2014-09-08 - Colleen's Exposition I

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Colleen's Exposition I

Summary: So following Tabitha's last scene with Sun, Tabitha was left alone and unconscious in Sun's bedroom in a robe while Sun left to go get a drink. This is what Sun came home to afterwards, or more specifically, who.

Who: Tabitha, Sun
When: September 8th, 2014
Where: Sun's Apartment - Bedroom


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Sun's Apartment - Bedroom

Sitting alone in the darkness of Sun's room, Tabitha's form sits up on her bed. Her knees are pulled up to her chest and her arms are wrapped around them. How long she's sat like this is anyone's guess. Her face is blank and her eyes are vacant. The sound of the front door being unlocked gets some kind of reaction from her at least. The girl's head tilts to the side, one ear flicking as it tries to focus on the sound. When the door is closed her head tilts back again.

If Sun comes to check on her she'll still be in that same position, at least until she's addressed. Then her tail will flick back and forth ever so slowly. "Hello..."

"S--Tabby?" Sun catches herself before saying that other name as she opens the door, to be greeted by the swishing tail and quiet greeting. "Oh...hey." She tilts her head to one side. "You doing okay? Feeling any better?" She leans against the door frame, watching the girl quietly as she crosses her arms over her chest. "That was...quite an ordeal back there. I'm glad you're not hurt." And that she's not hurt, either.

The girl slowly tilts her head until she's staring into Sun's face - at least as well as she can in the dark. The almost ethereal glow of her bright blue eyes imply she has no problems, however. "Hmm? Yes." A smile spreads over her features. "...and it worked out fantastically. They're all asleep!" Instead of elaborating, the girl simply continues to smile. That's not creepy, right?

The dragoness blinks a few times, head tilting to the side. "That's...actually pretty good to hear, I am guessing?" She pushes off the door frame, taking a few steps into the room. "That was...a fairly frightening thing that happened back there." She tips her head to the side, moving over to the bed and seating herself at the foot of it. "I'm glad you're okay. I was worried I would hurt you..." She frowns, watching the girl -- seems she's just as capable of seeing in the dark as Tabby is, though for obviously different reasons.

The Nekojin's gaze doesn't follow Sun as she moves. Instead she goes back to staring blankly at the general space in front of her. Only her ears imply that she's paying attention to where Sun has moved. "We seem to be fine. I'm only awake because I hid." The girl looks down at her arms and holds one out, letting the cuff hang as her arm is too short to see her hands. "Is this really necessary? I'm not crying this time."

The dragoness blinks a few times at the Nekojin, watching her with those wide blue eyes of hers. She tilts her head to one side, brows raising as confusion colors her features. "What do you mean? Which voice of Tabby am I talking to?" She leans back on her hands, watching the girl with thoughtful eyes, bringing one leg up to rest beneath her, stretching her hips a bit as she does so. "Have I met you yet?"

The girl smiles again at the question. "Good! You're paying attention." She looks up at Sun once more and elaborates, "I'm the one who almost set your living room on fire." She sighs and looks down at her arms again, once more folded around her knees. "...I'm sorry about that." Scooting over to make room for Sun on the bed, she goes back into that same sitting pose once again. "My name is a secret. The others can't know it. If they did I would lose it." Her ears narrow as her eyes widen with worry. "The ice woman gave me it. I think it's very pretty."

The dragoness crosses her legs under her, now, watching Tabby with the same curious / thoughtful / confused expression plastered across her face. "Oh. It's okay, I got replacement furniture easily enough." She waves a hand nonchalantly. At the mention of ice woman, Sun's head tilts upward slightly, thoughts apparently racing through her mind. Ice woman...not ringing any bells yet. She blinks a few times, letting her hands come to rest on her knees. "How many people are crowding around in Tabby's noggin?"

Tabitha's eyes dart off to the side momentarily as the current personality thinks about how to answer that. "There are four of us, and the beast you met. We shouldn't talk about that one. It might be weak but it might wake up too." The girl frowns momentarily at the thought and then continues, "Only the ones with names get to stay. Everything else is fading. I'm the one who remembers what is forgotten, so I only remember when the others are asleep."

"I stopped that one, somehow." She watches thoughtfully, brows raising slightly at the notion of remembering what is forgotten. "Do you remember me?" She asks, at first. "Do you remember what came before the other ones and I met? I'm supposed to remember that, but I don't...I just know from the things I've been told. And the other voices of Tabby don't seem to remember me..." She promptly lays back on the rather large bed, eyes hooding slightly as she turns her gaze from Tabitha up to the ceiling.

With a nod of her head, this Tabitha smiles slightly. "Yes." She lets the word hang in the air a moment before following it with, "Diablo tried to take it all away, but he couldn't.. so he buried it. He tried to give us a new past, but I still remember." She nods her head again in agreement with her statement. "...for now. Tabby remembers. Samantha remembers too. Tabby is scared because she liked Diablo's Sun and she knows it wasn't real." The girl then frowns again. "...and Samantha hates you because you helped force her to be someone else." She pauses again, tilting her head to the side as she ponders, "...which I find funny because she kept the name anyways." Finished talking, at least for the moment, her face goes back to staring blankly ahead. Her tail still swishing back and forth behind her.

Still staring up at the ceiling, Sun frowns. "I don't remember any of that...it's one big blank in my memory, where there should be you and all about you." She chews on her lower lip thoughtfully, shifting a bit into a more comfortable position on the bed. "Am I even the person that everyone tells me I am? My last name is even different...and I sometimes wonder if I'm not someone else, though the memories that Oblivion returned to me state otherwise..."

The girl turns her head and smiles warmly for probably the first time this evening. "You don't look all that different." The smile still on her face she goes back to looking forwards again. "It was nice having someone look at us like she loved us, even if we weren't the person she wanted us to be." The smile slowly fades into a smirk. "I guess there was only one of us then." The smile completely fades following that statement as the girl rubs at an ear with one of the robe's sleeves. "I almost wish it had been me." She lets out a sigh and sits quietly again for a moment or two. "Well, I almost wish that we had been me... but that will never happen. I don't even get to be me now." She sighs. "Can you tell the ice girl that I waited for her this time? I don't want to forget that I wanted to say that."

The dragoness turns her eyes from the ceiling to Tabitha, watching her with a thoughtful gaze. "How can I help you become...you?" She tilts her head toward her shoulder, eyes trailing over the girl's form. "It's kind of unsettling, knowing what you...what the four of you...have to go through." She fidgets a bit, rolling over onto her stomach. "I'll tell her, yes, if I can find her." She thinks she knows who the ice girl is, but there's no telling for certain without a name.

The girl blinks and looks back at Sun with a raised eyebrow. "Help me become me? I am me. I have a name!" She huffs, finally slinking out of that mechanical attitude she's kept all evening. "Just because I forget stuff doesn't make me any less me!" The girl frowns and finally relaxes her legs, pushing them out before her. "Besides, if I didn't remember no one would." Her frown still hangs on her face each time she pauses. "Plus I don't think it would do anyone any good if we were separated more. The others don't know it yet, but Samantha keeps the beast from escaping, I keep Tabby from regressing too far, and Tabby keeps Tabitha from losing herself to depression and anger. " The girl pulls her legs up again and locks her arms around them once more. "Each day I think we become more solid. Soon it won't be so confusing anymore." That last statement obviously only applies to the four of them.

The woman scoots up a little in bed, until her chin is resting on the pillow, still watching the girl. "I meant...make you guys ONE person, instead of four...or five...or what have you. If that's even doable." She smiles faintly, rolling onto her side. "You know, the whole adage of 'united we are strong'...well, that might apply to your mind, as well. Together, it could be that much easier to hold off the beast." She closes her eyes, yawning faintly. "Not saying there's anything wrong with YOU, but...maybe it would be easier." It seems like the dragoness is slowly drifting toward the realm of sleep, despite her best efforts.

She ponders Sun's words a moment before trying to speak. "...maybe." The girl looks to Sun in mild amusement recognizing the fatigue on her features. "My name is Colleen, by the way. In case I don't get to speak to you like this again. Just don't tell... me." Smiling at her own statement, Colleen looks around the room studying it briefly. "This is your room. I'll go find somewhere comfortable and let you sleep." Pushing herself off the bed, the girl wraps her arms around herself and starts to head for the door.

"It's good to meet you, Colleen. I won't tell anyone else your name, don't worry." As Colleen moves to leave, Sun's hand shoots out, gently grabbing her by the wrist. "You don't have to go," she murmurs drowsily. "That couch isn't good for your back. Just...sleep. It's nice to sleep next to a person every once in a while..." The dragoness smiles, shimmying under the blankets. "All you have to worry about is my tendency to sprawl." And with another yawn, Sun rests her head on the pillow, regardless of whether or not Colleen stays.

Colleen hesitates feeling her hand on her wrist. For a brief moment she looks scared and glances up at the door and then back to the bed as she weighs her options. Biting her lip she decides to take her up on her offer, going to the opposite side of the bed and slowly crawling in as if afraid that at any moment she's going to be attacked or jumped from something unseen. The girl lays there a moment, her senses seemingly on alert, but the second she allows herself to relax the neko is simply gone - lost in one of the deepest sleeps her body has been able to afford recently. As the world and it's problems slips away from her a smile spreads across her lips on its own...

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