I know, neither have I." Sun offers a shrug, crossing her legs. "I remember waking up in a big...bowl-like thing, in the sand on the beach, with an awful headache." She chews on her lower lip, playing idly with her hair. "I just knew my name, this language, and what I assume is my native tongue. So...kinda in the same boat as you, I guess? Without the two of me in my head." A shrug rolls across her narrow, tattooed shoulders. The question prompts well-kept brows to raise slightly, and she stands, still being as unassuming and neutral as she can be. "No clue, looks like you were in a fight or something. Want a shower? I have a first aid kit, could patch you up after that, too, if you like."

Her words find themselves muffled and drowned out as Tabitha's pounding head worsens. The young nekojin begins to wobble slightly, her hands trembling. "I think I need... ta..." Suddenly the girl's eyes roll up into her head and she falls limp on the couch. If Sun does nothing to stop her she'll slump off the side and spill into the floor; her mind as vacant as it was when she hit the pavement earlier.

Blinking, Sun moves quickly, strong yet thin arms wrapping around Tabitha to keep the girl from falling. Again, she lays the girl back down on the couch, covering her up with a blanket. "Shhh, sleep now, and we'll chat when you wake up." She knows it is not likely that she can be heard, but it makes her feel better to talk to the strange girl. The wash cloth and water is put to use, cleaning off the girl's face and hands while she is out. At least she can do that for the poor kid...

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