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So, a Psychic Walks into a Bar and Says

Summary: Isaac's first act in Twisted is to break into the restaurant before it opens. A squishy new resident is the first to greet him.

Who: Isaac,Serenity
When: August 6, 2014
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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“Oh come on! AGAIN!? That's the third flush in a row. How are you cheating when you don't have any sleeves!?" The shout comes from the rafters, the desperate cries of a man losing his last few dollars to a group of demonic stuffed penguins. Isaac runs a hand through his jet black hair as he watches the winning penguin scoop up the last of his cash. His yellow eyes catch sight of the new comer and his interest is immediately peeked. He leaned straight back, falling off the rafter he was seated on without a word to the Prinnies, who don't even bother to look up from their game. The man lands gracefully on his feet a distance infront of Serenity, dressed in an all black suit. He quickly smooths out the purple tie around his neck and gives a sweeping bow before the aquatic being before him, "Welcome! To wherever this is." He grins, and without waiting for a response continues speaking, "I have to say, I've never met something quite like you back home.

Serenity hadn't yet identified the source of the shouting when Isaac comes falling from the ceiling. Ren 'blinks' (with an inward motion of the eyes rather than eyelids) and momentarily shrinks both rhinophores and overall body length in surprise. Ren stares at the man for an uncomfortable pause before relaxing and recovering a bit of composure. Afterwards is when Ren returns the bow and flows over to 'stand' close to Isaac. "I haven't met someone quite like you back home," Ren stage-whispers with a weak smile. "A lack of offworld foreigners is only partly to blame for that..."

Isaac shrugs smoothly and unabashedly studies the new curiosity before him, "I apologize, for me I've just confirmed that there's other intelligent life in the universe." He looks about the restaurant, his grin replaced with a slight look of bemused confusion, "Tell me, what planet are we on? This would be the first time I've teleported, so I wasn't sure where I'd end up."

Serenity regards Isaac with a matching puzzled frown. "I'll let you be the judge of whether you're speaking with /intelligent/ life. I certainly intend to be friendly, however." Ren gestures with 'wing' flared out to the side. "I suppose that makes me the welcoming committee, then. This is Twisted, which is the city on what I believe to be a planet... though I wouldn't be terribly suprised to discover it was a giant's crockpot or somesuch." Ren smiles encouragingly and extends a pair of right fins from the cloak of water to pat Isaac on the arm. "You may call me Serenity."

Isaac eyes the place thoroughly, "Twisted? Well, that's interesting." Isaac sweeps his arms wide with a dramatic sweep and his tone changes to a serious grandeur, "My name is Isaac Fujikage Of Earth. I come in peace, but do not represent my people." Without missing a beat he resumes speaking in a normal tone, his hands in his pockets, "So why does an aquatic species live on land? Did your oceans dry up or is this a sore subject?"

Serenity grins at the greeting and nods to Isaac. "No, I'm not a local- I don't think many are," Ren replies. "In fact, it was while disembarking for a trip to Earth that I seem to have taken a slight detour." Ren motions to Isaac. "That is, a planet by that name with people like you, some of whom speak this language. I'll leave it to philosophers to decide whether it's your planet."

Isaac seems to mull on that for a moment before he opened his mind to do a broad scan of Twisted. Those close enough would only notice a slight niggle at the edge of their consciousness. He finally speaks after his rare moment of quiet, "No, I don't think this is a planet, or...well I don't think it's one planet." He looked serious for a moment as he processed what his mental abilities were telling him, "It feels like sections of hundreds of worlds or more. People from the same world in many cases, but with entirely different feelings, and after a certain point I just feel....chaos." He smirked, "I'm not sure what it all is, but it's quite a bit more interesting than home." He suddenly realizes that he isn't on his Earth anymore, "Oh right, you wouldn't know. I don't know if all Aliens are psychic or anything, but....uh...I am." He goes back into the mock dramatic pose from earlier, "Ta dah!"

Serenity regards Isaac with another puzzled expression (which seems to be getting a workout of late) while he speaks of the people. The latter revelation seems to have Ren undecided between skepticism and a mild alarm. "Telepathy was most certainly not a feature of humans on the planet I intended on visiting. I don't want to cause offense, but I might have reconsidered the destination if they were." Ren also attempts a bit of an experiment by picturing Isaac dressed in the same outfit that Ren put on this morning, a yellow polka-dotted black oval pasted on the appropriate bit of belly.

Isaac waves his hand dismisively, "I don't peek without permission or cause. I just did a passive scan, lets me see whats broadcasting as it where. Emotions and the like, layout of the land." He grins again, "And there's no one like me back home. I'm the only one, or...well. I was, there seems to be a lot of people here who are far from what's normal for my world. Let's just say if there was anyone like me back home they never showed themselves." He shrugs, his hands back in his pockets, "Anyway, how'd you get here if you were heading to Earth? And why would you want to go there?"

Serenity appears less skeptical but more relieved as Isaac continues explaining. "I don't think that I would show myself, either," Ren remarks. With his question, Ren briefly flutters 'wings' out to the sides. "A very unfortunate event in a spaceport terminal? Or, I suppose, fortunate if you consider the proportion of livable to unlivable places in the universe." Ren motions an extruded portion of wing edge toward the club. "In any case, I was taking a trip to learn about local dance firsthand."

"You wanted to watch Earthlings dance?" He looks amused, "You can't mean humans right? You're talking about dolphins or whales? I saw Star Trek IV, and it's never about humans, right?

Serenity grins at Isaac's words. "No, I didn't intend to discover by personal research why those large predators pose for pictures rather than simply eating humans. I did indeed come for the human dances, both to see, write about, and where possible, participate." Ren gives Isaac a slight waggle of the rhinophores and adds, "And I admit a bit of interest in the locals themselves, after seeing them in video all my life."

"Video? Oh, all the junk we just beam about. Is that unique to us? Man we humans are such assholes." He shakes his head disapprovingly, "So, do...uh, aliens?...come to Earth often? I don't think I sensed any...

“No, no," Ren explains, waggling a 'wing' to him. "Broadcasting is hardly unique. Rather, I was referring to the ordinary trade in videos and knicknacks that interstellar civilizations share." Ren smiles and motions inward. "I'll freely admit that my culture has a fondness for the foreign, at a safe distance, at least. And Earth has a number of tourist-friendly locations.

Isaac strokes his chin as he processes the information, "Sounds interesting. I'll have to learn all about the interstellar thing if I want to fit in outside of Earth." He gets a far away look, "If we're from the same reality of course..." He looks like he's about to ask something before he holds up a finger and in a distracted tone mutters, "Hold that thought..." and absentmindedly walks from the restaurant.

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