2014-09-09 - Meaningful Dreams

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Meaningful Dreams

Summary: Tabitha dreams and converses with the personalities inside her as they decide what to do about the beast that lurks within.

Who: Tabitha
When: September 9th, 2014
Where: Somewhere in the Dreamscape


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Tabitha turns her head at the sound of the growling creature below her. In the too-bright light everything is blurred with the heavy fog that seems to be everywhere. Looking down she sees that she stands on the edge of a vast well and somewhere down in its depths a beast growls and snarls, tentacles reaching up and teeth snapping at her in the darkness. With a gasp she takes a step backwards only to realize that she's surrounded by friends.

They aren't really her friends; more like her family - at least that's what her mind tells her. Three other catgirls of various ages each stand beside her. The eldest steps to the edge, looks down into the well, and spits. "Well, that's fantastic. This is Johnny's fault, isn't it?"

The youngest gets a moment of bravery and creeps along to the edge as well, clinging tightly to the eldest's pants leg. "Who's Johnny?"

Tabitha shakes her head at the question. "I dunno. Not one of my friends." It's funny how normal everything can seem when you're dreaming. How quickly you come to a decision despite not taking the time to consider the consequences. Experiencing one of those moments Tabitha walks back to the edge herself and sits down, her legs dangling over the side. "So what're we gonna do about this?"

The fourth catgirl hugs herself and sits down beside Tabitha. No one questions the straight jacket she's wearing. "This is because you were fighting."

The eldest scoffs and sits down opposite the other two. "No, SHE was fighting. I was just callin' good ol' Sunny a cunt."

The youngest tackles Tabitha, burying her head in the girl's side. "NOOOO!! STOP IT!! STO-O-O-P IT!!!!!" Tabitha puts an arm around her and scowls at the image of Samantha sitting across from her. "Why do you keep doing this? Do ya like seeing 'er cry?"

Samantha shrugs her shoulders and grins, "Maybe." She takes a second to think and rolls her eyes. "Alright, alright. Tabby, I'm sorry I called Sun a bad name." As soon as the little girl looks up, the eldest sticks out her tongue sending the girl into another fit of sobbing.

Colleen sighs, "Look. We can't keep doing this. If we keep fighting that thing is gonna come back out."

Considering this carefully, Tabitha nods her head. "You're right. Until we do something about..." she gestures down into the pit, "...this, we'll never be able ta fix things."

Finally holding back the waterworks, Tabby looks up at Tabitha and tugs at her sleeve. "I have ta go to the bathroom..."

Choosing to ignore the girl momentarily Tabitha looks across the pit at Samantha. "...Well? We're all stuck with this and you're tha only one starting fights. We work together an' maybe we won't have ta deal with this thing anymore."

Samantha sighs and rolls her eyes, "Alright, fiiiine. I'll stop pickin' on you twerps for now." She uncrosses her arms and points at the trio across from her. "But just 'cause I'm not pickin' on you three doesn't mean I have ta play nice with everyone else. I was here first, dammit. Yer lucky I'm not calling the shots around here."

Glancing at the silent Colleen, Tabitha smiles seeing her nod in agreement. Two down. Looking over to her other side, the nekojin raises an eyebrow in confusion. "Oh no... where's the little one?"

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