2014-08-28 - We Found Waldo! (pt 2)

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We Found Waldo! (pt 2)

Summary: IMEDIATELY following Crux and Caliga leaving the park, Nancy receives two more guests.

Who: Cale_Satanas, Senior_Diablo, Nancy
When: August 28th, 2014
Where: Higashi Ayase Park(#4432R)

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Higashi Ayase Park(#4432R)

The path in is lined with Sakura trees and the Park is kept with very neat lines, intricately shaped bushes and ponds. It's all very beautiful if you stop and look at it. While the path you're on goes through to the High School, there is a lot to see in the park. With benches to sit on and the Tennis Court to play on, it's not a bad little park.

Nancy blinks several times in confusion as everyone goes and leaves her. More so when the portal vanishes with a 'schlorp'. Staring at the space it occupied for a moment or two, the girl finally lowers her eyes at the box in her hands and opens it, staring at the earrings inside with more confusion. "Build a bridge with earrings..." She rolls her eyes briefly and glances back where her companions vanished. "Why can't anyone ever be specific except for Gegoshi?" She shakes her head as she goes back to her handy work once again, starting with trying to replace the items destroyed by Crux's arrival. "Not that I understood anything she was saying half the time, but at least she was specific."

A slow clap can be heard from behind Nancy. She turns abruptly to discover Senior Diablo standing there with a wicked grin on his thin lips. "Because, my dear Councilwoman, people can't assume they've learned something when it's all laid out before them in the open." Watching her gasp and take a step back nervously, Diablo's smile widens. "I'm sorry, did you forget that Gegoshi is keeping ALL of Twisted stable and ANYONE who mentions my name is immediately monitored? Oh, dear. I left that out didn't I, Mr Satanas?" Well there's as good enough an introduction as any.

The shadows in the area coalesce as the temperature noticeably drops. The temperature rises back to normal as Cale steps from the shadows, "My father is so self absorbed he hasnt even bothered to ask if anything is already being done." He nods to Nancy in greeting, not bothering to introduce himself, "Knowledge is power, and unfortunately too many feel they already have all the answers." He turns to Diablo, "Ive completed my research and Caliga is completely inconsequential. Whatever he wants to do is up to him."

Nancy's eyes remain wide and full of fear as she glances back and forth between the two of them. "I'm not stopping this! The people NEED a place where-" Diablo cuts her off, crossing his arms as he speaks, "Yes, yes. The people need a place where they're not under my constant care. They need a place where they have repercussions for their actions and a city that doesn't rebuild itself and forces the people to take care of problems themselves. I heard you give this speech already, and we've no intention of stopping you." He turns and gazes up at the skyline around them. "You've done a remarkable job in a short amount of time. I'm impressed. I'm sure OUR people will flock here once it's accessible."

Cale nods in agreement, "The danger is around the portals, as long as people here aren't free to wander all of existence at will I have no problems." He clasps his gloved hands behind his back, his multi-pupiled eyes whirling idly, "The goal here isn't a bad one, Caliga's plans and plots just aren't necessary. He needlessly complicates things when simpler alternatives are available." He begins to walk a circle around the group, studying the park, "I believe all is ready when need be, Diablo. We can cut a major threat off at the knees at your leisure," He unclasps his hands and holds one out in a polite 'after you' gesture, "Let Caliga play his games."

Senior Diablo nods his head at Cale, but gestures towards Nancy. "Do give credit where credit is due. This city is hers and I dare say I'm excited to see how it turns out. Caliga will likely take full credit for it, yes, but that is his nature! The cloak and dagger act simply adds to the spice of life." He lowers his voice, looking directly into the woman's face. "...so long as it doesn't become anything more than that." Nancy swallows hard as she's addressed. This is why she went to Caliga after all. Direct confrontation is not one of her strong points. "S-so what of me then? You just come out here to tell me you know what I'm doing? Is that it?" Senior Diablo raises a brow. "Why? What more does it need to be?"

Cale smirks at Diablo over Nancy's shoulder as he passes behind her in his circling walk. As he comes back around to face the girl he addresses her directly, "Not everything ends in violence, and good ideas are good ideas, no matter who they come from." He stops his pacing and turns to face both at once, "I wish the city success, and even offer limited support, but there are other matters that need my attention. I've dealt with Caliga's random schemes for too long. Let him have his 'win', in the end his actions haven't changed much and I no longer consider him a threat." He smirks lightly as the shadows begin to draw about him again, melding into his long coat, "Enjoy your efforts, Nancy, Caliga won't steal your thunder in the end. Now, I need to put several plans in motion." He gives a low formal bow as the shadows completely cover him. When they dissipate, Cale is gone.

Once Cale leaves Diablo steps up to Nancy again getting just inside her comfort zone. "You are still a member of our Council even if I did expand it by inviting everyone in the city to join it. I know you'll do whatever it takes for the people, and I can't stress how important that is to me." He pauses to see her nervous expression, and places a hand on her shoulder. "Try to finish up on the New Year. It'll have more impact when it's unveiled." The devil smirks again and steps away towards Cale's last position when he vanished. He adds one last detail over his shoulder, "...and don't mention this to Caliga. Last thing anyone needs is him going off on some tangent because he'll assume we're trying to stop him." The demon ponders a moment longer before muttering, "...I wonder which Hell he would end up in if he's not destroyed completely?" As he says this he vanishes into the shadows, leaving Nancy by herself once more.

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